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That taste of blood: Book 1

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED)After Leena philips gets in a car accident, she's saved from Christian, a vampire that she's shared a night with two months ago.
After they fall in love with each other, Christian's maker and ex girlfriend comes back into the picture to persuade him to be with her and go on a frenzy.
Will he accept or will he stay with Leena? View table of contents...


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Chapter 6: An unforgettable night

I couldn't sleep through half the night so I stayed up late and came downstairs by the time it was twelve in the afternoon. Nick was sitting at the table eating cereal. He must have woken up late, too. "How'd you sleep?" He asked.

"I hardly did."

"Mind telling me what happened last night? I never seen you look like that except-" He looked down to his cereal.

Except when mom and dad died.

"I know. I was just stupid last night."

"I don't trust that guy….Christian. He seems suspicious to me. And I know that you hate the whole 'overprotective brother thing' but I love you and I won't let any guy hurt you."

I smile at him. "If you really loved me, you wouldn't have ate the whole box of frosted flakes." I say picking up the box and shaking it. Not a sound.

"Sorry." He smiles goofily.

I smile back at him.

"You know who I heard is coming back in town?" He said.



"Kindle Detler? My best friend?"

Nick nodded. "Your hot best friend, yes."

"Hmm….haven't seen her since middle school. I wonder how she's doing now."

"Wish it was me." Nick murmered. I rolled my eyes at him.

Nick sighed. "So…are you ready to tell me what the hell happened last night?"

I sighed. "Christian let these vampires feed on me."

"He what?"

I sigh and place my hand on my neck. I can still feel the bite there.

"What's crazy is that…." I shake my head and close my eyes.

"You love him." Nick guessed. I shrugged. "I don't know I….." I sighed.

"I want him. I want him in my life. I need him but I don't want to have to shed blood every goddamn day for him."

Nick nodded. "I understand."

I played with my fingers. "The woman who fed on you….what did she look like?"

Nick blushed. Oh god.

"She was fucking hot. Short blonde hair. These dark eyes. Pale skin."

"Ruby red lipstick and a bitchy attitude?"

He nodded.

"Stay away from her, Nick. That's Christian's maker."

"His what?" Nick asked.

"She made him into a vampire. Stay away from her."

"Is she one of the people-"

"Yes. Do not go back to her."

"Shit." He whispered.

"I know. I told Christian I never want to see him again."

"But you do." Nick said matter of fact.

I nodded. I do want to see him again.

"Call him."

I pointed out the window toward the daylight.

"He called you during daytime before."

"I don't want to t-" My phone rang and I looked at it. Fuck. It was him.

"I don't know if I should answer this shit or not."

" Now that I think about it, I recommend you don't. The fucker just might end up getting you fucking killed. If I stay away from Alison, you stay away from Christian."

I stared at Nick.

"It's only fair." He shrugged.

"Yeah but-"

"But what? You said stay away from Alison because she fed on you and you're scared.

Christian is the reason she fed from you so wouldn't it make sense if you stayed away from him?" Nick asked.

I looked down at my phone and then back to him. He grabbed the phone from me.

"It makes a lot of sense, Nick." He mocked me in a fake girly voice.

"Shut up."

Nick smiled before going upstairs. Like I said, he was so damn overprotective.

I sat all day thinking about rather I should see Christian or not.

And then I realize that….shit, maybe I do love him. I hate to feel this way.

I'm in love with a vampire.

Fuck me……




Christian's POV

I sat against the wall and continued to suck the dark blood out of the bag and watched Remy as he bit and nipped the skin from a pale dead girl laying on my floor.

"What kind is she?" I asked.

"O positive, Christian." He inhaled her skin and licked her neck.

O positive. Mmm….Alison had me addicted to it for years. It was the best tasting especially in a young innocent…..

I shut my eyes and let the blood from the blood bag send relief and calmness through my veins.

Living this way was tolerable but there were times when actual living human blood was too much to resist.

So sometimes I chain myself up although it hurts only because I'm weaker.

Remy slips his hand under the head of the girl and lifts her up and straddles her he devours her neck and then her shoulder.

"What does she taste like?" I asked.

