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Red Lipstick

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED)17 year old Pepper Reynolds has problems. The very important problem is the fact that she's madly attracted to her best friend, Keiran Kary. It's a problem because he only sees her as a sister and he has a girlfriend he loves. So she is willing to changes herself to make him want her. Aside from that, her dad has a secret life he isn't telling her about and she is having trouble coming to grips with the fact that her mother, whose now dead, tried to drown her a year ago. With these problems piling up, will Pepper be able to handle them all? View table of contents...


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Chapter 6: I want to be yours


I put on my hideous yellow uniform shirt and adjusted the collar when I got to work.

I turned and looked into the foggy bathroom mirror. I pulled my red lipstick from my pocket and applied it heavily onto my lips.

I opened my mouth to make sure there was none on my teeth and when I saw there wasn't, I pulled my hair out of its pony tail and let it fall down my back.

I put my lipstick back into my pocket and then opened the door and walked out.

As I walked to the cooking area, Mickey spotted me and paused.

"Hey." I said.

He smiled. "Um…hi. I like the lipstick. It's a….a very good color on you." He says.

"Think so?"

He nods. "Yeah, it's….its hot, actually."

I smiled. "Thanks, Mickey."

"YEAH!" a voice yelled from the front. I turned my head to see a very excited Rodney entering the place jumping around.

I chuckled.

He ran to the back and whisked me in a huge hug.

"Ah! Rodney! Why are you so happy?" I asked.

When he put me down, there were tears in his eyes.

He wiped them away, a huge, face-splitting grin on his face. "Guess who got accepted into New York University?" He asked.

My eyes grew wide. "What?"

He nods. "I did. I got fucking accepted, Pepper!"

I squealed and went to hug him again.

"I got my acceptance letter today. I almost had a fucking orgasm from it." He sat me on my feet and smiled.

"I'm happy for you."

He grinned. "I'm going to miss you, Pep."

I nodded. "Same, dude. Who am I going to skateboard with?"

"Mickey." He answered. I hit his shoulder.

He chuckled. "I could just about say 'Fuck this job'." He said sitting down.

"That makes one of us."

"What's going on?" Mickey asked coming to us.

"Rodney is going to NYU." I said

Mickey nodded. "Congratulations."

Rodney nodded his thanks. Mickey left the area and Rodney looked back to me. "So…what happened yesterday?" He asked.


"By your dad?" Rodney guessed.

I nodded. "But I'm going to see him later today."

"To finish what you started?"

I nod.

"So, I mean…its not awkward?" He asked.

I shook my head. "I have to admit, I thought it would have been maybe a little awkward at first. But soon, when he kissed me, it was…so wrong because he has a girlfriend but it felt so right."

Rodney smiled. "Okay, don't break into song now."

"Fuck you."

He chuckled. "So how far did you two get before Kirk came home?"

"He was in me and it was the most painful thing in the world."

"Of course because you were a virgin."

"And because he was fucking eleven inches." I said.

Rodney's eyes grew wide.

I nodded and smiled smugly. I took in eleven inches of my best friend. You do not hear that every day.

"Jesus, how did you-?"

I shrugged ad turned my head. Speak of the devil.

I grinned as I saw Keiran entering the place.

I glanced over and I saw a huge scowl on Mickey's face as he came back behind the counter to us. It made me want to scowl at him.

Keiran came up to the counter. "Hey."


"What's up, Keiran." Rodney said.

Keiran nodded at him. "Nothing really." Then he looked to me. "What time do you get off work?"

"Um…I think six. Why?"

"We should go see some stupid movie and make fucked up comments about it."

We always loved doing that. We did that to the last Harry Potter movie and all the Twilight movies. People were so pissed.

I grinned. "Okay."

"I'd like to come along." Mickey said.

I turned to look at him.

"Uh…Mickey, that's kind of their thing." Rodney said.

He looked to Rodney. "What do you mean?"

"See, we all have certain things with Pepper. Like me and her thing is skateboarding, talking about girly ass clothes and boys and shit. She doesn't do that with Keiran. Their thing is working out together, slandering movies, and….other stuff," Rodney said, obviously hinting towards something. "So do you get it?"

"It's a movie and its innocent." Mickey says shrugging.

I shake my head as I turn to look to Mickey. "You're not going to like it if you're actually enjoying the movie while me and Keiran are just talking about it nonstop."

'I'll be fine. Odds are it'll probably be lame to me too and I'll just be talking about it with you guys." He says.

I looked to Keiran who looks very irritated by Mickey. I didn't want to be rude. Fuck. I looked back to Mickey. "Okay. We'll go when we get off. Maybe we can be off earlier. I'll go ask the boss." I said.

I went into my boss's office and he had just put his phone down and ran his hand over his face. He looks to me.

"Hey, boss." I say in my sweetest voice ever.

