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Sex Toy ( Under construction)

Novel By: IceBreaker

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Author's Note: I love all of you for reading my novel. You have no idea how much i appreciate it. Love every single one of you. After this novel, I'm planning on writing another erotica novel about a young girl who is a sex addict. Hopefully it becomes as popular as this novel is. In this chapter, it's going by time periods. It takes place years later. You'll see what I mean. I love you all for reading this. Enjoy and comment.

Chapter 14: Moving Forward

Two weeks later........

Me and Ronnie went to Katie's funeral. Alot of people were around. Very emotional day. I was looking down at Katie's closed casket. Her mother had my right hand and Ronnie had my left. I gave a brief speech about Katie and even Ronnie did. He hardly knew her but he still said a few words and I was grateful for that. Before we were about to leave, Katie's mom, Lauren, stopped us. "Thank you so much for coming." She hugged me. She pulled back and looked at Ronnie. "You too." She hugged him. I smiled. When she pulled back she looked at me. Her expression was uneasy.

"We were planning a small funeral for Alex also." Just hearing his name made me nervous. "Why didn't you have Katie's and his funeral together?" I asked. Lauren shifted her weight to one foot. "Well we figured that if everyone known everything Alex did, they wouldn't have come and that means that wouldn't have come to pay their respects to Katie either. No one seems to care about Alex's funeral." I can understand why. But I felt sorry for Lauren. Both of her kids died in the same night. "Would you perhaps think about coming?" She asked. A hopeful look was on her face. I took a deep breath. "Um.....Alex did terrible things to me. I'm sorry Lauren but I don't think coming to his funeral will be the best idea." She nodded understandingly. "Thank you again for coming to Katie's funeral, Leah. It means alot." I nodded. "Your welcome, Mrs. Pierson." She smiled and walked away from us.

When me and Ronnie got home, I took my shoes off and sat on the couch. He did the same. "You okay?" He asked. I nodded and smiled. "Yeah. She's in a better place where she's not in pain. Physical or emotional. Technically, she's lucky she's not down here."

"True." Ronnie said. I smiled at him. "Thank you for coming to the funeral. You really didn't have to do that." He pulled me against his chest and we laid down on the couch. "It meant so much to you. I did it for you."

"And you giving a speech was also sweet." I said. He softly ran his finger over my back softy. "Like I said, I did it for you, baby." I smiled. I suddenly felt my dress rising up slowly. I smiled and looked up at him. He gave me a lustful look. I felt his hands on my ass. He always knew how to make me feel better. Somebody knocked on the door. I sighed and got up. I pulled my dress back down and went to open the door. It was Jason. His eyes were red and puffy.

"Hey. Why weren't you at the funeral?" I asked. I realized how stupid of a question that was. "I....I couldn't. It was hard to get out of bed this morning knowing it was today." He said. His voice was low and rough. "I want youto keep something for me, Leah. I can't keep it because it reminds me of her." He dug into his pocket and gave me a ring. I looked at the diamonds and thats when I realized it was an engagement ring. I looked back up at Jason. "I can't keep it any longer. I was going to give it to her senior year but............" I hugged him tightly. He began to cry. I could feel his tears fall on my shoulder. "I.....I loved her so much." He cried.

"I know." I said rubbing his back. "I loved her too." I said. He stayed over for a little bit. When he was about to leave, I stopped him. "Jason, don't do anything stupid." He looked at me in confusion. "You know what I'm talking about. Don't do what she did. Understand?" He hesitated at first but nodded. I hugged him once more before he left. I turned to Ronnie who was sleep on the couch. I smiled and went into the bedroom. I looked into the mirror at my stomach that looked bigger than last week. So did my boobs. I laughed silently to myself and then went back into the livingroom. I patted Ronnie's shoulder a couple times. His eyes opened and they looked at me. "Get up and let's go to bed." He slowly got up and I led him to the bedroom. We both got naked and got under the covers. Something we just always do. I cuddled into his arms as we slept silently that night.

Three years later.......

