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My Master of Sex (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(Finished)(Author's pick for best story)Lukas was a man. A beautiful rich man that somehow swept me off my feet. It was only supposed to be sex. Just that. But the more we spent time together, the more I feel. The more I want.
We both have secrets. Secrets that haunts us. I know that I want to be with this man, and he may want the same thing, but I feel that our secrets will keep us apart…forever. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 10, 2014    Reads: 3,239    Comments: 32    Likes: 26   

~Author's Note: It's done!! Lol. I hope you guys like it. I for one wanted it to end with a BANG like GoddessMari17 wanted, but it's been so much drama and so many possibilities could have happened. But I kept this as sweet and as drama free as I could. I made this note to let you all know that I normally make my stories connect. My characters from other stories will cross over to another story but it will not happen with this one. I don't plan to make a sequel. And any characters from this story will not be used in any of my future stories. This story is very special to me, and it stands on its own. I would love to thank all of you whom stuck by the story throughout. I swear to god that I love you all. Forever and Always. Thank you so much. Oh, and I'll be posting another story soon so let me know if you want to be updated on that.

Epilogue: Lukas & Peyton Kary

A year later.......

Lukas's POV

I was always confused about Manhattan. There was a time where I felt that I could not be saved. Adam did not do this once, and got over it. It has been more than once. When I think about it, it feels like I'm trying to torture my brain with this memory. I can't express how many times I've thought about going to Manhattan and arriving to his home unannounced and doing what Peyton had wanted to do to him. I've thought about this time and time again. Some things just needed to be left well enough alone.

I glared at my image in the mirror. What did she see?
Green eyes, dead to the world, disguising the pain.
A smile that was fake.
She saw these things. She saw my lack of emotion since the second we met, and my need for physical contact only.
I'm still unable to understand how she turned the tables on me. For one second, we're there, in my bedroom, making love. I wouldn't call our first night together, fucking. No. That night felt way deeper than fucking.
I knew the difference quite well at this point because I have never made love to any woman, but Peyton.

That night when I first saw the depth of her past within her nightmares, I knew from that point forward, I was going to want to protect her. When I grabbed her chin to make her look at me, all I could see was fear and pain in her big, innocent, gray eyes. I wanted to kiss the pain away, but she was out of my arms within seconds, telling me she wanted to leave. That night confused me for two reasons, one, she wanted to leave but refused to tell me why, and two, I wanted her to stay. With my past sexual relationships, I felt nothing but disinterest whenever the sex was done. I didn't care about the woman's social life or what problems she was going through at home. I just wanted her to be gone. But it felt different with Peyton. I never felt chemistry with anyone more than with her.

At the charity auction I raised for the sexually abused, for me, for her, she was there with Ben. I believe that's his name. When he touched her, I felt the need to take his arm and break it. She didn't feel for him like she felt for me, so why did she pretend she was so interested in him?
I know now, because of the bar scene a year ago, she felt no attraction towards him when he kissed her. I saw her anger at him, and I was able to get to him before she could.

I followed her that night. I had to. I was against the whole stalker thing. It's very fucking creepy to be followed by your significant other, but I missed her and I knew she'd push me away if I just presented myself in front of her. But I had no choice when Ben touched her. I seen the night spiraling down the whole time. Half the time, his eyes were on her tits. That bothered me beyond belief. But I knew she was careless about it.

What struck me the most about this night was that first beer she had. This is when I knew she either miscarried the baby, or aborted it. Because I knew Peyton wasn't stupid enough to drink alcohol as she's pregnant. She failed to call me and tell me our baby was gone. Even this year later, I don't know how I feel about that.

I knew she'd be wondering where I am at the moment. I had a whole wedding party outside of these doors.
I just wanted to take the time to recap everything that happened up to this moment. How she's impacted me, how she's helped me, and how I'd do anything for her. That was my girl. Peyton would always be my girl. And I am thankful that Joshua did not hurt her extremely bad to the point where I'd never see her again. I shut my eyes. "Thank you, god." I whispered.

