That taste of blood: Book 1

By: IceBreaker

Chapter 15,

Author's Note: The last chapter and very long might i add. i doubt if u guys are going to like the end lol. BUT...Book two will be out by tomorrow or the next day


Chapter 15: This is just the beggining


I zipped up my jacket and put my hair in a ponytail and stared at myself in the mirror.

It was the night.

Remy was downstairs gathering the weapons and Nick was dropping Kindle off at a hotel. Our excuse was that we had a convention to get to.

Little does she know we’re actually going to go kill a vampire.

Little does she knows vampires exist and they are dangerous.

They could be out all ready killing and we have to hurry up, I slipped on my black boots and tied them up and then run downstairs.

Remy is holding the gun in his hands and studying it. His eyes meet mine. “Are you okay?”

“No. I’m about to go kill a vampire. None of that screams “okay”.

Remy exhales and looks down at the floor. “I know.”

“Have you ever killed a vampire before?” I asked.

Remy shook his head. “But luckily we have Alexander on our side.” Just as he said his name, someone knocked on the door.

He walked over and answered it and Alexander stepped in in all black.

He had another huge bag in his hands.

“Remy,” He nods towards him and nods at me. I nod back.

“What’s in the bag?” I asked.

“More guns, stakes.”

“Shotgun?” Remy asked.

Alexander smirked as he placed the bag down, unzipped it and pulled a shotgun out. Remy smiled with delight and Alexander handed it to him.

“Especially for you.” Alexander said.

Remy studied the gun and smiled. “That’s fucking awesome.”

Alexander then looked to me and then reached down and pulled another gun out. “This is filled with tiny stakes.”

“Like the crossbow.” I said as I took it into my hands.

“Yes but this is different, The stakes launch much faster and you can switch from stakes to mercury bullets and switch back. My dad made it a year before he died.”

“Wow, he was quite the builder.” The gun was long, silver, and gold, and heavy.

Alexander got behind me and placed his finger over mine on the gun.

I slightly looked back at him but he was staring up ahead.

“Aim at something useless.” He said.

I swallowed and aimed at my broken computer screen.

“Use your index finger to pull back the trigger. You have to hold it.” He said.

I nodded and placed my right hand on the handle and my index finger on the trigger.

“Squeeze back hard.” He whispered.

I squeezed it back and nothing happened. I looked back at Alexander.

“It didn’t work.”

“Yes it did.” Alexander said. He pointed forward and my eyes followed to where he pointed. My jaw dropped as I saw the screen completely shattered and a one eighteenth of the stake sticking out of the screen.

“It happened so fast you couldn’t see it.” He said.


“I know.” He nodded.

Then he flicked a switch on the gun at the top.

“Now squeeze the trigger.”

I did as he said and a odd whoosh and then cracking sound filled the room.

The mercury bullet, went through the computer, through the wall and disappeared.

“Damn they’re fast.”

Alexander nodded and pulled the switch back.

Then he walked back to the bag. “One more thing,” He grabbed a thick stake from out of the bag and gave it to me.

I held it and looked up at him.

He took it back from me and pointed it towards my chest.

I sucked in a breath. “When you have a stake, strike right here.” He pointed the tip an inch from my left breast. I nodded.

“Okay. What about the brain, that doesn’t work?”

Alexander shook his head. “No. They’ll take it right out their head and smash it though yours. Guarantee you won’t be taking it out of your head.”

I nod.

“I have a belt for you to store your stakes.” He said grabbing it out of your bag.”

“You have everything.”

“Fifteen years of being a slayer, have to be prepared.” He said.

He pulled the dark brown belt around my waist and buckled it up.

“Put five stakes in the belt,” He looked to Remy. “You too.”

Remy nodded and put the belt around his waist and buckled it up.

“Where’s your brother?” Alexander asked.

“Right here.” Nick said as he opened the door. He looked angry as he snatched a belt from Alexander’s hand and forced it on.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

He shook his head. “Nothing. I’m just ready.” He said. Alexander passed the stakes to Nick and he stuck them in the horizontal loops in the belt. “Why so many stakes?” He asked.