Remy breaks away from her to wipe his mouth and look to me. "If I said "sunshine" would that make sense?" He asked.

I nodded.

"Speaking of which, I want to know how your little flower taste." He said.

"She's not my little flower."

"So she's free."

"No. I still want her. She's still under my protection and nobody will touch her."

"Does she know this?"

I nodded. "She knows I care about her."

"And her blood?"

My eyes flicker to Remy's and he smiles a wicked smile. "Your eyes are red, Christian. That says something."


"Her blood is so fucking good." He whispered.

"It is." Why deny the obvious?

"What do you taste when you drink from her? I want every detail."

"If I tell you, you'll go to her house and drink from her."

He shook his head. "I have this little slut right here." He said pointing to the pale blonde.

I sighed and closed my eyes. "She taste like heaven, chocolate, cotton candy, the sweetest fucking flower, and she taste like apples." I whispered then opened my eyes.

Remy looked in complete awe. "Just like I imagined." He whispered.

"Stay away from her, Remy."

"I will." He said.

I narrowed my eyes at him and he smiled innocently yet I saw a dark look in his eyes.


Leena's POV

I opened the Dark red glass doors to "bloodlust" Although I vowed never to come back, I wanted to speak to Christian.

I bit my lip as I looked around the place. A place filled with desperate humans and dangerous creatures.

I walked in the place and searced for that familiar dark hair.

I slowly walked through and looked around and I found myself at the bar.

A man leaned against it toward me and smiled revealing his fangs. "Hi." He says.

I gulp and fake smile.

"Is Christian here?" I asked.

The man shook his head. "I don't think he'd be so keen on his little toy being in such a dangerous place alone."

"He'd get over it. He'll feel that I'm here and he'll be here right?"

The man shook his head. "The blood doesn't work that way, sweetheart."

"So how does it work?" I asked.

"You have to feel some kind of emotion. Fear. Then he'll come running. But it doesn't count if you're purposely putting yourself in danger so he'll come."

"I didn't know the vampire rules, that's why I'm asking."

The man laughed. "Vampire rules? This is only the beginning, love. You have no idea how fucked up we can really be."

"I think I do. James for starters."

He nodded. "The oldest vampire in this place."

"I thought he was the oldest period." I said.

He shook his head. "Malairius is the oldest vampire."

"Is he still alive?" I asked. He nodded.

"Where is he?"

The man snickered. "Everywhere and nowhere."

"What does that mean?" I asked.

He smirked. "He's not far away yet it'll be impossible for you to find him."

"But he has to be in Illinois right?"

"You think we're just in Illinois? There are way more of us than you think. Our existence has been exposed in only Illinois. But there are way more of us in places and doing things you can't imagine."

I bit my lip and looked down to the counter. "This sounds like some confidential vampire stuff. Why are you telling me this?"

"You want information. I'm willing to give it. For a price." He smiled revealing his sharp teeth.

"How much?" I asked.

"Not what I mean." He said. I stared at him as his eyes grew red and dialted completely.

"I should go."

"Stay." He breathed staring me in my eyes and I suddenly became dizzy as I stared into his eyes. He smiled and an odd drunk and drowsy feeling came over me.

"Follow me into the bathroom." He whispered.

I slowly nod not knowing what the hell was happening. I felt tired….a little slow and drowsy and drunk all mixed into one.

He pulls me along and we enter the men's restroom. I stand there looking at him.

He locks the door and slowly looks to me. "James said that you taste like heaven."

"He what?"

The man tilted his head and continued staring at me. Another drunk feeling and I backed up against the wall so I could hold myself up.

"I have an idea." The man said suddenly smiling.

"What?" I whispered.

"Let's play hide and seek." He shut the lights off and I gasped as the room became pitch black.

The drowsy feeling slowly disappeared and I came back around to reality. What the hell is wrong with me?

"No…I would rather go home." I said. I could hear my heels as I walked towards the door and rough hands pushed me back all the way to the farther end and I gasped as my head cracked against the wall.

"That didn't sound so good." The man said. He grabbed my hair and threw me down to the floor and pulled me towards him. I tried to turn on my stomach to get away, but I couldn't. His hold on me was too strong.

