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My Master of Sex (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(Finished)(Author's pick for best story)Lukas was a man. A beautiful rich man that somehow swept me off my feet. It was only supposed to be sex. Just that. But the more we spent time together, the more I feel. The more I want.
We both have secrets. Secrets that haunts us. I know that I want to be with this man, and he may want the same thing, but I feel that our secrets will keep us apart…forever. View table of contents...


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~Chapter 36: The Climax

I was nervous as I got onto the elevator. No man has ever made nervous like this. I don't know why I felt this way. He knew I was here and on my way up. It's not like I'm coming unannounced. I leaned against the railing and waited as it brought me up.
I guess I'm nervous because of all that we've been through and we're finally reuniting. I don't know how we're going to reunite. When it comes to us, we're pretty damn unpredictable. I'm learning that very slowly.

My heart was beating fast. My nerves and apprehension, and excitement covered me all in one take. I didn't know if it was a good or bad feeling. I just know that I refuse to wait any longer for this to happen. I needed to see him.

I glanced at the numbers and saw that I was finally on his floor.
The doors slid open and I stepped out to the foyer. The place was quiet except for a low humming noise coming from down the hall.

I peeked into the kitchen, and then the living room. Both were very clean and very empty. I walked down the hall and stopped at the first door on the left. This is where the noise was coming from.
I opened the door to the exercise room and there he is, running on the treadmill with earphones in his ears. He's dressed in no more than a pair of black jogging pants and a pair of sneakers. He was facing away from me.

I leaned against the doorframe, watching him. I watched as his back muscles flexed as he moved.
I find myself getting wet just at the sight of him.

Lukas suddenly paused as if he felt me looking at him.
He turned the treadmill off and took his ear buds out of his ears as he turned to meet my eyes.

I stared at him.
He stepped off of the treadmill and put his phone down on a table against the wall.
He turned to look back at me. I couldn't tell how he felt right now. His expression gave nothing away.
"Hi." I said.

"Why are you here?" He asked.
"Uh…because…of…you. I mean…I'm ready."
"Ready?" He asked.

"Yeah. I mean I'm ready to be…here…with you."
"You don't want Ben?" He asked before walking out of the room.
I closed my eyes. Shit. I knew he was going to bring this up. I opened my eyes and followed him out of the room down the hall, and to the kitchen.

He opened his refrigerator and brought out a bottle of water. I could see the sweat, sliding slickly down his chest.
I can't stand that he's so mad at me, especially when I want to lick the sweat from his body.

I leaned against the counter. "That night with Ben was nothing. You know that."
"Why were you dressed like that? I mean were you trying to tease him?"
"No. I guess what I wanted was to see you and…"

"And what?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I just needed to fucking see you. Is that what you want to hear? That I needed you as bad as you needed me? That I wanted you as bad as you wanted me? You want me to admit it? I just did. Having to spend all that time away from you was fucking torture. But I had to do it, Lukas. It was so much shit. And when I told you I was pregnant, I felt like you didn't even give a shit."

"I did. I was taken off guard."
"Well I was too."

"Love, in case you're forgetting, you were the one who left me."
"I know. We were in bad shape before I left. We needed to miss one another."
And I did miss him. I missed him more than I ever missed anything. Even my own mother.

After a moment of short silence, Lukas placed his water on the kitchen island. "In case you've been wondering, Joshua is in prison."
I kind of figured that. "For how long?"
"I didn't get that information yet."

"Well, I'm not worried. Not anymore."
He twisted the cap from his water and took a drink.
He placed it down and put the cap back on.

"I didn't expect our reunion to be like this." I admitted.
"Like what?" He asks, his eyes meeting mine.
"Dead…awkward. There's zero chemistry right now."

"What did you expect? You leave for a while and the second you come back, you expect me to give in right away and fuck you in my kitchen?" He asks.

"A girl can dream." I mutter underneath my breath.

"What if I would have found someone else while you were with Ben? How do you think that would have made you feel?" He asks.
"You will not let this Ben thing go, will you?"

He shook his head. "No. I won't." He snatched his water from the counter and walked out of the kitchen.
I rolled my eyes and followed him. He led us all the way up to his bedroom. He opened the doors and I followed him inside.

"It was only a drink and did you really think I'd go home with him and fuck him? Do you really think so little of me?" I asked.

"You didn't even answer my question, Peyton. You answered it with another question."
"Fine. It would have broken my fucking heart and I probably would have stabbed the bitch,"
Lukas stared at me, a look of interest in his eyes.

