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The Lust inside of me

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) A teacher has an affair with a student. View table of contents...


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Author's Note: Okay....doing a epilogue after this which will be here tomorrow. I will admit that this chapter pisses me off a little. I feel like things were rushed but I'll let you all be the judge of that. I got the character pictures up. This novel took longer than the others. I guess I was more excited for the other storiea. Anyways. I'm going to start the sex addict story two days from now because right now i have to focus on the OGT test at my school. The story will be called Sex Kitten if that name isn't already taken. Thank you all for reading.

Chapter 12: Let it end here.

Mr. Alenson's POV

I was sitting in my car down the block from April's house. Her car was in the driveway. I bit my lip and stared at her front door. I had really good eye sight. The door opened and Daeton walked out. My fist balled up and I felt a wave of anger inside of my body. Why was he in her house? I wonder where he is going. His car reversed out of the drive way and his truck drove towards mine. He must have not noticed me. He passed by and I smiled and drove right across the street to her house.

It was probably silly and even pathetic to have these feelings for this one student. But I felt them. April was the reason I got out of bed every morning. She was the reason that I come into work with a smile on my face. She was the reason I come to work in general. She was the reason for my happiness. All those months of watching her, I've been nothing but happy.

Five months ago, my wife died of cancer and I was on the verge of committing suicide. I was outside walking around. I guess…..I was saying goodbye to society. Then I saw her. Her hair blowing in the wind. I could hear her laugh from across the street. It was silent yet sweet and noticeable. She was walking with Daeton. I didn't know his name at the time.

I began to follow behind her slowly and unnoticeably so I didn't freak her out. She turned the corner and I turned the corner along with her. She went into her house and Daeton followed along with her. I literally felt my heart stop. She looked extremely beautiful in her little white and brown summer dress. I fell in love in that moment and all the depression I've had disappeared.

And that moment……that very moment when she let me touch her and kiss her for the first time……..I fell madly in love at that exact moment. Madly in love.

That day when I was pretending to reject her…..I did it to test her. To see how badly she wanted me. I actually liked how she reacted. She was angry. She wanted me bad and it felt good to know that.

That night we made love…..I……there are no words how happy I felt at that moment. I wanted to cry. But…..that would be weird so thank god I didn't. As silly as it may seem…….April is the reason I'm still living today and I can't stop seeing her. I love her. She's mine.

April's POV

When I woke up, it was getting dark outside. I heard some footsteps at my door. The door opened and my mom walked in. "Hey, me and your dad is going to a hotel for the night. Will you be okay here, alone?"

I nodded.

She walked in and smiled. "So….you and Daeton has been more than friendly towards each other, I've noticed."

"Mom, I don't want to talk about." I groaned. She smiled.

"I know you two fucked each other. It's no secret. Your father knows and that's why he's been a little iffy about Daeton. I just wanted to make sure you're taking your birth control."

I nodded. "I am, mom. You can trust me. And you can trust Daeton. We both know the consequences and we're being safe." I said. My mom nodded. "I do trust you two. I know you're being safe. Behave while we're gone." She kissed my forehead and walked down the stairs.

"I'm in the car, Henry!" My mom called to my dad who was now standing in the doorway. "Hey, dad." My voice shook. Here comes to lecture. I was afraid whenever my dad yelled at me. I use to be a daddy's girl.

"April, I was fourteen when I first had sex with your mother."

My eyes grew wide and my nose wrinkled. "Dad, that is gross." I said. He shrugged. "It's the truth. We were very young. Too young. But we did it anyway. Me and your mom started out as best friends. So I understand you and Daeton's sudden….love interest in each other. And you're almost grown so I guess I have to respect it." He said. I smiled and walked over and hugged him.

"Thank you daddy." I said. He kissed my temple and sighed. "We'll be back by tomorrow afternoon." He pulled away from me and waved before he ran down the stairs. I soon heard the door close and silence filled the house. I turned on my room light and just noticed that Daeton wasn't here. I looked around. No sign of him. I grabbed my phone and dialed his number. One ring. Two rings.


"Where are you?" I asked.

I head him sigh on the other line. "On my way to the police station."

"You're WHAT?!" I almost screamed.

"The asshole wasn't in school when I got there. He left early is what the principle told me and I wanted to kick her in the mouth but then I realized I'd go to jail and I didn't want to be getting ass fucked in my cell. So that was out. Now….I'm just going to the police station. And if they don't believe me…..I'm going to drag you up there kicking and screaming and I'm going to force you to tell them what's been happening."

"Daeton….why are you doing this?"

"I'm doing this because I love you. Not because I hate him and not because it's the right thing to do. It's because I love you. Okay? I fucking love you. And I would do anything to protect you. You know that." I nodded and closed my eyes. "I do." I said.

"I have to tell them, April." He said. I nodded.

"Okay." I answered. "I'm probably going to have to come down there." I said.

"Yeah, get your ass down here."

I slightly smiled. "On my way." He hung up and I did too and I sat my phone down on the dresser. I slipped on another pair of jeans and I grabbed my jean jacket. I used my fingers to comb through my hair and I went downstairs. I grabbed my keys out of the kitchen drawer and went to the front door.

As soon as I opened it, Mr. Alenson was there smiling at me. "I missed you." He breathed. I shook my head. "Leave….now." I said. He shook his head no. I was about to close the door when He pushed it open wider with his hand.

"Get out." I demanded slowly backing away. He shut the door and leaned against it. "I want to make love to you, April." I could see the lust all over his face.

"No. I want you out. We're over! I want you to leave me alone."

"I told you that I fall in love easily. And I love you and I can't leave you alone. I'm sorry."

"Please just go. Please." Tears started to swell up in my eyes. He walked over to me and grabbed ahold to both of my arms. "Don't cry. I love you. We love each other. Let's just go upstairs to your room and talk.