I never had Alex's baby. I went into premature labor and had a stillborn at five months. The doctors didn't know why. But for some reason, I didn't mind it. I loved that baby that was inside of me. I loved it with all my heart even if his daddy was an asshole. But maybe it was better that I didn't have it. I wasn't ready for that kind of responsibility. Yes. It was a boy like Ronnie said it would be. A little baby boy that I'll never see. I finished highschool although I had to repeat the tenth grade because of all my absences.

I graduated though. At graduation, I looked out into the audience and saw Ronnie sitting there clapping loudly as I walked across the stage. Tears were in my eyes. He's stuck with me through everything. All of it. I grabbed my diploma from the principle and walked off the stage. I had so much pride in myself. Maybe a little too much.

That night we went to dinner. Ronnie was dressed up in an all black suit which he looked sexy in. He bought me a white dress and white heels to wear. The food was amazing. Ronnie kept staring at me out of fascination. "What?" I asked. He smiled. "I love you." He said. If all these people weren't around, I'd be fucking him right now. " I love you too." I said. He bit his lip and placed a little black square box on the table. I looked at the box. I knew what it was. I looked up at him with tears glistening in my eyes. "There is no one else I rather be with than you." He said. I wanted to wipe the tears from my eyes but I knew it would mess up my make up. Ronnie slowly stood up and walked in front of me.

He got down on one knee and looked into my eyes. "Leah Melissa Hart, will you marry me?" He asked. I nodded unable to say anything. He opened the box and pulled out a gold ring with three medium sized diamonds on it. He placed it on my ring finger and smiled. More tears fell down as I hugged him tightly. His lips kissed mine softly at first. He pulled back a little. "I want to fuck you right now." He said. That made me heart beat increase. Yes. I fucking want you too. "The car." I said. He asked for a check and he paid for our dinner and we left. We drove to the closest secluded area. I got over and onto his lap facing him. His hands slowly rose my dress up over my thighs.

I licked, sucked and bit his bottom lip. He pulled the top of my dress down and then ducked his head. His hot tongue swirled around my nipple and I moaned. His hands were on my back and he pushed me forward taking my nipple deep into his mouth. I threw my head back and closed my eyes. One of his hands dissapeared from my back and went down to cup my pussy. That's when he noticed that I didn't have any panties on. I looked at him and smiled. His lips went back to mine and I reached down and unbuttoned his pants. I lifted myself up on my knees slowly as he pulled his pants down and his boxers. I took his length in my hand and stroked it back and forth. He let out low moans and leaned his head back against the headrest of the seat. I loved the fact that I could make him feel this way. I lifted up a little and lowered myself down on his cock. His lips immediatley went to mine. His hands stayed on my hips as I began to move up and down on his dick. I moaned louder and louder everytime it hit my g-spot. We kissed hungrily, growling and grunting. His taste was intoxicating. Fuck. I was so close.

It was pure bliss. Yes we were in the middle of no where fucking in the front seat of a car but to me, it was romantic and meaningful. Our moans filled the car as I suddenly felt the warm tingly sensation rising from my pussy. "I'm about to cum!" I cried.

"Cum for me Leah." He breathed. His voice had me there. It felt like electricity was flowing throughout my whole body and I screamed as I felt Ronnie explode inside of me. We were both breathing hard and unevenly. We stared at eachother as we were slowly coming down from our orgasms. We slowly smiled at eachother. I leaned in and kissed him again. It was so deep and filled with passion and heat and lust. I pulled back to catch my breath.

"That was...."

"I know." I said smiling. "Come on, let's go home." He whispered. I nodded and got back into the passenger seat. Ronnie pulled back up his pants and boxers. I pulled the top of my dress black up and the bottom of it back down. "We should do that more often." He said looking at me. I blushed. I heard him chuckle and then he started the car up.

