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Stolen and Used(Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) A virgin girl gets kidnapped and put into the world of pain. View table of contents...


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Author's Note: I have character pictures up for Stolen and used. If you're interested, you should check them out.

Chapter 6: Paradise

Shane's footsteps stomped into the kitchen and I went to lean over the railing of the stairs to listen. I heard him start to shout. "I told you how much it would be if you wanted her. I told you that you don't do anything to her for free you fucking prick!" I heard him yell. I heard James voice but couldn't understand his words clearly. There was suddenly a small silence and then I heard some glass break. There were the screams of girls downtairs. I wanted to go down there to see what was going on but I stayed up here where it was safe. More glass broke and violent screams escaped a man's mouth. I couldn't tell if it was Shane or James. I heard the girls downstairs break down into cries. What the hell happened? I heard a loud bang and footsteps walking near the stairs. I was afraid of who it was so I went into Shane's room and closed the dor and sat on the bed.

The door opened and Shane walked in and closed the door. There was blood on his hands. "What did you do?!" I asked. He looked down at his hands and back to me. He walked to me and leaned down so that our faces were inches from eachother.

"I just want you to know that if you're ever sucking the cock of someone that isn't me, you'll be down stairs in the basement with a gun in your fucking mouth. You got it?" I nodded. He nodded once and then turned to go to the bathroom and he slammed the door behind him. Did he kill James? I think so. And believe it or not, that made me even more scared of him.


A couple of days past and surprisingly, Shane ignored me. He told me I can start sleeping in my room. And I was happy because of that. It was around three o clock and I was laying in my bed. My door open and I was fearful that it was Shane at first. But when I saw that it was Honey, I immediatley smiled. She closed the door and sat on my bed with me. "Whatcha doing?" She asked. "Nothing." I replied. I stared into her eyes and made sure not to look anywhere else. She had alot of bruises over her skin. Her good mood vanished. "I'm going to try to escape." She said. My good mood vanished. I thought back to that girl that was dead in the basement. The girl that Shane made me watched get killed. "No. They will kill you." I said. She nodded and closed her eyes for a second. "I know. But I can't stay here any longer. And I'll be damned if I'm going to leave you here. I need you to come with me." She said. I wanted me and Honey to leave this house more than anything but our chances of actually escaping were very low.

But I didn't care. I wanted to leave this house. More than anything. "Honey, do you understand that we have to come up with the most flawless plan ever?" I asked. A small smile appeared on her lips and she nodded. She climbed into bed next to me and we both stared up at the ceiling.

"It has to be beyond flawless." She said. I nodded. "We can't let anyone else know. Not one girl. No one." I said.

"Yes. But I have something I am going to need you to do." She said. I looked over to her and she looked uneasy for a second. Her eyes slowly matched mine. "I need you to start pretending that you like it when Shane does things to you."

"WHAT?!" I asked sitting up. "Shh." She whispered sitting up with me. "Just so he doesn't become suspicious." She had a good point but pretending to be attracted to a man that takes joy in rape and murder wasn't going to be easy. "Okay." I said indifferently. We both laid back on the bed. "Do you have a deadline to be out of here?" I asked.

Honey was quiet for a second. "I say about one week from now. You just have to make sure that Shane doesn't suspect anything. Make him think that you actually want him and I'll take care of everything else." She said. I nodded and looked back up at the ceiling.

Around six o clock, I woke up not even realizing that I fell asleep. I looked over and Honey was sleeping beside me. I covered her up with my cover and then went to the bathroom. I grabbed a pad that was hidden in the bathroom cabinet and I put it on. I wasn't really a tampon kind of girl. I washed my hands and turned the light off as I opened the door. Shane was in the hallway leaning against the wall looking at me. I already knew what he wanted. He gestured for me to follow him and I did. We went upstairs to his room and he opened and then shut it as we both walked in. I tried to remember what Honey said. She told me to pretend to want it. Problem is, I'm on my period.

"I haven't had you in a week. I can't stand it anymore." He said walking towards me. I placed my hand on his chest. "I'm on my period." I said. He shrugged. "So?" Was he serious? Having sex while being on your period is just.....gross.

"So, we can't do anything." I said. "Yes we can." He said sliding his jacket off. I tried to be someone else. Anyone else besides mself. I tried to turn myself into this seductive girl that enjoys it when guys have their way with her. I unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his shoulders and pressed my lips against his. He pulled my body close to his and kissed me hungrily. I fell back onto the bed and he basically leaped on top of me and pressed his lips against mine again while running his hands over my body. He broke the kiss for a second. "Why aren't you fighting it?" He asked. I didn't answer. I just stayed silent as he looked down at me. His eyebrows pulled together. Both of his hands went to my throat and he squeezed cutting my air off. "What are you planning?" He asked. Anger was in his tone. Guess he was smarter than me and Honey gave him credit for. "Answer me." He growled. "Nothing.......I swear." I whispered.

