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The Lust inside of me

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) A teacher has an affair with a student. View table of contents...


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Author's Note: So even though some things are going on in my life that are.....not so great, this story and my fantasy story was all I could think of. So enjoy this....my little devils. I know it's a weird name for all my viewers but Lady gaga calls her fans, little monsters and Nicki minaj calls her fans, barbies. I'm going to call you all my Little Devils. Especially cause you all take so much joy in my erotica/porn novels. Lol Thank you all for reading and enjoy this chapter

Chapter 5: Fuck me

It was around five o clock when I got home. Daeton was with me. For once it months, my house was quiet. I didn't see my mother's nor my dad's car outside. So I was thankful for that. Me and Daeton went up to my room. I was on my computer on Twitter and Daeton was laying on my bed tossing a ball in the air.
I turned the computer off and turned in my chair. "Ms. Grace is fucking killing me all the spanish bullshit. Everything she says is in spanish. She's not even teaching us anything." I laughed and threw another ball at him.
He caught it and sat up in the bed. "Hey, can I ask you something I've been thinking about?"
"Sure." I responded.
Daeton ran his fingers through his dark brown hair and had a look of unease on his face.
"You think you'll be willing to start the whole 'no strings attached' thing again?" I could hardly believe this. He wanted us to start having sex again? He should have brought this up a few days ago.
"Um.....I don't think so, Daeton. I mean.....it was fun when we did it before but we'll have that whole awkwardness again and I don't want there to be an awkward feeling between me and my best friend." Daeton slowly nodded his head.
"Yeah. I can understand that." He threw the ball back to me and I caught it. He laid back down on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. I felt bad because Daeton didn't exactly have anybody. And there was a long story why.
When nine o clock came around, Daeton left and I get in the shower excited to see Mr. `Alenson. I have got to figure out what his first name is. I grabbed black laced panties and slipped them on along with the same color bra. I placed on japanese cherry blossom lotion and slipped on a black pair of jeans and a long sleeved white shirt. I put on my shoes and combed my hair. I brushed my teeth and put on some lip gloss. I hurried downstairs for a glass of water and ran back upstairs to take my birth control pills. Could not forget those. That would just spell disaster. I grabbed my black jacket and car keys and was out the door.
I drove down the road and parked in the driveway to his house. I got out of the car and closed the door. As soon as I was about to knock on the door, it opened. Mr. Alenson smiled at me and pulled me into his house. He kissed me immediatley. My jacket was already on the floor and my shoes were already off.
He picked me up and laid me down on the couch. He got on top of me and laid between my legs. He pulled his white shirt over his head and threw it on the floor. He leaned down and softly brushed his lips against mine. His hands slipped under my shirt and he squeezed my breast really hard. I let out a whimper of pain and he smiled.
He continued to straddle me as he managed to pull my shirt up over my head. I felt his lips brushing lightly over my stomach giving me goosebumps. I closed my eyes and sighed. I felt my jeans being pulled down and he threw them on the floor next to his shirt. He smiled at my black lace panties. "Are these for me?" He asked. I smiled. He gently kissed my inner thighs and that got me wet. I felt his breath tickling my clit through the panties and it made me moan. He smiled and licked my clit through the panties. I moaned and jerked my hips forward. I grabbed the back of the couch in my hand and threw my head back against the arm of the couch.
He slid my panties down my thighs and then my legs and down to my ankles. I kicked them off and they landed on the other side of the couch. His tongue swirled around my clit. He licked, sucked and bit it. I realized that tears were slipping down my eyes because of how good this felt. The feeling was building up. I was about to cum. I kept my eyes closed and let out loud moans of ecstacy as I felt my orgasm run up my body. I breathed deeply trying to stay calm as he continued to tease my body with every kiss. And with every touch. It was toruture. I really want him to fuck me but I decided to stay patient because I was enjoying this moment.
He reached under me and unsnapped my bra and took it off of me. He smiled at my naked body and his hand touched my cheek softly. He lips kissed every part of my body. And every kiss made me whimper in pleasure. "You want me to fuck you now?" I nodded. He smiled and pulled his pants down. His cock was huge and erect. He stroked it a couple times with his hand while looking down at me. My hand replaced his as I continued to jack him off. He closed his eyes and moaned.
He opened his eyes and kissed me as I continued stroking him back and forth. "I'm about to cum." He whispered. He then took my hand away and positioned himself in between my legs. With one hard thrust, he entered me deeply and slowly. He attacked my lips to hide my moaning. He grabbed my leg and placed it over his hip. "You feel so good, April." He whispered against my lips. "You do too." I responded. He placed his hands beside either side of my face and started doing long, hard strokes. It wasn't like we were just having casual sex, It was almost as if we were making love. But I liked it and I wanted it.
