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Stolen and Used(Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) A virgin girl gets kidnapped and put into the world of pain. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 10, 2012    Reads: 3,778    Comments: 20    Likes: 8   

Chapter 3: Taken from me

I looked around the room and my eyes stopped on a wall that had burgandy curtains against it. I slowly walked over and pulled the curtains apart. There was a window covered by a huge bar. It was raining outside. I tried to lift up the window but it wouldn't budge. "Fuck!" I yelled. "What are you doing, Ginger?" Asked a voice. I already knew it was him. I thought he had to go somewhere. "I.....I...I'm not doing anything." I said slowly turning.

"Interesting." He said as he slowly walked towards me. "I swear." I said slowly backing away. "Come here, Ginger." He said as he stopped walking. A small smile was on his face. And that smile scared me. "You do realize that you're only making it bad for yourself by not doing what I say, right?" I didn't answer. Without warning, he walked to me and pressed me against the wall. "Just a small preview of tonight." He whispered in my ear. He grabbed my hand and made me feel his erection in his pants. My whole body was shaking with fear. He pressed his lips against mine. His hands squeezed my breast while he continued to kiss me. It was hard to breathe as his tongue continued to explore my mouth. I started pushing him. He stepped back slightly. "You are so perfect." he breathed. I bit my lip and looked down at the floor.

"We'll be having lunch soon, and I want you to look sexy when it comes." He went to the dark wooden drawer and pulled out what looked like a dress and set it on the bed. "If you refuse to come down at exactly twelve fifthteen, I'll come up here, make you eat the fucking dress and you'll be wearing nothing. Got it?" I nodded. He smiled and then left, closing the door after him. I looked around and found an alarm clock. The big red letters said eleven fifty five. I could use some of my time to try to escape. I went back to the window and tried to lift it up. No use. Fuck! I sighed and leaned against the wall. I hated this fucking place. I just stood there thinking and didn't notice that the time said twelve twenty. The door opened and Shane looked angry. "You see what that time says?" He asked. I looked at him speechless. He walked over and knocked the alarm clock on the floor. He walked to me and punched a hole in the wall inches from my face. I flinched.

"If you don't put on that fucking outfit, I'm going to shove down your throat. Is that clear?" I didn't answer. I just looked at him too shooken up to talk. "Is that clear, Ginger?" He asked again. I nodded. He turned around and slammed the door as he walked out of the room. I slowly walked over and grabbed the fabric in my hands. It was a short black strapless dress. I don't normally reveal so much skin. I took off my clothes and grabbed the short dress and placed it on my body. It barely covered my ass. I sighed and looked into the long mirror that was in the corner of the room. I looked like a slut. Maybe that was the point. I opened the door and Shane was standing against the wall looking at me. If he wouldn't have kidnapped me, I would have fallen in love with him the second I saw him. He smiled when he saw my appearence.

"Come here, Ginger." He said softly. I slowly obeyed him. His hand slid up in between my legs and his finger slid back and forth against my panties. "One error." He said. I looked at him questioningly. "No panties. Take them off." He said. I looked down to the floor. Was he serious? I slowly turned to the room. He grabbed my arm tightly. "In front of me." He breathed. Tears were coming to my eyes as I turned back to him. "You know what, I'll do it myself." He said. He got on his knees and lifted my dress. He grabbed the hem line of my panties and slowly pulled them down while looking up into my eyes. They fell down to my feet and he slid his finger against my folds. I whimpered a little. It was out of defeat. He was going to do what he wanted and I couldn't stop him. He smiled up at me and got up. He pulled my dress down. "I should fuck you right now." He whispered pressing me against the door of my room. My breathing became heavy. "B-But what a-about lunch?" I asked. He shook his head. "Fuck lunch. We can eat when we're done." He said.

"Please. I'm hungry." I begged. And it wasn't a lie. He smiled. "And?" I had to stop him. "Please. Can we just eat?" I asked. He sighed and then backed away from me. "Go downstairs." He said. I nodded and slowly walked down the hall. I walked down a pair of spiral stairs and he led me to the dining room. It was a huge room with two tables. At one table was guys and at the other tables were the girls. I recognized Honey at the table with the guys. She smiled at me and I smiled back at her. "Sit down." He said pointing to a seat. I sat down and he sat beside me. Everyone was talking. "Everybody, this is my new pet, Ginger." Shane announced. The guys all looked at me with wide grins on their faces. It was an awkward moment so I just looked down.

