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Sex Toy ( Under construction)

Novel By: IceBreaker

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Not alot going on in this chapter. But stuff is going to start getting crazy at the end and into the next chapter. Also...I have character pictures up if you're interested. Sorry for the chapter being so short.

Chapter 3:Craziness and Stupidity

Chapter 3

The next morning, when I woke up, a small amount of sunlight was seeping into the closet. I peeked into the room and only saw Alex lying on his bed. I sighed and slowly stood up. Alex's eyes opened and he looked at me. "Come here." He whispered. I crawled into bed with him and laid on his chest. "Where's Carsia?" I asked.

"I sent her to the store." He said. I tilted my head up to look into his eyes. "Katie?" I asked. "She's with her. We have about twenty minutes until they get back." He whispered. I smiled and then leaned up and kissed him. He rolled on top of me and his hands squeezed my breast. His lips kissed my neck and I closed my eyes. His hands slid down to cup my pussy. I let out a small cry. I wanted him to fuck me so bad. So damn bad. He fingered my pussy fast until I became wet. Seconds before I was close to cumming, he grabbed onto his cock and placed it at my entrance. "You want me?" He asked. I nodded. He filled me with his cock and I gripped the sheets tight in my hand and closed my eyes. "Tell me you love me." he breathed. His hand grabbed my leg and held it in the air as he thrusted roughly in and out of me. "I love you." I cried out.

His sex drive has been through the roof lately. But I liked it. Alex leaned down and kissed me and slowed his pace. He pulled back a little and stared into my eyes. "I love you so fucking much." I breathed. My nails dug into his back. "You want to cum, baby?" He asked. "Yes."

He went in deeper than he's ever been before. I was there. I could feel it. I was so fucking there. I cried out and dug my nails deeper into his skin. He moaned my name over and over again. He breathed deeply as he stared into my eyes. "They'll be back soon. Get out." He slid out of me and moved to the other side of his bed. I sat up with his sheet wrapped around me and got up. My clothes were slightly hidden behind his door. I grabbed them and walked out of his room. I took a shower and got dressed. By the time I was done, Carsia and Katie were back unloading groceries into the cabinets and the refrigerator. Carsia shot me dirty looks. Bitch. That's why I just fucked your boyfriend you fucking whore. I thought to myself. I laughed out loud and Katie looked at me questioningly. I just shook my head and sat on the counter. Alex came downstairs and glanced at me once before smiling at Carsia. She smiled back at him. "Ya'll both woke up at the same time." Katie asked reaching to place something in the cabinet. Me and Alex looked at each other and then my eyes darted to Carsia who was glaring at me. "No. I woke up first."

Katie turned and threw Alex a pack of cigarettes. He took one out and leaned against the counter next to me as he lit it up with a lighter. He blew out the smoke and gave the lighter to me. "When are you going to quit?" I asked. He turned his head towards me; not exactly looking at me. "Whenever I feel like it. Why do you care?" He asked. I shrugged and looked down at the lighter. "Why are you always so mean to her?" Katie asked. Alex took the cigarette out of his mouth and frowned. "I'm not. She asked me a question that was none of her business." Katie sighed and walked out of the room. Alex looked at Carsia. Her smile disappeared. "Did you get the beer?" She shook her head. "I'm younger than you. I need my ID." She walked over to him and touched his arm. "Get off of me. You can't do nothing right can you?" He asked as he walked out of the room. I hopped off of the counter and looked at Carsia. "What?" I asked. She shook her head. I gripped the lighter tight in my hand and walked out of the kitchen. My phone rang. Caller ID said: Nate. Fantastic. I opened it and pressed send and then held it to my ear.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Leah. Come here. I want you to do something for me, baby."

Did he just call me baby? What the hell?

"What is it?" I asked.

"Come home and see." He answered. I sighed. Nate hated when I didn't obey him. I don't like him. Never had and I never will. He's a prick.

"Just tell me what you want." I said frustrated.

"If you don't bring your ass here right now, I'm going to come over there and fuck you up. You hear me? Get over here right now!" He hung up. At least he sounded sober. I preferred him being angry and sober than perverted and drunk.

I walked into the living room. "I have to go. Nate is angry."

"Want me to walk you over there?" Katie asked. I shook my head. "Um…no. That would just make him angrier. I'll be back soon. Maybe." I said as I turned and opened the door.

When I got home, I opened the door and then closed it. Tripped over another beer bottle. "God fucking damnit!" I yelled kicking the bottle. "Come here, Leah!" Said a booming voice. I rolled my eyes and slowly walked into the kitchen. Nate had a bottle of whiskey in his hand as he sat at the kitchen table. "Where were you?" He asked.

"Katie's house. What did you want?" I asked. Nate slammed the bottle on the table and then stood up. His hands went down to his pants as he unbuttoned them. "Come here, Leah." he said. I shook my head. Although I should try to run away from him, I stood frozen where I was shocked at what he was about to do. "Come here, Leah. His voice became deeper. "Fuck you." I said and turned around. I felt his hands grab me and threw me against the wall. "We're going to have a little fun, Leah."


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