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My Master of Sex (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(Finished)(Author's pick for best story)Lukas was a man. A beautiful rich man that somehow swept me off my feet. It was only supposed to be sex. Just that. But the more we spent time together, the more I feel. The more I want.
We both have secrets. Secrets that haunts us. I know that I want to be with this man, and he may want the same thing, but I feel that our secrets will keep us apart…forever. View table of contents...


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Chapter 2: Lunch with Kary


It's been a week. Directly one week since my dad sold himself over. I don't think Daniel took it too well when my dad bailed on him but I have no way of really knowing.

To get my stress off, I hit the gym. I was doing the speed of eleven on the treadmill, pacing, staring at the glass window as I timed my breaths.

Amy Winehouse was blasting in my ears and her voice was keeping me motivated.

I felt a tap of my shoulder and I turned. It was a guy who was actually pretty cute. He was smiling at me.

I took the ear buds from my ears, turned off the machine and look to him. "Hi."

His eyes go to my breasts and then back to my eyes.


"Hi. I see you here often and you just seem to space out a lot."

"Well there's things in my life that causes me to space out."

He nods. "I understand that. Same with me. Would you like to have dinner with me?"

Wow. He was going in for getting to know me for a few seconds and then he went straight in for the kill.


"Just a friendly dinner. You seem like the kind of girl I want to get to know."

"I'm just not…dating right now. I'm trying to stay off the market." I said.

He looks down to the floor briefly before meeting my eyes again. "I see."


He shrugs. "S'okay." He turns and walks away from me. I lick my dry lips.

I should have said "sure". It's not like I was doing anything anyway. And I needed a good fuck from someone. So I could get my mind away from the man whose name I don't even want to think about.

I ignored my thoughts and got off the treadmill to get on the punching bag. I learned to fight. For protection. I just wish I had learned this shit back then when I was younger.

Even as my mind wasn't thinking completely about the past, it was prodding around it, and it only made my punches harder, quicker, more violent.

Sweat slid slickly down my temple and gathered onto my forehead as I kept my breathing paced and measured.

More and more anger pierced my brain as I repeatedly slammed my fists into the bag until I was calmed down by the familiar voice of Justin.

He grabbed my shoulder's stilling me. "Hey,"

I closed my eyes and slumped against the bag. I exhaled and held the bag. My eyes opened.

An understanding look rested in his eyes. He knew what I was thinking about. "Relax, kid. Take a deep breath."

I felt like I wanted to cry but I held the feeling at bay and took a deep breath like Justin said.

"Let it out." He instructed.

I did as he said and instantly felt better. "Thank you." My voice shook.

He nods. "No prob."

I sighed. "What brings you down here?" I asked.

Justin's eyes widened a bit. "Are you serious? You see how many hot girls with big tits are here? I pick most of my fuck toys from here."

I groaned. "Ew, Justin. Gross."

"TMI. Sorry."

I shook it off. "I think I'm going to head home."


I nod. "Yeah. I'm growing infinitely pissed being surrounded by too many people while I feel," I waved my hand around my head. "distressed." I finished with a sigh.

He nods. "Totally understanding. Order us some food when I get home. I'll be home by seven….seven thirty." He said.

I nod and release the punching bag.

I walked over and grabbed my black gym bag from the corner, hoisted the strap over my shoulder and exited the doors.

The weather wasn't the best but it wasn't too bad.

Chicago weather was unpredictable weather.

I got into my car and closed the door. I moved the gym bag over to the next seat, started up my car and was off.

The streets were busy. The sidewalks were busy. Jesus. You'd think it was Times Square or something.

As I stopped at a red light, I seen a bus, and sure enough, whose face was on the side of the bus for his business ad. Kary.

I rolled my eyes and looked away but tensed up when I felt the slick heat from between my legs.

Are you serious? He's not even here in the damn flesh.

How the fuck can he make me wet without even being here?

The second the light turned green, I raced home, hoping not to see his face anywhere else.

People, Justin specifically, believe I'm a crazy driver. Okay, maybe I am a little. It wasn't that big of a deal.

I parked my car into the parking lot of the apartment, grabbed my bag and got out. I shut the door and pulled the strap over my shoulder once again. I turned my head briefly to see a man, looking around my age, basically drooling as he watched me.

I gave him a friendly wave.

