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Its not love (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED)Jenna Robinson is a young waitress finishing school. But one day she meets a guy named Tristan and her whole life changes. View table of contents...


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Chapter 30: Taking control

"So are you okay, Niles?" Sean asked on the other end of the line.

"Yeah. Tristan is much sweeter than he was before. I guess me leaving for that period of time was a good idea."

"See? I told you. Just give it time, Niles. Marriage isn't easy. Remember what I told you about my mom and dad. But the shit is worth it in the end."

I nod.

"Yeah. You're right. Where have you guys all been? I haven't seen any of you since my birthday."

"Tristan hasn't been answering our calls. Typical angry PMS bullshit." I chuckled.

"Stop making fun of my baby like that." I said.

I heard the door open and Tristan, looking angry, walked in and slammed the door shit. Typical PMS shit, indeed.

"I got to go Sean; I'll talk to you later."

"Alright, Later Niles." He hung up and I placed the phone down on the receiver.

"Sean? You….were talking to Sean?" He asked throwing his jacket on the couch. I nodded.

"Yeah. We should all go out again soon."

"Don't fucking talk to my friends behind my back, Jenna."

"It wasn't behind you back. What the hell is wrong with you today?"

"If I wasn't here then yes, it was behind my back. You never talk to them when I'm here. What the hell were you talking about with Sean?"

"Nothing. He was being his normal therapist self." I said shrugging. Tristan moved over to me and leaned down so we were face to face.

"Oh, really? What was he saying? What were you telling him?"

"Just that you became sweeter."

"You tell him our business?"

"He's my friend. I can tell him whatever the fuck I want to." Tristan narrowed his eyes and then raised his hand and slapped me. I fell onto the couch clutching my cheek.

I looked up at him and slapped him back.

He glared at me. Fire blazing in his eyes. Don't walk out, Jenna. Don't walk out.

"You're such a bitch, Jenna."

"Tell me something I don't know." I pushed him away as I stood up and walked to the kitchen.

"I need you to stop disrespecting me. I'm not going to let the shit slide every time."

"Oh my god. It's a goddamn shame that we've been married for what? Three months? And already you make me resent it."

"Jenna, I ask you not to cheat on me. That's what I ask and I just want a baby. Other than that, I never ask you for anything."

"For one, you're my everything. There is no one else for me. That being said, I have no goddamn reason to cheat on you. And for two, I'm fucking twenty. I don't want to have kids right away. Why won't you understand that?"

Tristan stayed quiet for a second.

"Don't call anybody behind my back again." He said still glaring at me.

"It was not….."

"You heard what I said, Jenna."

After a few minutes, I nodded.

He walked out of the kitchen and I just stood there. I need my dad. That's fucking it. I need my dad.

I walked up the stairs and into the bedroom and grabbed my phone.

I dialed my mom's number.

I felt somebody behind me and I stopped and turned around.

Tristan was right there glaring at me. "Who are you calling?" He asked.

"My dad." I said. He took the phone from my hands.


"I'm sick of you."

"So….you're going to call our dad so he can what? Get rid of me?"

"No. I just…"

He threw my phone across the room and looked at me.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Why were you going to call your dad, Jenna?" He asked sternly.

"You need to talk to someone so you can calm down since I can't seem to help you."

"I don't need help."

"Yes you do. Just tell me what's wrong. What happened today?"


"You can't shut me out. We're not going to work if you shut me out."

Tristan sighed and sat on the bed. "You're going to quit."

I looked at him confused. What? "Quit what?" I asked.

"The diner, Jenna. You're going to quit the diner. It's unnecessary for you to work there. Plus I think we should move."

"What? What the hell are you talking about? Where is this coming from?"

"I'm getting moved to another firm. We need to move to be closer."

"I can't just leave Lindsey…"

"Fuck that blonde slut. I've already been looking for new houses and I think I know one that we could live in."

"Why didn't tell me about any of this?"

"Because I didn't. I have some people still working on your book. Editing and shit like that."

"So what? I don't give a damn about my fucking book! We're not moving any fucking where."

Tristan grabbed me and push against the wall. "Yes we are. I don't know who the fuck you think you're talking to but I'm not fucking around with you. I don't want to hurt you because I love you. But don't fucking tempt me."

"Wow. You're threatening your wife of three months. It's a shame."

"You're going to go down there and tell them."

"No I'm not." Tristan sighed and leaned against me. "Yes you are." He whispered.

I shook my head and closed my eyes.

"Jenna, I'm serious."

"I am too. You want us to move. You can't just rip me from my friends and my family."

"Don't be so dramatic. You'll see them again. We'll go visit this house and if we like it, we're going to buy it and move."

"You can't just make a decision like that without me. I'm your wife. I'm involved."

"Jenna, I want to be the one supporting us." He said. His blue eyes glaring down in mine.

"I'm beginning to hate you believe it or not." I admitted.

"Well I don't hate you. You're going to do what I say."

"No. I've known Lindsey since I was twelve. I can't just leave her."

"Yeah, you can. Call her and tell her."


"NOW, Jenna."

"I at least owe it to her to tell her in person." I said. Tristan slowly nodded after hesitating and he stepped back from me.

I grabbed my phone and my shoes and walked down the stairs and slammed the door as I walked out. I decided to drive my car this time.

When I got to the diner, I parked in the parking lot and stared at it before getting out. I closed the door and slowly walked into the diner.

I opened the doors and looked around. The place wasn't that busy. I walked straight to the kitchen.

Lindsey's eyes widened when she saw me. "What the fuck?"

I looked at her confused.

"Is that dried up blood, Jenna?" She walked to me and rubbed her thumb against my cheek. I shook my head. "I fell into a wall its fine."

"Jenna, that's bullshit. You're supposed to be stronger than this. You're not going to let this shit keep happening to you, are you?"

"Lindsey, just listen to me."

She stayed quiet waiting for me to talk.

"I have to quit today. Me and Tristan are moving."

Lindsey's eyebrows pulled together. "You're moving? Are you fucking kidding me?"

"No. He's getting moved to another firm and he wants to live closer to there so….."

"Jenna, please don't do this. It's just going to get worst. You know it will."

"I love him, Lindsey. I just do."

Lindsey's eyes watered. "Jenna," She whispered. I shook my head and walked away from her. I walked up to Dean.

"Jesus, what the hell happened to you?"

"I have to quit. I'm so sorry. I'll bring my uniform in tomorrow. I'm so sorry, Dean."

I turned and started walking away.


I turned back around.

"You okay?" Dean asked.

I shook my head. "No, I'm not." I whispered.


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