“We’re dealing with a five hundred year old vampire. She may dodge a lot of the stakes which is why we need extra.” Alexander said.

“Fucking expert.” Nick muttered.

Once he was done, he looked to Alexander. “I suggest we take two cars.” He said.

I nodded.

“We’ll start with Bloodlust first,” Alexander said nodding. “Me and Leena in my car and Nick and Remy in Nick’s car.”

Hmm. Alexander has everything in order.


Nick grabbed one bag and Alexander grabbed the other. “Wait, there are black jackets in my car that I suggest we all put on so they won’t see the belt of stakes.”

“What the hell are you, man?” Nick asked.

Alexander shrugged. “Prepared.” He answered.

Remy opened the door. “Do you know how to shoot, Nick?” He asked.

Nick nodded. “My dad taught me.”

Remy stared at him suspiciously before walking out of the door.

Nick followed.

Alexander looked back at me. “What is it you Americans say? “Let’s get this bitch?” He said.

I chuckled. “Yes.”

He nodded and walked out of the door and so did I and then closed and locked the door.

We all went to Alexander’s car and he pulled out coats for us all to put on.

Mine didn’t fit but I expected that.

“Remember, Bloodlust.” Alexander said to Remy and Nick. They nodded.

Then he looked to me. “You should drive while I keep watch.” He said.

“Okay.” I got into the car and started it up while Alexander got in the passenger side.

“No shortcuts. Take the way you always do there.”

I nodded and put the car into drive and started off, following close behind Nick and Remy.

Alexander pressed a button and a loud long sound filled the car.

“What is your brother’s cell number?” He asked.

“741-8362” I answered.

Alexander dialed the number and waited for a second while the line beeped.

Nick picked up.

“Nicolas, do not take shortcuts. Go straight to Bloodlust, do you hear me?”

“Don’t call me Nicolas and yes, I hear you loud and clear.”

“Good. Wait for me and Leena, do not go in yet.” Alexander said.

“Got you.” Nick replied. Then he hung up.

I stared straight ahead.

“Do not take your eyes off of the road.”

I nodded. “Okay.”

The road was oddly dark and it was almost pitch black outside accept for me and Nick’s headlights.

“Why it so dark?” I muttered.

Alexander looked at me. “Is it normally like this?”

I shook my head.

Nick’s car suddenly stopped.

Before thinking, before a gasp even escaped my lips, I swerved to the side and stopped the car immediately.

Alexander was thrown back in his seat yet he looked perfectly calm.

“What the hell?” I got out of the car and over to Nick’s car.

Remy got out of the car.

“What happened?”

Nick pointed ahead and I looked onto the street and my eyes water and my jaw dropped.

I felt my throat tighten.

There were at least ten dead bodies laying across the street and puddles of blood everywhere.

Nick looked to me. “They started.” He whispered.

I nodded and wiped my tears away.

“Bloodlust might already be done for.” Remy said.

“We still have to check.” Nick said.

Alexander sighed. “We split up.”

Remy shook his head.

Alexander nodded. “Yes. Is there any other specific destination you wanted to check?”

“The mall. Places with the most people.”

“Ten at night?”

I nodded.

Alexander shrugged and looked to Nick and Remy. “We’ll go to the mall. You two scope out Bloodlust and meet us at the mall when you‘re done.”

Nick nodded.

“It’s a mistake.” Remy said as he leaned against the car.

Alexander sighed. “It is not. I know how to handle this situation.”

“And if you die from this, I’ll be laughing my ass off.” Remy forced the door open, got in, then slammed it shut.

Nick came over to me and hugged me.

I hugged him back, burying myself in his arms.

It suddenly reminded me of dad. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Lee. Be safe.”

I nodded and pulled myself away from him. “You too.”

He nodded and let me go.

I stepped away from him and got back into the car.

Alexander got back into the passenger side and I started the car back up and wiped my tears before I continued on following Nick and Remy and then made a right towards the mall.