"Did you?" I asked in a low voice.
"Did I what?" He asked.
"Find another girl?"

He smiled, but it was obviously fake. "You really don't know me at all."
My brows furrowed. What? "How the fuck can you look me dead in my eyes and tell me I don't know you?"

"Because if you did know me, you'd understand that there could never be anyone else. All this shit I did for you and you really think I can just leave you for someone else? I've done so much for you that I never thought I would for any woman. But I did it because I love you and you're mine and no one is going to change that. Ever. How the fuck can you even think that?" His green eyes were stuck on mine. He wanted me to understand and I think I did now. There won't be anyone else because no one makes him feel the way I do. And no one makes me feel the way he does. Emotionally or sexually.

I could feel the anger and tenseness within him. It was as nerving to see as it was to feel. I felt whatever he felt. I made him this way, and he seemed like he didn't want to forgive me. I didn't really blame him.
More than anything I wanted to walk up, grab him by his chocolate hair and kiss his lips with fiery passion but there was no passion right now.
Just anger, and the distance between us at the moment.

He stood there, staring at me like we were strangers, like we were the first day we met.
"So what now?" I asked.

He ran his fingers through his hair, and shut his eyes. "Jesus, you test so many fucking boundaries, I swear."

"Do you want to leave, Peyton?"
"No, I don't!"

"So don't ask me what now. If you don't want to leave, you know exactly what."
I glare at him. I could feel my temperature rising. Out of anyone in my life that was able to make me feel so belittled, so angry, he had to be number one. And I understood his anger. I put him through hell. But he should understand my anger also. I was also put through hell because of him.
I chuckle without humor and latch my fingers through my hair trying to make sense of everything and trying to stop myself from going crazy. "You know what, Lukas, why don't you calm down and then call me when you're ready to stop yelling at me." I walk to the doors.

"Walk out, don't come back." The moment I heard those words, they paralyzed me, froze me in my spot.

"You can't keep doing that, Peyton. You have to stop running from me when shit gets bad. I know it can be overwhelming, trust me, I know. But would I ever just up and leave you like that? No. I love you, and I fucking mean that."
I slowly turned to look at him.

"You want me to chase you, love, I'm not going to keep doing that." He said. "I don't have it in me to chase after someone so immature and childish."

I walk to him and stop in front of him "If my immaturity and childishness bothers you so much, why chase me?" I asked.
He stares at me, that look that always makes my skin grow warm.

He shakes his head. "Because I have to."
"Then stop your damn complaining." I snapped.
"Then stop fucking leaving."

"Then stop letting me go."
Lukas grabbed my hips with fierceness, in a way he's never grabbed me and his lips latched to mine.
It caught me by surprise.
We were arguing and now we're doing this.

I shook my head and pushed onto his shoulders, pushing him away from me. "We're having a conversation. Don't try to pull that shit on me!" I yelled at him.
He growled in irritation and pulled me back to him, kissing me roughly, harshly, with fire, with anger.

I tried to push him back, but I couldn't. My back was now on the floor of his bedroom and he was in between my legs, still kissing me.
Regardless of wanting to fall and lose myself in it, in us as always, this was not the time. We still had shit to settle.
He pulled back to look down into my eyes.
My eyes watered up as I looked back up at him.

"You want me to stop?" He whispered.
"Yes…and no."

I sniffed and shook my head. "No."
"You're crying. You do want me to stop."
"If I wanted you to stop, you'd know it." I whispered.

He shakes his head. "Your body wants it, but your mind doesn't."
"Well I'm going with my body for once.

"Peyton, don't be stupid."
"Don't tell me what to do."
"Shut up."

His anger was rising again, and with that, his breath grew heavier. His lips were on mine again and my wrists were pinned on either side of my head.
I kissed him back, my anger just as fierce and intense as his.
I bit down hard on his bottom lip and began suckling on it.
Lukas bit me back before sliding off of me and quickly taking my boots and my socks off.
He quickly pulled my jeans from my body, and pulled down my panties. When I was naked from the waist down, he moved my clothes away from us.

He pulled all of his clothing off before climbing back above me, in between my thighs and pulls my shirt up, revealing my breasts.
His mouth latched onto my pink nipple. I arched my back and moaned softly, the heat of his mouth tickling me.
Lukas's hand slipped beneath my back, pulling me closer to him and he licked and suckled my nipple.
"Lukas, god."