He slowly took his hands away and placed them on the bed on both sides of my head to hold up his body. "If you and Honey dare tries to escape........" I shook my head before he even said the word 'dare'.

"We're not, Shane. I swear that we won't. I learned my lesson. I....just need you to touch me." I said. His expression became softer but he didn't smile at my sudden longing for him. He just leaned down and kissed me again. His kisses rougher than before almost as if he was testing me.

I felt his erection against my stomach and I tried not to shy away from it. I would have broke my cover. There was a sudden knock at the door. Shane pulled away from me. "Go away! I'm busy." And then started to kiss my neck. Someone banged hard on the door. And then an unfamiliar voice came from the other side of it. Whoever it was, it was a man speaking in a different language. Whatever he said must have made Shane shocked because he was up at the door in a millisecond. I sat up looking as he opened the door. He didn't open it all the way. As the man talked to him, I turned my attention to the room and looked out the window to the sun. I got up and looked outside. Been a while since I've been out there. I looked down to a dark car outside. I bit my lip and went back to the bed. Shane has no kind of weapons in here? Not one?

Shane began speaking in a different language that I never heard but sounded sexy. What the hell am I thinking? I have to leave. I have to get out of here. Shane closed the door and I looked into his eyes as he got back on the bed with me. "Nothing to worry about." He said. It sounded like he was trying to convince himself more than me. "What happened?" I asked. He shook his head and forced me down on the bed. His touches much rougher and agressive as if he was trying to get his anger out on me. His lips touched mine and I felt his hands lift up my shirt. I sighed knowing this process coming up was about to be painful. His hands slid my panties down to my ankles and he placed himself in between my legs. His jeans against my 'area' was uncomfortable but I didn't say a word about it. As if he was reading my mind, He began to unbutton his pants and pulled them down as far as he can without getting off of me. He wasn't wearing any boxers at all. I wonder why. His cock was my entrance. "But.....blood would get on your bed." I said. He just smiled. "Maybe that's what I want." He said. He was sick.

I didn't have time to think before he buried himself inside of me. I tensed up and tried to hold back my tears of pain and anger. He stared into my eyes as he constantly almost rythymically pushed in and out of me. I didn't want to look him in the eye as he did this to me but for some reason, I couldn't tear my gaze from his. "Do you love me?" He asked. Remember what Honey said. Remember what Honey said.

"Yes, I do." I leaned up and kissed him as hard as possible. I dug my fingers in to his back. And he might think it was out of pleasure, but it was out of hate. If I was pretending to like this, perhaps I should make sounds. As me and his body rocked back and forth on the bed, I let out small moans and that made him go faster. Good. The faster he goes, the faster he'll be done.

Soon, the bed was constantly banging against the wall every time he pushed. I made more sounds to make it seem like I liked what he was doing. He seemed pretty convinced. My heartbeat got faster. His loud moans told me he was close. We both moaned in Unison although only one of us felt the actual pleasure.

I suddenly felt him do one hard push and I felt the warm liquid inside of me. He cried out my name and collasped on top of me breathing hard. I didn't move not one inch. I closed my eyes. Mentally, I repeatedly banged his head against the wall until he had no more blood left in his skull.

"Ginger." He said my name softly. "Yeah?" I asked. He looked at me and turned his gaze away. "I'm glad you're here." He responded as he laid on my chest. That makes one of us.

He soon got off of me and I sat up and saw blood on the sheets. Shane didn't look bothered by it. I got up as he grabbed the sheet off the bed and opened the door, then threw them into the hall floor. "The maid will come for them." He said and then slowly turned to me. "See? I told you that you'll start enjoying it soon." I threw him a fake smile.

"Shower." He answered. I nodded and got in with him. When we got out, Honey was in our room. "What do you want?" Shane asked pulling me close to him.

" I want to talk to Ginger......alone." Shane let go of me and stood in front of Honey. "Well I'm busy with her right now. You'll talk to her later."

Honey glanced at me once before turning and walking out. "What does she want to talk to you about?" He asked glaring into my eyes. I shrugged. He grabbed my arm and squeezed tightly. "If you girls are planning something........" The anger in his eyes finished his sentence.

"I swear to you that we're not trying anything." He let go of my arm and grabbed me some clothing. And threw a tampon on the bed. "What is that?" I asked.

He had a small smirk on his face. "A teenager that doesn't know what a tampon is? That's a first." He snickered. I rolled my eyes.

"No. I mean why is it here? I don't wear Tampons. I wear pads."