“I don’t like Remy.” Alexander muttered.

“I was scared of him at first but he’s just like that when you first meet him.”

“He’s a dick. Or maybe just really immature for a vampire. Svetlana’s feelings are mutual.”

“It’s a good thing she’s not out here. We’d probably be dead right now.” I said.

Alexander nodded and then looked down at his fingers. “I feel very bad for betraying her.”

“I’m sorry to put you through this.”

Alexander looked at me and nodded. “It’s fine. I want this.”

I floored the car as I drove into the parking lot of the mall.

There were quite a bit of cars in here.

I bit my lip as I swerved the car into two empty spaces and turned the car off.

Alexander looked at me.

He reached in the backseat, grabbed the bag, and brought it up to the front and gave me the silver and gold gun.

“What setting is it on?” He asked.

I looked at it. “I don’t know.”

Alexander grabbed it and studied it. “Stakes.” He said and then reached into the bag.

We’re really about to do this. I can’t believe this.

I suddenly got goose bumps and my body tensed up.

What if I mistakenly shoot Christian with the mercury and his insides melt?

What if I shoot him with the stake and he dies?

I internally thank god for my bad aim.

Alexander handed me the spray. Mercury spray.

“And this….”

“Melts the outside skin.”

I nodded. “Right.” And I put it in my pocket.

“Come on.” He got out of the car and I got out too. I was cautious as I held the gun in my hand.

Alexander closed the door. “If they are here, they’re aware now.”

“How do you know?”

“Vampires can hear over one hundred miles, Leena. Everything is enhanced when you become immortal.”

He said.

We jogged up to the mall doors and they were completely shattered.

I stopped in my tracks.

There was blood everywhere, women, men, children, babies laying around dead and I shushed my internal sobs.

Alexander had a look of hopelessness on his face but quickly gather himself together and then looks at me. He places his index finger against his lips and I nod and sniff as I look again.

We both slowly, walked through the shattered doors and more glass broke under our shoes as we entered.

“Careful not to slip on the blood.” Alexander muttered.

I nodded and watched my feet as I stepped over a little girl who couldn’t have been no more than eight.

Alexander and me walked through the mall as quietly as we could although we knew that they knew that we were here if they were here.

Alexander pointed to the escalator and we both quietly got on and it took us up.

As soon as we were brought to the second floor, the first thing I see is James holding a man down while tearing flesh from his neck.

I stayed where I was and swallowed.

James looked up at me and then to Alexander and he smiles as blood gushes out of his mouth.

I aim the gun at him and pull.

James disappears from view suddenly.


Alexander looks around. “Upstairs.”

He ran to the other escalator and I looked down at the dying man. He was already half dead.

I then followed Alexander up the escalator and ran with him throughout the mall.

“Alison!” Alexander called.

There was an odd echoing sound and all the lights shut off. Me and Alexander stopped running and I looked to him or to where I thought he was.

“Oh shit.” Alexander whispered. The place was almost completely dark except for a small shine of moonlight from outside.

“Alexander?” I sounded like a little girl.

“It’s okay,” He whispered. “I’m right here.”

I reach out to feel him and I grab onto his coat.

“Stay close.” He whispered.

I nodded and breathed out an okay before following him.

“They’re doing this because they know we can’t see in the dark like they can.”

“I know.” My phone vibrated and I took it out of my pocket.

“Hello?” I asked.

“We’re in the parking lot of the mall. Everyone at bloodlust is fucking dead.” Nick said.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s a fucking ghost town in Tankerton, Illinois. That’s what I’m saying.”

“Come in, Nick. But be careful, they cut the power off.”

“I got flashlights, we’ll be in in a few minutes.”

“Okay.” I whisper and then point it towards the dark hallway we were crossing.

“Everyone at Bloodlust is dead.” I said.

Alexander sighed. “Shit.”

“I know.”

“They really did start with the most crowded place.”

“I thought they would.” I was suddenly pushed forward and fell hard onto my face.