He smiled back and waved.

I turned and went to the front of the building and slipped in.

I was use to that.

Quite a bit of guys actually find me very attractive. I find myself so…broken…so lost. Sure guys see looks and that's all that matters but they don't see me. They don't. And its because they don't that I hardly date anyone. I mean I'm attractive. I was doe-eyed with a dark shade of gray. My nose was tiny and my lips were curvy and naturally pink. I had brownish, auburn hair that hung to the middle of my back. I wasn't slim, but leaning more toward curvy. And according to what I've been told, my tits are pretty nice. Not that I care much. Its not like anyone would ever touch them…again.

I wasn't anti relationship, just didn't want to be in one much. Wasn't worth my time while I was looking for a job and dealing with family life.

The door was opened for me and I slipped into the building. I greeted Jacob at the front desk and went to the elevators.

They brought me straight up and I was prepared to take a long bath and order some Chinese.

As I rested my body in the bathtub, my phone rings from the other room.

I close my eyes. "No." I whined. The bubbly water felt so warm on my skin and I know as soon as I get out, I'm going to be cold as hell.

I sighed. This could be important though.

I stood up, grabbed the towel from the towel rack, wrapped it around my body before hurrying into the other room.

I grab my cell and slide the button to see my dad is calling.

I answered it and placed it to my ear. "Yeah, dad?"

"Hey honey."

I smile. "Hi. How's things going?"

He took a long deep sigh. "Well, Daniel trashed headquarters."

"Didn't I tell you? And why couldn't Kary just have Daniel work for him too?"

"Kary didn't want him. Said the man held no true strength to the current business."

I shook my head. "Prick." I muttered.

"What was that?" He asked.

I shake my head. "Nothing, dad."

"Look, I'm calling because I've talked to Kary and he has seemed to spark an interest in you."

Immediately, something deep in my abdomen contracted, drawing arousal but I ignored it. "Oh?" I asked with pretend indifference.

"Yes, he would like to meet you for lunch tomorrow afternoon."

"And why couldn't he call me and tell me this himself? Not that I'd say yes."

"He was very busy." I'm sure he was. Probably busy screwing another girl. Because with a face like that, he had to have been able to get hundreds, close to thousands.

"Well call him back and tell him no thank you."

"He said he'd like to hire you."

"Oh. Did he now? And what kind of skills did he see in me in those few minutes other than my ability to want to protect my dad?"

"Your strength. I'm pretty sure that's what he saw, hon. Just go see him tomorrow and if the deal is good, take it. If you feel like its not, then don't. And you never have to see him again. Ever."

"Untrue. His face is splashed everywhere on buses, on the news, in magazines. The man is famous."

There was a small silence.

He knew it was true. Regardless, I was going to see Kary's face. I didn't think I want to. I think my main problem with him was that he made me want him within the first second our eyes met. I didn't like that. I'm not used to a man making me so hot and so irritated with him at the same time. But this deal might be worth exploring. I'd see his face more often regardless of my resistance. And I'd probably make a good salary. The Element is doing very well and I need a job.

I sigh. "Where does he want me to meet him, if I decide to go?"

"A restaurant that he owns on Bertha street. 1761. It can't be missed."

I curled my lips together. "Okay. I might show up."

"I'll tell him so. Just…don't have an attitude, hon. I saw you eyeing him like you wanted to take a fork in his neck."

"I'll try to be as sweet as humanly possible." I said.

"That's my girl. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Tell me how it goes."

"I will…If I decide to go."

I hear him sigh. "Okay. Bye."

"Bye dad. Love you."

"Love you more, hon." He hangs up the phone and I do the same.

I dump myself back into the tub and my thoughts drift over to rather or not I should actually meet this man at his restaurant. Who am I kidding myself? Of course I'd give anything to see his gorgeous face again.

This man…I don't know. I feel like I have a pull to him. I still feel it.

And the way he looked at me when he saw my garter, he looked…turned on.

He looked very turned on by me, but was able to snap back with a business face when he looked to my dad.

His eyes, they were dark green and sexy. So damn sexy.


was so damn sexy. Its an understatement. It's beyond that. Way beyond that.

I bit down on my lip. Should I go buy another garter? And maybe flash it "innocently"?

A small smile came to my face.

I loved being a tease.

He seemed to believe that he can get me.