Lunch was good. I didn't talk at all but everyone else was talking. I suddenly felt a hand on my thigh. I looked down to see Shane's hand slipping between my legs. I stayed where I was scared to move. After a few minutes, he told Honey to get me a pair of heels. I followed her into a closet that was in the livingroom. She opened the door and I followed her in. "So....has he attempted to deflower you yet?" She asked. I nodded remebering that encounter we had upstairs. "Yeah and he was touching me under the table at lunch." She looked back at me. "Really? He's never done that to me or any of the other girls. He must really think you're special." That didn't make me so happy. She grabbed a crate that was full of heels. "What size are you?" she asked. "Four." I responded. She grabbed a pair of gold heels and gave them to me. I placed them on my feet. I wasn't good in heels. I hardly ever wore them. I only wore them to my mother's funeral. "Honey?" I asked. She raised her eyebrows. "Is it going to hurt? When he......."

"Only in the beggining. But knowing Shane, it might hurt all the way through." She said with sadness in her voice. I bit my lip holding back the tears that threatened to come out.

"Well...I hate to get in your business and all but when you and him......you know. Does it hurt you?" She thought for a second. "No. He likes to be rough and it use to hurt me but not anymore. Just do everything he says. But don't fight him. Even if he asks you to, don't he'll take too much joy in that and just continue to fuck you over and over again and I'm sure you don't want that." I shook my head.

"Just relax. You'll be fine. I promise." She said. I nodded. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly. At least I had one friend here.

When it was ten o clock at night, I was sitting in my bed reading some books I found. The door opened and Shane walked in. "Come on." He said holding out his hand. I slowly placed my hand in his and got up. He led me back to the bedroom I woke up in. He closed the door and locked it. I was so nervous. Shane turned to me and smiled. "Just relax, Ginger. I won't hurt you." He whispered. He took his jacket off and threw it on the floor. I didn't know what to do so I just stood there. He walked to me and got down on his knees. He grabbed my leg and took my gold heel off of my right foot. Then did the same with my left. His hands slowly slid up my left leg and he pulled the dress up. He stood up and pulled it over my head. I cover myself the best way I could with my hands. He removed my hands from my body and his eyes trailed up and down my body. He smiled and looked into my eyes. "You're special from the other girls." He said.

I bit my lip. "Go lay down on the bed." He said softly. I slowly obeyed. I laid onto the pillows and looked at him. I wonder if he noticed the tears slowly rolling down my cheeks. I watched him as he slowly undressed. Once I saw his cock, my eyes widened. It was huge. Was it even going to fit? He smiled at my reaction and then turned and flicked the light off. The only light there was, was a small lamp that was on the night stand. Shane climbed onto the bed and I felt his body climb on top of mine. That's when the fear filled my body again. My silent crying became audible. "Shh, Ginger, it's okay." He whispered in my ear.

"It's going to hurt." I cried. My body was still shaking. "I'll try to be gentle." He said. I shook my head. "No. I'm a virgin." I finally admitted. He was quiet for a long moment. I couldn't clearly see his face but I hope he wasn't angry. I suddenly felt a stinging pain 'down there'. I cried out in pain. "You lied to me?" He asked. "I'm sorry." I whispered.

"You don't ever lie to me. You understand?" He asked. I nodded. But then realized he probably couldn't see it. "Yes." I said. He placed his lips on mine and moaned as I felt him slowly entering me. My body tensed up and my hands clutched the covers. His tongue fought with mine. There was no where to go. Nothing to do. I just have to lay here. When he pushed in a little deeper, I felt something tearing. I dug my nails into his back and bit my lip to hold in my cries. I couldn't hold them in for long. "It's okay." He whispered. When he pushed in all the way, I felt a violent pain ripping through my body. "Shane." I cried trying to push him off me. But I remembered what Honey said.