Alexander suddenly disappeared. “Alex!” I screamed and I felt myself being pushed and then thrown so I’d fall on my face again.

I winced in pain as I struggled to get to my feet. My fingers slipped in the warm blood falling from my nose as it made a small puddle beneath me.

“Alexander!” I scream again.

“Leena,” Said a dark voice. Oh….fuck.


“Christian,” I whispered as I got to my feet.

The lights flicker on for a second and then back off.

But I can feel him near me.

“Put the gun down, Leena.” He said calmly.

The lights flicker back on and he’s suddenly in front of me. I jump and step back as I aim the gun at him. “Christian, back the fuck up.” I said.

He had a small smirk on his face as he stared at me. “Or what?” He asked.

“I’ll shoot you.” I said.

“Yeah right. Okay, I believe you. I’m fucking scared.” The sarcasm was heavy in his voice.

I glared at him and aimed towards his chest. “Christian, I’m serious.”

“I know you are.” He said nodding.

I pulled the trigger back and the place became silent.

I stared at him and he was holding the small stake in his hand.

Fuck, he caught it.

I shot another as I backed up and he walked forward towards me as he kept catching the stakes and throwing them down and stared at me with this evil glare.

Christian suddenly inhaled as a bloody hole formed at his chest.

He turned and Nick was standing there glaring at him. “Hello, motherfucker.” He shot another and Christian disappeared.

Nick looked at me. “You okay?”

“Yes, fine.”

Then he looked around. “Where’s Alexander?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“I’m down here!” He said.

I looked over the banister to see Alexander holding his gun in his hands. “I’m okay!” He called up to us.

“Where’s Remy?” I asked.

“He’s scoping the third and forth floor.” Nick said.

I nodded. “They keep disappearing and turning the lights off.”

“They’re doing it to throw us off.” Alexander said.

“Actually we aren’t.” Said a voice.

I turned my head to see Alison walking down a set of stairs, blood is covering her face and her clothes and she’s frowning heavily at me.

“You came to see me?” She asked then she locked eyes with Nick. She tilted her head to the side. “Ah, you’re her brother. I see the resemblance.”

Nick scoffed. “See this, bitch.” He quickly aimed the crossbow at her and it was suddenly out of his hands.

He looked down out of his empty hands and I looked to Alison who was back on the stairs with the crossbow in her hands. “Ugh, I hate guns.”

Alexander glared at her.

“If you break that, I’ll break your face.” He said.

“And if you break her face,” Christian was now on the stairs, slowly walking down them. “I’ll kill you.”

“You wouldn’t. You love Svetlana too much.” Alexander said as he took a stake from his belt, he threw it at Christian and it pierced him in his chest. “Fuck..” He groaned as he dropped to his knees.

Then he looked to Alison. “Your turn.”

I aimed towards Alison and Nick did too.

We all pulled the triggers all at once and she and the crossbow disappeared.

“Fuck, they keep doing that!” Nick banged his hand on the banister.

“We’ll find her.” Alexander said.

“No you won’t.” Christian growled and before I could blink, Alexander was now laying on the floor. His head was turned backwards from his body.

I covered my mouth to hold my sobs as I looked down at him.

Nick started shooting at Christian and I did too in spite of how I felt. He really will wreak havoc.

He disappeared and me and Nick looked at each other.

“Remy!” Nick called. He grabbed my hand to pull me along with him.

I felt like a doll. Emotionless. It’s my fault Alexander is dead. Svetlana is going to be in pain when she finds out.

“Remy!” Nick called again.

I heard Remy grunting and we followed the sound.

We were up sets of stairs within seconds and stopped when Christian was taking Remy’s blood.

He managed to push Christian off. “I will end you.” Nick said.

Remy looked sleepily up at me.

I handed my gun to Nick and ran over to give Remy my blood.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered.

Remy took my arm and his fangs broke deep into my skin making me whimper.

I heard Nick exhale. “The only reason you’re still alive is because my sister is in love with you. But I should kick your fucking ass.” Nick threatened.

