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Stolen and Used(Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) A virgin girl gets kidnapped and put into the world of pain. View table of contents...


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Chapter 5: Bad Things

Shane led me out of the hallway and into the kitchen. He then, took me to a door I've never noticed before. He opened it and took me downstairs. It was a basement. His hands went through my hair and pulled me into the small room. Everything was dark but I heard whimpering. The lights suddenly cut on and what I saw was just.....brutal. Three girls that looked hungry, dirty and bloody were tied to a bed with a piece of cloth tied over their mouths. I placed my hand over my mouth. I looked over and two girls were on their knees with their hands turned behind their backs. Their mouths had also had cloths tied over it. I turned to Shane. "Why are you doing this to them?" I cried. A small smile appeared on his face. "Punishment, Ginger." He looked pass me and I turned around to see a guy with a gun in his hands. I looked back at Shane with a pleading expression on my face. "Don't." I begged. Shane smiled and nodded once to the guy. "No!" I yelled stepping in front of the girls. I don't know why I was protecting them. I guess I felt sorry for them.

"Move aside before you become the target." The man with the gun in his hand said. "And if she becomes the target, you and your fucking family will become the target." Shane said. The man sighed and walked over to me. He pushed me towards Shane and Shane grabbed both of my arms and made me watch. "One of the girls was crying so loudly and slobbing. Even snot was coming out of her nose. I felt bad for her. "I actually liked, Cherry. She gave good blow jobs." Shane commented. He disgusted me. The man pointed the gun to her forehead and Cherry cried louder and closed her eyes. Her muffled screams sounded like she was saying 'please don't' and 'I'm sorry'. The man suddenly took the gun away.

I let out a sigh of relief. He untied the cloth from her mouth and threw it on the floor. She stopped crying and looked at him confused. Mascara was running down her cheeks along with her tears. "Open your mouth, beautiful." He whispered. She began to cry again. "If you don't open your fucking mouth, I'm going to shoot you in a place you definitely don't want to get shot it." He aimed the gun towards her crotch. Oh fuck. She slowly opened her mouth and he placed the gun in and immediatley pulled the trigger. The other girls screamed and cried as Cherry's body dropped to the floor as blood poured out of her head and splattered on the wall. Her eyes were wide open staring at the floor. My stomach immediatley felt queasy at the sight of her blood. I dropped to the floor and began to feel it come up. I threw up onto the floor. I wasn't able to hold it in.

"Can't handle it?" Shane asked. I laid my head on the floor. I suddenly felt dizzy. I can't believe what I just saw.

"You got one more to see, Ginger." Shane said. He picked me up from the floor and held me still.

The man with the gun looked at the next girl hungrily. "What's her name?" He asked. She had black hair which was tangled. Her eyes were red from crying so much. Her skin was pale and she had a lip piercing. "I named her Devil." Shane said. "How is she in bed?" The man asked eyeing her like she was a drink of water on a hot day. "I'll give her a six and a half. I've had better." He said as he kissed my temple. I turned away from him. "She's fucking hot." He said circling around behind her. I guess looking at her ass. "Does she do anal?"

"Yeah. But I had to cover her mouth during the whole thing because she was screaming the whole time." Shane replied. The man circled back to in front of her. "I want to fuck her before I......you know."

"Okay," Shane answered. "Just call me in when you're about to kill her, Ginger needs to learn what happens when girl try to escape." The man nodded once as he unchained the girl. The girl 'Devil' tried to push him away from her but he forced himself on top of her and started unbuttoning his pants. "No!" She cried.

"You want to watch?" Shane asked. I pulled myself away from him and walked upstairs angrily. I felt him following me. He grabbed my arm and brought upstairs and into his room. I sat on his bed and wiped away the tears that slowly rolled down tickling my face.

"So, you see, Ginger. That's what happens. You either get killed or raped or both. And unfortunately, Devil is going to get both. "But you and Honey are somewhat safe. Because you two seem to have the best pussy in this house." I closed my eyes. I felt his hands rubbing my thigh and slipping between my legs. I moved his hand off of me. I suddenly felt his fist against my nose. I fell back onto the bed holding my nose. I already knew it was bleeding my eyes stayed closed. I suddenly felt my panties sliding down my legs. I began kicking him as hard as possible. But he grabbed my legs and forced them apart. "Don't!" I screamed. I sat up trying to push him away. He positioned himself in between my legs and made me lay back down. "Get the fuck off me!" I yelled. He placed his hand over my mouth as he enetered me. I was still sore so the feeling was unbearable.

