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My Master of Sex (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(Finished)(Author's pick for best story)Lukas was a man. A beautiful rich man that somehow swept me off my feet. It was only supposed to be sex. Just that. But the more we spent time together, the more I feel. The more I want.
We both have secrets. Secrets that haunts us. I know that I want to be with this man, and he may want the same thing, but I feel that our secrets will keep us apart…forever. View table of contents...


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~Chapter 11: Falling for Lukas

After Lukas's speech, everyone clapped. I wiped a tear that fell down my cheek and clapped along with everyone.
He exited the stage and became lost in the crowd.

I looked over and Justin was coming over to me, his lips red.
He smiles as he stops beside me. "That guy is deep."
I just stare at him. I remember his date, Dana, was wearing a light pink lipstick.

"What?" He asks.
"Your date must be pretty pissed that you're making out with everyone but her at this party."
Justin sighed. "Yeah. I mean sure I feel bad but I told her how I am. She knows I'm not a one girl type of guy. Plus I don't really care. I got pussy from her earlier so it doesn't make a difference that she's mad at me."

"Justin, have you never thought of anybody's feelings but your own?"
He just stared at me.
"Look, you're an amazing person. You're a protector, a fighter and everything in between. I care for you and I don't want any girl to hurt you-"

"Like I'm hurting them?"
I nod.
Justin smiles. "You know, I love you for trying to protect me. But Peyton, you don't have to. I can take care of myself. This is who I am so just…let me do me."
I stared at him and hesitantly nodded.
He was right. Justin was going to do what Justin wanted and no one was going to stop him.

"Okay. Hey, I'm going to have some company coming home with me."
Justin's eyebrow raised. "By "company" you mean Kary, right?"
"None of your business."

"Fine. Fine. I'll spend the night with Dana."
"You sure she'd let you after you made out with the whole party?"
Justin grins. "How couldn't she? The girl's in love with me."
I chuckle. She did seem like she's head over heels.

We stayed at the party for another twenty minutes before Lukas found me finally.
"Are you ready to go?" He asks.
I nod, lost in his eyes.
He took my hand.

"Oh, wait, I need to say goodbye to my dad first." I said.
Lukas leads me through the crowds, gathering their things, getting ready to leave.
I spot my dad by the elevator, seeming very cozy with a short haired blonde woman.
He's even blushing.

Lukas brings us over to them and my dad looks to us.
"Hi dad, I'm going home."
He smiles and hugs me and then kisses my cheek. "Have a nice night." He says before
releasing me. He looks to Lukas. "Kary, ten o clock meeting?"
Lukas nods. "Yes. We're starting to have some problems and I need the whole staff on it." He says.

My dad nods. "I'm on it. I'm calling everyone tomorrow."
Lukas nods and squeezes my hand a little. "Goodnight, Victor."
My dad nods. "You too, Kary."
I give my dad a pat on the shoulder before Lukas pulls us into the elevator with six other people.

Three of the six keeps looking at Lukas, wide girly grins on their faces.
And a man turns to look at Kary. "It's an honor, Mr. Kary." He holds out his hand. Lukas shakes it. "Thank you."

"I'm impressed with your success. Which makes me question why you decided to start your business in Chicago and not a more expensive place like New York."
Lukas frowned then. "Me and New York have bad history."

"Oh. Well, I'm sorry to hear that."
The elevator carried us down and the doors opened.
What did he mean by him and New York having bad history? I had the slightest feeling he wasn't going to tell me if I asked.
I squeezed his hand softly.
He looked down at me and put a quick kiss on my lips before pulling us out of the elevator.

He led me down the hall, out of the doors.
A black limo was waiting for us and David had the door opened for us.
I smile at him and he smiles back. I slide in and Lukas slides in after me. David closes the door for us and Lukas meets my eyes.
I stare at him, lost in wonder.

"You want to ask me something." He says.
"New York. What bad history did you have with it?"
"You can ask me anything but that."
"Why?" I asked.

He looks from me, straight ahead. "Let's just say anything bad that happened to me, all happened in New York city and Manhattan."

"And I'm guessing you refuse to talk about it."
Lukas nods. "Yes. I refuse to talk about it."
I stare at him in the dim of the light in the limo.
He meets my eyes.

"You have nightmares about those places?"
He doesn't answer me.
I take that as a yes.

He's abrupt about his past, unlike me. I'm just abrupt about my mother.
We don't talk the rest of the ride and it makes me feel slightly upset. There's a reason he's coming over but now that reason doesn't seem so important anymore. Now the sexual attraction seem to be dwindling.

