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Red Lipstick

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED)17 year old Pepper Reynolds has problems. The very important problem is the fact that she's madly attracted to her best friend, Keiran Kary. It's a problem because he only sees her as a sister and he has a girlfriend he loves. So she is willing to changes herself to make him want her. Aside from that, her dad has a secret life he isn't telling her about and she is having trouble coming to grips with the fact that her mother, whose now dead, tried to drown her a year ago. With these problems piling up, will Pepper be able to handle them all? View table of contents...


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Chapter 11: Sue me for telling the truth


A week, two, three has passed and it was both good, and bad. It was fantastic because whenever Ethan and Aubrey were off to work, me and Keiran would fuck on every piece of furniture in the house. But it was bad because, as I presumed before, he wasn't telling Lynn about us. The bitch deserved to know rather I hated her or not. He knew that.

Yet he still wouldn't tell her anything and it was beginning to irritate me. Yeah, I know he cared for her and I know he didn't want to hurt her but, by hiding it from her, he's hurting her. It's just a matter of time before I tell her the truth myself.

On top that, I haven't been speaking to my dad since the day I visited him and I know his trial is tomorrow according to Keiran who go visits him every other day.

Maybe it was childish of me to keep my distance, but dad was pissing me off. Keiran's visiting him right now and he told me if he's allowed, he'll go to the trial tomorrow and will tell me the verdict.

I was sitting in the back of my job, taking a break with a cup of spiked tea.

Rodney doesn't come in until I get off which will be in an hour.

Mickey came to the back and gave me a shy smile. I smile back. "Hey, Mick."

"Hey, so how's it going?"

"I'm drinking spiked tea. Does that answer your question?"

His eyebrows raised. "What's wrong?"

"My dad. He's….he's a fucking idiot. That's pretty much putting it nice and short." I said.

Mickey nods. "Yeah, my dad, he's an idiot too. Not really much of a dad. I only see him for a few minutes in the morning and then he's out at "work". I miss him a lot."

"You should tell him that then. My dad's a done deal but you still have a chance, Mick."

Mickey smiles and leans against the counter and then frowns a little. "You know I like you, right?" He asked.

Conversation change.

I put my tea down after swallowing a gulp. I nod. "Yeah, I know."

"All I do, Pepper, is think about you. And I tried to back off because its obvious you have a thing for Keiran but I can't back off. Not anymore."


"Stop, j-just let me finish." He says before wetting his lips. He walked closer to me and looked down at me. "I think…..that I'm in love with you."

My eyes grew wide. HOLY….FUCK.

He's in love with me? What? WHAT? WHAT?!

"Mickey….I don't feel that way about you. I'm sorry." I say.

He looks surprised at my answer. But why should he? I never did or said anything to indicate I felt the same way about him. I stood up so I was facing him. "Look, when I look at you, I see someone whose smart, dedicated, cool to be around, and at ease guy. You're very sweet and…very caring. And maybe if I was a normal, selfless girl, you'd be my ideal match."

I see the blush in his cheeks as he keeps his blue eyes on mine.

I shake my head. "You want to know the truth? The truth is that I'm deeply, deeply, in love with Keiran. And although I never wanted it to change our friendship, it kind of has but in a good way. We're closer now."

Mickey's eyes narrow. "What, are you having sex with him or something?"

I open my mouth to say something, to deny the question but my mouth just snaps shut.

Mickey's eyes then widen. "I knew it. He has a girlfriend, Pepper."

"I know that."

"How could you do something like that?"

"You're acting like I'm the one who has someone on the side. It's this thing that just started and technically, it's none of your business."

"It's wrong."

"Don't you think I fucking know that? You don't think I feel guilty?"

"Honestly, no, because you fought her almost a month ago. So I don't believe you feel guilty."

"Mickey, you don't understand the situation."

"Right. I guess I don't. But you know for a fact that this isn't you. Rather he's your best friend or not, after really knowing you, I know you're not the type of girl to mess around with someone else's boyfriend. And you know it too." Mickey turned and walked away from me.

And what's worst than Mickey, sweet and caring Mickey, snapping on me, is the fact that he was telling the truth. It wasn't right. And Keiran hasn't been telling Lynn anything. She's perfectly convinced that Keiran is being faithful to her and while I love being with him in that way, it isn't fair, regardless of how much I hate her.

Keiran's POV

I was sitting across from Kirk and he looked depressed. Tomorrow was his trial and things didn't look like they were getting any better. I felt bad for the guy. I mean I've known Kirk since I was in the fourth grade and he's always been like a second dad to me and still kind of is, regardless of the fact that I'm sleeping with Pepper. "Has she said anything about me?" He asked, his voice cracked as his watery red eyes met mine.

He was referring to Pepper.

"She's pretty pissed, Kirk." I said. I wasn't going to sugarcoat the situation. Pepper was furious and in a way, she had every right to be. "You've been lying to her for years. About your job, about Christopher, about…her mother's….addiction."

Kirk's eyes grew wide. "She told you about that?"

I nod. "A very long time ago. I'm her best, why wouldn't she tell me?"

Kirk nods. "Good point."

"Look, I'm going to talk to her and she's going to come around eventually. You're her dad, all you ever tried to do was protect her and its in her DNA to love you for that."