My heart pounded loudly in fear. I just went to a completely different place in my head. I closed my eyes tightly and imagined myself back at home in my bed talking to my mother. I remember when she let me stay up late every thursday night. She figured it was okay since it was basically the last night before the weekend. We would talk about any and everything. We'd laugh. We'd fight but it was only because we loved eachother so much. Her laugh is what I miss the most of her. I clutched the sheets in my hand as he leaned down and kissed my lips as he pushed in and out of me. Every thrust harder and more painful than the last. I have to go back to where I was. The happy moments. I have to go there at least until he's done.

When my mom and dad got married. I was nine I believe. I remember that being the best day of my life. I remember everything about that day. The wide grin that was on my dad's face. The way he looked at her like no one could replace her. But that's now ironic because he just did replace her.

Shane moaned loudly and I felt a hot liquid inside of me and that snapped me back to reality. I opened my eyes and his face was inches from mine. He was breathing hard against my face. "You're fucking amazing, Ginger." He breathed. Could be a compliment but not in this case. I began to push him off of me. He stayed where he was for a couple of seconds and then got off of me. He laid beside me on the bed still breathing hard staring up at the ceiling with a small smile on his face. I wish I had a knife in my hand so I could stab him in the throat. He got up and pulled his pants back up. "It's almost time for lunch. Take a shower and then come downstairs. When you get out the shower, your clothes will be on the bed. Oh and I suggest you take these pills." He placed them on the bed beside me. His eyes roamed over my body one last time before he walked out of the room.

I slowly got up and went to the bathroom. I looked into the mirror and saw that some of the blood dried up. I turned on the water to the shower and got in. It helped me a little bit. Only a little bit. When I got out of the shower, on the bed was a white bra and panty set with a white strapless see through dress. It was very short. And beside the slutty outfit, was a pair of white heels. I placed the outfit on and looked into the mirror. The only problem was the depressed look on my face. I grabbed a comb from the bathroom and combed my hair repeatedly until it looked decent. I went through the drawers and found a brand new tooth brush. Fuck it. He's making me stay here, I'm going to use whatever I want. I brushed my teeth and placed the toothbrush into the container with the rest.

With the way Shane was, I'm pretty sure he has to have some kind of weapon around. Anything. I looked at the time, twelve thirty.

I'll search for something later. I went back into the bedroom and looked at the pasch colored pills. What kind of pills were they anyway? I grabbed them. There was two of them and I just placed them in my mouth and swallowed them. Huge mistake. I should have gotten water. Too late now. I walked out of the room and downstairs into the kitchen. Shane was in the kitchen kissing some girl. It looked like she wanted it too. She was against the counter gripping his hair in her fingers. His body was pressed against hers. I wonder when they will notice my presence. I cleared my throat and Shane slowly turned around and looked at me. A small smile appeared on his lips.

He turned back to the girl who was smiling flirtaciously. "Cookie, go to your boss." she nodded and walked pass him out of the room. He looked at her ass as she walked off and then turned to me. I didn't know what my expression read but he smiled. "See? Why can't you act like that whenever I'm fucking or kissing you? Why can't you at least pretend like you want it?" He asked.

"Because I don't. I want to leave." I said. Shane walked over to me. He then pressed me against the counter. "Why would you want to leave when you got me?" Does he not understand that I don't want to be here? Unbelievable. "I don't want you. I want to go home." I demanded.

"Do you want me to embarrass you in front of everyone?" He asked. I shook my head. "Then get in that room and act respectful and if you don't.........." He cupped my pussy with his hand. "I will embarass you in front of everyone. And you'll be sorry." I heard the threat in his voice. And it honestly scared me. "Get in there." He said. I let out a long sigh and walked into the dining room. The guys were once again at the big table talking and laughing. The girls were at the other table not really laughing. Just talking. I didn't see Honey anywhere. But James was sitting at the table with the guys. And he kept his eyes on me.

What did he want from me? Oh wait, I already know. "Sit." Shane said. I sat in an open seat and he sat next to me. I stared at James as he stared back at me. He stared at me out of fascination and I stared at him out of anger. I had to say something. "Where is Honey?" I asked loud eneough for everyone to hear. Everyone stopped talking and looked at me.

James left my glare and looked somewhere else. "What did you do to her?" I asked. James slowly looked back at me. This time he had a small smirk on his face. "You really want to know?" He asked. Shane grabbed my hand and squeezed it extremely tight.

"It's none of your business." Shane said. But I ignored his comment. "Yes. I want to know." James smiled and then looked at Shane. "Can I show her?" I looked at Shane measuring his expression. He looked at me and he was clearly angry. But he nodded once. James got up and gestured for me to follow him. I scooted my chair back and followed him as he led me upstairs. We were in the long hallway when he stopped and suddenly pushed me against the wall. "You're so fucking nosy." He said angrily.

