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Love & sex (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED)Karlie Morris is a stripper who works at a club called "Nipples".
She meets a guy, Ellis, who meets all her expectations and she falls in love with him.
In the middle of this, his brother, Tyler, tries to get close to Karlie.
Tyler is much more complicated than Ellis and some part of Karlie wants him.
Will she stay with Ellis or go to Tyler?? View table of contents...


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Chapter 4: A girl loves to tease

"Seriously?" I ask. My car wouldn't start up and it was making me late for work. Claudia likes me but she's very impatient and I hate making her that way.

Melissa's car is in the shop getting fixed.

Maybe Ellis can pick me up. No doubt he'll be there tonight anyway. I dial Ellis's number and wait for him to pick up.

Instead of hearing his voice, I hear another. One I didn't want to hear.

"Tyler?" I asked.

"This is him."

"Where's Ellis?"

"Ah, is this the girl I was watching the other night fondle her body with my money?" I rolled my eyes.

"This is her."

"What services can I do to you?" He asked. I can hear a smile.

"You can connect me with your brother."

"He's not here at the moment. What is it?"

"My car broke down."

"I'll pick you up."

"No you won't." I said.



"I'll be there in three minutes. Bye."

"W-?" He hung up What the hell? How did he even know where I live?

Fuck. Where is Ellis and why does Tyler have his phone?

I sigh and sit back in the seat of my car. "Worthless junk." I kick the gas with my foot.

Well…I did have it for ten years. That's a long time.

Minutes later, a car parks on the street and a figure gets out. I stay in my car until the figure comes to my window and taps on it. I roll it down and Tyler smirks at me. "Let's go."

I sigh and get out of the car and follow him to his. I get in and buckle up my seat belt.

Tyler gets in and shuts the door. "So…its my hotel we're going to, right?" He asks. I glare at him and he smiles. "Take a joke."

"I'm not in the mood. I'm about to be late for work."

Tyler starts the car and we're off into the night.

"The job really suits you." He says,

I grimace at him and he smiles. "I'm serious."

"I know you are. It's just not much of a compliment."

"Yeah, well, why give you more credit than my brother already gives you?"

"You can keep your credit." I said. Tyler looks at me and smile.

He slows the car down as he turns onto another street and to Nipples.

"Here we are." He gets out of the car. Damnit. I should have known he was going to stay.

I sigh as I get out and shut the door. We meet at the door and he looks down at me. His eyes filled with desire. Dark desire.

Shrinking back from the close contact, my mouth goes dry.

"I liked that little outfit you were wearing that night. It was sexy." He whispered as he opened the door for me. I stared at him as I slowly walked in. The music was upbeat and I saw that Cassett, Miranda, Minnie, and Cassandra were on the stage. I stay and watch them for a second before heading to the bar.

"Apple martini please." I say. Jerry nods and makes my drink. Tyler stands next to me, grabs my scarf and puts it on.

"You look stupid." I said.

He smiles. "Thanks."

Jerry places a martini in front of me and I take a sip.

"Anything for you?" He asks Tyler. Tyler shakes his head and then look to me with dark eyes.

I sat the drink down.

"Why do you push me away?" He asks.

"Why do you want to be so close?" I asked.

He tilts his head as he looks at me. "I don't know. But you do know that I want you."

"For a night?" I ask.

He nods. "Or two."

"You think you can tell me this and I'll jump in bed with you? You know I like Ellis."

"Yeah…I know you do. So does every girl but they always come to me."

"Only because you are perverted and good with words. Plus you intimidate people."

"Do I intimidate you?"

"Maybe a little." I admitted.

"You can't handle everything I have to offer. I like to fuck." He said leaning towards me. His breath hit my face and I could smell the mint and fruit.

"Me too."

"I want to fuck you."

"Well you can't. I like Ellis." I said.

"Do you now?" He takes the small stick with my olive on it and pops the olive in his mouth.

It distracts me for a moment before I remember to answer his question. "Yes. I do."

"So if you're so late for work and your job is that important to you, why in the hell are you sitting here talking to me?" He asked. A very annoying irritating man……with a good point.

I stand up from the stool. "You're right."

"I always am."

I take my drink with me as I make my way to the back. Claudia has her arms crossed as I walk in the room. "I'm sorry. My car…."

"Stop right there. I get it."

"Thanks." I set my drink down and slip into a dark red thong.

A lace garter belt with thigh hi dark red stockings, black pumps and a dark red lacy bustier.

Minnie smiles as she comes up to me. "Why are you smiling so hard?" She asked.

"I am?" I asked. She nodded.

Yeah, what am I happy about? Hm.

"Guess I feel sexy." I said.

She smiled and the song "Too close" by Alex Clare came on. I move the curtains aside as I walk out. I automatically see Tyler in the front.

I'm in the teasing mood tonight.

