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My Master of Sex (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(Finished)(Author's pick for best story)Lukas was a man. A beautiful rich man that somehow swept me off my feet. It was only supposed to be sex. Just that. But the more we spent time together, the more I feel. The more I want.
We both have secrets. Secrets that haunts us. I know that I want to be with this man, and he may want the same thing, but I feel that our secrets will keep us apart…forever. View table of contents...


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~Chapter 12: Distant

My eyes opened and I was facing my window. The sun was shining in through the curtains.
I blinked a couple of times and turned my head. Lukas was still in bed with me.
My eyes widened. He stayed.
He was fully clothed and laying on his stomach.
I sat up against my headboard.

I studied his face, amazed at how beautiful he was. Even his sleep. There's a reason every woman wants him. Yet he's in my bed.

As I stared at him, I realized something that made my heart beat a little faster.
I didn't have a nightmare.
My brows furrowed. It was relieving not to wake up screaming and crying, but it was odd. It was something I expected to happen every night, and for it to just not happen, it felt surreal.
I pulled the covers from my body.

I grabbed my phone from the table next to my bed to look at the time. I have two hours to get ready for my first day at work.
I went to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee and sat two cups on the counter.

I leaned against the counter, still in shock that nothing happened. I didn't dream about my step dad. I didn't dream about what was happening to me or the pain. I don't remember what I dreamed about, but it wasn't painful.

Five minutes later, Lukas walked in, his hair messy in a sexy way and his clothes disheveled.
"Good morning, sleepy head." I said.
He smiled a lazy smile.

"I thought you were leaving after I fell asleep."
"I was but I got really comfortable and I told David to just go home so I slept here. Is that a problem?"
I shake my head. "No. I'm glad you stayed." I grabbed the coffee pot and poured some coffee in our cups. "How do you like your coffee?" I asked.

"Cream and sugar." He answers staring at me.
I pour both cream and sugar into our cups and stir it up. Afterwards I gave him his cup while I took mine and took a sip.

Lukas took a good gulp from his and sat his cup down.

"Don't you have a meeting to be to?"
"Not for an hour and a half." He replies.
He shakes his head. "No. We're having some technical problems with the Element and its been bothering me. Luckily you're the only person who can get it off of my mind."

"I considered getting an Element phone. They're too damn expensive though."
"Your dad is Victor Aldridge. You can afford it, Peyton."
He had a point.

After a few seconds of silence, he asked, "How'd you sleep?"
"Yeah, same for me."
He nods. "Yeah. I'm not used to sleeping away from my apartment so I thought maybe it would be hard for me to get to sleep but I believe we went to sleep at the same time."
I was glad that he didn't have a nightmare, or that I didn't. We both slept peacefully and neither of us will probably know why.

Lukas's phone beeped and he took it out of the pocket of his pants. He looked at it and sighed. "Fuck. I got to take this."
I nod as he leaves the kitchen to go down the hall.

I finish off my coffee and go to my room to pick out my clothes.
So far all I had displayed on my bed is a hazel colored lace bra and a pair of hazel colored lace panties.

Lukas came in the room and stared at what I had on the bed and then looked at me.
I gave him a knowing look.
"Are you going to wear the stockings?" He asked.
"You want me to?"

He nods. "Yes, I do."
I smirked. "Of course you do."
He chuckles as I grab one of my pairs of over-the-knee stockings from my drawer. I laid them on the bed and then looked to him.

His eyes went to mine.
It was another moment between us. I had a feeling this was going to end with us naked. But neither of us had the time. Though, I can give him something else.

I walked over until I was standing in front of him, then I dropped to my knees and unbuttoned his pants.

I pulled them down. "I want to suck your cock, Lukas."
Lukas watched me as I pulled down his boxers.

He was hard already and I took joy in that. I took his shaft into my hands and gripped it. He's so big. Jesus, how the fuck was I able to take it all?
I lean forward and my tongue goes to stroke his frenulum gently.
Lukas hisses between his teeth and tips his head back.
Again I stroke it before caressing the veins under his cock with my tongue.
He sighs and my name slips from his lips.

