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My Master of Sex (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(Finished)(Author's pick for best story)Lukas was a man. A beautiful rich man that somehow swept me off my feet. It was only supposed to be sex. Just that. But the more we spent time together, the more I feel. The more I want.
We both have secrets. Secrets that haunts us. I know that I want to be with this man, and he may want the same thing, but I feel that our secrets will keep us apart…forever. View table of contents...


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~Chapter 15: The Trust Factor

I walked into the kitchen, oddly relaxed this morning.
Justin was in the kitchen fixing himself some cheesy scrambled eggs.

"Morning." I say as I grab two cups from the cabinet.
"Good morning. So, what happened last night?" He asked. I knew he'd ask that. Since we were best friends, he figured my business is his. He's kind of right. It is.

"Me and Lukas talked."
"About?" He asked motioning with his hand for me to continue.
"Stuff. Personal stuff."

"And we're dating now."
Justin turned his head and looked at me. His eyes were wide. I know, just last night I made it seem like I was over Lukas and now out of nowhere, he's my boyfriend.

I shrugged, innocently. "What?"
"You're dating a man that every girl wants. Do you think that's a good idea?"
I grab the coffee pot. "It's going to be work. We both know that but we're going to try."
I pour coffee in the two cups.

Justin walks over to me. "Are you sure?"
"Oh my god, yes. I want him and I have him and no one's taking him from me." I said.
Justin pursed his lips. "You got it bad, girl."

"Whatever." I pour cream and sugar in the two cups. I grab them and take them to my room.
Lukas is lying asleep in my bed, looking delicious.
I sat the two cups down on the table and climb onto my bed.
I stand up on it and gently nudge his thigh with my foot. "Hey,"

Lukas stirs a bit before he wakes up. His green eyes are drowsy yet beautiful reflecting in the sunlight peeking in through my curtains.
"Wake up."
He half smiles. "What are you doing up there?"

I come down to straddle him. "Rather I be on top of you?"
"I rather be in you."
I roll my eyes. "Of course you would. I got you some coffee."
He looks over at our cups and then looks back to me. "Thank you."
I lean down and kiss his lips. They're soft, and lush….and mine.
I pull back and he sits up and grabs his cup of coffee.

"Did you sleep good?"
He nods. "Yeah, I did. You?"
I nod. "Yep. Would have slept better if you would have fucked me." I said.
Lukas smiles and sits his cup down. "It wasn't the night. Maybe if I would have proposed for you to be my girlfriend without mentioning Jackie, yes, but I had to tell you. I had to tell you all about it because I don't want any secrets between us."

"Well we still have shit to tackle."
He nods. "One day at a time."
I nod and run my fingers over his shirt. "You have to be at work in a hour."
He sighs. "Why are you so anxious for me to go? Don't you want to keep me away from my assistant?" He teases.

"Tell that bitch to watch herself, seriously."
He smirks and grabs an auburn lock of my hair. "Come home with me tonight."
I nod. "Then come pick me up. I get off at nine."

"I'll be there."
He takes my face in his hands and brings me towards him to kiss my lips. God, I won't ever get used to kissing him. Every time I kiss him, it just brought fire to my body, and it always made me soaked.
I take his hands from my face, still kissing him, and placed them against my breasts. "Touch me." I whispered before taking his lips between mine again.

Lukas did as I said, squeezing my breasts hard, and his hands slowly slid down my hips, to my buttocks and squeezed them hard.

There's moments like this that I cherish with him. He's beautiful and he wants me regardless of the darkly covered shit in my past. And I want him although I know he's still hiding something. I may have to tell him tonight. Or tomorrow. I don't want to ruin our night. It wouldn't be fair, but I knew he deserved to know. He came here and uncovered half of his puzzle and I have to be willing to uncover mine.

I grabbed a cup at the water cooler and poured me a bit at work.
Ian came over and smiled at me. "How's home life?"
"If you're referring to the little mishap that happened the other day, its solved. My boyfriend was just being a dick that day." I said.

I nod. "Yeah, why do you seem so shocked?"
"You seem like such a tease. You turned down two men since you been working here."
I take a sip of my water. "Everyone thinks that. And my boyfriend was very…convincing about us."
Ian smiles and he nods his head. He holds up his cup of coffee. "Then congrats."

"Thank you."
"Ready to finish this? I have five more orange envelopes filled with packets just waiting for you."
"Fucking lovely." I said sarcastically.
Ian laughed. "Come on."

After work, Ian walked me out. Working late was very irritating but Ian is a good boss and he was able to get me through.