"Well the outfit I have prepared for you would not look right with a pad."

"Well that's what I wear so I'm wearing them." I said. He forced the door open and went out in the hall for a second. At least a minute and a half later, he appeared back in the room with a box of pads. He opened the window and threw them out. "No!" I shouted running to the window. I looked out to see the box three stories down on the concrete. "Why did you do that?!" I yelled at him. "You will wear whatever I tell you to wear." He said.

"No I won't!" I yelled pushing him. It had very little affect and he raised his hand and slapped me. My hand flew up to my burning cheek.

"You're going to learn to repect me. Now unless you want to be down in that basement starving and getting fucked every two seconds, I suggest you keep your fucking mouth shut." He threatened. I nodded and leaned against the wall feaful of anything else he might plan to do.

He turned and placed his clothes on. Tears rolled down my stinging cheek. "I...I don't know how to put a tampon on." I admitted. He looked and me with a small smile. "I'll try to do it for you." He grabbed it in his hand. "No!" He sent me a warning glare. "I mean.....no. I'll ask Honey to show me." He gave the tampon to me and gestured for me to leave. I left out of the room and walked down the hall. I saw Honey talking to the girl that Shane named Cookie. Honey looked at me and then shooed Cookie away.

"Hey. You okay?" She asked. I nodded. Definitely not. "What did you want to talk about?" I asked.Her eyes looked down to the tampon in my hand. "Um........"

"Yeah. I know. I need you to teach me how to put one on. I never did it before. I only put on pads but Shane just threw them out of the window." She sighed.

"I fucking hate him. Come on." She grabbed my hand and led me into the room before closing the door. "Shane is a fucking dick." She said. She brought me into the bathroom that was in the room and closed the door as she left out. "I'm going to tell you how to do it. Okay?"

"Okay." I answered. Honey taught me how to put the tampon in and I instantly felt better. I opened the door and she smiled at me. "Everything feels okay?" I nodded.

"So what did you want to talk about?" I asked. She hesitated a little.

"So I told one girl about our plan." My eyes widened. "What?! Honey how could you do that?" She shook her head.

"Just listen. Her name is Paradise. She doesn't want to escape but she wants to help us."

"Why doesn't she want to escape." Honey ran her fingers through her hair. "Paradise A.KA. Jenna Smith never had any family or barely a home. Unfortunately we're the closest thing to family she has. She feel that if she escapes, she won't have any where to go and she'll be screwed. But luckily she loves me and she has found an escape."

"Really?" Honey nodded with a big smile crossing her face. "And we will make our escape two days from now."

"Why did you move it up?"

"The sooner we live this hell hole, the sooner we can get our lives back on track." Honey was smart and confident. "Honey?" I asked. She fell down on the bed and looked at me.

"Where did you live before you came here?" I asked. She shrugged. "Everywhere I guess. I liked to travel alot so....I really don't have a specific place. I've been here for more than three years. I've spent those three years trying to find an escape but couldn't. I've never actually had the guts to try to escape until you came along."

I smiled at her and she smiled back.

"I better get back before Shane gets mad."

"Meet me back in this room in a couple of hours after Dinner." I nodded once and went back to Shane's room. I placed on a pair of fishnets. Black heels and a black and red bustier. Along with a G-string.

Why does he always give me such slutty things to wear? He smiled at me. "Dinner will be served soon. Be downstairs in ten minutes." He walked out and closed the door. I suddenly heard a noise in the bathroom. I slowly walked over and opened the door. A girl with dirty blonde hair and black glasses was picking up something that fell over. I looked at her questioningly. "Oh. I'm sorry." She said picking the small trash can up. "Uh, who are you?" I asked.

"I'm Paradise. I snuck in here a while ago. I'm so sorry. Just for you to know, I didn't do anything with Shane. I know you like him."

I shook my head. "Oh god no. I don't care for him at all. So...you're the one that can help me and Honey escape?" She nodded. "So what's the plan?" I asked.

"Is Shane out there?" She asked. I shook my head. She walked pass me out into the bedroom.

"Honey told me you two want to escape two days from now. So....here's what I decided." She sat on the bed and crossed her legs. "Two days from now is Monday. That whole day, spend it with Shane so that you'll be able to sleep alone in your room. At midnight, go into Honey's room and both of you come and meet me in the livingroom. It's important that you leave all of the lights off. You will meet me in the livingroom and I'll have the key for you and then you'll just sneak out the front door."

I paused for a while. "That? That's it?" She nodded once. "Wait. There's guards surrounding the house." I said. A small devious smile appeared on her face. "They'll be.......distracted."

She tried to hide her smile but she wasn't succeeding. "So, you really think this will work?" I asked.

She nodded. "Beyond Positive." She answered.


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