I stopped pushing him. He stayed inside of me. Not moving almost as if he was waiting. The pain was slowly ceasing. Without warning, he pulled out and pushed back in going in deep and the pain got worst. I didn't care if he wanted me to fight or not. I started pushing him off of me. "Get off!" I yelled. He held my wrists down to the bed and began to push in and out fast. I let out a whimper of pain everytime he pushed in. His moans of pleasure and my cries of pain filled the room. It felt like everything was being taken from me. Everything. "Stop crying. You like it." Shane growled in my ear.

"Fuck you!" I yelled at him. "You are." He moaned. His thrusting became faster and rougher. "Get off of me!" I cried. He leaned down so that our faces were barely an inch apart. "If you don't want to get fucked in your ass, I suggest you shut the fuck up." He held himself up by his arms as he bit and tugged on my bottom lip.I felt weak and powerless. So I had no choice but to give in and let him do what he wanted.

I felt him do one hard thrust that caused me to scream in pain. He kept me pinned on the bed as he groaned my name repeatedly. I tried to push him off but he laid his head on my chest and I was unable to move. He stayed inside of me.

At this moment, I felt disgusting. I just felt dirty, powerless, guilty. I could have fought harder. His head was laying against my breast. I wanted to kill him. I want him dead.

I closed my eyes slowly and then when I opened them, it was daytime outside. I hate when that happens.

Shane was no longer on me. I sat up and heard the shower running in the bathroom. Maybe this was my chance to escape. I threw the covers off of me and looked down in between my legs. There was blood there and tears immediatley swelled up in my eyes as the events of what happened last night came into my mind. The shower water suddenly shut off. I quickly got up and went for the door. "What are you doing?" Shane asked as my hand was on the door knob. I slowly turned to see his entire body wet from water and there was a towel around his waist. "Nothing." I answered.

"Come here." He whispered. I hesitated slightly but slowly obeyed. His hand slowly trailed down my body and went in between my legs. "Are you sore?" He asked. Extremely. "Yes." I admitted. He smiled. "Go take a shower. I'll get you some clothes and I want you downstairs in twenty minutes. Is that clear?" I nodded. His index finger touched my lips lightly. "Last night was amazing." He whispered. I didn't respond. I wanted last night to become a forgotten memory.

I got in the shower washing every part of me numerous of times. I still felt dirty though. I can't even believe that happened last night. When I got out of the shower, Shane was no where to be found but there was a red outfit and red heels on the bed. The sheets were gone. I guess that Shane noticed the blood. I dried off my hair and my body and threw the towel on the bed. There were a pair of small red panties. A red bra and a black see through robe that stopped an inch below my ass. I placed the outfit on and looked into the mirror. I look like a fucking stripper. A stripper who was no longer a virgin. I went into the bathroom and found a blow dryer. I blow dried my hair and looked at the time. Eighteen minutes went by. I sighed and slowly opened the door. I heard laughing downstairs. Prepare to be embarrased. I walked down the hall and down the stairs.

When I got into the kitchen, the girls who were half naked stared at me. I had a feeling I wasn't liked very much. "Why is everybody so quiet?" asked Honey as she walked into the room. She was wearing exactly what I was but hers was light blue and black. She grabbed my hand and led me out of the kitchen. "So how did last night go?" She asked. Did she really want to know? It was a painful memeory and it was the last thing I wanted to think about. She looked at me and then quickly looked away. "I thought so." She said. I sighed as she brought me into the livingroom where all the guys were. Shane's eyes then went to mine. "Ginger, baby, come here." He said. The guys looked at me with grins and once again it was awkward. I slowly walked over towards the couch where Shane was sitting. I stopped in front of him. "Sit on my lap." He said. I took a glance at all the other guys that were looking at me. "O-Okay." I whispered. I turned and sat down on his lap. He was hard. I could feel it. His hands roamed over my back and to my hips and to my thighs. I couldn't relax and enjoy it nor did I want to. His hands went to my shoulders and he slid the robe off.

"Stop it." I said. He didn't listen. I didn't show my fear. "She's very pretty." Said a man. He was sitting in a chair that was in the corner. He had a cigarette in his mouth and was staring at me out of fascination. "I want to have her for a night. How much?" I had no idea if he was talking to me or Shane. "She's worth alot more than the others, James." He nodded once. "Ten thousand." Shane said. I quickly got off of him. "I'm not your fucking prostitute!" I yelled at Shane. Anger was in his eyes. That's when I knew something bad was about to happen


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