"This is what you get for coming here trying to start some shit." He said calmly. His body covered mine and I attempted to push him. "Please."

"I love it when my girls beg." He whispered and lifted my dress up and then he was inches from my face. "No one can hear you. Your begging and pleading is pointless." He pinned my wrists to the floor above my head.

I could feel his tongue on my neck and I cried.

"I know…..the anticipation is killing me too." He whispered.

I could feel something sharp into my neck and I cried out. "No!" I almost got to push him away.

"Stop it." He forced his blood covered tongue inside my mouth and pushed hard against my body.

I gasped as his nose rubbed against mine and down to my cleavage.

"I can hear your heartbeat." He whispered.

"It's a sickening fucking sound." Then he pulled my dress and bra down and bit down hard on my nipple. A scream got caught in my mouth.

"Shut the hell up." He said in irritation as he continue to lick and pull harshly at the my flesh.

"Christian." I choked out.

The door suddenly burst open and was knocked down beside me. I gasped and looked up.

Two men walked in and there was a violent cracking.

I gasped as the man who walked in picked me up.

He felt and smelled familiar so I knew automatically who it was and it wasn't Christian.

"Remy?" I asked.

"Yes." He hissed.

I fell out of conciousness for a second and I could suddenly feel the wind blowing as I was in the pitch dark again. Reality kicked in and I gasped as I felt hands on me. My first instinct is that it was that vampire.

"Get off!" I scream. Pain was still in my body.

"Leena, Leena, it's me. Stop fighting." Remy said.

I stop and let go.

"I'm taking you to Christian's house."

I nod weakly and drop my head back as he walks me throughout the streets. Why isn't he running?

"It hurts." I whispered.

"I know, Leena. I'll get you there soon and I'll give you my blood."

After a few minutes, I was being laid on a couch.

"Open your mouth." He whispered. I did as he said. He brought his wrist up to his lips and made a audible biting sound as he bit into it. Blood immediately fell out of it and dripped onto my dress, my chest, my neck, my chin. And I moaned as his wrist got onto my mouth and the metallic blood spilled in.

"You okay?" He asked.

I didn't answer. I just closed my eyes.

"I can't keep letting this happen." Said a different voice. My eyes opened immediately and Christian was standing in the doorway.

Remy took his wrist away and wiped my mouth.

All the pain I felt was now gone and I sighed in relief as I looked up at Remy.

"Thank you." I whispered.

He nodded. "Anytime." He stood up and sighed as he left the room.

I looked to Christian.

"I know you knew better than to go to Bloodlust after what happened yesterday."

"I wanted to see you."

"You couldn't call me?"

"Nick took my phone."

"Not my problem. You could have found a way. You didn't have to go back to Bloodlust and get yourself in some more trouble. By the way, its not my fault this time."

"I didn't say it was. I blame myself."

"Good. You have every reason to. Your first mistake was ever going there in the first place and spending that night with me."

"That was a mistake, Christian?"

"It was your mistake. Now that you're involved, you're going to be a lot of vampires target especially if they start explaining to others how good you taste and smell. Others are going to come for you and like I said, vampires don't have to be invited in human homes."

"It'll be impossible to find out where I live."

"Not for the ones who taste you. They get little visions of what you're doing, in their head. Now Jackson knows when you feel fear and where you are at all times."

"I thought you killed him."

"I wanted to but he is James's cousin and if I kill him…James would come after me and everyone I care about. Including you." He said.

I sighed and ran my hands over my face. "I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

"Damn right it won't because you're seriously staying here this time."


"You heard me. No leaving and that's that and you're damn sure never going back to Bloodlust."

"You can't just cut off my limitations to the world."

"Yes I can, Leena."


"Because I love you. That's why and I said no!"

I stayed frozen where I was staring up at him in utter shock. He loves me?

"You love me?"

He nods. "Of course I do. Why do you think I want to protect you so damn bad?"

"Because of-"

"It's about more than just your blood, Leena. You're more than that. You're sweet and kind of demanding and sexy and you're warm and I love being around you. That's why I love you."

I stand up and smile as I stare up into his eyes. "I love you too." I whispered.

He pulls me to him and kisses me hard.


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