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That taste of blood: Book 1

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED)After Leena philips gets in a car accident, she's saved from Christian, a vampire that she's shared a night with two months ago.
After they fall in love with each other, Christian's maker and ex girlfriend comes back into the picture to persuade him to be with her and go on a frenzy.
Will he accept or will he stay with Leena? View table of contents...


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Chapter 2: Back in my life

As I gasp for my last breaths, I stop fighting. Oh….oh. The hand suddenly disappears and the sound of something hitting against the bark of a tree invaded my ears.

I managed to open my eyes to see what it was that made that noise and I see nothing. Breathing out, I shut my eyes again and I suddenly feel myself being scooped up. "Leena? Leena?" The voice sounded familiar. Who was…?

I open my eyes to look at the person who was holding me and his pale face was blurry.

"Leena. It's fine. You'll be fine."

I gasped again and heaved as the branch stuck in my chest moved around leaving a painful, unpleasant feeling throughout me.

"Put me….down." I whispered. I wanted to die. To die and get away from this pain. The person didn't listen. But I was grateful to not be alone.

I shut my eyes again and everything went blurry.


My eyes jot open as the pain in my chest becomes more painful. I can hear screaming really awful screaming. Is it me? I feel disconnected from my body.

I am the one screaming. I feel like I'm on some comfortable surface. A bed. But this branch is still in me invading my body. Making it suffer. "Leena," Says a soft warm voice that I feel like I know but I'm not sure.

"Deep breaths, baby." Baby? Who was this?

Still heaving and trying to keep my eyes open, I feel it rip out of me and I screamed out and arched my back.

Cold hands held me down and something cold pressed up against my lips. I instinctively opened my mouth and a weird taste spilled in. A weird taste that turned sweet and sour. A taste that helped me relax instantly.

It had a metallic flavor to but I shut my eyes and relax as relief flooded through my body.

I felt fingers combing through my hair softly. I grab onto whatever I'm drinking from. It's could yet kind of soft. It feels like an….arm? I'm drinking from an arm? What the hell?

I don't open my eyes. I keep them closed because at least I'm feeling better.

The arm is taken away and I moan in protest. I can almost hear a slight chuckle and cold fingers touch my arms and that's when I realized I didn't have a shirt on. Did I have on a bra?

Yeah….I did.

The same hands touch my stomach and a weird euphoric feeling rushes in my veins and I turn my head to the other side and rest.

I woke up again and my eyes adjusted after a few seconds. I sat up in bed and looked around me. Where the hell was I?

I rose my hands above my head a stretched and I felt…..good. All that pain and then……

I look down to see I'm wearing a huge button down t shirt and I lift it up to make sure my panties are still on.

They are. Cool.

So….where the hell are my pants?

Looking around, I can't see them. The room is lighted by a lamp on the night stand. Where….?

I get up and stumble over to the door and open it.

I hear banging around downstairs and I look around. No weapons in case this is a kidnapper. The atmosphere is cold and deadly. I can feel it.

I slowly, step by step, walk downstairs and through the hallway, and into the room filled with fancy furniture. The living room, I'm guessing.


I walk through the kitchen and a person, a man has his back turned to me. He turned and looked at me.

I can't keep the surprise off my face.


I want to smile. I'm relieved by seeing him but…what the hell happened?

He's still as beautiful as he was two months ago when we shared that night together. He smiles warmly at me and places a cup of…coffee on the counter towards me and leans against the counter staring at me.

"You…." Is all I can say.

"And you…" He says back though he's smirking at me.

I grab the coffee and began drinking it. I'm completely lost. Literally. I don't know where I am.

I place the half empty cup back on the table and look to him.

"Where am I?" I asked.

"My home." He answered.


"I saved you from Leviathan."

"From Leviathan. Isn't that…?"

Christian nodded. "He was a vampire and he was named after…a sea monster."

The way he said it made me want to laugh but I manage to keep a straight face.

"You fed me….your blood." I whispered. Of course that's what it was.

"You had terrible bruises. You were about to die. Your welcome." He said.

I nod once. "Thanks. I need to get home."


"To tell my brother I'm okay. He won't believe what happened."

"Yeah, about that-that's not going to happen."

"What do you mean?" Christian stepped closer to me and I stepped back.

"I'm not letting you out of my sight, Leena."

He was going to keep me here? Was he insane?

"Christian, I have a home too. I'm graduating next week. I need to get home. Now."

"And I said you're not going anywhere."

"You can't hold me captive like this."

"I'm not. I don't want you to be hurt. I care about you. I want to protect you."

He does not care about me.

"I want to go."

"No." He says impassively.

"So what…I stay here until it's safe?"