I immedialtey walk out to the front and he's looking up at me. I get on my knees and kneel in front of him. I take the twenty dollar bill out of his hand and stick it in my garter belt. That makes all the guys clap.

Tyler is now smirking at me.

I stand up and Cassandra and another girl named Tia came out and we all did our dance routine we made up.

Dropped to the floor on our knees. Shake our hips as we come back up. Grip the pole, hop on it upside down and lick the pole as we come down. I didn't lick it though. I never do. They disenfect them all the time twenty four seven but still…I never do it.

My feet hit the floor and I dropped to the floor again and slowly got up and stuck my ass out. I grind against the pole throwing my head back and shutting my eyes.

"I'm scared….it hurts." I whispered.

He didn't listen. Why has he never listened when I told him how bad it hurts?

I open my eyes and hop on the pole and swing around and back down. Feeling the music, I swing my hips and ass as I pull my hair up and let it fall down. I lose control. All the dancing is out of my control. It's like another me.

The bustier comes off and the top half of me is naked. My eyes meet Tyler and I smile as he for once, looks shocked at what I just did.

My step dad and other guys told me I had nice breasts. Size 34d cup.

I wasn't shy about it either. I get extra tips for it. The place rained with money.

I lean against the pole, shut my eyes, throw my head back and place my hands between my legs, bring them up to the garter belt, to my stomach. Between my breasts and through my hair.

I lift my head up and lock eyes with Tyler again who has that look in his eyes once again. Dark Desire.

Once the song was over, I went in the back and covered myself up with my jean jacket.

"Very good. Made me proud." She said.

I gave her my extra tips and she smiled. "Go out and flirt." She motioned with her head to the door and I nodded.

Once I got out, I went to the bar and asked for another martini.

I already knew Tyler was beside me. I slowly looked to him.

"I know what you were doing." He said distracted.

"What?" I asked innocently.

"Teasing me. You made it so damn obvious."

"Did it work?" I ask.

He smirked. "Unfortunately it did. Thanks a lot." He said sarcastically.

"Your welcome." I call over the music. We stare at each other for a second before I see Ellis enter the club. He looked upset.

He looks around and then sees me and then Tyler and then he looks bemused.

I bite my lip as he walks over. He looks to Tyler. "What are you doing here?"

"It's a free country. I can be here."

"Fine. Fine. Whatever. I'm sorry I didn't make it sooner. I couldn't find my phone." He explained.

Tyler put it up in Ellis's face who glared at the phone and then him.

"Oops." Tyler says smirking.

Ellis snatches it. "Go away."

Tyler looks to me and smirks. "You missed a good show, little brother. Your girlfriend revealed a lot about herself tonight." He winked at me and then walked back over to the stage where Minnie was now dancing.

Ellis looks to me. "What is he-?"

"Don't ask." I said. Ellis nodded and smiled slightly. "How are you?"

"Living. Lively. Watching men drool over something they can't have and enjoying it."

I said.

Ellis smiled and leaned over to kiss me.

Ellis brings me into his arms and placed his hands on my hips and sighs into my mouth.

I love tasting him.

We pull away eventually and get to talking about his day and mine.

I liked talking to Ellis because I like the way he thinks.

And Tyler comes by and has to ruin it. "Are you getting back on stage tonight?" He asked. I shrugged.

"I think you should." He says with a straight face.

"Why?" I asked.

He smiles a wicked smile and then looks pass me and then to Ellis. "You would have been proud, little brother. Your girl can dance very, very fine." He looks to Jerry. "Three beers." He ordered.

"You're getting drunk?"

"Yeah, why not?"

I rolled my eyes and Ellis did the same.

"I already know she can dance, Tyler."

"Not like this." Tyler says shaking his head. He glanced at me and smiled before grabbing the beers and walking away.

"What is he talking about?" Ellis asked.

"I just teased him a bit." I said.

Ellis looked to Tyler and then back to me. "How?"

"I took my bustier off." I said.

Ellis raised his eyebrows. "Really?" He asked. I nodded and unbuttoned the jacket to show him I have nothing on underneath and he smiles. "You're a freak."

"I know." I said sitting up on the bar stool.

"And a tease." He says.

"I let you kiss and touch me."

"But you won't agree to be mine, Karlie."

I sighed. "Okay. If you let me test you."

"Alright." He said.

I smile and bite my lip. "What's my last name?" I asked.

"Morris." He says staring into my eyes.

"My number." I said.

"832-9746. Next?" He says.

I smiled. Damn he's good.

"Who abused me when I was little?"

"Your step dad." He answered. Okay that one was easy.

"The first night we talked here, what was I wearing?" I asked.

"I believe it was….a black corset. Some ruffly panties. Stockings and really high boots." He answered.

I couldn't hide my smile. "So you really do know me."

"I do. But now I want you."

"Then you got me." I said as I pulled him to me and kissed him.


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