I can show him how much he can't get me.

He said he "liked my garter". It was black.

Let's see how he acts when I wear a dark, seductive red.

I hopped out of the shower, dressed in comfortable clothes and went out to the same store Justin went to get my black garter which was very embarrassing.

But shopping for myself now, I was okay with it. I had a dark red and a dark brown garter belt and I bought more thigh high stockings.

This should work.

I got back home and I could hear the moans of a woman and Justin. I shook my head. If there's anything that Justin loves, it is getting laid.

There was two boxes of Chinese on the table.

Oh, fuck. I forgot all about it.

He must have called.

I picked the unopened box and entertained myself with some tv.

And afterwards, I crawled into bed. I didn't have nightmares this time.

Normally they'd enter my dreams, alter them. Turn them into everything I feared and I'd toss and turn all night and would stay up the rest of the night.

I never gotten good sleep since I was a kid. Since something happened that changed my life. Something that made me change how I look at people. How I see myself.


I've been up since six and now it was coming slowly to twelve thirty.

I had ate, showered, and dressed. I was dressed in a black, and sleek skirt that was hemmed ten inches above my knees. I had on a pair of my black thigh-high stockings and the dark red garter belt was attached to them.

My blouse was a very dark, almost blood red and short sleeved and I wore my dark red pumps that went perfectly with the blouse. I smiled in the mirror and combed my fingers through my auburn hair.

I nodded and then grabbed my pea coat.

Justin looked at me and whistled. "Look whose looking like a major babe."

I rolled my eyes. "We've went down that road before. Remember?" I asked.

He nods. "Yep. It was fun."

I chuckled. "Very." I kissed his cheek. "I gotta go."

I grabbed my purse and keys before leaving out of the door.

I took the elevator down and greeted Jacob at the desk with a nod.

He nods back.

I walk out of the building and to my car in the back parking lot.

I was late.


I'd make his arrogant ass wait.

And if he's gone, so be it.

I get on the road and I'm surprised to see that traffic isn't busy.

I make no hurry to get there.

I drive at my normal speed.

I didn't know what to expect on this lunch. I had a feeling he was going to irritate me. Sure I'd be struck frozen because of his beauty or a complete babbling idiot.

I'll work hard on being neither.

As I arrived to the restaurant that my dad sent with a text to remind me the address, my door was opened for me and the valet held his hand out for my keys.

I gave them to him and flashed him a smile before going into the restaurant.

The place is semi full. It looks warm and inviting. Pure white walls, dark carpet and the delicious smell of steak.

My eyes searched for the beautiful face I've been wanting to avoid. I stopped as I saw him.

He was surrounded by three women. All look like they were drooling, fucking him with their eyes.

In a way, I can't blame them.

And it wasn't just them. Part of the people in the restaurant seemed to have their eyes on him. It can either because he's famous, or because he has to be the most beautiful man they've ever laid their eyes on. I'm willing to bet it was both.

I slowly walked over, not wanting to ruin his little conversation with the three women that looked like they'd give him a blow job right there in front of everyone if he asked them to. He never looks like he has to try hard to get a woman. They seem to come to him.

As I stood a nice five feet from the women, Lukas's eyes met mine.

Immediately, he dismissed them and walked to me.

I stood, awestruck. God, he's more beautiful up close. It almost fucking hurts to look at him.

He gives me a smirk. "Shall we sit?"

I nod wordlessly and swallow hard.

His smirk turns into a smile as if he knows he has me in his trap.

He doesn't have me. He just has a pretty fucking face. That's all.

He turns and walks away, leading me to the table.

I follow, my eyes studying how every part of his body flexed as he moved with grace.

Oh my god.

He stopped at a quiet table in the corner where we were slightly hidden behind burgundy and golden curtains. This table looked nicer than the rest, although the place as a whole gave off a warm and beautiful vibe.

He sat down, not taking his eyes from mine as he did.

I stared down at him, still in awe.

He puts his elbows on the table and looks at me with a flash of curiosity. "Sit, Peyton."

I come back down to earth and slide into my seat.

I shrug my pea coat off and leave it behind me.

I look over to his clothing noticing he had a very nice, fitted gray shirt that showed his built abs underneath as the shirt clung to his body. His black tie was loose and I suddenly wished that I could just undress him and have him take me right here on this table.