"I think you're fitting in great here, Peyton. I look forward to working with you for a long time."
"Same. Thanks for teaching me everything. Really appreciate it."
"No problem. Our last editor was a clumsy girl who didn't know her ass from her elbow."

"Speaking of which, I screwed up royally on that fucking article."
"Hey, I would have too. Whoever wrote it probably didn't make it out of elementary school."
The black, sleek and glossy limo pulled up to the curb and I smiled.

"Damn. I've been wondering, what does your boyfriend do?"
"He's owns the Element." I said, not taking my eyes from the limo.

"Wait. You're dating Lukas Kary?"
The back door opens and Lukas gets out.
He's dressed in a navy blue suit with a black button down shirt underneath and a dark gray tie on. He looked sexy, and looked curious as he looked to Ian.

"Mr. Kary." Ian smiles.
Lukas puts a smile on his face but I somehow can tell that its fake. "Hi."
"Ian Milton. Your girlfriend's boss." He said holding out his hand.
Lukas shook it and then looked to me. "Ready to go home, love?" He asked.
Love? That was unexpected. But I know what he's doing and part of me finds it hilarious.

I nod my head. "I'm ready," I look to Ian. "I'll see you on Tuesday, right?"
Ian nods. "I'll see you then and it was nice meeting you, Mr. Kary."
Lukas just smiles and then watches me as I climb into the limo.
He climbs in behind me and closes the door.

I greet David as he begins to drive away, and then I look to Lukas. "You're wrong." I say.
He smirked. "What?"
"You know what. You thought the guy was flirting with me so you got out of the car to make it a point that we're together."

"Can you blame me? I normally don't get jealous."
"You were jealous?"
"I'm turning into you. You're rubbing off on me." His green eyes said something else.

"I have a feeling all of our conversations will contain double entendres." I said.
He nodded. "Good. That means our conversations will never get boring."
I giggle. "Good point. How was work?"

His mood changes but he just shrugged. "It was…interesting."
He nods.

"Lukas, what is it?"
He shakes his head. "Nothing. Not yet. If it turns into something, then I'll tell you."
I nod. "That's good enough for me."
His eyebrows raised. "I'm shocked. I expected that a demanding little thing like you would push for further information."

I leaned against the window. "Too tired. I just want to go home with you and lay there while you fuck me all night."
Lukas smirked. "That can be done. I never get tired, Peyton."

"I don't either, Handsome. You want to compete to see whose stamina is higher?"
He chuckled. "I've fucked more people than you have, Peyton. I know mine is higher."
"How would you know that?"

Lukas shrugged. "Just a feeling I have."
"You're hoping I didn't fuck a lot of people, right?" I turn and lean against the door. I bring my legs up and rest my heels in his lap.

"Did you?" He asked.
"Would it make a difference?"
He didn't answer.

I chuckle without humor, feeling an argument coming on. "For your information, I only actually fucked one person in my life." My step father does not count. I still considered myself a virgin after that shit.
Lukas looked shocked. "One?"
I nod. "What, because I'm good at giving head and riding, you expected me to be a slut?"
He shook his head. "No. It's just…"

"It's just…?"
"I don't know. Being who you are, gorgeous, and intelligent, only one guy?"
"I like being a tease. You know that better than anyone."

He chuckles. "The garter and stockings. Jesus, I was so turned on by you that day I invited you to lunch. Even the day I met you, I would have followed you to the bathroom and fucked you hard on the sink even with your dad outside."
I stared at him. I was getting wet already by his words. He seemed to always know what to say to get me hot for him. "I wouldn't have stopped you."

"Yeah you would have. You hated me."
"Well, yeah because you were getting in my dad's head with your bullshit."
"And now?" He asks.

I smile. "Now I enjoy being with you. And I enjoy fucking you."
Lukas smiles. "And that makes two of us."
If we kept talking we would end up fucking in this limo. And the last time we did something sexual in his limo, he shut down and we ended our fucking. At least for three days before we got into something better. It was too late anyway, the limo stopped and I looked out to see that we were in front of Lukas's penthouse.

David opened the door for us and we climbed out, hand-in-hand.
I say goodnight to David as me and Lukas makes our way to his penthouse. When the elevator takes us up and opens the doors, the place is quiet and I like the silence for once.

We don't drop hands. I expected him to the second we got in but he doesn't.
"Never gave you a tour, did I?" He asked.
I shook my head. "No, we got straight to business last time I was here." I said.
He smiles and leads me from the foyer through the hallway.