We got home and took a shower together. Ronnie's stepdad gave him money and we moved into a bigger house. Ronnie's stepdad was a nice man but you could tell deep down inside there was something wrong with him. Ronnie accepted the money but not gladly. When Ronnie fell asleep that night, I snuck into the bathroom and opened the cabinet. I got a pregnancy test out and I took it. Me and Ronnie has been having sex alot lately and I've been feeling nauseous constantly. I would be okay rather it was negative or positive.

It came out positive and I smiled at the results. Tears of happiness came down my cheeks. The next morning, when Ronnie woke up, he made breakfast for us. "I have to tell you something." I said.

"What is it?" he asked. I smiled. "I'm pregnant." I whispered. An immediate smile appeared on his face. He got up and came over to me. "You are?" He asked. Tears swelling up in his eyes. I nodded. He placed both of his hands on both sides of my face and kissed me. My hands gripped his hair. His lips slowly left mine. "I love you." he said. I smiled. I loved those words especially when they came from his mouth. "I love you too. Now fuck me." He smiled and picked me up and put me on the table. I pushed the plates onto the floor and didn't care at the time about the mess I was going to have to clean up. My shorts disappeared from my body. Then my panties. Soon, all of our clothes were off and he shoved his cock inside me and I was in heaven.

Five years later...........

I had my baby. Her name is Katie. Katie Fiona Hart. She was perfect. She had long brunette hair. Dark blue eyes like Ronnie. Ivory colored skin and a very beautiful smile. She was so smart for a two year old. I made myself a new friend named Lisa. She was married and had three kids.

Me and Ronnie finally got married. The wedding wasn't big thank god but part of my family arrived. I had no idea how they even knew I was getting married. But it didn't matter. I was happy. My dress was long and flowy. The top of it was strapless and had silver diamonds on it. I had a flower in my hair with was wavy and hung to my back. At the reception, me and Ronnie was dancing and so were 80 percent of the people. I smiled at him as he swung me around and then my smile immediatley vanished as I saw a face I never wanted to see again. Nate was there, dressed in a white t shirt and blue jeans. "What is he doing here?" I asked. "Who?" Ronnie asked.

"My stepdad." I answered. Ronnie turned and saw Nate. He looked back at me and I saw anger flash across his features. "You want me to take care of it?" He asked. I shook my head. "I'll be back." I said as I walked away from him. I walked near Nate who was smiling at me. I stopped a couple feet away from him. "What the hell are you doing here?" His smile disappeared. "I wanted to see my little girl get married and I did. So.........congrats."

"I don't want you here. Leave now and I'm not your little girl you fucking prick." I said before turning and walking away. Was I too harsh? Nope. My sudden bad mood turned suddenly well when I saw Ronnie and little Katie dancing together. She had on a small pink long sleeved dress and white shows and her hair was up in a ponytail and had small white flowers in it. I smiled and walked over to them. "No. I'm not getting you a pony, Katie." I heard Ronnie say as I got over to them. Katie looked at me. "Please?" She asked.

"When you grow up and get the money, you can get a pony." I said. Katie pouted and stopped dancing. Ronnie shook his head. I smiled at Katie and gave in. "Fine. I'll get you a pony." She smiled and jumped excitedly. Ronnie leaned over to me. "Are we really getting her one?" He whispered. "Definitely not." I whispered back. He chuckled. I took her hand and took Ronnie's hand and we all danced together in a small circle. I never been so happy. So full of joy.

Lisa looked after Katie while me and Ronnie went on our honeymoon in the bahamas. Sex. Sex. Sex. That was what our honeymoon was all about. We did it any and everywhere in every position. It was beyond amazing.

Ten years later.........

My daughter had a boyfriend. Yes. Fifthteen was too young. And get this.....the guy's name was Alex. Ronnie was furious when he found out about him. It was nine o clock at night. We just met him today. Him and Katie went out and went out in the front yard. Ronnie got up from the couch and stomped into the kitchen. I rolled my eyes and followed him. He turned on the faucet and started rinsing the dishes off and slamming them into the sink. "What's wrong?" I asked. I already knew the answer. "I don't want her seeing him."

