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My Master of Sex (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(Finished)(Author's pick for best story)Lukas was a man. A beautiful rich man that somehow swept me off my feet. It was only supposed to be sex. Just that. But the more we spent time together, the more I feel. The more I want.
We both have secrets. Secrets that haunts us. I know that I want to be with this man, and he may want the same thing, but I feel that our secrets will keep us apart…forever. View table of contents...


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~Chapter 28: Super Power

Lukas stared at the picture, an irritated expression covering his features. "Never forget." He copies the words splashed in red across the picture of Jackie. A picture of her, where she looks dead, and oblivious to her own existence.
Lukas studies the picture. "Who is he telling, me or you?" He wondered to himself.
"You, through me." I assumed.

Lukas tears the picture down and tears it up.
He goes through the kitchen to throw the pieces away before coming back into the living room.
He leans against the back of the couch and looks to me. "Peyton, I think you should come stay with me for a few nights until we're sure this apartment is safe."

"You checked the apartment."
"I have a feeling he might come back. And if he does, I don't want you here."
I deliberated what he was saying, and finally decided that he was right.
JL had a motive.

I put on some random jeans to leave in, gathered more of my clothes into my suitcase, and finally my pills.
When I was all packed up, Lukas led us out of the apartment, down to his limo.
David was ready with the door open.

I slid into the car and Lukas slid in with my luggage before David shut the door.
Lukas placed both of my suit cases on one side and sat back into his seat, looking deep in thought.

"You okay?' I asked.
He shakes his head. "No. The last thing I ever wanted him to do was to bring you into this shit." His eyes meet mine. "If he hurts you because of me…"

"Don't think like that."
"Why not? He's targeting you to get to me. He knows how I feel about you. He knows you're my girlfriend, you're basically my fucking wife. And now he sees how much I love you, and he's going to try to hurt you because of me."
I tried to figure out how to say my next words. He called me his 'wife', which was a level I never thought we'd get on.
But I can feel deep inside, how much that title appealed to me.

"You know, I'm you, and you're me, and we're going to figure this shit out. Because whether he's trying to hurt you or me through you, I'm not going to let him. Just liked you….did what you did for me, I'd do the same for you."

"I know you would."
"So stop worrying. Let's just have an okay night tonight, and deal with this shit tomorrow. I just want one night of normalcy."

He sighs. "Me too, love."
I scoot over to lay against his chest.
He wraps his arm around me. "We won't talk about it again tonight."
I shook my head. "No. Not tonight. I'm not in the mood for it."

He nods and kisses the top of my head.
"I thought you'd be more afraid of the situation."
"All he did was blow up a big ass picture of his sister and write words in red paint. There's nothing remotely scary about it. He just sounds like a fucking nutcase."

Lukas chuckles lightly and nuzzles his nose into my hair.
I close my eyes and fall asleep on the ride to his penthouse.

When we get there, he wakes me up and we go up to his house with my suitcases. Lukas makes room in his closet for my clothes, and for my shoes.
And he gives me two drawers for my bra and panties.

By the time I was done, Lukas was fresh out of the shower. He threw on a pair of dark gray
sweats, with no boxers and sat on the bed.
I changed back into my white t-shirt and panties.

All the drama gone from my mind at that moment. Joshua was insane but the guy hardly scared me. Did I flinch from his words, 'Never Forget'? No. I didn't. Does he scare me? No. I just want him to leave us alone. That's all.

I closed the glass doors to his walk-in closet and looked to him.
He sat on the edge of the bed.

"So now that I'm going to be living with you for a little while, are there any rules you want me to follow?" I asked.

He thought for a second. Then he shook his head. "Just clean up after yourself, that's all."
I nod. "I can do that." I walk over to the bed and sit down.

Lukas looked to me as I sat onto the bed.
"What?" I asked.

A small smile came to his face, showing his sexy dimples.
"What?" I asked again. I nudged him playfully with my foot.

"I want you to do something for me." His voice goes to that deep tone, that always meant something sexual.
I bite my lip, anticipation swallowing me whole.
More than anything, I needed a distraction, and I was sure Lukas wanted one too. This was our center. Sex.

Lukas's hand slide up my leg, as this sexy look came over his expression. "Play with yourself in front of me."
I blushed and shook my head. "No."
He nods. "I always wanted you to."

I giggled. "No, Lukas. I can't. I let you eat me out in your limo, I let you fuck me in your office. But this is so not going to happen."

"Why are you scared?"
"I'm not scared, I'm just…."

"Peyton, after what we been through, does it seem like we really have boundaries?"
"No. But this is something I do in private and now I'm doing it in front of you."

"You normally shower alone but lately all of your showers have been with me."
"Well that's different."

"No it's not."
We stare each other, neither one of us wanting to back down.
Part of me did want to do it, but for once in all the time I've known Lukas, I was shy.
"Are you going to let me watch you?" I asked.

He nods.
I smile. I never thought I'd do this in front of anyone.
But he was right. At this moment, with the shit that happened and the shit we learned about each other, there should be no boundaries, and if I can do this in front of him, then I'd know there are really no lines that can be crossed.

I slide my thumbs into my panties and lift myself up a little as I slide them down. I kept my eyes on Lukas as I pulled them off.
I dropped them onto the bed and laid back against the headboard.
I pulled my big t-shirt up and spread my legs for him to watch me.

I can't believe I'm about to do this…in front of him.
Leave it to me and Lukas, where no matter what problem we have, we can always fit sex into the equation.

He kept his eyes on my hand as I slid it down between my legs.
I kept my eyes on him. He'd be my only motivation.
Already soaked from his request, I started rubbing myself, my fingers sliding back and forth against my clit. I moaned, along with the movement of my fingers. I forgot all my shyness, and fell more into the pleasure I was giving myself in front of Lukas. I moaned his name, imagining him touching me, bringing me close to an orgasm.

My eyes lower to his sweats and I see that he's hard.
My fingers sunk into me, as I thought about his thick, and long cock pushing into me.
I closed my eyes and bit down hard on my lip.
I brought my fingers back to my clit. I felt the sweet tingly sensations in my body, rising.
I opened my eyes to look back to Lukas.

He was watching my fingers, grabbing himself through his sweats.
Oh god. I wanted him so bad.
I arched my back as I gasped and rubbed faster.
My orgasm hit me like a wave. I rubbed faster until I grew weak and couldn't do it anymore.
I closed my eyes, letting out a shuddering sigh.
I grabbed my breasts, as I slowly came down from my orgasm.
I opened my eyes to look at Lukas.

He was turned on, I could see it in his muscles, in his eyes, and in his sweats.
I slipped off of the bed, still weak and stepped in front of him.
I grabbed his hand to make him stand.
When he stood, I got down on my knees and pulled his sweats down.

I needed to please him like he pleases me on the daily basis. I grabbed and licked his head, teasing it with my tongue.
I use to hate doing this.
It use to make me think of the awful memory from my past, but doing this to Lukas was different.
I sucked him hard to the point where he was gripping harshly onto my hair and panting shallowly.
I never felt more in control than at this moment.

There were times where before, this made me feel so weak, belittled. But with Lukas acting this way, it shows I can make him come at my own will.
I thrust his hips to my mouth until he releases and I taste a gallon of his warm stickiness.
I swallow and clean him off.
I look into his green eyes as I clean the mess from him.

The one thing I noticed about me and Lukas, was that in the middle of certain situations, we still please one another. When I told him I saw Brian at the restaurant. That day he came and fucked me.
After he 'got rid' of Brian, that same night, he fucked me.
Sex seemed to be our super power whenever we needed each other.


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