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That taste of blood: Book 1

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED)After Leena philips gets in a car accident, she's saved from Christian, a vampire that she's shared a night with two months ago.
After they fall in love with each other, Christian's maker and ex girlfriend comes back into the picture to persuade him to be with her and go on a frenzy.
Will he accept or will he stay with Leena? View table of contents...


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Chapter 9: Old Christian

Christian stood up and stared at James.

Alison looked to Christian. "Amante." She whispered.

"I'm not your fucking lover." Christian said.

Alison looked to James who glanced at Christian. "I've decided to spare you, Christian. But you're going to come with us rather you refuse to or not. But if you get smart with me or Alison, I won't be so nice. Okay? Say goodbye to your friend and your whore and come on. I'll be waiting in the car." James turned around and walked back out and I looked to Alison.

"You're lucky I won't take you along." She said glaring at me."

"I'm not scared of you." I said standing up.

"You should be."

"Alison, stop it." Christian said.

Alison walked closer to me but Christian stopped her. "I said that's enough."

"It's not enough." She growled. "All it takes is the wrong words and I'll snap her in half like a fucking twig."

"Do it. Fucking do it, then." I said.

Alison pushed Christian out of the way, grabbed me, and forced me into the table.

I ignored the vicious pain in my back and Remy grabbed onto her and pulled her off of me.

Christian grabbed Alison and pulled her up. "Leave her the fuck, alone, Alison. Do you hear me?" Christian asked glaring at her. She glanced at me and looked back to him. "Okay."

"I need to say goodbye to-"

"No you don't."



He grabbed her by her arms. "Wait in the car. I'll be out."

"You have a minute." She backed away and walked out of the room.

Christian looked to Remy. Remy nodded once. "I'll take care of her."

Christian smiled. "Thank you, Remy."

Remy nodded.

Christian's eyes got to mine and he stared at me.

"Are you coming back?"

"I promise you, I'll come back."

I nod and Christian kisses my tears away before they can fall.

"Forever and always." He whispered. "I love you."

I nod. "I love you."

He grabs my hand and kisses my knuckles and slowly backs away. He releases my hand, turns and walks out.

I watch after him until he disappears.

"He'll be fine, Leena. Like James said he's going to spare him and as long as that happens, you'll see him again."

"If they're not going to kill him, what will they do?" I asked.

Remy didn't answer.


"I don't know." He shrugged.

"Can we save him?"

"I don't know. James and Alison are much stronger than me and Christian. I don't know if he can be helped but I will try."

"We will try." I said.

Remy stared at me. "You're going to sacrifice your life?"

I nodded. "I don't have a choice."

Remy sighed. "I know that you're in love with Christian but-"

"But what? He has saved me constantly all the times I could have been killed. I love him. So I'm not going to give up on him. I'm going to get him back."

"It may impossible."

"Maybe but I'm still going to try. I don't care how long it takes or what it takes."

Remy studied me while pursing his lips.


"You're one of the boldest humans I've ever known."

"Love makes you that way, I guess."

"You'll give anything for him?"

"I will."

"You sure?"


"You just met him."

"I know but I don't care. Please just help me get him back."

Remy nodded. "I'll help you."

Alison's POV

"Don't you love living so close to Bloodlust?" James asked Christian as he got out of the car.

Christian didn't answer.

He slammed the door shut and followed James inside of the building and I followed behind him.

I can't deny the disappointment I felt when he told me to leave his human alone.

I miss the memories of him protecting me that way.

I miss the old Christian.

The club was filled with loud music blaring away and others dancing and drinking.

And it was filled with sweaty and drunk humans.

"Basement." James said.

"Hermana, get the door."

I glared at him. Was I his slave? I don't fucking think so.

"Now." He commanded. I looked at Christian who was glaring down at the floor.

I walked over and opened the door for him and both him and Christian walked downstairs first and then I followed.

James greeted the guards with a nod and he sat in the throne chair at the farthest wall.

"Sit, Christian." James said crossing his legs.

Christian did as he said and glanced at me as I sat by him.

"Jackson was loyal." James said.

"Loyal." Christian scoffed.

James sighed. "The only reason you're being spared is because my sister asked me."

"And I bet she gave you something also. There is not a way you'd possibly pass up an opportunity to kill me." Christian said.

James raised his eyebrow. "So you've studied me."

"I know it all, James. Even the fact that you drink vampire blood so you can read thoughts."

What? How the hell did he know that?

James even looked shocked. He slowly looked to me.

"¿Cómo sabe esta hermana?" He asked.

I didn't know how he knew. How could he know? I know he doesn't drink vampire blood so I knew he couldn't read our minds.

"I don't know." I responded.

Christian glanced at me and then to James. "You can stop speaking in spanish. Or did you forget that I know it too? Spanish, French, Latin, Russian, and Sanguine. The most important language. Right?" Christian smirked as he stared at James.