His mouth went to my other nipple, nipping and sucking at it. I grab onto his hair, pulling it in my fist as I push my head back against the carpet of the floor.
One of my hands released his hair to grab onto his buttocks. "Lukas." I purr.
Lukas kisses my nipple before looking into my eyes.
I push him against my heated cunt, showing him I was beyond soaked because of him.

Lukas rises to his hands, never leaving my eyes.
I grab onto his buttocks, more tears coating my eyes.
With one deft stroke, he slid inside of me.

He hissed through his teeth while I cry out. The warmth of the contact, and that look of love in his eyes were getting to my heart in the worst way.

I grabbed onto his hips as he leans down and kisses my lips. It was gentle, meaningless at first, and then turned deeper. He slid his tongue in my mouth. God, he tasted unbelievably sweet. He tasted like Lukas. The best taste I ever known.
We began panting together within the kiss. I grabbed his hair hard and pulled the chocolate tresses with my fingers as I caught his lip between my teeth.
Lukas moaned as he grabbed my leg and hitched it over his waist, without breaking our kiss.

He eased out and pumped back into me.
I moaned underneath the kiss.
He filled my cunt with long, intense strokes. More tears left my eyes as I grabbed onto his back and clawed at it. I brought my other leg to wrap around his hips as we moved.
My nails dragged down his back, down to his buttocks.
"Peyton…baby…your cunt feels so tight." He breathed.
Goosebumps formed all over my body as he whispered those words to me.
I moaned and my hand slid down to rub my clit.
My lips parted.

Lukas and this pleasure I'm giving to myself feels so good, I can't even form words. I tip my head back, crying.
Lukas kisses my throat and his tongue slides out to taste my flesh. "Let me hear you." He whispered.
"Lukas." I moaned his name.

"Peyton." He said my name as he caressed my leg that wrapped around him.
His lips were on mine again and he sunk back deep into me, hitting my G-spot.
I whimpered into the kiss. "Again…please." I whispered as tears fell onto my cheeks.
Lukas lowered onto his elbows without breaking kiss and pounded into me, making my cunt feel so hot.
He rubbed against my G-spot and I grabbed onto his buttocks, panting. I was going to come hard. I could feel it deep in my gut. "Lukas.."

"Marry me." He breathed.
I shook my head. "No."
"Yes." He grabbed my arms and slammed them beside my head as he leaned his forehead against mine. "Marry me, Peyton." He whispered.

He moved his hips in circles inside of me.
"Yes." I breathe.
He takes my lips again, with force, with excitement. Our tongues entwine and tangle together as I held onto his back, sinking my nails into the flesh of his back.
In the pit of my stomach, I could feel the tingles of my climax.
Lukas breaks the kiss to kiss my tears away.

It was the mix of the pleasure and the fact that he was finally mine that made me want to cry.
It was the fact that no one has ever made me feel like this. No one could make me feel like this.
Lukas rolled us over, so that I was on top of him. I moved up and down on him, milking him.

I leaned down and licked and sucked the flat disk of his nipple.
He groaned as he grabbed my hips in a tight grip.

I kissed his nipple and kissed and tasted the saltiness from sweat on his chest. I licked and nibbled on his bottom lip before raising up and placing my hands on his chest.

He grabbed onto my hair hard, yanking my head back while I rode him.
He sat up and kissed and suckled on my throat.
It didn't sound like me, making these noises. I sounded like a different person. Like I changed. Like our sex meant something deeper than it did before.

He let go of my hair and I looked back into his moss green eyes, full of pleasure, full of fire.
His lips were parted, and I could feel his heart beating fast.
Mine was beating faster.

The heat between us became hotter and hotter. I grabbed onto his shoulders, throwing my head back.

I couldn't hold back anymore. My toes curled as I gasped his name.I exploded over him, wetting his cock with my juices. I came hard and intensely. With all the heartache and bullshit and now I was here, my climax taking over my whole body and tiring me out.
Lukas moved my hips until he came inside of me, deep, and long. He threw his head back, his eyes shut as he released his seed inside of me.
He felt so good and warm.
I left kisses along his neck as he groaned and pulled me tighter to his body. The sexiest sound I ever heard is him groaning, especially when its because of me.

After a moment, Lukas rolls me back onto my back with him on top of me, panting unevenly with me.
He kissed my neck, and then trailed sweet kisses down to my breasts, to my nipple and then down my stomach.
As he went down my body, I grabbed his hair into my fist.
I look down to watch him as he hovers over my cunt.
Now I was panting with excitement again.