The limo stops.
David opens the door and Lukas gets out and I get out after him.
I thank David and Lukas and I go to the doors. I unlock them and we make our way down the hall and to the elevators.
We get up to my floor and down the hall. Neither of us speak.
Now there's just tension and its making me uneasy.

When we get to my door, I unlock it and we both walk in.
I close, lock the door and throw my clutch onto the couch before slipping out of my gold heels.

Lukas sits down on the couch and looks up at me.
I run my fingers through my hair and look to him.

"I feel like you shut down when I mentioned New York."
He shakes his head. "It's not you."
"Then what?"

He slides his blazer off and places it on the couch. "Lets just forget about it."
"See but that's just it, Lukas. You came here for a reason, and I asked you here for a reason. And what would be the point if you will be distracted with your shit from the past?"

He hesitates for a second. "Do you want me to leave?" He asks.
No. I didn't. "Do you want to leave?"
He shakes his head. "No, Peyton, I don't."

"Well, good, because I don't want you to." I admitted. I wanted to drop it all and just seduce him.
As if he was reading my mind, Lukas's lost expression darkened into something else. Something I knew all too well. "Come here."
I slowly walked over to him until I was standing in front of him, looking down into his magnetic green eyes.

He leans forward, keeping his eyes on mine, as his hands slip beneath my dress until he reached my thong, and then he pulled it down slowly, still attaching me with his gaze.
I stepped out of the thong and Lukas dropped them to the floor.
He stood up and I unbuttoned his shirt, keeping my eyes on his. I didn't want anything to break this moment.
When I got the shirt unbuttoned, he pulled it off and threw it onto the floor.

I decided tonight that he wasn't going to be in control like he was our first time. Our first time was amazing. It was the best sex I ever had. It surprised me immensely how I let him hold me down while he was fucking me. And it surprised me because I was held down during that dark moment in my past.
But with Lukas doing it, it was different. He distracted me from that memory, from that pain.

I grab his hand and I lead him down the hall to my bedroom door.
I open it and pull him in.
Although no one was here, I still had the urge to close my bedroom door, so I did.

Lukas's hand was still in mine and I pulled him towards my bed. I sat down on the foot of the bed and looked up at him, then down to his erection in his pants, waiting to be sprung free.

Lukas steps out of his shoes and then his socks and moves them aside.
He then leans down and his hands frame my face. His face is so close to mine, his lips were almost touching my own. "I need your cunt, Peyton." He whispers.
God, the way he talks to me, makes me so fucking hot. I reached up and unbuttoned his pants. "I need your cock." I say looking into his eyes.

Lukas takes his hands from my face and takes off the rest of his clothes. Now he's standing in front of me, naked, and sexy.
I was soaked as I stared at him, and his long erection.

I was too horny to do foreplay and I knew it wouldn't be long until I come. I reached behind me, unzipped my dress and pulled the top of it down. I stood, not taking my eyes from Lukas as the dress fell to my feet. I stepped out of it and grabbed a hold to Lukas's hips. His fingers went into my hair as our lips met and I closed my eyes, moving my lips with his and moaning with him.
I tasted his mouth, his tongue and teased him by nibbling on his lip.

Lukas's hands went down to my buttocks and pulled me against him so I'd feel his hard cock.
I never been so wet in my life, and so prepared to take a man.
So prepared to fuck him and claim him as mine. And that's what I wanted to do to Lukas. I wanted it now.
Lukas turns us and sits down onto the bed.
I kept my eyes on his as I climbed over him, straddling his warm and tight body.

Lukas's hands slid to my waist but I took them off. I'm in charge and I'm going use him to get myself off.
Once I take his hands from my waist, I put them to his sides and Lukas watches me carefully, looking both bemused and turned on by my rejection.
My hands slid up the muscles in his arms, to his broad shoulders, up his neck, to frame his face. I lean forward and allow my tongue to caress his bottom lip, slowly, lovingly. "You want to feel me?" I whisper.

I grind into his erection with a soft stroke. He hisses through his teeth and he groans under his breath.
I move my hands to his chest and press him down onto his back.

He watches me as I stay on top of him. "Are you on birth control?" He asks.
I nod my head.
Lukas relaxes more beneath me, his breathing still slightly erratic from his excitement.
I push myself up on my knees, making sure to keep my eyes on his as I do.
I want him to see on my face how good he feels.

I reach beneath me and grip his member.
His lips part as his eyes watches mine. Both of us are breathing roughly, the anticipation taunting us.
I lower myself down just so his head rubbed my slit. I rubbed it back and forth softly, moaning as I did. He's not even in me and he feels amazing. I let the tip rub my slick clit. My head tips back a little, as my body gives in to the pleasure. I look down at Lukas and I move the tip back to my slit and down to my hole.
Slowly, I guided his thick length into my wet cunt.
We both gasped together, amazed at how good the other felt.