My tongue made its way to the head as I continued to watch him.
I wet the head with my tongue and use my hands to spread it over all over his shaft. I take my mouth off of him.
His seductive eyes meet mine.
"Watch me suck your cock."
He breathes deeply.
I kiss his head and lick it teasingly while my hands pump his shaft.
I wanted him to come more than I wanted anything and I was going to make him.

I ran my tongue over him, tasting him. The way he tasted and the way he smelled made me wet.
I take him into my mouth, stroking him with my tongue while my eyes stayed attached to his.
Lukas panted softly as he grabbed onto my hair, gently moving with me.
I took my hands from his shaft and moved them to his hips. I thrust them forward, pushing him deeper into my mouth.
Lukas groaned as he fisted his hand into my hair.
I tightened my lips on him and sucked him harder.
"Peyton, Jesus, don't stop."

I thrusted his hips towards my mouth, taking him as deep as I could to the back of my throat. Lukas groaned, moving rhythmically with me.
His pleasure is driving me insane.
Our eyes never left one another's. I see the desperate need on his face. He's as desperate to come as I am to make him.
His breathing starts rapidly and he begins to squirm a little. I watch him, intrigued by how he gets before he achieves his orgasm.

My body itself feels like its going to orgasm.
I could feel Lukas throbbing. He was about to come and I needed him to. I never been so turned on by this before.
Lukas closes his eyes, as he stiffens and groans loudly.
He grabs onto my head as he comes in my mouth.

I swallowed without hesitation.
I swallowed all I could, loving and getting off on the taste of him.
When I swallowed all of him, I licked him clean and then looked up at him.

He stared back down at me, a satisfied look on his beautiful face.
My hands stayed onto his hips.
I lean over and kissed the head, marking it as mine and he knew it.

I took a shower and when I got out, I pulled on my panties, bra, and stockings. Then I got dressed in a black skirt that was tight around my body and. I got on a black button down shirt and a burgundy blazer.
I pulled my hair over my shoulder. I think I'll keep it down.

Lukas walked into the bathroom and sat onto the rim of the tub. "I'm taking you to work."
"Didn't think to ask me?" I asked.
He shrugs.
I roll my eyes. "Control freak."
He chuckles.

I turn to look to him. "Well I'm ready."
He studies me from top to bottom.
"Like what you see?" I asked.

"You have no idea."
I smiled at him. "Is David outside?"

He nods. "Yeah."
I walk out of the bathroom, to go to my bedroom and I slipped on my black heels.
I grabbed my navy blue pea coat and walked out to the living room where he was waiting.
Me and Lukas walk out of my apartment and I lock the door.

When we make it outside, I see it's the limo. Not the other car he has David drive for him. I thought the limo was only for special occasions but I don't make a big deal out of it either way. I greet David and slide into the limo.
Once Lukas is in, David closes the door and I relax in my seat and put my purse on the floor.
David gets into the driver's seat and starts down the road.

"Aren't you going to be late for your meeting?" I asked Lukas.
He shakes his head. "I pushed the meeting back to twelve."
I nod and look out of the window.

I want, more than anything, to bring up what this meant between us. Us fucking. Him spending the night and taking me to work. What did it all mean? "Lukas,"

I turn to look at him. "Don't ignore me again. Okay?"
He stares at me.
"I'm serious. If we're going to be fucking, don't toss me aside like you do all your other girls. Or if you do toss me aside, make sure you don't contact me afterwards."

Lukas looks away from me.
He chuckles softly. "It's just…I'm not use to a woman so demanding."
"Get used to it, Kary." I said. He keeps his gaze on me and it darkens.
"Nervous?" He asks.
I shrug. "Maybe just a little."

"David. Roll up the privacy glass." Lukas demands.
The black window rolls up, separating the front and the back of the limo.
I looked to Lukas questioningly.

He gets down to the floor in front of me. He places his hands on my knees and spreads them.
"Wait. Lukas, no. I'm about to go to work."
"And I want to lick your cunt."

