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Its not love (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED)Jenna Robinson is a young waitress finishing school. But one day she meets a guy named Tristan and her whole life changes. View table of contents...


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Chapter 18: His family

Tristan was driving him and me to his adoptive parent's home. I was staring out the window at the sun and the trees. "So it was easy impressing your friends. But I'm guessing your parents will be harder to impress." I said as I grabbed Tristan's glasses.

He shook his head. "No. My friends are harder to impress. And they liked you the moment they saw you…..maybe a little too much."

I put his sunglasses on and looked at him. He glanced at me and smirked. "It's hard not to like you, Jenna."

"Come on, I'm not that great of a person. I have a smart mouth. I can be rude sometimes and I'm just….I'm really a dork. I listen to Weezer for crying out loud."

Tristan smiled half way. "Maybe that's what I like about you. All of that stuff is nothing but a turn on for me."

I blushed and bit my lip as I continue to watch him. How could I not? Tristan Niles was a masterpiece rather he realized that or not.

"What do you listen to?" I asked.


"I just want to know. Come on. Tell me."

Tristan shrugged. "Uh…I listen to a little AC/DC every now and then. That's pretty much it."

"I'm going to put on an Aerosmith song and I want to see if you'll like it." I said going through his CDs.

"And if I don't?" He asked.

"You will." I popped the CD in and turned to track 8. Sweet Emotion came on. One of my favorite Aerosmith songs. But it doesn't compare to Dream on at all. That's my all-time favorite.

"I'm not enjoying this at all." He said.

"So what? I like it!" I said. Tristan smirked and looked at me.

"You don't find this song at least a little appealing?" I asked.

He shook his head.

"What about movie? What is your favorite movie?" I asked.

Tristan thought for a second. "I believe the Prestige. It's just really…I don't know it just fascinates me. What's your favorite movie and do not say Twilight."

"No. American Psycho."

Tristan smiled. "Funny you should say that. Both of our movies contain Christian Bale. Do you like him?"

"I use to be in love with him. He's one of the sexiest actors there are. Who do you find attractive. Celebrity wise?"

Tristan was quiet for a second. "If I had to choose someone, I'd say Deborah Ann Woll. I don't know something about her red hair and her eyes…they just remind me of you."

"You want me because I look like her?"

"I want her because she looks like you." He said and then looked at me for a half a second before turning back to the road.

I kept staring at him. He always had "Just fucked" hair. And he had it now because that's what we did before we left.

"Where is our Honeymoon going to be?" I asked.

Tristan smirked. "My beach house." He answered.

"Your what?"

"My beach house. I didn't really care for a hotel or anything. Just wanted some place that was private so we can be alone and do whatever the hell we want."

"I always wanted to go to a beach house. I'm excited."

"It's our beach house now, sweetheart." Tristan said nodding. I smiled.

"Accountants really make so much money?"

"Smartass." He muttered.

I giggled and then continue looking out the window at the sun.

Tristan pulled us into the driveway of a white two story house. "Everyone that has any sort of relation to you lives in royalty don't they?"

"Something like that. The only reason April and Daeton has this house is because I bought it for them. They just pay the bills."

He turned the car off and then sighed. "Fuck." He whispered.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

He pointed to a silver car parked in the opened garage. "My brother Ronnie and his wife, Leah is here."

"Why don't you like him?"

"It's complicated, Jenna."

"Tell me what's so complicated?"

Tristan sighed and looked at me. "Let's just go and get this shit over with." He got out of the car and I followed his lead.

I walked up to the porch and was about to knock on the door until Tristan pressed me against the house and pressed his mouth against mine. I weaved my fingers through his hair as his tongue rubbed against mine slowly. He was breathing hard when he pulled back. "Just because I know we won't get to do that for a couple hours." He said looking me in my eyes. I nodded as he moved the welcome mat to the side and grabbed the silver key and then he put it in the lock and turned the key.

He opened the door and slowly walked in and I walked in after him. I shut the door behind me and followed Tristan through the house. Voices could be heard in the kitchen.

Tristan sighed as if he was irritated and then followed the voices. When we walked in, a woman with brunette hair smiled at Tristan and ran to him. "Oh my god. I can't believe you're here. Why don't you ever visit?" The woman asked. Tristan didn't answer.

He looked over to a tall man who was smiling widely. "Tristan, you need to come see April more often. She gets so damn emotional when you're not here." He said. Tristan looked to the woman and smiled and then looked at me and smirked. "Guys this is my fiancée, Jenna Robinson."

April smiled and squealed and then hugged me. "Oh my god. I can't believe this. When is the wedding?"

"In August." Tristan said.

"Why are you just now bringing her to meet us?" His dad asked. Tristan shrugged. "You guys didn't matter at the moment but I and I'm sure Jenna wants you two to be there."

The man grabbed my hand and shook it. "I'm Daeton."

"Nice to meet you." I said. Tristan smirked at me. "Jenna was very nervous meeting you guys."

"Why?" April asked.

I shrugged. "I was just always concerned about meeting my boyfriends, or in this case- my fiancée's parents."

April smiled. "You have nothing to worry about, just the fact that you love Tristan makes us love you."

"Damn right. Tristan is a handful. How in the hell do you put up with him?" Daeton asked.

