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Stolen and Used(Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) A virgin girl gets kidnapped and put into the world of pain. View table of contents...


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Chapter 7: Unbelievable

Today was that day. That day the me and Honey would leave this place forever. For some reason, Shane gave me peach colored pills and everytime I asked him what they were for, he'd ignore me. But I took them anyway. It was seven o' clock at night. I was laying down in Shane's bed completely naked. He was holding me in his arms. I just layed there quietly. Pretending that I wanted to be in his arms. He started playing with a piece of my hair. "You know, Ginger, you're the most prettiest girl in this house." I closed my eyes and then opened them back up slowly.

"Am I?" I asked. I felt him nod his head. "Yes. You are." His lips kissed my shoulder and I actually like the way it felt. It gave me a tingling feeling. His hands was rubbing my thigh up and down softly.

"If I wasn't the kind of man I am and if you were at least eight years older, I'd marry you." He said. Thing is, he'll never change. Ever. Even if I don't exactly know Shane that well, I don't see him as the commiting type. Honey did say he slept with or raped just about every girl in this house and there is alot.

"You would change who you are for me?" I asked.

"Maybe. If I could actually trust you. Believe it or not, you're not like the other girls, Ginger. I see that you are more mature. More sophisticated. And I would actually like to see how you are when you actually want sex."

"Maybe if you weren't so rough, I'd actually enjoy it." His lips trailed over my shoulder and he breathed deeply. "Are you getting smart with me, Ginger?" His eyes stared into mine. I shook my head.

"Good because you know what happens when you make me mad." He whispered in my ear as he dug his nails into my thigh. I winced slightly.

"Come on. Shower." I slowly got up and went into the bathroom and he followed me. He turned the shower on as I looked into the mirror. I didn't even recognize myself. I've become this depressed, trapped, girl who has sex constantly with a man that is probably ten years older than her.

I was no longer the straight A, soccer playing, intelligent, innocent virgin. Shane took that all away from me. I got into the shower with him and he stared down at me with lust in his eyes. He placed his hand on my cheek. Water rained down on the both of us as he pressed his lips to mine and pulled me close to him.

He leaned down and pressed his lips against my shoulder and then trailed up to my ear. "If you ever leave me, I'll kill you." He whispered. Why did it seem that Shane was becoming too attached to me. Not for long because around midnight, I'm out of here. I let him do whatever he wanted to to me in the shower. And he made me suck his cock in the shower. I didn't like it but he was being more gentle than James was.

When we got out of the shower, he laid back down in the bed. "Stay with me until I fall asleep." He said. I bit my lip and laid in the bed with him. "I want to get you pregnant." He said. I looked at him with horror in my eyes. "Just a thought. Calm down. I was just thinking aloud."

"W-Why would you want that?" I asked. He shrugged and then climbed on top of me. "Like I said, it's just a thought." He kissed my lips and I placed my hands on his chest and pushed slightly. He stopped kissing me and looked down at me. "I-I'm tired. I really want to sleep. Please?" I asked. He slowly got off of me and laid beside me. I was still naked and so was he. He pulled the covers over us and looked at me. I stared up at the ceiling.

Soon, I heard his quiet snores. I looked over and his eyes were closed and his mouth was slightly open showing his perfect bright teeth. If wouldn't have done all that he has, I would have fallen in love with him on sight.

His right arm was over me. I have to do the test. Just to make sure he's really sleep. I slowly sat up and grabbed his arm, lifted it up and it immediatley flopped back down on me. He's definitely sleep. I looked over at his alarm clock and the numbers said eleven fifty one. I removed his arm from my body and slipped out of the bed. There was no time to go on looking for something to wear. I'll just walk down to my room without any clothes on. All the lights are off so no one would really notice me. I quietly crossed the room and opened the door. I walked out backwards and shut it as gently as possible. I slowly made my way down the hall. I walked down the little set of stairs and opened the door to my room. I knew it was mine because I felt the letter 'G' scraped into the door. I opened it and a cool breeze hit me. I closed my door and turned on the lamp. I know Paradise told me to keep the lights off but I had to find some clothes to wear. I looked on my bed and there was a pair of jeans along with a white t-shirt. Some socks and black tennis shoes. Thank you Honey or Paradise. Whoever.