I turned and opened the door to the bathroom, just as the song 'I see my future in your eyes' came on.
I gotten a few looks from some of the women that were invited, courtesy of my aunt Katherine. I shook it off. I'm used to being gaped at constantly.
I think the saddest thing was that these women would overlook my flaws, not approach them, and would use me as their own personal sex toy. It wouldn't be the first time it's happened.

I finally found my bride sitting down next to her best friend.
I began to walk over to them. I was being watched. Some watched in awe, while others grinned goofily at me, attempting to grab onto my attention. But I ignored.

I will admit, when I first learned Peyton and Justin had dated, and that he had her, I was irritated. I knew Peyton was not an innocent woman, but I didn't think that the man she use to sleep with lived with her. I guess what bothered me the most was that old habits die hard, and she could easily fall back into that cycle with him. But she never did.

As I approached their table, her eyes met mine, big, gray and the most beautiful thing about her.
She smiled a gorgeous grin.
"Dance with me, Mrs. Kary?" I ask as I hold my hand out.
She nods her head and slips her hand into mine.
I helped her stand up. Her seven month swollen stomach required the extra help.
Regardless of the swelling of her belly, the dress fit her nicely. It was a floor length gown with long lace sleeves and a V-neck line. She wore a pearl necklace, and along with it, pearl earrings. She wore white heels, that couldn't have been no more than a two inch heel. And her hair was in auburn ringlets, framing her heart-shaped face. God, she was the most riveting thing I ever seen.

I brought her to the dance floor and she wrapped her arms around my neck as my hands went to her back, holding her as close as I could get her without squishing the baby.
Her eyes, bright gray, and sensual with a soft undertone looked into mine.
I smirk down at her. "You look like you're eye-fucking me." I said.

She grins. "I am. Can you blame me? You're looking really fuckable in that suit."
I grab her chin between my fingers. "Do I?"
She nods her head. "You do. I'm too fat for us to fuck on our honeymoon. Are you going to settle for a blowjob?" she asked.

"Peyton, baby," My fingers snake up to grab a handful of her hair from behind. I gripped the silky tresses in my hand to make her look at me. "I'm going to be licking your cunt all night. So, fuck the blowjob."
She blushes. "You know I hate it when you only please me but don't let me do anything for you in return."

"You're giving me a son, you don't think that's enough?" I asked.
"That's two months from now. I'm talking about tonight."
"So what do you want?"

She grabs onto my hair and looks into my eyes in that sexy way she always does whenever she's turned on. "I want to suck your cock."
I wrapped my arms back around her, holding her to me as we started to dance slowly again. "Do you now?"

She nods her head. "Yes. I want to make you come, baby."
"You're the only one who can do the job correctly, love."
She smiles and buries her face into my chest.
People watched us as I turned us in circles to the music.

I rested my cheek on her head as we carried on, silently, too deep within one another to notice anything else or anyone else. I was too caught up with dancing with my wife, and my son. Bryce.
I lifted my head. "I love you." I whispered into her hair.

She lifted her head, capturing my eyes with hers. "I love you too."
The song ended and everyone clapped for us.
I grabbed Peyton's hand and kissed it.

My brows furrowed. That voice. That voice halted everything and I felt the anger bubbling up inside me. Why is he here? Why did he have to show up in front of my wife?
I turned and met eyes with Adam, my uncle.

Peyton's POV

I looked to the man that said Lukas's name. It was him. His uncle from the pictures.
My eyes widened as I stared at him.
Lukas held me very protectively and close to him as he glared at Adam. "What the fuck are you doing here?" His voice was rough, aggressive.

Adam looked around the party and then looked back to his nephew. "I heard you were getting married. Katherine told me."