"So…what do you want?" I asked.

He hesitates before he speaks. "Hi, Peyton. How was your day?"

"I asked you a question."

"Yes, but you're going to answer mine first."

Okay, arrogant and a control freak. The darkness of his eyes feel like they're stabbing through me. Like he could see into my body, in my heart…damn it, in my soul.

Could he?

Could he see my pain? My fear?

"It was…okay, I guess." I answered.

He nods and a woman comes up to us, her eyes firmly focused on Kary. "Do you want the usual, Mr. Kary?" She smiled brightly at him, ignoring my existence.

I guess I'm a wall.

He gives her a smile that would make any girl and perhaps any man come within seconds. I felt like coming just looking at him.

"Yes, two steaks with a side of mashed potatoes and buttered asparagus. Thank you, Shantel."

She nods. "Yes, Mr. Kary." She bows her head and all but skip away with glee that he even looked her way.

His eyes met mine again.

"She wet her panties just looking at you." I said.

He narrows his eyes a bit. "Do you?"

I was offended he had the audacity to ask me that question. "Do I look like I do?" I snapped.

He looked unsure. "I don't know. You're very difficult for me to read."

"Good. Now why am I here, Mr. Kary?"

He let out a steady breath and leaned back smoothly in his seat, his eyes never leaving mine. "I want you to work for me, Peyton."

"Oh? Why?" I asked.

"Why does it matter?"

"Because I have a feeling that all you want is to fuck me." I said.

He raised a brow, a small secret smile spreading across his face. "I won't deny facts, Peyton. But, I think you'll be good as my assistant."

"Would I now?" A feeling of heated thrill ran up my body as he secretly admitted that he wanted what I wanted within only a short time of us knowing each other.

He nods his head.

"So you want me to become your assistant so you could order me around and I bend to your every whim? And then whenever you want, you can just call me to your office and charm me anyway you please to get what you want?" I asked.

His smile vanished slightly. "I'd like to fuck you but I would not let that get in the way of work. Ever." He says. His voice was warm, it made me want to melt into a puddle of goo, right there on the floor. There's so much excitement running through my body, I could hardly sit still.

"I don't know, Kary," Working hard to keep my composure. "Something tells me you'll try to get me into bed. I don't like to mix business with pleasure, you know."

"I don't either, until now." He says, his gaze darkening, changing the complete atmosphere of the room.

Changing the temperature of my whole body. Oh shit. He can do this just by looking at me. It's that look that's making me feel hot and bothered and he knows it, that's why he's smirking now and its driving me crazy. I kept my thighs closed together, resisting the urge to give in and let him do what he wants to me.

I ignored how I felt. "Keep talking and it'll be nothing but pleasure."

"I'm more than fine with that."

I rolled my eyes. "See? You just proved my point. You don't want to hire me. You just want to fuck."

The plates were sat down between us.

The girl who was just excited that the rich and famous and stunningly gorgeous Lukas Kary was talking to her, now looked embarrassed as I blurted out our private conversation right in front of her.

Lukas paid no attention to her. "Red wine, Shantel."

"I drink white." I said.

"White wine for Peyton."

"Probably gonna need the whole bottle." I muttered under my breath.

Shantel walks away, disappointment evident on her face.

I look back to him and his eyes stayed plastered to mine.

I looked down and my food looks delicious.

I grab my fork and knife off of my napkin and began to cut my steak. When I take a bite, its as good as it smells and even better than it looks. I make a sound of pleasure as I taste it.

My eyes met his and he had that sexy seductive look on his face, in his eyes like he wanted to eat me.

I licked my lips and put my fork and knife down just as Shantel had arrived with a glass of red wine and white wine. She sat our glasses down, her eyes begging Lukas to look at her again, but he's paying zero attention as he stares at me.

I was looking at her as she kept her eyes on his for a second too long before walking away from the table.


Everyone wants a piece of him.

Including me.

"You're breaking that girl's heart." I say, my eyes going to his and immediately he had me pinned under his heated gaze.

"With good reason." He mutters.

I crossed my legs. "You can have whoever, whatever, yet you want to fuck me."

He nods. "Yes, and your point?"

"You're insane is my point."

He half smiles.

I shake my head, clucking my tongue.


"Are you wearing it?" He whispered.