I curved my fingers into his hair and stared deep in his eyes as he kept thrusting back and forth. We moaned in unison. He wiped away the tears that were slipping down the side of my face and kissed me deeply. He kissed me until I was out of breath. He grabbed my wrists and pinned them down as I moaned as he started fucking me faster. His hands were suddenly on my waist and he pulled me up as he sat on his legs and I was on his thighs. I threw my head back and moaned as I began to ride him. I knew I was about to cum at any minute.
He dug his nails into my hip. It hurted but just added to the pleasure. His lips found mine and our tongues rubbed together in a sensual motion. I gasped as I felt an explosion of pleasure deep in my pussy. I wanted to scream to the top of my lungs but I just kissed him hard to keep me quiet. He fell back on the couch and I fell down laying on his chest.
I felt his heart beating beating hard and fast against his chest. I felt his every breath as his chest heaved up and down. My heart beat was beating just as hard and just as fast. I buried my face in his chest and breathed deeply. Mr. Alenson placed a hand on my back. "You okay?" He asked softly. I raised my head to look at him. "I'm great." I smiled at him and he smiled back.
He placed his hand on my ass and pressed down so that he cock was deep in my pussy. I moaned unexpectantly. He grinned. "You belong to me. Don't fuck anyone else okay?" I stared into his eyes. Mr. ALenson was perhaps becoming too attached? "Okay." I answered anyway. He gave me a quick kiss before making us both sit up. "Why don't you get your clothes on and we'll go have a snack or something." I nodded and slowly got off of him. Placed my panties back on and my shirt. I left my jeans off.
Mr. Alenson placed his pants back on and led me to the kitchen. The floor was tile and white. The counters and cabinets were white also. The refrigerator was silver and he had a table and chair set that had four white chairs and a glass table. I hopped onto the counter and watched him as he got some strawberries, cherries, and whipped cream and placed them on the counter. He winked at me and turned to open the freezer and took out a carton of Ice cream. He grabbed everything and placed everything on the counter beside the one I was sitting on. He held up a strawberry and I took a bite out of it while staring into his eyes. He smiled and ate the rest of the strawberry. He got out two bowls and took a spoonful of ice cream and looked at me. I opened my mouth as he fed it to me. I licked my lips and smiled at him.
He placed at least three huge scoops of ice cream in the bowls. He cut up the strwberries and placed them in. He then, put in three cherries each and squirted chocolate and caramel on top of it all. My fucking goodness. We sat on the livingroom floor and talked. He asked me about what I wanted to be after high school and where I would be. My future was a little blurry right now.
He placed his hand on my thigh and rubbed it back and forth. "You love touching me, don't you?" I asked with a small smile on my face.
"Yes. Actually, I do. I like the way your skin feels beneath my fingers." His eyes stayed on mine.
"Don't take this the wrong way but why don't you have a girlfriend?" I asked. He looked shocked by my sudden question.
"Excuse me?" He asked.
I shrugged. "I mean you're hot and have this nice house and a good job. I just don't understand why you don't have a girlfriend."
"Well......me and my past girlfriends weren't exactly.......compatible. So I decided to stop searching for the one."
"The one? Aren't you only like twenty three?" He chuckled.
"I'm actually twenty eight but what does that mean?"
"I mean at such a young age shouldn't you like......explore some more before you try to settle down?" I asked popping a strawberry in my mouth. He shrugged. "Not every guy despises a monogomous relationship." He responded.
""I didn't say anything about monogomy. I'm just saying to get to know more people and just...well you know."
"While we're on the subject, why don't you have a boyfriend? You're beautiful, smart and fun to be with." I blushed and took a bite out of my ice cream.
"I guess I haven't really found anybody that interest me that much. All the high school guys are the same." Mr. Alenson nodded. "The cocky jock rich type?" I nodded. He smiled. "I was that way once until I realized that if I'm focusing on girls and sports and money in highschool and not education, then I'm not going to have any of that in the future."
He was right. He was absolutely right. Why did this 'thing' me and him have have to be illegal? Mr. Alenson was fun to be around. I liked him alot more than I should.
"What is your first name?" I asked.
"Michael." He answered. Finally I found it out. But calling my teacher Michael made me feel awkward. I didn't know why.
"Well, Michael, how long is this whole situation going to be going on?" I asked taking one last bite of my ice cream. He smiled. "I told you once we start, we're not stopping." I don't know but for some reason, that sentence made me nervous. He means like we're not stopping ever? I mean once I get out of high school, I'm sure I'm going to meet some other guy and get married and have kids. I wouldn't want to betray them all by sleeping with my high school Art teacher.
"What if someone finds out?" I asked getting concerned. It was over for him if someone found out about our secret relationship.
He pulled me into his lap so that I was facing him. "No one will find out as long as you don't say a word." He whispered and then he kissed me.


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