Lukas sighed and his hold on me tightened.
Adam swallowed hard and looked to me. "Is this your lovely bride?"
"Fuck off." I spat.

Adam tilted his head in confusion. His eyes showed a hint of embarrassment and hurt. "Excuse me?"
"I said fuck off in plain English."
Adam looked to Lukas and then back to me. "She knows." He breathed as a look of horror came over his face.

Lukas dropped his head into my hair and I know at this moment, his past was hitting him hard like a wrecking ball. He needed me for support and I was going to give my all to do just that. He took care of my dirty work, now I'm going to take care of his. "You should be in prison for what you did to him." I said, disgust in my tone.
Lukas held me tighter, to the point where it almost hurt. My back to his front as he sniffled in my hair.

"Shut up. I'm not done yet. You hurt Lukas when he was only eight, and nine. And then you have the nerve to show up at his wedding? He trusted you!"

Adam looked around nervously and then looked back to me. "I know I did something very…disgusting. 'I'm sorry' wouldn't be enough. It was years ago, but I know forgiveness is not in order."

"You're damn right." Lukas growled.
Adam looked to Lukas. "Nothing will ever stress how sorry I am."

"Go fuck yourself, Adam, I'm dancing with my wife." Lukas turned me so I was facing him again.

I looked back at Adam. "Come near either one of us again, and I'll have your head on a fucking stick." I threatened slowly.

Adam looked to Lukas.
"And I'd gladly watch." Lukas commented.

Adam's eyebrows furrowed. The look in his eyes was unreadable. I don't know if it was fear, confusion, irritation, or what. It was just blank.
He looked back and forth between me and Lukas, seeing we were both threatening him, and that we shared a darkness within us that drives us to do anything to protect the person we love.
Lukas killed for me, and he knows that I'd do the same for him.

Adam stepped back, and eventually just turned and walked out.
After watching him leave the building, I looked up to Lukas who oddly didn't look distant.
"You okay?" I asked him.
He nods. "Yes, love, I'm fine. If you weren't here, I probably wouldn't have been able to handle that."

"I'm your bitch. You know that, and I'm here always."
He leans his forehead against mine. "I know, baby. I know." He whispers.
I lock my arms around his neck once more.

The visit from Adam was random, but Katherine was the reason he came here, and that will not go over well once Lukas sees her again.

I turned my head to look to Justin.
He looked to Lukas. "Can I borrow my bestie for a little bit?" He asks.
Lukas kisses my temple and then releases me. "Sure. I have to speak with my aunt anyway." He let go of me and I watched him walk away. He was going to be very nasty towards her. I can feel it already.

I looked to Justin.
"You cool? I saw that guy walk in here, the three of you looked pretty heated."
"Oh, he was just…nobody. What's up?"

"Right," He turned and gestured for me to start walking around with him. "So, remember that speech I gave you like a year ago about not being monogamous?"

He took a deep breath. "I thought it over."
"Oh did you now?"
He nods. "Yeah, I did, and I asked Alex to come as my date."
I stopped walking and grinned at him. "You did?"
He nods. "Yeah, she's in the bathroom right now."

"Wow, so what made you change your mind?"
"Well, honestly, you and Kary."
"Believe it or not, you two crazy motherfuckers are an inspiration to me."
I giggled. "How so?"

Justin's eyebrows raised. "Shit hits the fan but at the end of the day, you two are still together. No matter what. And I need someone like that in my life. Someone who accepts me and my shit, and my goofiness."

"And your stupidity." I added.
He smiles. "Anyway, I can be that way towards Alex and she accepts it with no problem. I think I'm going to try to make this shit work."

"I have high hopes for you two."
"Don't get mad if I break up with her. I'm not use to just fucking one girl. I have to get use to this whole monogamy shit, first."

I nod. "And who knows, maybe in a year or so, we'll be at your wedding."
He scoffs. "Yeah, keep dreaming, Kary."
I leaned against the table. "So, is the problem still a problem?" I asked referring to what he talked with me about before.