Once again, the atmosphere changed. It was already filled with sexual tension, now this was just unbearable. His eyes became hooded as he waited for my answer.

My heart quickened a few beats.

Keeping my eyes on his, my fingers brushed my skirt up, showing my dark red garter connected to my stockings.

He closed his eyes and tensed up as if trying to restrain himself.

A small part of me got a thrill out of the fact that he wanted me so badly. I didn't think I made a good first impression to him.

I guess I was wrong.

I traced the top of my lip with the tip of my tongue, watching how much he wanted me.

I pulled my skirt back down.

He opened his eyes and met mine.

"Is it hard?" I asked.

He nods.

"Not touching me?" I asked.

He nods, a small smile playing on his thin and kissable lips. "It's not the only thing that's hard, Peyton."

The way he said my name in such a low and seductive voice almost had me squirming in my seat.

I took my glass of white wine and downed it. Downed the whole thing before setting the fancy glass back onto the table.

I licked my lips and met his eyes once again, and every time I did, he had this heated gaze that made me want to come.

I curled my lips. "I'm not that easy, Kary." I whispered.

He raised an eyebrow. "Never said you were."

"Then stop talking to me like everything you say will get me into bed."

And my stomach turned in a sick feeling because I knew exactly that that's where this was heading.

"Why'd you wear the garter?"

The question was so random, it left me silent for a minute. I shrugged my shoulders, my eyes going to the soft carpet.

"You know why. I know why. What would you get out of teasing me, Peyton?"

I shrugged. "Amusement."

"You knew I'd give in."

I look to him. "I like to tease." I admitted solemnly.

"I see that."

"Do you like it?"

"The garter and stockings?"

I nod my head once.


The way he said yes, I felt heat spread in my panties.

Oh god, he's making me horny. "Do you want it?" My voice dropped to a whisper.

He licked his lips and leaned forward, his seductive green eyes meeting mine. "Yes."

I closed my eyes. This time, I was trying to restrain myself. I stood up. "Excuse me, I need to go to the ladies room." I said.

He nods and sits back, wearing a secret smile.

I think he knew I was wet.

I turned and hurried into the private room and into a stall. I wiped myself off and tried to fix myself.

God. I never knew anyone to make me feel like this.

I leaned against the sink, my thoughts jumbled. I can't give in to him. Yes, goddamnit, I wanted to. But that would make me weak, weak at his beauty. Weak at his words. I don't want to have to be on the bottom and have him controlling me. I don't like the thought of that, aside from being underneath him.

I turned to the mirror, making sure everything was in place.

And it was.

I think its about time for me to leave. If I don't, I will never forgive myself for sleeping with him within a week of us knowing each other. I would lose all respect for myself and I'd be exactly what my stepfather called me. A slut.

The memory was like a kick in the stomach. I closed my eyes and locked it in the darkest corner of my brain.

When I felt it was gone, I opened my eyes and turned to walk out of the bathroom.

I come back out and the table is surrounded. Oh are you kidding me?

I rolled my eyes and walked over, breaking through the few people as I grabbed my pea coat.

"What are you doing?" Lukas asked.

"Leaving." I answered.

"Why?" He asked, ignoring the women basically lining up at our table.

I look to him. "Because I'm not a slut, Kary. And I have more respect for myself than to pretend to act like one."

He narrowed his eyes, waving off the female attention that made me smile on the inside slightly. I didn't know why. I guess I enjoyed having his attention. "I never called you a slut, Peyton. I wouldn't look at you that way."

"No." I pulled the coat over my shoulders. "All you'd see is another girl you fucked." I said.

Lukas inhaled a sharp breath.

"I don't want to be fucked and tossed aside, Kary. It doesn't work that way for me."

"Like any man could toss you aside." He says studying my body lovingly.

I felt more heat explode through, making me shiver with want, need. Need for him to touch me.

"It's happened." I whispered.

No. No. Don't get all emotional and revisit a dark memory in your brain.

"Whoever did it missed out."

I take a deep breath, feeling a little exposed.

"Have dinner with me tomorrow night." It was a order, not a question.

"No." I answered.

"I'll be picking you up at eight tomorrow."

"No one will be outside waiting." I said.

He smirked. "We'll see."

I glared at him. My anger settling in. He really thinks he has some powerful hold over me? Already?

I cocked my leg forward a bit, lifting my skirt again.