I slipped the clothes on in a hurry and turned the lamp off before I left out. I didn't bother knocking on Honey's door. I just walked in. I never been in her room before. She told me where it was but I never actually saw the inside. I closed the door. "Honey?" I asked.

"Yeah?" Answered a voice from the dark corner. I gasped. "You ready?" I asked. She moved so that I could see her in the light from the moon. "Been ready since I got here." She whispered back.

We both opened the door and sneaked downstairs. We silently walked through the kitchen and then we made our way into the livingroom. "Paradise?" Honey whispered.

"On the couch." Paradise's high voice answered. She gave three keys to Honey. "What exactly are the keys for? Don't we just have to sneak out the front door?" I asked.

"No. Shane made it so you needed a key to get out. The second key is for one of the cars. You won't make it very far on foot. And the third key is to the keypad you also need to get out." Paradise answered.

"How did you get the keys?" I asked.

"Easy. I was the first girl here. I know all of Shane's hiding places."

"Does he have a w-"

"We have to go." Honey whispered loudly tugging on my arm.

"Okay, stay for ten minutes down here until all the guards come into the room with me. Ten minutes exactly. Oh and also, the password that Shane made for the keypad next to the door is Pussy."

"What?" Honey asked. Shane is such a perv.

"He made the password not me. That's why you always failed when you tried to get out of the house. You never knew the code."

"Okay, so wait ten minutes and type 'Pussy' into the keypad. Got it." Honey said.

"Showtime." Paradise whispered. She got up and I heard her heels disappear into the kitchen and into another room.

Honey and I stayed down on the floor as we heard footsteps following in the same room Paradise was in. As the minutes pass slowly, we stood up looking around. Honey stood up all the way, I brought her back down. "You sure this is a good Idea?" I asked her. I couldn't see the expression she had on her face but her voice was irritated. "It's either do this or be fucked against your will for the rest of your life." She had a point. We both stood up and ducked through the hallway. We ran as quietly as possible through the hall. We ran to the front door. I felt relief wash through my body. And even a few tears came down as I realized that this was it. We're finally about to escape.

Me and Honey hugged for a second and then opened the keypad with one of the keys.

She typed in the word 'Pussy' and it rejected. Me and Honey looked at eachother. He must have thought that it was too easy to guess. So he changed it....of course.Then I saw a slight idea come on her face. She typed in the word 'Ginger'. And it rejected again. She bit her lip and put in the word 'Haley' and it accepted. He used my real name as the password?

Honey forced the key into the lock and turned it. My heart pounded fast and hard inside my chest. She opened the door and we both smiled as we saw outside but our smiles dropped as we saw Shane leaning against a brick wall glaring at us. His hands were in the pockets of his black pants. His white shirt was unbuttoned. "You two do realize that there's a much, much easier way to get out of here, right?" Me and Honey looked at eachother. Then our eyes went back to Shane. His eyes looked at me. "I asked you if you two were planning something and you said no. Am I right, Ginger?" I looked at the ground afraid to look into his angry eyes. He walked over to me and pulled my hair so that I'd look at him. "Am I right?" He said lower. I closed my eyes and nodded. Shane let go of me and looked pass us. Two guards suddenly took both of Honey's arms. "What are you doing?' I asked them.

"Take her to the basement." Shane said. I turned to Shane. "No. Please. No. Don't kill her please Shane. Please. Please. I'm so sorry." I said. I got down on my knees and looked up at him to show him I was serious. "Please." If Honey died, I'd be lost. She's my bestfriend. I love her. "Get up, Ginger. You're going down there too." When he said that, I felt like all hope was completely lost. He grabbed me by my arm and led me down the hall. He stopped in the kitchen as the guards had Paradise and was leading her downstairs. She didn't look upset.