Justin smiles. "Clean and shaved."
"Is it good?"
"Like fucking candy."
"Better than me?"

"No one tastes better than Peyton Moyer."
I roll my eyes and grin at him. "Well, go back to your girl and I'm very happy for you, Justice."
His smile disappears. "I hate you."

I laugh at him and stalk off to the table of wedding cake. Yep. Aside from Lukas, this cake right here is my heaven. Me and Bryce's heaven.
It's half gone. Hopefully all of it is not gone by the end of the day. I'm planning on making this my breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow.
I cut a piece and dig in.

My dad comes over to me, a glass of champagne in his hand. "Hi, hon."
I swallow my cake. "Hey dad."
He sighs. "You look so beautiful in that dress, baby girl."
I smile. "Thanks dad. I'm fat, though."

"I could have sworn pregnancy makes you fat and look at the huge piece of cake on your plate."
He had a point.
"So, see any hot mamas around here?"
He grimaces at me. "Hon, that's the most disturbing thing I ever heard you say, and yes, I see a few but I'm not really looking. I'm restarting my business and that's what I want to focus on. Only that."

"I get it."
"Did you see Shrewster and his husband?"
I nod. "Yep. He was the first one I talked to when I got here."
"I've known the man for years and I never knew he was gay."
"Who cares? He's happy." I shrugged as I took another bite of my cake.

"Why'd you do it? Why'd you bring him here?" I can hear my husband's voice rising from the other side of the room.
I turn to look at him.
Katherine is sitting in a chair and Lukas is hovering over her, glaring down at her.
Oh god. I need to go calm him down.

"Damnit." I put my heavenly cake down and made my way towards Lukas and Katherine.
Would have made it there a whole lot faster if I didn't have these extra pounds in my stomach. I got over to Lukas. This argument was heated and was catching people's attention.
"Baby," I tried to wrap my arms around him and take him away but he wasn't having it today.

"What were you trying to do?"
Katherine shrugged her shoulders. "Jesus, nothing, Lukas. He's my brother and he asked about you since it's been eighteen years since he's last seen you. I told him you were getting married and that's it."

"He just happens to know where the reception would be?" He asked.
Katherine closes her eyes and looks down in defeat.
"That's betrayal. I told you, and you know that I never wanted to fucking see him ever again, and then you bring him right in my fucking face."

"Lukas I didn't do it to hurt you." She looked up at him. "I just wanted-"
He walked off before she could finish.

Katherine looked to me.
"I'll go check on him." Who better than his wife? I turned and waddled to the hallway. It was very long.
God, I should have picked a smaller place. But Lukas being who he was, he wanted me to have whatever I wanted for the wedding and the reception. And he went out the pocket for this place. But it was only ten thousand dollars for the venue. That was chump change to Lukas.

I checked the men's room and sure enough he was there.
Like I actually cared about someone catching me in here. I cleared my throat as I walked in. "Hey,"
He didn't respond to me.

"So are you going to stand here throughout the entire reception?"
"Why did she let him come here?"
I shrugged as I walked to him. "I don't know, but he's gone. Lukas, you don't have to worry about anything. Do we really want that jackass ruining our day?" I cupped his jaw and looked into his green eyes.
He closed his eyes, rubbing his face into my hand like I do him.
It made me smile.

He took my hand from his face and kissed it. He released my hand and leaned against the sinks. "God, I just want to fuck the anger away."
I smirked at him. "Me too, handsome, trust me." I wanted him more than anything. We were having sex at the beginning of my pregnancy. The pleasure was so intense…..I don't even have words for it. I wasn't use to coming no more than twice a night. Lukas has shown me it is possible to come way more times than that a night. As I got bigger, we lowered it down to oral sex and hand jobs and fingering.

"So now what? You're going to be a pussy and stay in here all day?" I asked.
He smirked at me and shook his head. "No, love."
"That's what I thought."