"It's not easy at all." I said smiling at him. He was looking down at the floor. He looked angry.

"Where are Ronnie and Leah?" He asked.

April and Daeton frowned.

"Yeah, I saw their car in the garage. Nice job on trying to hide it." He said sarcastically.

"Ronnie is in your old room."

Tristan sighed. "Of course he is." He grabbed my hand and led me upstairs and down the hallway and into a room. A pretty girl was lying on her back on the bed with her hand on her pregnant belly while a man who looked extremely similar to Tristan was sitting in a chair behind the computer looking at me and Tristan. The girl looked at me and then to Tristan.

"Finally," The guy I'm guessing is Ronnie said. "You finally settle into the depths of monogamy. Congrats, brother."

Tristan rolled his eyes and looked to the girl I'm also guessing was Leah. She got up and smiled. "Tristan, I can't believe it's been years. You're much taller and handsome than I remembered."

"Yeah flirt with my brother while I'm right here. Good job, baby." Ronnie said smiling.

She looked back and stuck her tongue out at him. Then she looked back to Tristan. "Leah you're way more….pregnant than I remembered."

She rolled her eyes. "You know I already had Katie and now this is my second." She said putting her hand on her stomach. Then her eyes darted to me.

"Hello. I'm Leah, Ronald's wife."

"Come on, my brother's chick didn't need to know my real name." Ronnie said sighing. I chuckled as he got up. "I'm Ronnie. Not Ronald and it's nice to meet you…."

"Jenna. Her name is Jenna." Tristan said.

Ronnie smiled at me and then looked down at my hand. "Oh shit." He grabbed my hand and observed the ring closely. Then Ronnie looked to Tristan. "You rich bastard." He whispered.

Tristan was clearly irritated with Ronnie's existence which didn't make sense to me. Tristan grabbed Ronnie's hand and yanked it off of mine.

"Um. Jenna, why don't you come with me and let Ronnie and Tristan talk?" Leah said. She grabbed my hand and led me down the hall.

"What the hell is it with those two?" I asked. Leah sighed. "When Tristan was little, his mom gave him up for adoption and when Ronnie was born, his parents kept him and ever since then, Tristan's been jealous about his and Ronnie's parents keeping Ronnie but not him."

"Oh my god."

Leah nodded. "They're real mother is dead but…Tristan was always upset because he felt like his parents always rejected him. Since then, he's hated Ronnie."

"I really want the both of you to be at the wedding." I said. Leah smiled. "Let me see that ring again." She said. I held up my hand and she smiled. "It's so beautiful. I love it. We'll be there. Definitely."

"And so will we." April said coming down the hall. I smiled at her. "I cannot believe you have finally gotten Tristan. My Tristan Niles to settle down. That's like getting a shark to stay still." I giggled.

Later, we ordered Chinese food and sat in the living room talking. I sat on the floor in Tristan's lap while Leah was lying in Ronnie's lap on the couch and April and Daeton were sitting on the other couch across from Leah and Ronnie.

"Where did you two meet?" April asked.

"At the diner I work at."

"Tristan? At a diner? You don't see or hear about that every day." Ronnie said.

"What the hell does that mean?" Tristan asked.

"Don't you get everything handed to you on a silver platter?"

"Shut the fuck up, Ronnie." Tristan said shaking his head.

"Please don't start you two." April said looking straight at Tristan. Tristan sighed and dropped his head down to my shoulder. "I'm sorry." He whispered.

I turned to him slightly. "For what?"

He shook his head. "My family. This has got to be irritating you as much as it is irritating me."

"I like your family. So different from mine. I like that."

Leah began talking about baby names and I offered the name Paris. Leah smiled and then nodded. "I think we have a winner." Ronnie leaned down and kissed her softly but you can see so much love in that kiss. I admired the two of them.

"So when's the date to the wedding?" Daeton asked.

"August 3rd on Saturday." I answered.

April smiled and leaned against Daeton and looked up at him. "Me and Daeton were in college when we got married."

"You didn't think you two were too young?" They both shook their heads. "I loved him and he loved me. That's all that mattered." Daeton kissed April and smiled at her.

"My parents think I'm too young. Well….my dad does. So he won't be coming to the wedding."

"Oh honey, I'm so sorry." Leah said. I shrugged. "It's fine."

I stood halfway out the door and hallway while I hugged Leah and then April. And then Daeton. And then Ronnie. "It was so nice meeting you, Jenna." Ronnie said. I smiled. "I loved meeting you all. I'll see you soon." Tristan said his goodbyes to everyone accept for Ronnie and we got back into his car.

"Your family is very nice. I don't know why they irritate you so much."

"Why isn't your dad coming to the wedding?" He asked cutting me off.

He kept his eyes straight on the dark road. I sighed. "He doesn't want me to marry you. I told him that no matter what he says that I will marry you. And he said he's not coming to the wedding."

"I need your father to be there, Jenna."

"He said no."

"You want to be happy don't you?" He asked.

I nodded. "Then you have to get your father there and tomorrow, I will go and talk to Lindsey. Okay?"

I nodded. I was happy that Tristan was keeping his word and going to talk to Lindsey for me because she's one of the most important people in my life. I just got to figure out to get Shane to the wedding.


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