"That makes no sense. This is planet Earth. There's no such thing as safe."

"True that is but until I believe you'll be safe, you're staying here with me. For a week at the most."

"A week? I'm graduating next week."

"I'll drive you there."

"No. No. You can't just decide all of this out of nowhere. We don't even know each other. How the hell did this just happen?" I'm confused. I sit in the chair and try to get my head together.

"I know this is all sudden, Leena."

"It is….very sudden and my brother will kick your ass if he knew you were holding me captive."

Christian sighs and then shuts his eyes for a second.

"Leena, I. am. Not. Holding. You. Captive."

"Well, what would you call it?"

"Watching you in my line of sight. And that's where you'll stay until I decide otherwise."

"You're not my dad."

"Never said I was just respect and obey. And we won't have any problems."

I have a problem with staying here against my will.

"You won't hurt me?" I asked.

Christian shook his head. "I don't want to." He said sincerely.

"You won't feed from me?' I asked.

"Not unless you ask me to." He said in a suddenly seductive voice and it made me feel warm tingles inside my body.

I think he feels this because he smiles lightly. He knows the affect he has on me.

I suddenly recall that night.

My clothes hit the floor. Him…making love to me. The way he bit me. How much good it felt. How it made me feel. Orgasm after orgasm.

Christian inhales sharply and looks down to the floor. "I remember that too." He whispers quietly. I look over to him and he meets my eyes.

"I can just tell by how you're blushing what you're thinking about." He murmurs.

My cheeks redden more.

Christian comes over to me and grabs my hand and smiles at me.

"What are you doing?' I asked.

"Just seeing if you still feel how you felt that night." He places his hand over my heart and it quickens almost immediately. I bite my lip as I look up at him.

His eyes darken. Dilates completely and I step away from him.

He shut his eyes and they turn back to red and then to green.

His eyes were green before?

"I'm sorry." He whispers. I stand behind the table. I felt like running. I don't understand. That night, I was so relaxed around him. He made me feel happy and good.

And now I scared shitless of him.

"I'm not going to hurt you, Leena."

"I don't believe you." I admitted.

"Christian's eyes darken once again. "If I wanted to, I could have that night we met. But I didn't did I?

I'm saving your ass and you're scared of me."

"You're a vampire why wouldn't I be scared of you?"

"You weren't scared before."

"I know. I don't know what happened."

"I want you trust me, Leena."

"Trust you….with my life?"

He nods and takes two steps closer to me.

"You say you can protect me from other vampires. Can you even protect me from you?" I ask.

Christian bites his lips as he studies me. "Leena, I won't lie to you. I want to taste you. Your blood, your body. All of it."

More tingles through my body.

"But I will not do anything to you against your will….physically."

"Nothing?" I asked.

"Nothing." He confirmed.

"I need to call my brother and tell him I'm okay, then."

Christian takes a phone out of his pocket and hands it over to me. I dial Nick's number and pace around the kitchen as I hold the phone to my ear.

"Who is this?" Nick answered.

"Nick, it's me." I said.

"Thank the fucking Christ, Leena. Where the hell are you?"

"I'm….over a friends house."

"Male or female?"

"Male. But it's okay. I'm fine and I'll be home….eventually."

"Do I have to kick someone's ass?"

I can't help but giggle a little and I look over at Christian who's watching me intently.

"No." I answered.

"You sure? When are you coming home?"

Today is Tuesday I think. A week from now.

"Tuesday." I answer.


"Of next week."

"What? Aren't you graduating?"

"Yeah I'll be there."

"Okay well…."

"Bye, Nick."

"Bye." I hung up and gave the phone back over to Christian. Our skin brushed against each others as I gave the phone back.

He placed it back in his pocket and then went to the refrigerator. "Hungry?'

"What can a vampire possibly have in his fridge?"

Christian gave me a shy smile and I smiled a little. I walked over and stood right by him and peeked into the fridge. "Nothing." I answered.

"I'll go shopping."

"I want to go."

"You'll try to escape, Leena."

"I thought you weren't holding me captive, Christian."

"I'm not."

"So you have to let me go."

"I don't have to let you do anything."

I scowled at him and he sighed. He looked at his phone. "It'll be sunrise in two hours."

"We have to hurry."

Sighing, Christian went into the living room, and came back with my jeans from earlier. Hey, I was looking for those.

He handed them to me and I took them from him.

"You're going to wear my shirt?" He asked.


"It looks very appealing on you. With and without the jeans." I found myself blushing slightly as I looked down to the floor.

"Are you ready?" He asked holding out his hand.

I accepted it as he pulled me closer to him and smiled sweetly before leading us out the door.


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