"Why?" I asked. "She's too fucking young. And next thing you know, she can end up pregnant and he can end up breaking her heart. We don't know him that well. She don't even know him that well."

"We can't keep her from seeing who she wants to see."

"Yes we can because we're her parents."

"I think that you're afraid that everything that happened to me is going to happen to her. You can't compare her present with my past, Ronnie." I said gripping his black buttoned down shirt.

"I'm not. I just know how guys are. I don't trust that kid, Leah. I'm sorry but I don't want her dating him especially at her age."

"I was one year older than her when I started dating you." I said. He sighed and turned off the water. "It's not the same. You could trust me."

"Yeah, but I barely knew you at that time." He shrugged. "You knew I could protect you so that's why you stayed with me."

"I could have taken care of myself." He laughed sarcastically. "No. You couldn't have. You were in physical and emotional pain. And I had to help you."

"Right, you helped me by just laying there and watching me get raped." He quickly turned to me with tears in his eyes. "Why would you say something like that?" I didn't mean for that to slip out. There was nothing he could do.

"That was the hardest thing I've ever had to watch. Even harder than watching it happen to my mother. I wanted to help and I tried. But I couldn't fucking move. You know that."

I nodded and hugged him. "I know. I know. I'm sorry, baby. I didn't mean to say that." He didn't hug me back at first.

"Please forgive me. I love you." I said. He slowly wrapped his arms around me. "I love you too." He whispered. "You do?" I asked.

"Yes." He answered. "Show me." I said seductively. I pulled back to look at him. He looked back at me and backed me into a counter. "I want you." I whispered.

"While our daughter is outside....alone with her boyfriend? Why do I have a feeling you're trying to distract me?"

"No I'm not." I said innocently. He stepped away from me. "I'm going to go get her." He said as he turned around. "Ronnie!" I called as he disappeared out of the room. I followed him into the livingroom. He opened the door and I quickly turned and closed it. "Don't ruin her fun." His eyebrows pulled together. "These days to teenagers, fun means fucking. So yes. I will ruin it." He said as he opened the door. I closed it back. "Let her be." I said. He sighed. "Fine. Fine. If she ends up pregnant, it's on you." he said. "She won't. She's smarter than I was." He walked pass me upstairs.

I knew my little girl was smart. She'll do the right thing. I walked upstairs with Ronnie. He unbuttoned his shirt and placed it in the hamper. I leaned against the wall staring at him out of fascination. He turned to look at me. "What?" He asked. I smiled. "Nothing, I'm just glad to have you." A small smile slowly spread across his lips. "That argument was stupid. I'm sorry." He said walking to me. He grabbed my hands. "I know. It was stupid." His hands slid down to my waist and he pulled me against his body. "We're so stupid." he chuckled and hugged me. I breathed in his cologne. He always smelled so good. "Guess what?" I said. He pulled back to look at me. "I'm pregnant again."

"I already knew it." He said scooping me up in his arms and carrying me to the bed. "How?" I asked as he sat me down. He sat down next to me. "Well the fact that you've throwing up for the last couple of days."

"I didn't that you heard that." I said. He smiled. "And the fact that you've been eating constantly. It's quite noticable. Why did you wait so long to tell me?" I shrugged. "I didn't know how you would feel about another baby. I mean we're getting older."

"That doesn't mean anything. I'm happy we're having another kid." He kissed me softly. The feel of his lips against mine sent chills down my body. "Why are yo so perfect?" I asked. He shrugged. "I have no clue." I chuckled and kissed him again.

"I want us to stay this way forever." I said. He nodded. "We will."

"Promise?" I asked.

"Forever."He answered and kissed me again. That night was blissful and so was the rest of our life together. Ronnie was the one and I knew it since I saw him. Even if I didn;t want to admit it to myself before. I loved Ronnie and I needed him. Because without him, I was nothing. I wasn't his sex toy, I was his lover, his wife, and that's what I'll always be.

Last Author's Note: I love you all once again. It's been awesome writing this. I added a picture of ronnie onto my profile. I just wanted to thank you all again.


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