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That taste of blood: Book 1

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED)After Leena philips gets in a car accident, she's saved from Christian, a vampire that she's shared a night with two months ago.
After they fall in love with each other, Christian's maker and ex girlfriend comes back into the picture to persuade him to be with her and go on a frenzy.
Will he accept or will he stay with Leena? View table of contents...


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Chapter 11: Have to get him back

Leena's POV

My eyes widened as Remy appeared in the room with a stake poking out of him.

"What the hell?"

Remy didn't look like he was in pain, he looked angry.

He sighed deeply. "I wanted to show you personally what your ex did to me."

"My ex?"

"Yes, your ex."

"What do you mean?"

"He's with Alison now, Leena."

"I knew that."

"No. I mean he's with her as in they're back together. It's over."


"The Christian you were fucking the other night is gone. He's gone. Okay?"

"He isn't."

"Yes he is, Leena! That whore did something to him and its done okay? He's not the same Christian. We lost him."

"No. This is just a temporary thing."

"No! It's not. He's told me about what it was like before and how impossible it was to slip out of that mode when he was first reborn. And with Alison urging it on, we can't get him back."

"Did you talk to him?"

He nodded.

I just don't believe Christian would do this to Remy. I know how Christian is, he wouldn't hurt Remy.

"What did he say?" I asked.

"He basically said 'Fuck you' to the both of us. He doesn't care anymore okay?"

"Are you seriously giving up?" I asked.

"Why help someone who doesn't want to be saved?"

"Because you love him, Remy, just like I do."

"He's stronger than before. I felt it. I'm normally stronger than him but he….he was so different this time. Vicious."

"We can help him. If we can just get him away from Alison-"

"We can't. She was all over his dick. She'll follow him everywhere and he'd do the same with her. They're fucking inseparable."

"He doesn't love me anymore or you. That's what he said?"

Remy nodded. "Basically. It was like neither one of us meant anything to him."

I shut my eyes and bury my head in my hands. Jesus, what the hell is happening? He just suddenly fell back in love with Alison? That doesn't make any sense.

It made me upset. I'm sure it was his own decision to fall back in love with her but he could have at least gave me a phone call or something indicating it was over between me and him.

But if it wasn't over before, it sure as hell is now. But I still want to save him if he's gone mad.

He's told me before he didn't like being that way but now he's suddenly this way again.

Christian falling back in love with Alison plus him going on a rampage equals a big 'WHAT THE FUCK?'

I looked back up to Remy who grabbed onto the stake.

"Does it hurt?" I asked.

He shakes his head. "Only slightly because as soon as he staked me, my skin has grown over it a little."

"I didn't need to know that."

He quickly grabbed it out and threw it on the table. It fell down to the floor and I looked to see the wound in Remy's stomach but it was gone. All that was there a oval shaped hole in his shirt.

"You okay?"

He nods.

"I thought he was fine but this is worst."

Remy nodded. "Damn straight it is."

"What do we do?"

Remy stood to his feet. "I don't know yet."

"I need to talk to him, Remy."

"Alison won't let you."

"Fuck what Alison wants or what she doesn't want."

"Look at ms. Bold." Remy smiled slightly.

"Does Bloodlust have a number?" I asked.

Remy nodded.

"What is it?" I asked.

"You sure you want this?"

I nodded. "I want him." I said.

"All zeroes." Remy said sitting back down on the couch.

"What?" I asked.

"That's the number. Seven zeroes."

"That's stupid."

He shrugged. "I didn't make the number so don't blame me."

I sighed and dialed the number and held my phone to my ear. I looked to the clock. "Its almost sunrise." I said.

"You've been up all night. You need sleep."

"I'll get sleep in the morning." I said. Someone picked up the phone but didn't say a word.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Yes, this is Bloodlust. How may we serve you tonight?"

"Is Christian there?" I asked.

"What?" Asked a deep but all too familiar voice and I breathed in relief. "Christian, are you okay?"

"Do not call here anymore, Leena." The line went dead and I was stuck, dumbfounded where I stood. I took the phone down and looked to Remy.

"I told you, didn't I?"

I don't know if there was something happening outside or if that was just a crack in my heart I just heard. I put the phone down and sighed. "What was that?"

"I guess you can call that the way Christian was before he became sane and then back to frenzied."

"But he hates being that way. That's what he told me."

Remy didn't answer.

I yawned and looked out at the darkness through the windows. "I'm not giving up on him."

"I didn't say you should. Just don't be surprised if you can't change him back to your boyfriend."

"I'm going to try."