When he sees my garter and stockings, his eyes close. "Peyton." He said my name so low, so sexy, I feel like I was moments from an orgasm.

"You'll never have me." I whispered.

He opened his eyes and they were hooded. "Jesus, Peyton, what you do to me."

I turn him on and I'm reveling in it.

"And teasing me, yet resisting is not going to do anything but make me want you more so it doesn't really matter."

I stared down at him. His green eyes dark and full of sex, want, desire, everything at once and his influence stuck me to the floor.

I wanted to fuck him. Sure I enjoyed teasing him but this feeling way deep in my abdomen makes me want to attack him.

I pulled my skirt down and smiled at him, hiding my yearning for him. "Goodbye, Lukas." I said in a teasing matter.

He watches me carefully. "Eight o' clock, Peyton."

"Nope." I turned and walked out of the restaurant with my head held high. I didn't let him effect me too much.

Sure I got all hot and bothered for him but I handled it with good effort.

The valet brought my car around and I grabbed the keys from him and slipped in after saying thank you.

I took off and decided to pick up some take out. I should have taken that damn steak with me. Damn it! It was good. Orgasmic almost.

I picked up from a deli when I got home. I knew Justin would probably be home. And odds are that he'd have a gorgeous blond in the house.

Every time I seen him, he was always all over blondes. Which confused me because me and him dated in college and I have auburn hair.

I walked into the door and locked it before setting the bag of food onto the couch.

I pulled off my pea coat.

Justin's door opened and he had messy sex hair and his blue eyes looked more than satisfied.

My brows raised. "Look at you. Have fun?"

He nods, a lazy smile appearing on his face. "Just left. Stripper."

I rolled my eyes. "Of course, freak. And since when do you hit strip clubs? I thought you said strip clubs were for old homeless bald dudes with short dicks."

"They are but hey, I had a hard on and needed a girl to suck it down for me so that's what I got."

I chuckled. "I got us some lunch."

"I thought you had lunch with the Lukas Kary."

"Well the Lukas Kary is full of shit and wants to fuck me."

Justin shrugged. "No surprise there. It's been a given that he'd fuck any girl within a five mile radius. Kinda like me."

"I got wet for him again."

"Again?" Justin asked.

Oh yeah, I haven't told him about me getting so turned on by him the first time.

So I explained to him how I felt last time and how I felt even more insane with lust today from seeing his face.

Justin dug into his bag, pulling out a sandwich wrapped with paper. "Props to you for pretending otherwise."

"I know. But it was hard."

"What, his dick?"

I rolled my eyes. "Actually, yes, he told me that too when I showed him my garter."

Justin stopped and looked at me, grinning. "You showed him the garter?"

I nod, smugly. "Drove him crazy."

"You came close to giving him the pussy and snatched it away. That's my girl." He said patting my back.

I dug out my corn beef sandwich and pickle and sat down onto the couch.

Justin took a beer for himself and gave me a bottle of sprite as he came to sit next to me.

"What's on TV?" I asked.

"Ugh, Saturday. Nothing but lame movies shown in twenty ten."

He was probably right about that.

But we just sat and watched whatever came on, not caring much about it but talking.

"So are you still pissed about the whole thing with your dad?"

I shrug. "He's a grown man. It was his choice and I learned over barely a night's sleep that I'd have to deal with that."

Justin nodded. "Yeah. I'm sure he and Daniel will okay by next week. Guys don't hold grudges like chicks do."

I rolled my eyes.

After the time rolled to midnight, I laid in my bed, my thoughts of today's lunch with Kary.

It was…not exactly what I expected. Not fully anyway. Did I expect to get turned on again like before? No. I thought I'd be disgusted that he seemed to think it was going to take one lunch to get me into bed. Yeah right. But I wasn't even turned off by that fact. I think besides his gorgeous face, his lean shape and 'I want to fuck you' eyes, what turned me on the most was that he was so turned on by me.

Its been a while since I put myself in a position to get involved with another guy. Only guy I've been with consensually was Justin. And although that sex was great, I wondered if I'd compare it to the next guy I give myself over to.

Sure, guys always told me I'm hot but I take it as nothing more than a compliment. I've been asked out but I now have a radar when a man is danger. I just wish I always had one and maybe I wouldn't so mentally fucked up like I was.



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