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The Lust inside of me

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) A teacher has an affair with a student. View table of contents...


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Chapter 3: Almost like my first time

I walked out of his room with a grin on my face. My heart was beating fast with excitement. I felt both nervous and excited. I couldn't stop from blushing the entire day. Daeton was walking towards me. His eyebrows pulled together as he looked at me. "Why are you smiling like you just had the best orgasm in the world?" Because I was going to soon. "I have an 'A' in art class. That's all." He shrugged and we began walking down the hallway.

Me and Daeton have known eachother since second grade. I had a pretty huge crush on him back then. We first kissed in the eighth grade and he ended up taking my virginity. I wasn't a realtionship type of girl and he wasn't a relationship type of guy so we did the whole 'No strings attached' thing. But after a while, we just decided to go back as friends. We just both started feeling awkward towards one another. So now we're just best friends.

"You did the Algebra homework?" He asked. I nodded. "Let me copy."

"No. For once in your life, do your own homework and stop depending on me for everything."

"I don't depend on you for everything. You don't pay my bills, car note on anything of that nature." He said.

"No....I just buy you food and do your homework for you." He sighed. The bell rang and we were off to our next class.

When school was finally out, I drove home. As soon as I got into the door, I heard arguing. I sighed. Leave it to my parents to put my good mood to a bad one. I heard stuff being thrown around. I sighed and leaned against the front door waiting for everything to just stop.

But it never did. I just walked up the stairs. When I got up there, my dad was glaring at me. "You and your mother are whores. I hope both of you know that." He stomped downstairs without another word. I heard the front door open and then slam shut. I looked down the hall at my mother who was crying. She took one look at me and then slammed her bedroom door shut. I tried not to let any of this get to me. Tonight was going to be fun. Fun and full of excitement and pleasure.

I walked to my room and took off my clothes. I got in the shower and put on a easy-to get-out-of white dress. I let my light brown hair fall over my shoulders. I looked into the mirror. I looked....pretty. Behind all the beauty you couldn't see the pain. It was way too early to be ready. I looked at the clock. Four o'clock. Six hours away. What the hell am I going to do for six hours? Sleep. I laid down and took a short nap. Or what I thought was a short nap.


When I woke up, it was a little after ten fifthteen. Goddamnit. I fixed my dress and my hair. I brushed my teeth and placed on some lipgloss.

I grabbed the address on the piece of paper and was out the door. I got lost a couple of times but was so excited when I finally found the house. I parked on the street and got out of the car.

I walked up and knocked on his door. He didn't answer at first. After a couple of seconds, the door opened. And there he stood in nothing but jeans. He smiled at me. "Come in." He said as he moved aside. I slowly walked in. His house was nice. The floor was wooden. He had cream colored furniture and glass tables. He closed the door and I turned to look at him. "I started to think you weren't going to come. It had me upset at first." I smiled and sat down. "I defintely planned on coming tonight." He sat down next to me. He ran his fingers through his dirty blonde hair and looked into my eyes. "You do realize that once we start this, we're not going to stop, right?" I nodded and bit my lip. He smiled and placed his hand on my thigh. He kept his eyes on mine. "Follow me to my bedroom." He got up and held out his hand. I accepted it as he led me to his stairs and down the hallway. We entered his room. It was black and gold. The bed was huge. He closed the door and locked it. I looked at him in confusion? Didn't he live here alone? Why would he need to lock the door?

He smiled. "Just in case you try to run away. I told you, once we start, we're not going to stop." Good because I didn't want to. "I won't run. I want this just as bad as you do." Maybe more. He walked to me slowly and grabbed the straps of my dress and pulled them down. He leaned down and placed his lips against mine. The kiss was slow but deep and full of passion. He grabbed my ass and pulled me tight against his body. I wrapped my arms around his neck and closed my eyes. He bit my lip with his teeth and a moan escaped out of my lips. He let go of me and walked behind me. His hands ran down my back slowly He grabbed the zipper and slowly zipped the dress down. Why was I so nervous? I had goosebumps running down my arms. I felt his lips on my back. He left soft kisses up my back and on the back of my neck. He pulled the dress down my body and it fell to the floor. I turned to him and looked up into his hazel eyes.

He smiled warmly, reached around and unsnapped my black bra. The straps fell down my arms and the bra fell and landed right next to the dress.

His hand fondled my breast and he leaned back down to kiss me. His other hand pushed my body against his. Our tongues danced together in a sensual motion. Slow but sweet. He let go of me after a second and got down on his knees. His fingers slipped under the fabric of my panties and pulled them down while still looking up into my eyes. His fingers brushed over my pussy and I moaned in pleasure. He smiled and stood back up on his feet. I reached down and unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. I could see his erection. It was huge and stood up straight.

On the inside, I was amazed and smiling widely with excitement. I then, pulled his boxers down and got down on my knees immediatley. I took his huge member into my hands and stroked it back and forth while looking up at him. He closed his eyes and moaned. I placed the tip into my mouth and forced only half in my mouth. "Oh. Fuck." He said breathlessly. He placed his hands in my hair. "Get up. I want to fuck you right now." He said. I looked up at him and took his member out of my mouth. He made me lay on the bed and he got on top of me.

He bgan kissing my neck and breast. As he licked and sucked my nipple causing small whimpers of pleasure to come out of my mouth. His lips kissed my stomach and my belly button. I placed my hand in his hair. I couldn't believe how good this felt. I could feel my wetness. His lips went back up to mine and I suddenly felt him enter me. A twinge of pain mixed in with pleasure entered me causing me to sigh softly and close my eyes.

He kept his eyes on mine. I loved him being in between my legs. Something about it just felt so right. He kissed me hard enough so that it hurt but felt so damn good at the same time. As he thrusted in and out of me. I gasped and moaned. I could hardly breathe as filled me with rdeep and rough thrusts. It was just unbelievable. My teacher is fucking me. Fucking me hard. And it felt good. So good. He grunted in my ear and grabbed both of my legs and made them wrap around his body. His cock went in deeper hitting a spot that made me shreik in pleasure.

"Fuck, April. This is so good." He moaned looking down into my eyes.

"Kiss me. Please kiss me." I moaned. He leaned down and pressed his lips against mine. I was about to cum. I could feel it deep inside of me. He bit my lip and I whimpered in pain. He growled and thrusted in me so hard that it began to hurt. And I felt his warm cum fill me up. It felt nice. And him cumming made me cum. It sent me flying. Flying up high. I felt high with pleasure and I closed my eyes and screamed so loud, the whole neighborhood could probably hear it. I threw my head back on the pillow and gripped the covers in my hand as my orgasm grew more and more intense. I was still breathing and damn near in tears as I began to come down from it. Mr. Alenson was still on top of me and he was breathing heavily. His warm breath was on my face. We stared into eachother's eyes. We just did it. Me and my teacher just had sex.


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