I looked up at Christian as he looked down at me. Then he looked to Nick. “Well shoot me, because I couldn’t give a damn about her.” He said.

Nick looked to me and I shook my head. He sighed and put the gun down. “I’m going to go find that Alison whore.” He ran down the stairs.

And I took my wrist from Remy and stood to my feet to face Christian.

“We’re not here to kill you.” I said.

“No. You’re here to kill my lover. Do you seriously think I’d let you?” He asked.

“I don’t know anything about you anymore.” I admitted.

Christian stared into my eyes. “You’re right. You don’t know a damn thing about me.”

“You didn’t have to kill Alexander.” I whispered.

Christian sighed. “Yeah I did. I’ll take the fall for it.”

“Christian, Alison hypnotized you. Everything you did was because she made you do it.” I said.

Christian sighed. “I don’t believe you.”

“Ask Nick and Remy. Please believe me. I never ever lied to you, Christian.”

Christian glared at me. “Yes you did. You told me you wasn’t here to kill me yet, I know you have five stakes and mercury in your pocket and belt. I’m not fucking stupid.” He growled.


“They aren’t for you.”

“If they’re for Alison, they’re for me. Give me all the stakes, Leena.”

I stared at him and shook my head.


“No.” I grabbed two at once and threw them both at him, he caught one while the other one missed him and he threw it back at me and I was whipped out of the way and Remy got in the way.

The stake stabbed him in his stomach. “Fuck.” Remy grabbed it and started breathing hard.

I got to my feet and pulled another stake out.

“I thought you weren’t here to kill me.”

“You’re fucking crazy now. I may think that if you’re not here, it can benefit the world.”

“Benefit the world?”


Remy grabbed the stake and pulled it out and let it clatter to the floor.

“I would like to stop getting staked.” He said glaring at Christian.

Christian then looked to me. “Give me everything you have, Leena.”


“You said you loved me. If you did, prove it by giving me everything you have so I know you won’t try to kill me.”

“I love you. Okay? More than anything. But I’m not stupid. I will not give you the stakes.”

Christian closed his eyes and sighed and he was suddenly on top of me on the floor.

“You’re so fucking frustrating.” He breathed.

I quickly grabbed the mercury and sprayed him with it and he got off of me and covered his face with his hands and groaned loudly.

Remy grabbed me and forced me down the hall.

“He’ll be fine.” He told me.

Upstairs, we hear screaming. Me and Remy quickly run up the stairs. “Up ahead, I’ll catch up.” I said breathless.

He nodded and the next second, disappeared in a blurry speed.

I finished running up two sets of stairs and there were bodies everywhere. The whole floor was literally covered in nothing but blood.

I stepped over as many as I could and ran up the stairs. A hand clasp around my ankle and I looked down, Christian.

“Stop.” I said trying to kick him off.

He pulled me down and crawled on top of me and looked me in my eyes. “Stop fighting me.”

I stared.
“Not until you go back to your normal safe. Get the fuck off me, Christian.”

Christian was now two feet from me glaring at me.

Remy growled at him as he appeared next to me.

“I promised Alison that she’ll get another taste of you.”

Remy balled his fist up. “Christian, I will not let you touch, her.” He said.

Christian sighed.

Remy took the stakes out of his belt. “It’s me and you.” He said glaring at Christian.

Christian smiled softly.

I didn’t see Remy stake Christian. It just happened.

Five places and anywhere but his heart, most likely because he knows Christian still has one.

Then Remy grabbed the mercury spray from his pocket.

Christian was laying on the floor groaning as he took the stakes out one by one.

“Go.” Remy said.

“Don’t hurt him anymore.” I said.

Remy glanced at me. “I won’t.”
I nodded and turned to run towards Nick.

I couldn’t find him or hear him. “Nick!” I yelled.

“Le-” His voice was cut off.

I ran towards the sound as quick as I could. “Nick!” I screamed again.

His voice cut off again as he tried to say my name.


I heard him groaning from upstairs and I ran although my muscles were burning.

When I saw him, he was laying on the floor. “Oh my god.” I ran over to him.