"Do not go to bloodlust."

"That's where he's staying isn't it?"

"Yeah, either there or Alison's mansion with James."

"Their mansion?"

"On the edge of town," Remy nodded. "And fuck no, we're not going there."

"Then I'll go."

"Leena, although the bastard just staked the shit out of me, I made a promise to him that I'll protect you so that's what I intend to do. I will not let you out of my sight to go anywhere near them."

"You can't protect me during day now can you?" I asked teasing him.

"They won't be out during the day so ha." He said. He sounded so childish but serious. "Remy, a day passed since he left. This is probably an act. He might have a plan."

"Christian has thought of genius plans that didn't involve staking me."

"So its serious?"

"That's what I've been trying to tell you from the beginning."

I looked back outside.

"Where do you live?" I asked.

"Under this Remington building."

"The college?"

He shook his head. "No."

"Want me to drive you there?"

He raised his eyebrow. "Leena, I'm a vampire, by the time I walk out the door, I'll be there already."

"You should go."

"You sleep." He said.

"I will."

Remy nodded. "I'm trusting you, Leena."

"I know."

He suddenly disappeared. In a blurring speed.

How does he do that?

I laid down on the couch and looked up the ceiling.

I then looked out to the window. The sun was peeking up beyond the horizon.

I have to find some way to get him back. But he doesn't seem to want me back.

Remy said that he was all over Alison.

But this wasn't right. He just changed his mind about her yet he convinced me that he hated her and he had no more feelings for her.

Maybe it was a lie or maybe she hypnotized him or something like that. Can that even happen?


I know I just promised Remy I wouldn't go to Bloodlust but….I'm human, reckless. I grabbed my shoes, my keys, my phone and walked out of the door.

There was something wrong with Christian's sudden change of heart. Literally.

I got into my car and started it up.

My phone rang and there was an unknown number and I picked it up.


"Leena? Leena Philips?"

I nodded. "This is her." I held the phone against my shoulder and my ear as I reversed out of the driveway. Will they be there?

Christian has called me from Bloodlust during the day before.

"Who is this?" I asked.


I smile slightly. "Hey, coming back to town?"

"Yep. Let me guess, Nick said so."

"Yep he's excited."

"I am too. I'll be landing tomorrow night." Oh shit…wait. Wait. I don't think she knows of the vampires. Everyone was told to keep the whole situation only within here in Tankerton, Illinois.

"Umm….are you s-sure you want to come here?"

"Yeah, things didn't work out in Florida."

"Okay, but, I kind of have to tell you something when you get here."

"Why can't you tell me now?"

"You won't believe me."

"Try me." She challenged.

I shook my head. "I rather not," I said as I pulled up to 'Bloodlust'. "I'll tell you when you land. Do you have anywhere to go when you arrive?"

"I was going to check into a hotel until I found a house."

"You can stay with me and Nick until you find a place. I'll come pick you up from the airport tomorrow."

"Okay. I won't be landing until like nine."

"I'll be there."

"Okay, bye, Lee."

"Bye, K." I hung up and sat the phone down.

Oh shit. How the hell will she react to what happens here?

How will she react to the vampires?

I got out of the car and closed it shut.

I walked up the stairs and to the bloodstained glass double doors. I knocked on them and realized how stupid it was.

I push the doors open. Why are they unlocked?

I walk in and everything's completely silent.

"Hello? Christian?" I call.

I bite my lip and look around at the dead quiet club. Its much bigger with no one around.

"Christian?" I call again.

A door forces open and Alison walks out. She's in fishnets and lace lingerie and blood is covering her body.

"What are you doing here?" She stops in her place. There was a short beam of sunlight a few inches towards her open toe heels.

She looked down at it and then looked to me.

"I want to see Christian." I said.

Her eyebrows raised as she smirked and looked beside her.

A pair of shoes stopped on the front stair. And Christian walked out slightly stopping at the beam of sunlight.

He stared down at it before glancing at me. He too, was covered in blood. It was mostly around his mouth.

"Christian." I smile in relief. Yeah he's covered in blood but he's okay.

A smile appears on his face and blood spills out and my smile disappears.

A whimper escapes from the set of stairs leading down. "Please." A girl throws herself out. She's hyperventilating and she looks like she's been bitten by sharks. Her eyes were red and watery and her veins popped intensely against her skin. "Please." She whispers. She looks at me, tired, as she hold a hand out towards me.

I stare down at her and look up to lock eyes with Christian. He still has a smile on his face as he stares at me. He shrugs. "Oops."


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