Lukas kept his eyes on mine, as if deliberating something.
He got from against the sinks and got down to his knees in front of me.
"What are you-"
He pulled my dress up to reveal my stomach.
His eyes went to mine and then back to my swollen stomach.
He leaned to my stomach and left kisses across, up and down. Gentle sweet kisses a woman couldn't help but fall in love with.
I shut my eyes as my lips parted.

I moved my fingers back and forth through his hair.
His lips then began to move down lower, to my abdomen. He left a lingering kiss there, and it lit me up. The feeling echoed in my lower back and my groin.
I licked my lips and my eyes fluttered open as I watched him move my panties aside.
Lukas breathed deeply as he looked at my cunt. He looked up to me. "So beautiful." He whispered. He releases my dress. It falls back down as Lukas slid his hands underneath and pull my panties down.

I held the dress back up.
"Fuck, Peyton, just looking at you, half naked in front of me is making me hard."
"Kiss me." I breathed.

"Where, love?"

"Lukas, you know where."
He smiles in such a way that makes me weak at the knees.
Lukas's hands slides to my hips as he kisses the lips of my cunt. His tongue ran between them agonizingly slowly. I dropped my head back as I moaned softly.
He left a kiss on my clit and caressed it with his tongue before moaning in appreciation.

I looked down to him, feeling weak at the pleasure he was giving.
When Lukas gave…he gave.
"Love, your cunt taste so damn sweet."

Jesus, I love when he talks like this to me. I moaned in response. I want to keep going but our wedding party is in the next room basically. "We have to stop."

"I don't want to."

"I don't want you to but someone like my dad or Shrewster will come in here and see us. They'll see….what you're doing to me."

"But we don't care." He breathed before kissing the inside of my thigh.
"Lukas," I whispered.
He smirks at me. "I'm going to play with you later then. You're soaked as fuck. It's too bad I can't lick it for you, you won't let me."

"Because we're in public where my dad could come in and I doubt that if he sees this, he'll ever look at me the same ever again."

He nods. "Great point." He pulls my red lace panties back up and I release my dress and let it fall back to my heels.
Lukas stands to his feet.

He was right. I was very soaked. All he did was kiss me and lick me and now I'm a goddamn ocean. I shouldn't be surprised. Lukas can make a fucking nun wet if he so much as wished.

I slipped my hand into his. "You ready to go back out there, handsome?"
He squeezes my hand gently. "Come on." He led us out of the bathroom, back into the ballroom where everyone was.

A man with dark blonde hair, and the hint of a moustache and blue eyes stopped in front of us.
His eyes were focused on Lukas as we got back into the room. He was dressed up in a trimmed, navy blue expensive looking suit.
I looked to Lukas who seemed very familiar with the man.

He smiled. "Lukas."
Lukas nodded once then looked down to me. "This is Jackie's father."
I looked to him and he didn't seem as vile as his son was.

The man looked to me. "I never apologized for what my son's done to you."
"It's not you that should apologize."
He nods. "That's accurate, but I have the feeling that once my son is released from prison, he won't apologize. So I'm doing the good deed for him."

"Well, thank you." I said.
He smiles warmly. "And congratulations on your marriage."
Lukas nods. "Thank you, Michael."
He nodded once and walked away from us.

I looked up to Lukas. "Why is he here?"
"I have no idea. It seems that the people we don't want to see the most are coming here. How did our wedding travel so far?"

"Babe, you're CEO of the most kick-ass company made in America. Everyone knows you. Why do you think we had to add an extra hundred people to our guest list?"

"We only invited a hundred people. We agreed on a small wedding."

"Well, obviously when it comes to Lukas Kary, nothing's small." I said smiling at him.

He smirks and leans down to kiss me.
"You want to know something weird?" I asked as he pulls back.