“Where’s Alison?” I asked looking around.

“Bitch jumped out the fucking window. Fucking skank. I think she broke my legs. They hurt like a motherfucker.”

“You’ll be okay.” I said sitting him up.

“I think that tall dude left with her. I got them both pretty good with a stake.”

“Alexander would have been happy about that.” I laughed softly as tears threatened to come out of my eyes.

Nick nodded. “Yeah, I know.”

Christian suddenly appeared in front of us and I jumped and held Nick close to me.

He stared down at me.

Remy appeared beside him glaring at him.

Christian kept his eyes on me.

His fangs extended as he looked into my eyes. “Looks like the work here is done.” He said nodding. He made way to turn around.

“Wait,” I begged.

He stopped and turned to glare at me.

“Christian,” I stood to my feet. “Don’t go.” I begged. Okay, I understand my stupidity in not wanting to be out of his presence but I cannot help myself. Even now I’m still in love with him.

“Are you serious, Leena?” Nick asked but I shut him out.

Christian shook his head. “When will you get it through your head that I want nothing to do with you? You mean nothing to me. I do not love you anymore.”

I nodded. “Okay.” I knew that this was just hypnotism though. I knew that my Christian was deep down inside of this morally arrogant Christian.

“If you say so.” I whisper.

Christian makes to turn again but I call his name again.

He sighs and turns his head slightly.

“Forever and Always.” I said.

He then fully looks back at me and smirks. “Don’t count on it.” And he’s suddenly gone. Gone from this spot, gone from the building, gone from my life.

I look to Remy. “Can you give Nick some blood?” I asked.

He nodded, lifted his sleeve up and walked to Nick.

I leaned against the banister and stared out at the place. Filled with blood and dead bodies. I shut my eyes to get rid of the scene.

“We have to go.” I whispered.

Remy nodded and took his wrist away from Nick.

Nick got onto his feet and grabbed the bloody crossbow.

Remy sighed and looked to me.

“Thank you for protecting me, Remy.”

He nodded. “Your welcome. Let’s go home. Get all the weapons. We might need them in the future.”

I walked down the stairs and escalators and gathered all the stakes, the guns and the mercury spray.

I was careful to watch my step. I looked down to Alexander’s body and sighed.

He was laying on his stomach, his head was turned towards me and his eyes were wide open.

“I’m so sorry.” I whispered.

Remy was by my side. “We’ll deal with that later, we have to go right now.”

I nodded and followed Remy towards the doors.

Nick followed closely behind.

Mission: Save Society from my ex, his girl and her brother: Failed.

And It was crazy because I knew they were stronger, how the hell did I expect to save the humans from them?

I was only human.

I’m one of them.

We hurried through the cold night.

Remy pointed to Nick’s car. “I’ll get rid of Alexander’s and I’ll meet you back at your house.” He said.

I nodded. “Thank you.”

He put the weapons in the back seat of Nick’s car and I gave him Alexander’s keys.

Me and Nick got into his car and got out of the parking lot.

He quickly drove back the way he came but made a wrong turn.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Into town. I just want to see if anybody is left.”

“I’m sure they didn’t just wipe out the whole town.”

“Why wouldn’t they? I mean, the humans here didn’t have protection like we did. We had weapons and a vampire on our side. The humans around here didn’t.”

“It’s stupid for them to just leave us alone and wipe out everyone else.”

“Maybe they knew we had Mercury bullets and they got scared.”

“Yeah, a scared vampire, Nick. That makes a helluva lot of sense.” I snapped. He glanced at me as he turned the corner and he stopped.

Blood, glass and bodies…….everywhere.

Our town…….a ghost town now. The streets were silent. Not a car nor person in sight.

“What the fuck?” Nick muttered.

He started the car again and turned every corner and there were just bodies, smashed houses and cars and blood everything.

They literally had a blood fest.

“Nick.” I gasped and squeezed his arm.

He sucked in a breath and exhaled. “It’s okay. Just breathe. Everything will be fine.”


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