The first door on the right he stops at.
"What room is this?" I asked.
He opens the door. "Exercise room."
I see an exercise back, step-mat, three different types of treadmills and four different types of weight benches. There's a whole lot more I see but don't know the name of.

Oh yeah, I'm going to be using this a lot. I probably wouldn't have to go to my gym anymore. "How often you use it?" I asked.
"Everyday. Once before I get ready for work and then before I go to bed."
I can tell.
Lukas's body was so sexy, and it was mine.
He shut the door and looked to me. "But you're going to be my exercise tonight."
I smirked at him. "And you're going to be mine."

He leads me to his library which was filled with a fuckload of books. Some in different languages but most of his types were Stephen King and Brett Easton Ellis.
I had respect for those authors and was actually surprised that Lukas had time to read, while he's playing the 'Billion-dollar King.'

Afterwards, he led me to his office. Like his bedroom, the floor-to-ceiling windows showed a view over my city.
Downtown Chicago lit up beautiful at night time. From here I could see the lights reflecting on the Chicago river and it was beautiful.
"Enjoying the view?" He asked.
I turned to look at him. He's leaning against his desk, watching me watch over the city.
I nod. "I don't know what's more beautiful. Chicago or you." I say.
For once I see Lukas blush. He smiles, showing his dimples.
I love dimples.
And his dimples and smirk was his trademark that draws me in.

I look back out the window. "How long you lived here?" I asked.
"In Chicago or in this apartment?"

"I moved out of New York City after the whole incident with Jackie and moved to Chicago a year and a half ago. I moved in this apartment three months ago."

"Good choice of apartment. It's beautiful."
"Yeah but its hard for me to stay in one place for too long so-"
"You'd seriously give this up?"
He nodded. "There's more expensive and bigger places than this one."
"I haven't seen one and I lived in Chicago all my life. Yet I always wanted to go to New York."

"Nothing special about it." His tone changed.
I looked to him. "Where's your mother?" I asked.
He looked out the window. "Dead. Yours?"
I shrugged. "Dead to me."

Lukas nods. "If I asked you why," His eyes met mine. "would you tell me?"
I shake my head. "It's not the night."
"I figured so. I don't want to rush you into telling me about your past, Peyton. And I won't. That's why I never asked you about your nightmares. You're going to tell me when you're ready."

I nod. "I will and you're going to tell me what you really have nightmares about."
"Peyton, telling you about Jackie was hard. Very hard. But Manhattan is a whole other story that I can't…"
"And my mom and stepfather is a story I can't get into but I will eventually because you deserve to know."

I lean against the window, catching his gaze.
"Did someone hurt you?" He asked.
"Did someone hurt you?" I asked him.
"Answer my question."

"Answer mine first."
"Then you won't get an answer either."
"You're so damn irritating."
"And so are you."
Me and Lukas stared at each other.
The electricity was still there regardless of the negative turn our conversation was taking. "Come here." He says.

"Why?" I asked.
"Because I want to fuck you on my desk. That's why."
"And what if I say no?" I asked as I slipped off my heels.
He shrugs as he loosens his tie. "Your rejection makes me want you more. I told you that before, Peyton."

I dropped my purse to the floor and walked over to Lukas until I was standing between his legs. I place my hands onto his thighs. "And I told you no." I smile teasingly. I wanted to know how he'd handle my rejection.

"Are you really telling me no?"
I nod.
Lukas leaned forward from his desk. He towered over me. 6 "2" to my 5 "6"
He grabs me by my neck and turns me so now I'm leaning against the desk. He doesn't take his eyes from mine.
I'm an aggressive woman, and there is nothing that turned me on more than an aggressive man.

His face is close to mine and I can feel the heat between us.
"I want you." He whispers. "And I'm going to take you right now."
He takes my bottom lip between his teeth and kisses me, deeply, his lips in control of mine.
I moaned as he tightened his grip on my neck. Him being this way turned me on more than scared me. No man has ever been this way towards me before. It was new to me and I liked it.

He broke the kiss and his hand left my neck to lift up my skirt.
His fingers expertly rip the sides of my panties and tore them so they'd fall into a mess onto the floor.
Keeping his eyes on mine, Lukas unzipped his pants and took his length out. He was hard for me, just like I was wet for him. Our effect on each other will probably never cease at the rate we're going.

I lick my hand and grab him as I start to pump his length back and forth, looking him in his eyes. He thrusts back into my hand, groaning softly under his breath.
I love getting him off.
Lukas is panting, moving with my hand and my one and only goal is to make him come.
He takes my mouth with his again, breathing shallowly in the kiss.