He rolls his eyes. "What do you want from me?"

"Maybe me and Mickey can get off a little early? Business is slow anyway."

He sighs. "I need you to stay."

"Rodney's staying and business is slow, please? I hardly ever ask if I can get off early." I say.

He purses his lips. "Just this once and don't think about making it a habit."

I smile. "Thank you."

I turn and all but skip out of his office.

"Alright, I'm ready." I say.

I pull the ugly yellow shirt off of me and adjust my dark purple v-neck shirt.

Mickey pulls his off while Rodney puts his on. "Another day in hell." He comments.

"How'd you get here?" I asked him.


I pulled my dad's keys from my pocket. "Here. Can you drive his car home?" I asked.

Rodney nodded. "Sure."

"Thanks." I moved from behind the counter and walked to Keiran who smiled at me and then scowled at Mickey.

Does he hate Mickey because Mickey likes me?

It's fucked up if that is the case but part of me like to feel like he's claiming me as his own.

We all go to get into Keiran's car and he drives us to the movie theater. When we get into the theater, me and Keiran decide on Crowsnest. Some 'scary looking' movie. I'm starting to realize that there is no such thing as a scary movie in this world. It's all bullshit. So I know it'll be fun to slander this movie.

Keiran paid for me and his popcorn and Mickey paid for his popcorn and a drink.

We went up to the theater and got into the highest seats.

The movie started and already I hated it. It was one of those "found footage" movies.

"Right off the bat, you already know the silly dude behind the camera is going to die." Keiran says.

I nod. "Yeah, definitely."

"Probably last." Mickey commented.

I shook my head. "Nah, most likely not last because the movie is really focused on him and he's stupid so I don't think we have long."

"I bet his friend's going to die too," Keiran says. "He's too much of an asshole."

"Yeah and the girlfriend is a bitch, so is her friend, so I know they're dead."

Keiran chuckled. "This will never get old will it?"

I shake my head. "Probably not."

"How's your girlfriend, Keiran?" Mickey asked.

Keiran and me paused. It was as if we had both forgotten about Lynn's existence.

Keiran sighed. "She's good. She's out of the hospital and she's doing good."

I looked to him.

"Oh." Mickey says.

I'm immediately brought back to reality that he doesn't belong to me.

He has a girlfriend and I think he loves her.

"I'll be back, I got to use the bathroom." Mickey says. He gets up and walks out of the row and down the dark aisle.

I look to Keiran. The second Mickey left, this lust came over me. "Kiss me?" I asked.

He didn't even hesitate to do so.

I smiled as his lips went to mine.

I breathed into the kiss and reached over and grabbed him through his pants.

He sighs and put his hand over mine, urging me to grab harder and I do.

He groans softly in my mouth and tangle his fingers into my hair, pulling gently.

I cup his jaws with my hands and moan as he slips his tongue into my mouth.

He taste like gum. Spearmint or Peppermint gum.

I swear my heart was beating a million times per second.

I pulled away and turned to see if Mickey was coming back.

"He's not coming back." Keiran whispered and brought my face to turn back to him and began kissing me again.

I'm always surprised that he doesn't hesitate when he kisses me now.

It's like something natural. I'm pretty sure he still sees me as his best friend. Just with benefits now.

My hands go down to his pants and I unbutton them.

I reach into his boxers and started to feel his length.

He groans loudly and I smile to myself. He's really hard because of me.

Is he coming?" I whispered.

Keiran shakes his head, tips his head back and closes his eyes.

I lick my palm and put my hand back onto his length and began to jack him off.

I watch his expression and I can see he's really enjoying this. He's biting down on his lip and his eyes are hooded.

I turn slightly and I see Mickey making his way back to us.


I quickly take my hand out of his pants and he quickly buttons his pants back up.

I sit casually in the chair and turn my head as Mickey makes it back to our row.

I give him a smile. "You okay?"

He nods as he sits down next to me then he pauses. "Um…your lipstick is smeared a little."

"Oh." I wipe it off with the palm of my hand and sit back.

The movie's fucking terrible and as predicted everyone died in the end. Good thing too, the characters were nowhere near believable and the acting sucked.

Me, Keiran, and Mickey left the movie theater and Keiran dropped him off back at work where his car was.

"Had fun." I said to him.

He nodded and then glanced to Keiran before looking back at me. "Yeah, me too. Maybe next time we can go alone?" He asked.

I shrugged. "Um…sure."

He nods a hopeful smile on his face as he shuts the door.

Keiran then backs up the car and gets back onto the road.

"We going to your house or my house?" I asked.

"Is your dad home?"

I shrugged. "Probably."

"My parents shouldn't be home so we can go to my house." He says and then looks over to me.

I smile at him.

I know this will be it. This moment will definitely be it. We will have sex and this time, we will not be interrupted.


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