I sunk down on him, and he stretched me far. He was deeper this time than before and it felt so good.
I placed both of my hands on either side of his torso and stared into his eyes.
Lukas's eyes were hooded and dark. From beneath me, he pushed deeper into me. "Ah." I moaned.
Lukas exhaled and grabbed onto my hips, digging his nails in softly.
I take his hands from my hips again. I can tell he's use to being in control, but so am I.

I hold his hands to his sides. I pin them down as I move up and slowly sink back down on him. Oh my god….
He just feels….unexplainable.
I move up and down on him, keeping my eyes on his.
He's going to make me come fast.
I close my eyes.
I wasn't going to last long with him looking into my eyes. But I did want to see him. Watch his reaction every time my cunt buried him inside of me.
I opened my eyes to look at him.

I bit down hard on my lip, hiding my moans under my breath.
"Your cunt is so warm, Peyton." Lukas moaned. His voice sounded so sexy, especially with me doing this to him.
"Tell me more." I whispered.

Lukas sat up so we were nose to nose. I moved faster on him, desperate for my release just like he was.
"Lukas," I moan as I tip my head back.
I wrap my arms around his neck and continue moving on him.

"Peyton, baby, you're going to make me come." He whispered against my neck.
I moaned loudly. Getting him off was getting me off. "I want you to come. Come in me, Lukas." I begged.

My abdomen tightened. Oh god.
Lukas grabbed my hips and this time I didn't stop him. His hands moved up and down with my hips.
We both panted hard, rough, lost in each other. Our lips found each others and our tongues tangled shamelessly.
My body began to shake as I began to come.
Our lips broke apart.

I dropped my head back as my body shuddered with intensity. My body stiffened as I came hard on Lukas, his name was a cry as it left my lips. I held onto his shoulders as I came.
Lukas grabbed my hips and pumped into me, hard, pounding into me until he found his release too and my name left his lips in a desperate groan as he came in me.
I was still coming hard, and already feeling the intense aftershocks.

I closed my eyes and buried my head into Lukas's neck, still panting.
Lukas was still panting in my hair, and holding me to his body.
My body was still shaking as it calmed down and I stopped coming.
I was tired now, and as satiated as I was before.

Lukas released me and drove his fingers into my hair and pulled gently so I'd look at him.
"Are you going to spend the night with me?" I whispered.
Lukas shook his head. "I want to. But…"
Revelation kicked in. "Nightmares." I remembered.

"Not just you. Me too. And a lot of times they wake me up and I'm a mess. Just like that night you woke up crying."
I wanted to know.
I wanted to know about him. But the fact of the matter was we hardly knew each other, and we're both carrying a secret. A secret we refuse to share with each other.

"So you have to go?" I asked. It was the last thing I wanted. He was here and I liked him and I wanted him to stay here.
Lukas sighs. "I thinks its what's best for the both of us."
I slowly nod.

Lukas moves off the bed with me still in his arms, he turns and sits me down on the bed. Then he grabs his boxers from the floor and start to put them on.

I watch him and I don't know how I feel. I feel like the second he leaves, I'm going to have a horrible nightmare.
Once Lukas has his clothes on, he exit's the room.

I go over to my drawer and grab a pair of panties and a big t-shirt.
When he came back in a few minutes later, he had his shirt on and was buttoning it up.
I climbed to my pillows and under my covers.

"Did you call David?"
He nods as he fixes his collar.

I lean against my headboard. I didn't want him to leave. It amazed me how fast I was falling for him and how I just wanted to be near him. I'm not the type of girl who gets attached that fast. It took me so much time to warm up to Justin. Not just as a friend but as a person. After what my stepfather did, I made it a thing to not to get into a deep friendship or relationship with any guy. But Justin made sure we became friends and somehow it became more. Sure I was afraid but I got used to it.
But now, its different. The second I met Lukas, I knew regardless of what he wanted from me, I was falling for him. And now he's about to walk out of my door and I'm going to be here alone. And for whatever reason, that thought really bothered me.

His eyes met mine. "Yeah?"
"Can you stay with me until I fall asleep?" I asked.
It was unusual to ask someone that but I wanted his answer.
He hesitated for a second before sitting on the bed. He began to take his shoes back off.
"You can keep your shoes on, I don't give a fuck." I say.
He turns and smirks at me before moving towards me.

I lay down on my pillows and watch him as he does the same.
The moment felt too intimate and it both scared me and awed me. I didn't know Lukas, but he was getting to me and I'm falling very hard for him.


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