Sex Toy

By: IceBreaker

Chapter 1, Leah Hart messes around with her bestfriend\'s brother, Alex, who also has a girlfriend. Leah loves him. but to Alex, Leah is just his sex toy.

This first chapter doesn't have alot happening in it but its a start so enjoy!!!

It wasn't the fact that he was hurting me. It was the fact that he didn't care. His thrust were deep and painful. I closed my eyes and then opened them. I stared in his blue eyes. It was something about them. A smirk came on his face as he held my wrist down on the bed. Why was he doing this? I wasn't going to make him stop.

Alex was my bestfriend's brother and we've been having sex for a while. Yeah I know it's wrong to have sex with your bestfriend's brother, but I wanted Alex the second I saw him.

He leaned down and his teeth scraped my bottom lip. He closed his eyes and pushed in me back and forth. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I felt the familiarness of the feeling I get before my orgasm comes. He let go of one of my hands and covered my mouth. My moans became louder and I closed my eyes. I wrapped my legs around his waist to fell more of him. His thrusts got faster so I knew he was close. The whole bed was noisely and constantly hitting the wall over and over again. So good. He took his hands off of my mouth and my wrist and pressed them against the pillow where my head laid.

My whole body shook as I got closer and closer. "I'm about to cum." I moaned. "Don't cum before me." He growled.

"I can't help it." I gasped.

"You better not, Leah." He grunted. I wish he'd hurry. He hates when I cum before him. Here it comes. Fuck! When I came, I felt my body shake with anticipation. I felt all five of my senses shut down at once as I screamed out in pleasure and gripped the sheets in my hand. I closed my eyes and threw my head back on the pillow. Luckily, I felt him cum seconds later. He let out a cry lower than mine and collasped on top of me. We breathed deeply. His cheek was agianst mine. He closed his eyes and breathed. I patted his shoulder. "Hey. We have to get dressed before your sister comes back." I said. He immediatley got up and pulled the covers off of us. I had on nothing but a black lace bra. I picked my matching panties, and my black short-sleeved shirt and put them on. Alex threw my back skinny jeans to me and I put them on. I was an average looking girl. I hadlong black curly hair. Dark brown eyes. Pale skin. Nice pink lips. Alex always told me I looked batter than his girlfriend. "So how long do we have to keep this a secret?" I asked. Alex pulled up his jeans and buttoned them. "For as long as we're fucking each other." I sighed and sat down on the bed. "Do you really want my girlfriend to know about this? What about my sister? Katie will kill you if she knew about us." Alex said putting his shirt on.

"I'm sick of it being a secret. And I'm sick of your girlfriend staring at me everytime she's around me."

I grabbed my socks and slid them on. "That means that she's already suspicious that something is going on between you and me. If she finds out that I've been fucking you for the past three years, she'll be after you in second."

I raised my eyebrow.

"Only me? What about you?" Alex shrugged. "She loves me. She'll just work harder to please me." I put on my chucks and tied them up.

"She's pathetic." I mumbled. Alex suddenly walked to me and raised his hand and slapped me. My cheek burned and his rough hand touched it. I held my cheek with my hand and then looked up at Alex. "Don't talk about her like that. Just get your shit and get out. My girlfriend is going to be here soon." I slowly got up without looking at him and pulled on my black jacket. How could he do something like that to me? I need to leave before I make him more angry. I grabbed my purse and walked towards the door. Alex pulled my waist towards him. "Hey. I'm sorry baby. I didn't mean to hit you." He said softly. He kissed my cheek and then looked into my eyes. "You forgive me?" I nodded. I couldn't help it but to forgive him. I loved him. But I knew he didn't love me. I was just his sex toy. He used me whenever he want to. He let go of me and I turned to walk out of the door. He never had hit me before, little did I know that this was only the beginning.

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