Kirk smiles a little. "You're right. Thank you. You know, Keiran, I prefer you better for my daughter than that Rodney or Mickey kid."

"I'm her best friend. It's part of my job as a best friend to protect her."

He nods. Then he leans forward. "I want her happy and I know she's happy with you so if you want to be with her, she is of age and I wouldn't protest."

I could tell him that me and her are already somewhat a thing, but that would involve me telling him I popped her cherry and that's the last thing he needs to know. Or else he'd be charged for murdering me.

"Nah, she deserves someone who isn't that big of an asshole." I said.

Kirk actually smiled lightly but then frowned. "You have to make sure you protect her, Keiran. Christopher's very dangerous."

I nod. "No, I got it. I will protect her, man. It's all good. You don't have anything to worry about. Besides, if things were to get too out of hand," I stood. "I have my mother's gun. I may not be a hundred percent bright but I know how to kick ass. Anybody who knows me, knows that."

Kirk swallows hard. "I know that. I'm counting on you, Keiran."

I nod and then walk out of the room and down the hall.

I know I have to protect Pepper from this Christopher dick. I just hope that she doesn't find any trouble in the process.

Pepper texts me to meet her at the Harbor Restaurant. I wonder why. I guess I'll have to see.


Pepper's POV

I see her, the little flash of pink dancing hanging out with her friends in the restaurant.

I know for a fact that me telling this to her, will mean that what me and Keiran have is over. But Lynn deserves better…I guess. And I knew this wasn't me. If I was to be with Keiran, I want all of him to myself. And if he wouldn't break it off with her for me, then yeah, it'll break my heart but she at least deserved the truth.

I take a deep breath and walk into the restaurant and head straight for her table.

I stop at the table and all four of them look up at me. Lynn looks disgusted but amused at the same time.

The other three girls were looking at me like I was breaking the law by being in their presence. I ignored them and kept my eyes on Lynn.

"Lynn, can we talk somewhere in private?" I asked.

She crossed her arms and glared at me for a long time before narrowing her eyes. "About?"

"Keiran. It's really important." I say.

Lynn chuckles. "What exactly do you want to talk about? What, the fact that you have feelings for him? The fact that you walk around like a love-sick teenager and I have what you want?"

Don't get angry. Don't get angry. Don't get angry.

"Look, Lynn, this needs to be talked about in private unless you want to be embarrassed in front of your friends."

"The only embarrassment here is your clothes, hon, now you can go." Lynn says.

I roll my eyes and sigh. "It's about Keiran and me."

Lynn turns once again to look at me. "There is no you and him. You wish there was. You wish that he would touch and kiss you the way he does me. I'm pretty sure you wish he'd fuck you also, but guess what, Pep-Pep, it's never going to happen. EVER. So get the fuck over it and go back home and hide under your fucking shell, kay?" She asked.

I glare at her. I thought I could stay cool and keep calm but I can't. So the impossible came out. "I fucked Keiran." I blurted.

Lynn didn't so much as flinch. Her eyes stared at mine and she smiled a little. "Yeah…right." She says sarcastically.

"Don't believe me?" I asked.

She shook her head, the same smile on her face.

I lifted up my shirt to show her I had Keiran's boxers on. I shake my head and my lips turn into a smile while her smile slowly disappears.

"Trust me, he told me not to gloat about it, but you're such a bitch, I kinda can't help it." I said.

Her lips twitch in anger.

I knows it about to be another fight.

The second she gets out of the booth, I pull her by her hair and slam her onto the floor. She gets up and gets a good punch in and I land to the floor.

She's straddling me and punching me in my eye and nose. Of course they don't hurt, and the bitch weighs about eighty pounds so I easily throw her off of me and stand up. She gets up to her feet and I punch her in her nose and she falls back hard into a wall. I punch her again and she drops to her knees. The second her knees hit the floor, I knee her in her nose, making her fall over. Blood gushed out of her nose and I just watched her, holding her nose. Blood spilled onto the beige carpet and her eyes were watering.

I looked back to see her friends leaving, two looking scared, one looking sick.

I sighed and looked back down to Lynn.

The door to the restaurant open and I automatically know its Keiran.


I turn and look to him as he rushes over to Lynn. "Oh shit, are you okay?"

She doesn't answer as he helps her to her up.

"Hey, you," A man in a white suit points to me. "Out, before I call the police."

"Fuck off." I look to Keiran. "All you had to fucking do is tell her, Keiran. That's all. Now I told her for you. Problem solved."

Keiran turns to glare at me. "Problem solved? Her nose is fucking broken, Pepper. Problem not fucking solved! Get the fuck out!" He yelled at me.

Once again, he's yelling at me, and I'm reminded of the night of the beach party where he was yelling at me, and then he kissed me. That won't be the case this time. I was losing it. This wasn't like me, it wasn't like Keiran. We've changed. We've changed completely.

I turn and leave out the restaurant and slide into my car, feeling lost. Lost and hopeless. I may have just lost Keiran, I lost my dad. Soon when Rodney leaves for college, I'd lose him and I lost my mother.

As I sit in my car, I realize, I was an idiot. I was fighting over someone who wasn't mine. He wasn't mine. So how could I claim him? How could I be so stupid? How?

I started up my car and decided it was time to go to my home and for now on, I'll leave Lynn and Keiran be.


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