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Red Lipstick (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED)17 year old Pepper Reynolds has problems. The very important problem is the fact that she's madly attracted to her best friend, Keiran Kary. It's a problem because he only sees her as a sister and he has a girlfriend he loves. So she is willing to changes herself to make him want her. Aside from that, her dad has a secret life he isn't telling her about and she is having trouble coming to grips with the fact that her mother, whose now dead, tried to drown her a year ago. With these problems piling up, will Pepper be able to handle them all? View table of contents...


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Chapter 13: Hospitals are depressing


I was being rushed on a gurney, through the white walls of the hospital. I was hearing voices all around me. I mean, I was aware of what was happening but I knew I wasn't dying. The man only shot me in my leg and beat my face in. Adrenaline was back in my system but I still felt out-of-it.

"Keiran…" I whispered. I don't know why his name came to my mind or escaped my lips.

I turned my head to the side, but I knew I couldn't open my eyes still. There was too much blood.

"You're going to be just fine, honey." Said a female voice. A very familiar female voice.


I opened my eye and sure enough was the familiar red-lipstick covered smile. The big green eyes and long curly blonde hair.

"Mom?" My voice croaked.

She smiles and nods. "You're going to be okay. I promise you."

I nod, a tear escaping my eye and blood burning my eyeball. "Are you alive?" I whisper.

She just smiles and then vanishes from my sight.

And although I knew she was just apart of my imagination, it killed me that she left….again.

I closed my eyes as I was rushed to a room.

I just fell back asleep before the doctors got to work on me.


When I woke back up, Rodney was sitting next to my bed, doing something on his phone,

I grumbled and sat up.

He looked over to me. "How you feeling?"

I shrugged. "I can't…really feel my face much and my throat is sore." I croaked.

He nods. "You don't want to see your face, trust me."

I half smiled, as much as I could.

"What happened?"

"Christopher." I said.

He nodded. "Figures. Keiran told me about him."

"You talked to Keiran?"

Rodney nods. "He's downstairs right now in the cafeteria."

My heart automatically fluttered lightly, and this nervous feeling of butterflies bloomed in my stomach. He was here. That has to mean he still cares about me.

"He said he'll be up in a few minutes."

"How long have you two been here?"

Rodney shrugs. "Eh, two hours give or take."

I nod.

"Need anything?"

"Some water."

Rodney presses the button on the bed controls and calls for the nurse.

A few minutes later, one came and gave me a cup of water. She must have already known what I needed. She told me that my friend was on his way up and left back out of the room.

I looked to Rodney. "Mickey was the one who called the police."

Rodney's eyes furrow. "He found you?"

"No. The guy who did this was his dad."

Rodney's eyes grew wide. "What?"

I nod.

He shakes his head. "The more and more I think about it, the more I'm realizing that New York isn't such a good idea."

I shake my head. "Fuck that. You're going to NYU and you're not going to worry about me, okay?"

Rodney sighs. "But you're my best friend. You mean more than some stupid college."

"Some stupid college you've been wanting to get in since sixth grade. You're going, dude."

Rodney looks down to the floor.

I know he's worried but he's not going to give up the chance to go to NYU just because of me. I'm not going to let that happen. It wasn't fair and it wasn't worth it.

The doors opened and Keiran stepped in looking more than a little disheveled.

Rodney understood that it was his cue. He kissed my forehead, which was so unlike Rodney, and he left out of the room leaving me and Keiran alone.

I kept my eyes on his.

He walked over and sat on my bed. I know if a doctor was here, they'd have a fit that someone was on the bed with me. I didn't care though.

We didn't speak for several seconds.

"We should leave." He says.

My eyes go to him. "What?"

He looked at me and nodded. "I went to see your father before I came here and he knows everything. He gave me permission to take you out of here. School, State, City…..wherever."

"Okay, hold on," I run my hands down my face which now feels heavily stitched and bandaged.

Holy crap. I probably look so fucked up. "My dad told you that you can take me anywhere we wanted?"

Keiran nods. "He stole a lot of Christopher's money, plus the money he made from working for him and he has over six point two million dollars stashed for you."

My eyes grew huge.

Keiran nods. "My same reaction."

"He stole six million dollars?"

Keiran shrugs. "He said that he did it because he had a feeling all of this would happen and he got the money in case and he also said that Christopher had so much money, he's not going to notice six million missing. That's chump change to him."

"It doesn't feel right."

"I told Kirk that we can use the money he makes for Christopher and my money to leave….if we decided to."

I stare at him. "We?"

Keiran nods. "You think you're leaving my sight ever again?"

"I thought you were mad at me."

"I was mad over you fighting Lynn, but this shit that just happened to you was more serious. All I need to know is if you want to leave?"

I swallowed hard. I did want to leave. There was literally no one left for me here. I nod. "But what about your parents and….Lynn?" I asked.

Keiran tensed up for a second. "My parents will be fine. I'm nineteen. I should have been moved out of the house anyway and its not like I won't ever see them again."

"And Lynn?" I asked.

"I broke up with Lynn." He said.

My eyebrow raised. "Oh?"

He nods and smiles a little. "Oh."

"I mean…why?"

He sighs. "Do you really need me to tell you why? If you're smart, I'm pretty sure you could put two and two together." He answers.

"Because of me?"

He smirks a little. "I thought it was obvious."

I stare at him, chewing down on my bottom lip and Keiran's expression grows serious as he keeps his eyes on mine. "When I'm with you, everything is…brighter….warmer….satiating. And I was stupid not to acknowledge how I felt. Since that day I kissed you, I knew something clicked but I didn't want to hurt Lynn. And I was confused that I fell in love with my best friend. And still am. I realized that when I saw Mickey in your house. I wanted to kill him because I didn't want him touching what he knows is mine. I couldn't take it, the two of you being in there together alone. It was," He ran his fingers through his hair. "It was fucking excruciating."

I noted that he said he's in love with me and although I wanted to smile, I just reached over and grabbed his hand. "I would have never done anything with him. We were just hanging out."

"I know."

"Don't be mad. I'm not going to see him ever again." I assured him.

Keiran nods. "I know." He squeezes my hand and then sighs. He brings my hand to his lips and kisses my hand before holding it to his heart. I feel his heartbeat is fast and hard, matching mine.

I smile. "Come closer." I whispered.

Keiran scoots closer to me and I lock my arms around his neck and kiss his lips and then pull away to look into his eyes. "Do I look pretty?"

"Truth?" He asks.

I nod.

He nods his head but says "No."

I giggle and then unwrap my arms from around his neck.

I lick my lips. "So, where are we going?"

Keiran shrugs. "It's up to us."

"Let's go somewhere warm like Las Vegas or Florida."

"Or Hawaii, or Jamaica."

"Do they have high schools in either?"

Keiran shrugs.

"Let's go to Florida so I can go to school and then before I go to college, we go to Hawaii and Jamaica."

Keiran nods. "Good idea. So while you're in here, I'll go to your house and get your things, pack them up and I'll get a U-HAUL to carry it with us to Florida."

I nod. "Hey, listen, there's a box under my bed full of some of my mother's things. Make sure you get that too, okay?"

He nods. "I will." He stands up. "I'll let you get your rest." He leans over and kisses my lips and my bandaged jaw before pulling back. "Just so we're clear, are we together now?"

I nod. "Yes."

He grins. "Good to know." He kisses my lips once more before turning and leaving out of the room.

I lay back onto my bed and look up to the ceiling. If me and Keiran go to Florida, Christopher will never know where to find us.

I think Florida is perfect. Perfect for just me and him to live out the remainder of our lives.


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