His eyes met mine. "It's been so long since I got to taste it, baby."
I nod my head. "I know."
He runs his nose along the apex of my thighs, making my body tremble. His tongue runs along my inner thighs.
I moaned softly.

He's such a damn tease. And it makes this moment all the more hot.
Lukas lifts his head to meet my eyes. "Tell me." He breathed.
I stroked my fingers through his hair.

"Tell me you want me to."

"I want you to." I whispered.

"Want me to what?"

"Lick my cunt." I breathed.
Lukas took my clit into his mouth and suckled on it.
I cry and squirm under him as he teases and caress my clit with the the tip of his tongue.
I moan as I grab onto my breasts, squeezing them hard to add to the pleasure.

Lukas flicks his tongue over my clit expertly while he buries two fingers into me. I arch my back as he pumps his fingers deep into me.
I was coming apart beneath him once again.

He slid his fingers out and his tongue slid along my slit and slipped in.
"Oh god!" I whisper.
I haven't felt his tongue in so long. Lukas grabbed my thighs, pulled them over his shoulders as my buttocks lifted from the floor. I was in too much pleasure too stay still.

After a moment, I felt his tongue disappear. Panting open-mouthed, I looked down at him.

His eyes were on mine. "I love when you act like this. It makes me so fucking hard." He whispered before gliding his tongue over my clit again.

He brought me to two orgasms....and another one...and another until I was finished off. Anymore, and I probably would have needed a hospital.

Me and Lukas laid on his bedroom floor, tired and satisfied with our eight hour fuck session. A session that meant more than any of the other times we spent together. We were in this together, and now we knew it. No more insecurities. I don't believe he'd fall for someone else, and I already know that there's no one else that would match me. No one else I could really talk to like I can talk to him. No one I could feel safer with, or bare my soul to. There's no one else I could tell my secrets to or have a fight with that means so much, and then make up with. No one else can fuck me like he can. No one else can make love like he can. No one touches me, or kisses me like he can. There just couldn't be no one else.

I looked over to him. He was laid out beside me, naked, and owning it like he always does. His green eyes were on mine, watching me.
I caressed his jaw with the back of my hand.
He shut his eyes slowly as I felt his stubble.

I smile and slowly take my hand away.
He opens his eyes to look back at me.

"If we get married, we need another house." I said.
He nods. "I know. We can start looking any time we want. It's up to you, love."
I turn on my side to face him. "I'm really ready for this shit. Finally. I mean, before, when we were moving really fast, I knew I was in love, I just didn't know how long we'd last. But now, I know. I know that regardless of what shit happens, I just need to have you."

He turns to face me. "I think addiction has turned to obsession."
"Kinda can't help it. You invited me in."
"When I saw you, I had no choice."
I smile and feel my cheeks growing warm. "We're so fucking cheesy."
He chuckles. "I'm noticing that too."

"Fine. I'll say something to break it. Your cock feels so fucking good buried in my cunt."
Lukas nods. "That's the Peyton Moyer I know."
I shake my head. "Peyton Kary." I moved to lay my head on his chest.
He wrapped his arm around me and kissed my forehead. "Now that you actually say the name, it doesn't really make much sense."

I nod. "Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing. "Maybe, Peyton Moyer Kary?" I asked.
"Better." We say in unison.
I smile and listen closely to the subtle beats of his heart and close my eyes.
All I could think was that this was it. Our childhoods were shitty, and full of poison, and hatred. But we lived through it. And then we've grown. We've learned from our mistakes.
Me and Lukas didn't know what we were getting ourselves into the moment we met in that restaurant. We didn't know that we would come to fall in love one another and protect the other. I sure as hell didn't see it coming.

This relationship with Lukas has taught me something. I don't have to block my feelings. I don't have to keep everything in and let it torture me for years. I don't have to let something beyond my control rule my life and change the way I feel about things. And I don't have to run away from my problems. I have to stay and fight them. I have to, because Lukas can't always fight my battles, and I won't let him. My battles are mine to face.

I don't know what the fuck is going to happen from here to whatever life leads with Lukas. Regardless of the shit that happens, even if we're forced apart as before, we will always come back together.



I look up at him. "Violate my cunt until I'm too sore to walk tomorrow." I see a sexy smile on his face.

"With pleasure, love."


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