Once we were all downstairs, Shane locked the door and then came down the stairs completely while still gripping my arm. He pushed me against the brick wall and I let out a violent scream. "You done pissed me off beyond the limit, Ginger. I was nice to you. Nicer to you than all the other girls and what do you do? Treat me like I'm fucking stupid. But I'm going to show you who's really stupid." He let go of me. The same man that was in the basement that killed both of those girls came in with a gun in his hand and a smile on his face. I felt fear on my body. I looked over at Honey and Paradise who were sitting on the other side of the room on the floor looking scared. Shane grabbed the gun from the guy's hand and aimed it at me. He pulled the trigger. I screamed but then realized that he missed. The bullet was in the wall hardly an inch from my head. I looked at him as he glared back at me. He missed on purpose.

"Come here, Ginger." He demanded. My heart thumped extremly fast as I came near him. I began to cry. "Shane?"

"Shut up." He answered. I nodded and walked to him. He slapped me and I landed on the floor hitting my head. I let out a scream of pain. "No. Don't you dare." Honey said. I looked at her confused. She had an apologetic look on her face. "If you don't want to watch, close your eyes." Shane said. Watch what? He pulled my jeans down. What was he doing? He pulled my panties down next. I looked over and Honey wasn't looking at me. Neither was Paradise. Honey's eyes were on the ceiling. He wasn't going to do this to me in front of her was he?

He got on top of me. "Fight it." He said. I shook my head. I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction. "Now." He growled. "No!" I yelled and spit on his face. He sighed, wiped it away and spit on my face. I tried to wipe it on my face but he pinned my arms to the floor. He slid the gun to the man and he grabbed it and picked it up.

Shane nodded once and the man smiled and aimed the gun at Paradise and pulled the trigger. "No!" Honey cried. Paradise's eyes widened and she fell to the floor with a hard thud. "Oh my god." I cried and closed my eyes. I opened them and saw Honey holding Paradise's body in her hands. Paradise's blood was everywhere. "Well that was fun." The man with the gun said laughing. "Fuck you!" Honey said with tears in her eyes.

Shane smiled at her and then looked down at me. "You know......I have a better Idea." He got off of me and relief took over my body. He moved Paradise away from Honey and slapped her. She made a sound of pain and her head hit the floor. I think I even heard a crack. He got on top of her and forced his pants down. "No. No. No!" I yelled. The man with the gun held me tightly and I tried to fight him. "Get off of her!" I yelled. "Stop it!" I yelled. The man with the gun wrapped his arms around me making it impossible for me to move. I closed my eyes unable to watch and he impaled himself into Honey. "Can I fuck this one?" The man holding me asked.

"No! That one is mine." Shane growled. I opened my eyes and saw him glaring at me. He pulled out and then pushed into her causing her to make a whimpering noise of pain. I closed my eyes and took myself somewhere else. To not have to focus on this. To not hear it. To not see it. This was unbearable. I would rather him do this to me than Honey.

"No. Shane please. Do it to me. Not her. Please." I begged. He stopped and looked at me. He looked at me as if I was his dinner. "No. No. Ginger, it's fine. I'm fine." Honey said teary eyed. I closed my eyes again as Shane continued. It was harsh torture. So harsh and I couldn't stand it. I wanted Shane dead. I wanted him dead so fucking bad. I felt sick to my stomach. The man that was holding me had an erection poking me in my back. "Hey, whenever we're alone, Its me and you." He said.

"What?" I asked. He smiled. "I'm going to fuck you whenever I can get you alone." I tried to pull away from him. I heard Shane's scream of pleasure and I knew he came inside of Honey.

I pulled away from the guy as Shane stood up pulling his pants back up. I ran to Honey and took her face in my hands. She was staring up at the ceiling not looking at me. Not looking at anyone.

"Honey?" I asked. Her eyes slowly went to mine and they watered up. "I'm so sorry." I whispered and hugged her tightly.

I felt hands on my arms picking me up. "No!" I shouted as Shane dragged me upstairs. I cried loudly wanting Honey. I knew something was wrong with her. "Please!" I cried as he carried me to his room and sat me down on the bed. He ripped my clothes off and stared deep into my eyes. "You need to stop it. Stop your fucking crying. Stop trying to escape. Just stop!" He yelled.

"Don't do this. Please. Just let me go. Please let me go." I begged.

"I can't do that. I want you here. With me."

"I don't want to be here."

"And I don't care." He whispered as he kissed me on my lips. I cried silently. I was never getting out of here. Ever.


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