"Peyton," He whispers under the kiss. "Get on the desk and spread your legs."
I take my hand off of him and get on his desk. I guess he didn't care about the papers I was sitting on.
I spread my legs like he demanded me to while I unbuttoned my shirt. I threw it off and grabbed him by his shirt. Both of us were anxious to feel one another. It's always sex that brings us together. Its our most intense moment.
Lukas steps between my legs and grabs my buttocks, pulling me towards the edge of the desk, then he pushes deep into my wet cunt. Lukas and I gasp together. It feels like whenever we're connected in this way, we're too lost in each other to think about anything else.

I loved how he filled me, and how it felt when he stretches me. Even when he wasn't moving, he felt so fucking good inside of me. "Fuck me." I whispered under the kiss.

Lukas grabbed my chin and brushed his lips against mine. "Beg." He whispered.
I smiled. I never had to beg for it before. I grabbed his buttocks with my hands. "Lukas,
please…please fuck me." I breathe.

Lukas releases my chin and slides his hands beneath my thighs as he pulls out of me and then pushes back in groaning as I clenched around him.

I slide my hands to his shoulders, as he begins to move my body to meet his thrusts. My body is reacting, and I'm tightening around him every time he pushes in me.
Our eyes stay locked on one another's as we move together, gasping and moaning. I grow lost in our fucking as I always do. Its becoming an addiction of mine.
Lukas is becoming an addiction of mine.

I grab both of his buttocks as he pumped in and out of me, loving how they flexed with each thrust.
I dropped my head back, panting hard with Lukas as he took me fast, and with dominance. This showed me that I belong to him and my cunt belongs to him.

As we moved together, I started to feel the build-up deep in my cunt.
"I want you to come hard on my cock." He whispered against my lips.
I grabbed onto his hair and brought his lips to mine. I knew I was going to come hard.

His lips took mine roughly, sloppily, harshly. I followed his movements, as my body started to shake.
I pulled back from the kiss to look into his eyes. "Does my cunt feel good?" I whispered.
"Jesus, yes, Peyton." He breaths as he begins to pulsate inside of me.
My body suddenly grows stiff as I begin to climax.
Lukas cussed and began to pound hard into me, trying to find his.

I dropped my head back, as I exploded around him. "Lukas!" I moan his name as my body trembles.
Lukas held me to him as he stilled and came hard inside of me. He held my body, making sure all of him spilled in me as he looked into my eyes. I watched him, his vulnerability to me. This is the only time we can let our guard down to each other.

I was relieved when I was drained out. There was nothing left in me.
Lukas stared into my eyes. He exhaled and leaned his forehead against mine.

I grabbed his hair tight in my fingers. "I missed that."
"You only been without it for three days." He said taking his forehead from mine.
"I'm getting an addiction." I said smirking at him.
He nods. "I am too." As I looked into his eyes, it seemed like he meant something else…something deeper. Lukas was falling fast like I was. Our relationship started out of our intense attraction and irritation with one another. And now that we know the other actually cares, hopefully we can move to a more deeper level.
Our connection is deep.
But our sex is deeper.
I want our connection and sex to be on the same level.

"Are you going to take me to your bed and fuck my brains out again?" I asked.
Lukas nods. "I'll fuck you all night, Peyton. I told you I don't get tired, love."
"I don't either, Kary."
He smiles. "I have work in the morning."
"So what? What do you like more, work, or me?"
"If you don't know the answer to that question, then you haven't been reading me as closely as I've been reading you."
"I don't know how true that is. When we were just fucking each other before, that's all it was about."
"What, you didn't think I started to like you?"
"Did you?"

"I liked you the second we met at the restaurant with your dad there. I normally don't feel that way for a woman that fast, but for you, that's how I felt and I don't remember the last time I felt the way you made me feel that day."
His words were hitting me. I smile on the inside. "How did I make you feel?"
He sighed. "You made me feel…hope. If that makes sense."
I shake my head. Its sounds beautiful.
He liked me from the beginning, he just had an asshole way of showing it.
It was more than sex for him like it was for me. We already liked one another. Us being so independent and dominate in our relationships, we didn't like feeling the vulnerability of admitting how we felt to each other before.

Justin was a year long relationship. And I was in control of our relationship because it was my first one that actually involved sex. And with my past being what it was, I was definitely hell bent on controlling our sex life so I wouldn't get taken advantage of like I was before. I didn't trust Justin back then like I did now and we were better as friends.
And with any other guys that may have been a fling or infatuation for me, we only ever had oral sex. And still I had to be in control in that. But with Kary, things were different. I trusted him with my body. I'm just hoping I could trust him with my heart.


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