"Get off of me!" I screamed. He covered my mouth with his hand. "Shh. I'm not going to let you see that fucking bitch unless you do one thing for me." He whispered. I shook my head. "You have to suck my cock first." I never knew how to do that nor have I wanted to know how. I shook my head again. "Or.....I can just make you suck my cock and not take you to see the bitch at all." I began to cry. Why was he doing this to me? I had to see Honey. She's the only person in here that meant something to me. "Okay." I said under his hand. He took his hand away and unbuttoned his pants. "Get on your knees." He said. We were going to do it right here in the hallway? I slowly got down onto my knees and looked up at him. He smiled down at me and pulled down his pants. And then his boxers. His wasn't as big as Shane's but he was a pretty big size. "Wait." He said. He turned so that he was aginst the wall and I turned so that I was facing him again. I grabbed him member into my hand and stroked back and forth. I was embarrased especially because I hardly knew what I was doing. I had a nervous feeling in my stomach. I slowly open my mouth and closed my eyes as I placed it in my mouth. The taste wasn't extremely disgusting but neither was it good.

He shoved it deeper in my mouth hitting my gag reflex. I immediatley took it out of my mouth and coughed loudly. He grabbed my hair and shoved his dick back in my mouth. He shoved it in and out repeatedly. Tons of slob escaped out of my mouth. He groaned and tilted his head back against the wall and closed his eyes. I felt like I was choking. "Keep going." He moaned digging his nails into my scalp. I wanted to scream in pain but I stopped myself and continued to do what he wanted.

His moaning then got louder and I felt something warm shoot inside of my mouth. I immediatley spit it out onto the floor. And coughed up some more. My eyes got watery and I spit more out onto the floor.

When I got as much of his.....cum out of my mouth, I got up and looked at him. "I hope you know that you're going to clean that up later." I slowly nodded and got back up to my feet. "Go clean youself up and I'll take you to see that slut." I turned and went into Shane's room and into the bathroom. I cleaned my face and brushed my teeth again. When my mouth was cleaned out, I went back out into the hallway where James was adjusting the button to his pants. He looked at me and smiled. "Was that your first time doing that?" He asked. I nodded. "Good job." He said and then led me down the hall. I was disgusted with myself for what I've just done. It was sick and so was he.

He led me to the end of the hall and to a pale white door. He took a key out of his pocket and placed it in the door. He turned the nob and the door opened. It was dark and he flicked on the light. Honey was tied to a bed sleeping. She was completely naked. There was a few bottles of alcohol by the bed. "What did you do to her?" I asked. He just smiled and leaned against the door. "Can I have some time alone with her?" I asked. James closed the door and I heard him lock it. I turned and got on my knees beside Honey. I grabbed her face in my hands. She was burning up. She had a fever. "Honey?" I asked. Her eyes slowly opened. "Ginger?" She whispered. I untied her hands and her legs."It's okay." I said. There was a small sink in the corner and I grabbed a sheet off the bed and wet it with the water and started to wipe all the dirt off of her body. I didn't feel uncomfortable about it either. It was as if I've been doing this for years. I washed the dried up blood from her face. I took off my bra and panties and placed them on her. They were better than nothing. I just wore the see through dress now. And at this moment, I didn't even care. I wrapped the comforter around her body and stroked her hair back and forth. "Thank you." She whispered. I nodded. She slowly closed her eyes and drifted back to sleep.

I knew she felt horrible. Emotionally and physically. And I thought I was going through alot. The door opened and I turned to see Shane. He had a cigarette in his mouth. He leaned against the wall looking at Honey. "She's sick. You should give her a break." I said to him.

"I'm not the one fucking her." He replied.

"Why do you have to act so fucking careless all the time?" I asked. He came over to me and grabbed my arm. He took the cigarette and placed it against my arm. I felt the burning feeling and screamed. "Ahhh!" I cried. He threw the cigarette down and stepped on it and then looked at me. He placed his hand over the burn on my arm. "Please stop." I cried. "You might want to think twice before you ever fucking talk to me like that again." I nodded. He pulled me out of the room and closed the door behind him. He stopped and looked down at the floor where I spit out James's cum. "What is that?" He asked. I was a horrible liar.

"Um. I-I don't know." He looked at me with fierceness in his eyes. "Did you throw up?" He asked. I nodded slowly. "Why is it white?" He asked. I couldn't answer. Realization appeared on his face. "You sucked his cock didn't you?"

"He made me. I'm so sorry." I said. He pushed me against the wall and it made my head hurt. I started to feel dizzy. "You go wait in my room. I'll deal with you later." He let go of me and stomped downstairs. That was the thing that scared me the most about Shane. I never know what he was going to do.


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