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Its not love (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED)Jenna Robinson is a young waitress finishing school. But one day she meets a guy named Tristan and her whole life changes. View table of contents...


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Chapter 5: Mr. Tristan Niles has my heart

When I got back to work, I parked in the driveway. I laid my head back in the seat and tried my hardest not to cry. I know it happened a while ago. A decade and seven years ago but it still hurted me. Mom must have been so scared. I couldn't even imagine that happening to me. I might as well just go home; my shift is almost over anyway. I reversed out of the driveway and drove home. I didn't know why it bothered me so much. It just stayed stuck in my head. I got in the tub when I got in my house. Still thinking about it. Maybe I was too harsh. He was in love with my mom. That's why he took her. I closed my eyes and took in the silence of my house. I need to think of something else. Anything else.


My finger softly rubbed over my stomach and down to my already wet pussy. Wet just from thinking of him. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Pumping my fingers in and out slowly while moaning his name over and over. I was about to cum already just from a few seconds. I pumped faster spreading my legs wider. "Oh. Oh Tristan. Please." I moaned.

"What?" Asked a voice. I opened my eyes and sat up quickly. I got my fingers out and looked up wide eyed at Tristan standing beside the tub.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I asked.

He smirked. "I was about to come over and apologize for pissing you off. I might already be forgiven though."

I rolled my eyes. "How did you get in here?"

"You left the door unlocked." I sighed. "I did? Shit."

Tristan stared at me. "So, can I join you?" He asked. I unplugged the water. "I'm about to get out, actually." I grabbed the towel from the towel rack and stood up and wrapped it around my body. I got out of the tub and walked into my bedroom and Tristan quietly followed me. I was actually hoping he would push me on the bed and start fucking me like he did last night. I wanted him bad. I needed him bad.

"Come here." Tristan said as he sat on the bed. I slowly walked over to him. He grabbed the towel and pulled it off of me. He ran his hands down my hips and down my legs and then he smiled at me. I smiled back down at him. "Are you going to give me what I want?" He asked.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"You know I only want you." He whispered while he kissed my stomach. He then got up and pulled his shirt over his head. I was anxious for this. I got on my knees and unbuckled his belt. He placed his hand in my hair while looking down at me. I got his belt unbuckled and unbuttoned his pants. I then pulled them down and then his boxers. His cock stood straight up in front of me. I was feeling horny so I gently took it in my hands. My thumb rubbed over the head of it. Tristan's breathing was getting heavy. I put my mouth over the tip and Tristan pushed it in my mouth and moaned while running his fingers through my hair. He fucked my mouth slowly moaning with each thrust. I wanted to feel him cum in my mouth. I could feel him throbbing. "Shit." He breathed while looking down at me. I couldn't fit all of him in my mouth but I got in a little more than half. I pumped my mouth back and forth over his thick length. "Oh shit I'm about to cum." Tristan said pumping faster in my mouth. I soon felt a rush of sweet and salty liquid in my mouth. And I swallowed it immediately. I slowly removed my mouth from around him and looked up at him. He smiled down at me. "You're good at that." He whispered breathless.

He made me stand up and then lifted me off the floor. I wrapped my legs around him as he carried me out of the room. "Where are we going?" I asked. Before he answered, He threw me down on the couch. "I plan to fuck you on every inch of furniture in this house." He said. I nodded and he positioned himself in between my legs.

"What makes you think this won't be your last time fucking me?" I asked looking up into his eyes. Tristan smiled. "You asked me that last time and yet I have you on this couch underneath me." He whispered.

"This could easily be the last time." I said.

"Jenna, me and you both know, this won't be the last time I'm inside you." He said. Tristan leaned down and kissed me while he grabbed my leg and lifted it up. I moaned when he entered me. He thrusted his whole length inside me to the point where I could feel him in my stomach.

"Ahh fuck." I breathed out. Tristan leaned back and pulled me up so I was now riding him. I threw my head back and moaned. His lips brushed my neck gently. "Jenna." He whispered as I rode him faster. Christian grabbed my hips forcing me down more on his dick. "Tristan! I have to cum!" I cried.

"Damn, already?" He asked. I smiled at him. "I was extremely horny when I was in the tub." I explained. He smiled. "Horny because you were thinking of me."

"Mmmh, Tristan, don't get cocky. You don't want to be kicked out of my house with a hard on do you?" I asked.

"Trust me I don't. But all this talking is making me go soft, Jenna."

"Oh, I'm so sorry." I whispered. Tristan smiled and pushed me back down onto the couch. "Be a good girl and cum for me." He whispered. I was already half way there so I knew I'll be cumming fast.

Tristan slid out of me and pushed in deeper rubbing his cock against my moist walls. I closed my eyes and grabbed the back of the couch and closed my eyes.

"Fuck Jenna, you're so damn tight." He grunted while thrusting harder to the point where it almost hurt. But it was a pleasurable pain. He held my leg in the air while kissing me.

"Are you going to cum for daddy?" He asked. "Fuck yes!" I screamed and I released hard around his cock. I was breathing hard and Tristan leaned down to kiss me and I soon felt his warm cum fill me up. We were both breathing equally hard. Tristan kissed me again and then slid out of me. I immediately missed him in me again. What the fuck was I turning into?

Tristan sat on the other end of the couch facing me with my feet in his lap. We were quietly staring at each other. "What was that?" I asked.

"What was what?" He asked.

"What you said. "Are you going to cum for daddy?" What was that?" I asked. Tristan smirked. "Did it not turn you on?" He asked.

"It actually did. But, it just came out of no where." I said. He smiled and nodded. "A lot of girls like that. To call guys daddy and a lot of girls like to be called slut and whore. And girls like to be dominated. Do you?" He asked.

I shook my head. "This is not going to be like that 'Fifty shades of grey' book is it?"

"You read that?" He asked amused.

"Yeah I did. I don't think I can handle you acting like Christian Grey."

"Did the book make you wet?" He asked. I smiled. "Maybe a little." I admitted. He smiled. "I could dominate you if I wanted to. If I knew you could handle it."

"I can't and I already know that so don't get any ideas."

Tristan chuckled and caressed my leg. "I know that." He said nodding.

"Tell me something about you."

"Like what?"

"Anything." I whispered.

Tristan looked up to the ceiling for a second. "I have a brother and a sister. Well…..sister in law. Ronnie is my brother and Leah is my sister in law. Now tell me something about you." He said.

I breathed out. "My dad kidnapped my mom." I admitted.

"What the fuck…?" He asked. I sighed and closed my eyes. "Well when my mom was sixteen, my dad kidnapped her and beat her and raped her."

"Are they still together?" He asked. I nodded. "She fell in love with him. I just found out today and it really made me angry."

Tristan shook his head. "If I ever raped you, what would you do?" He asked. I shrugged. "Kick your ass." I answered. He smiled and nodded. "Good." He whispered.

"Do you want to?" I asked. I know it was a stupid question.

"I'm all for the rape play and rough sex but there is nothing sexy about painfully hard fucking a girl to the point where she cries. It's not sexy and its not a turn on."

"I get turned on by rape scenes in some movies." I admitted.

He smiled. "I do too sometimes." He said. We stared at each other. This is not your every day conversation.

"Fuck." I whispered.


"I have class tomorrow."

"I want to stay with you." He said. The way he said it, it seemed like he's never said that to anyone before. I just stared at him and I was actually happy.

"You can stay with me."


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