"The smallest part of me wants my mother here."
He nods. "That's understandable. I would like mine to be here also but…" He shrugs. "Anyway, at least you have Victor here."

"Right." We looked around the place for him and we spotted him on the dance floor doing what I think he considers 'dancing'. Me and Lukas bust out laughing, watching him.
Yep, daddy is officially drunk.

"Peyton." I recognized the voice automatically. Florence dressed in a dark red short dress that flared out around the thighs. Her hair was down and curly and her dark red lipstick was gorgeous on her lips.
She grinned at me.

"Glad you can make it."
"Of course. I'd do anything for you, kid."
I smiled and looked down to the floor. Me and Florence had our faults. More than once but I forgave her for the bullshit. It was something small that brought up ugly words and an ugly past.
We were good. Let's just see how long this lasts.

By three weeks from now, a major change is going down.
Me, Lukas, Justin, and my dad are all moving to New York.
Now, it's completely odd considering who lives in New York, but in my mind, and in my heart, I'm not worried about Adam. I'm not worried because I'm going to protect Lukas, he's going to protect me, and we'll both protect Bryce when he's born.
The main reason I would like to move is because I'm giving the whole self-publishing thing a try. I have this odd urge to write stories like mine. About a girl, damaged and broken, falling into an intensely sexual romance.
And what better place to get a story published than New York?

"I'm going to miss you, kid." Florence says.
I smile at her. "You too."
I could swear I see a tear in her eye. She looks up at Lukas. "You too."
He nods to her.

She turns and walks away from us.
As she walks away, I watch her. "How many years does he have?" I asked.
"Twenty five. But he has money, Peyton."
I nod. "So we need to get out of here as fast as possible." I said.
Lukas nodded his head. "Yes we do."

"What if he finds us again?" I asked, my eyes finally meeting his.
He shakes his head. "I don't know, Peyton."
I nod my head. "Yes you do."

He drops his head. "I can't. I want to do that. I really do but the chances of us getting away with what happened a second time are very slim."
"Then I'll do it."

"You really think I would let you?" He asked.
I nod. "You should. He'll never leave us alone until he hurts you in the worst way possible."
"I don't know. I talked to Michael and he assured me he will be keeping his son away from you, me, and Bryce."

"How can we depend on or trust that?"
"I'm pretty sure we could. You don't know Michael as well as I know him. I've known him for ten years and he's a very strict and convincing man. Still, its smart for us to leave Chicago."

"You don't mind Justin coming with us, do you?"
Lukas chuckled. "Couldn't imagine the two of you without one another."
I grin. "Thank you."
He turns to face me. He looks into my eyes as his hand goes to my stomach.
We wait for a bit before we both feel Bryce kick against Lukas's hand.
We both chuckle. Bryce goes crazy every time Lukas touches my stomach, but stays calm whenever anyone else does it. "He loves you." I said.

He smiles. "I'm very much aware of that." His hand move to my chest where he feels my heart. It's beating wildly out of control as our eyes stay on one another's. "And I'm very aware that you love me too."
I smirk at him. "You know I do. Just like I'm positive you love me. Want to know how I know?" I asked.

He raises his brow.
"This." I grab his cock through his pants and he groans in shock.
I giggle. I wasn't ashamed to grab him like that in front of all these people. Hell, we're married now. We don't care.

"Are you ready?" Lukas asked me as his took his hand from my chest.
"I've been ready. I, Peyton Moyer Kary, am officially ready to move on from all the bullshit that Chicago, Illinois has put me through. And when we leave, I'm never looking back."
Lukas nod. "Agreed."

"And you," I take his face between my hands. "Are you ready to leave this shit behind?"
"Love, I've been ready to run off with you since the second we met."
I shake my head. "Fucking liar."
"Fine. That night you had a nightmare after we made love for the first time. That point on, I would have ran off to whatever fucking state you wanted."


I smile at him. "I love you."
"I love you more. Until we die. Until the fucking world ends. Always."


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