"Do not get smart with a five hundred year old vampire, Christian, you're lucky to still be alive."

He sighed. "If you're not going to kill me, why the fuck am I here?"

"Ask your girl." He said.

Christian turned his attention to me. His green eyes almost sparkling. "Why am I here, Alison?" He asked.

"I convinced James not to kill you for killing Jackson."

"Why would you automatically assume it was me?"

"We know you killed him to save Leena. It's obvious it was you."

"Then why are you mad at me? He knew he had it coming if he fucked with Leena. I warned him and I'm pretty sure James did too." He said.

James shook his head. "Jackson was young and immature and indeed he had it coming."

"Okay, so what am I doing here if you're not going to kill me?"

"James doesn't want to kill you to punish you. He's going to do the next best thing." I said.

"Which is?" He asked.

"Isolate you from your lover." I said.

Christian's eyebrows pulled together. "I'm going to tell the both of you right now, you can't just isolate me from her."

"It's either that or you die. Lets face it, there are going to be plenty of other vampires who crosses her path and you'll kill them. Imagine if you have to kill a member from Daemones Sanguinis. Do you think that will end well, Christian?"

"I'd die to save her and if that's what it takes then that's what it takes."

"If you want to see her again, you'll keep it this way."

"So I let the both of you hold me captive?" He asked with amusement on his face.

"Actually, to keep you away from her, Alison is going to turn you back to the "old Christian." James said.

"Old Christian?' what the hell does that mean?" He asked glaring at me.

"Frenzied Christian." James answered. Christian's glare slowly wiped off his face as he looked to James. "No." He said simply.

James looked at me. "Do you hear that? he doesn't want to change. let me kill him."

"No. No." I said standing up.

I looked at James and then to Christian. I forcibly grabbed his arm. I bit into his flesh and his blood did not have the correct flavor to it but it lighted up my whole system through my veins. And all the blood rushed throughout my body.

"Fucking stop it." Christian said. He pushed me away to the floor.

I looked at James.

He motioned with his head towards Christian.

I got to my feet and wiped the blood from my dark red lips.

I stared down at Christian.

I could see my eyes became completely a dark bloody red as I looked through his pupils.

I was completely worked up. I was hungry…..thirsty and completely turned on by the very sight of Christian.

I straddled him and he completely glared at me and tried to push me off.

I took his blood in my system, which meant that I could force him and control him now. And I can also read his mind.

Although his mind was completely silent at the moment.

"Look into my eyes, Christian." I whispered.

His glare disappeared and he relaxed as his pupils dilated and he kept his eyes on mine.

I smiled softly at him. "You are not…..good. You are a vampire and you feed, on humans. You feed on other vampires."

"No!" James interrupted.

I looked back at him.

"He'll feed from you and me."

"It won't hurt. I want him strong."

James shook his head. "You're about to create a monster, Alison."

I nodded and looked back to Christian. "I know." I whispered looking back into Christian's dilated pupils.

"Christian, you are still in love with me. You never stopped and you do not care for humans. You love blood, Christian. Human blood. Warm in your veins. Humans mean absolutely nothing to you." I whispered.

He nodded. "Humans are nothing." He repeated in a low voice.

I nodded. "That's right. When I'm done, You will kiss me hard and bite me so I'd know that you really love me again. Okay?" I asked.

He nodded as his eyes turned into a oily dark red color.

"Okay." He whispered.

I got off of him and watched him as I stopped the force.

Christian looked up at me and I was suddenly forced against the wall.

Christian was breathing hard as he glared down at me.

I was breathing just as hard.

"Christian-" His lips crushed hard against mine and I pulled him to me and wrapped him around me. Our bodies were painfully wrapped hard against each other.

James smiles satisfied and makes his way to go upstairs.

Christian's lips leave mine as he pulls at my lips making them bleed and he licks the blood off.

"I love you." I gasped as he kissed down my neck to the base of my throat. "I love you too." He whispered back as he stabs me deep into the flesh of my neck. "Yes" I moan out. "Please, Christian." I beg.

He turns me around using his speed and kisses my back and the back of my neck. He nips on my shoulder as he presses himself hard against me.

He raises my tube top up and rips it apart.

I gasp as he continues kissing me and biting making me excited and unable to keep in my moans. "I love you." I whisper as his lips make their way back to the base of my throat.

He pulls my hair back. "Quiet." He commanded and I shut my eyes and he pulls and nips at my body.

Giving me both the pain and pleasure I've been aching for only from him.

I am glad to have the "old Christian" back.

It's what I've been waiting for.

Author's Note: "Amante" means "lover" in spanish. "¿Cómo sabe esta hermana" means "How does he know this, sister?" in spanish.


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