"No." I whimpered.

"April, couples talk about their problems with each other. Tell me what's wrong."

"You! You're what's fucking wrong with me! You're so fucking delusional! I want you out!" I pushed him. Didn't affect him very much.

"But I love you."

"I don't fucking care. I hate your fucking guts." I cried. He stroked my cheek and sighed. "You're too young to understand how strongly I feel."

"Exactly. That's exactly my point. I'm too young and you're too old now you need to leave before I call the police." I threatened.

"Let's just go upstairs and talk about this."

"No!" I pushed him as hard as I could and ran upstairs. I was scared out of my mind. Tears started falling down my cheeks. I went into my room and closed my door. Fuck. I need a lock.

I looked around and moved my chair against the door. Everything else in my room was too heavy to move. I grabbed my phone. And just as I grabbed it, it rang.

I flipped it open. Michael started banging the door with his fist.

"Hey, where are you?" Daeton asked.

"Daeton, he's here. He's here. Get the police. Please get the police." I cried.

"I'm on my way." He hung up and I pressed 'end.' Then I dialed 911.

"911 what's your emergency?"

"Can you please get over here? My teacher is trying to bust in my door.Please get over here!"

"What's your location?"

"21 Vicker Street. Please hurry."

"They're on their way."

I hung up the phone.

"Open the door, April. Open the door."

"Leave me alone!" I cried.

I could hear him kicking the door now. I didn't have anything in my room I could use if he actually came in the room. The best I had was a perfume bottle. The door opened slightly and he squeezed in. "Please leave me alone." I begged. I backed away from him.

"Come here, April." I shook my head.

"Please. Leave me alone. " He grabbed my arms and laid me on the bed. "Shh." He whispered. I shook my head and he pinned my hands to the bed. "No." I cried. He began to slowly kiss my neck.

"Just relax and everything will be fine." He whispered.

"Get off of me." He shook his head and kissed the tears that repeatedly fell down my cheeks and then he licked his lips. "I love you."

I heard the door from downstairs. "April?" Daeton asked. Before I could call his name, Michael covered my mouth with his hand. "Stay quiet." He whispered.

Footsteps were slowly walking up the stairs. But Michael didn't move. I guess he couldn't hear him. Daeton came up the stairs. He glared at Michael as I looked at him. Michael turned his head and saw Daeton. He got up and pushed Daeton against the wall. I got up and tried to pull him off Daeton. "Let him go!" I screamed. Daeton managed to get free and punched Michael in the face. He staggered back. Daeton punched him again repeatedly.

Michael got his hands free and punched Daeton back. He fell onto the floor groaning in pain. Michael kicked him in the stomach and then looked at me. "Let's go."

"No!" I yelled. He pushed me hard against the wall. "You're coming with me. Come on." He grabbed my hand and pulled me down the stairs. I struggled to get out of his hold.

"Don't fight me, April." He growled.

"Please let me go!" I yelled.

I suddenly saw Michael being pushed hard against the wall and punched. His nose began to bleed. Daeton grabbed his hair and continued punching him as hard as he could. There were police sirens outside and I tried to get Daeton to stop but he didn't. The front door was kicked open and three police officers came in the room. They got Daeton off of Michael. He screamed out profanities and they took him outside.

A male officer came to me and began asking me questions about how have Mr. Alenson been harassing me. But I did not tell the man about the relationship I started with him. I should have but it would make things less difficult if I didn't.

They placed Mr. Alenson in cuffs and took him away and they released Daeton. His nose was bloody as he came towards me. He wrapped me tightly in his arms and hugged me. I heard a car pull up into the driveway. I knew it was my parents. "I called them when I was on my way here." Daeton said. I looked up at him and nodded. I understood why he did it. My mother came in with tears in her eyes. "Oh god, April! Are you okay?" She ran over to me. Daeton released me and my mother hugged me tightly.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine." I assured her. My dad walked in and went over to Daeton. He gestured for him to follow him into the kitchen. I hope he wasn't mad or anything. As my dad walked by me, he kissed my temple and then Daeton followed him into the kitchen.

Daeton's POV

I was scared of what April's dad was about to say to me. "Sit." He demanded pointing to the white chair. I sat down and looked up at him. He turned and got a paper towel. He wet it with some water and gave it to me. I thanked him and held the tissue to my nose. "You protect my daughter. The way you look at her, I can tell you love her."

"I do, sir." I said. He nodded. "I admire you for that. I would love to kill that teacher. But I'm sure you got a couple of good punches in. Am I right?" He asked. I nodded and he smiled slightly.

"I've always viewed you as a son of mine, Daeton. Even though I hardly ever talked to you and maybe gave you the impression that I didn't like you, I've always viewed as a son. And I wouldn't mind you being my son in law one day. Thank you for protecting my daughter in her time of need."

I nodded. "I love her." He smiled and nodded. "Just do me one favor." He said. I raised my eyebrow.

"Don't get her pregnant too soon. Let her live her life first."

"I plan to. I mean…no…I don't plan to get her pregnant soon. I plan to let her live her life." I corrected myself immediately. He nodded.

"You're a good kid, Daeton. Now get the hell out of my kitchen and go hug your girlfriend." I smiled and nodded. I walked back out to the living room to April and hugged her as tightly as I could. I never wanted to let her go. She was my April. I would live and die for her. Only her.

April's POV

I loved the way Daeton held me. It was like he truly loved me. I hugged him back just as tightly. I regretted ever starting anything with Mr. Alenson. He wasn't the person I cared about and couldn't live without. It was Daeton who made me happy. It was him I loved deeply. I never wanted him to let go of me. "I love you." I whispered.

"I love you too, April." He whispered.


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