"Lukas, not now, not here."
He smirks. "You're not serious. You want me to."
"God, yes, I do but you can't. Not before my first day of work."

As Lukas looks into my eyes, he slips his fingers into the sides of my panties. "Lift up."
"You want it, baby, let me give it to you." He whispered.
I couldn't resist him or it. He wanted to and I wanted him to more.

I do as he says and he pulls my panties down and off . He drops them on the seat and then grabs my leg, He hitches it over his shoulder as he pulls up my skirt. Then he grabs my hips, and bring me to meet his mouth.
I dropped my head back and grab his hair to hold on to as I moaned loudly.

Lukas moans deeply as his tongue moves back and forth on my clit. I rolled my hips against his mouth to match his rhythm.
Panting, I looked down to watch him. His tongue massaged my clit, caressing it possessively.
"Lukas." I whispered his name while I rode his mouth.

Aside from him doing this, I was on my way to work and no one will know why I'll walk in with a huge fucking grin on my face.
"Lukas," I pant.
He drives two fingers into me.
I throw my head back and cry out as he moves them back and forth.
"Ah, Lukas, fuck me."

His fingers moved faster, matching the movements of his tongue.
Jesus, it was too much.
I rode his fingers and his mouth and I was going to come hard.
The pressure was building up the faster he went. Relentlessly, he fucked me with his fingers and my cunt tightened.
Everything in me tightened. I squeezed my eyes shut as I came hard.
Harder than I could ever imagine.
I wanted to be quiet since David was in the car but at moment, I didn't care. I came loudly, my heart beating hard and fast as I did.
I was shameless in my cries.

Another orgasm hit me hard like a wave as Lukas sucked and toyed with my clit.
It was too much and I was growing tired and weak.
Lukas refused to stop, giving me ongoing orgasms over and over again until I had to beg him to stop.
When he finally did, I was too tired to do anything, too tired and used to even move.
I shut my eyes as he lifted his head up and I knew he was looking at me.
I tried to catch my breath, and when I finally did, I opened my eyes to look into his.

He leans forward. "God, Peyton, I love the way you taste."
"Kiss me." I whispered.
He obeys and our lips touch.
He demands access to my mouth and I give in, too tired to take control.
I taste myself on his tongue and it drives me crazy.
The last thing I wanted on my first day of work is to get wet and aroused and hungry for this man.

My fingers go through his hair, as our lips move in sync.
I was crazy about how he tasted, how I tasted. I was crazy about how lustful we were for each other and how I could never get enough of what he was doing to me.

When we break away, he looked at me, really looked at me.
His fingers brushed strands of my hair from my face and the back of his fingers gently ran down my cheek to my jaw.
His green eyes were unreadable. He slowly took his hand down and then looked away from me.

"What's wrong?" I asked.
He shook his head. "Nothing." He got off the floor to slide into a seat to the right of me. He handed me my panties without a word.

My brows furrowed. I took them and pulled them on and adjusted my skirt.
He was growing distant again.
I felt like I just made him mad. The both of us remained quiet for a while.
I didn't understand why.
It seemed to get like this whenever we're done doing something sexual.

He didn't look at me.
"What did I do?"

"Then why are you so damn quiet?"
He looks to me. "I'm not quiet. I just don't feel like talking."

"So why did you insist to take me to work if we're just going to be quiet?"
He didn't answer me. He just looked away again.
What the hell? Why does he keep doing that? We were literally all over each other a minute ago. And now he's quiet and distant.

"You don't want to see me anymore?" I asked.
I held my breath for the answer.
He glanced at me. "I never said that."
The limo stopped and I didn't take my eyes from his, neither did he take his from mine.
We were here.
I didn't want to leave things with us so distant when we were hot and heavy not too long ago.

"What time do you get off work?" He asks.
"What time, Peyton?"

"Six." I answered with edge.
"David will be here to pick you up."
I shake my head as my door opens for me. "Don't bother. Justin will come pick me up."
I slid out of the limo and thanked David.
I hear the door shut and I enter the building without another glance at Kary's limo.


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