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Its not love (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED)Jenna Robinson is a young waitress finishing school. But one day she meets a guy named Tristan and her whole life changes. View table of contents...


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Chapter 17: Fuck the disapproval

I drove out to my mom and dad's house and parked the car in the driveway. My dad was not going to be happy about this.

It was about eleven in the morning and later I was going to meet Tristan's adoptive parents. I was only a little nervous.

I got out of my car and went up to the double doors. I knocked twice and my dad answered the door. "Hi dad." I said smiling. He hugged me. "Hey, Jenna." When he pulled away from me, he looked into my eyes. "Did you have to use the gun on him?" He whispered. I shook my head. "I have something to tell you and mom." I walked in the house and my dad shut the door. "Mom!" I yelled.

A couple of seconds my mom came down the stairs looking as beautiful as she always does. "Jenna, hey baby." She hugged me and kissed my forehead. "What do you want to tell us?" My dad asked looking suspicious.

"Um…well…Tristan asked me to marry him."

My dad had a look on his face like I just said I wanted to commit suicide.

My mom smiled. "Wow. Really? That's great honey. You don't think you're too young?" She asked.

I shook my head. "No. I don't I want to be married to him so bad. I love him so much. More than I ever thought I would."

My dad shook his head. "Fuck that. No. You're not marrying that son of a bitch. I'll be damned." My mom stared at him looking worried.

I went up to Shane and stared at him. "I'm a grown ass woman last time I checked."

"Don't fucking talk to me like that, Jenna. You may be grown but I'm warning you, you better watch yourself."

"You can't tell me who I can and can't marry. To hell with what you think."

"Jenna, I can make something really bad happen to Trent or whatever the hell his name is."

"And he can make something happen to you too. Don't tempt me to make him make something bad happen to you."

"You're putting him in front of everyone you love?" Shane asked.

I shook my head. "No one can see the good in him and that's not my fault."

"You're right it's his fault because whatever good you claim he has in him has been blocked off by the fact that he gave you a black eye."

"Dad. It was months ago and the black eye is gone. You can't even see it anymore.

Shane nodded. "You just admitted that he hit you."

"No I didn't."

"Yes the fuck you did, Jenna. I'm going right to his house and I'm going to kick his fucking ass."

"Not if you don't know where he lives."

"I know people who know people. I can get his fucking address."

"If you hurt him, I will never talk to you again and you won't be coming to the wedding."

"I'm fine with that. Anything it takes to protect you. That's real love. Real love is not some bullshit romance where the two of you are all fine in public and then in private he breaks your fucking jaw. I'm not going to have that. You hear me, Jenna?"

I nodded. "Dad, listen to me. That night he hit me, I was making him angry and it was for a stupid ass reason so it's okay. He promised he wouldn't do it again."

"He did it once so what makes you think he won't do it again? And your mom is right. You are way too fucking young."

"I'm nineteen and grown and I can do what I want."

"Not if I tell you no."

"Fuck what you tell me."

Shane glared at me. My mom went to his side and grabbed his arm. "Shane. Stop it. She's grown. Let her decide." Shane looked down at my mom.

"Haley, I'm not going to just let him have my daughter and end up fucking her up."

"I hate you." I whispered glaring at him.

"That's fine. You can hate me as long as you know and understand the fact that you're not going to marry him."

"Yes. I. Am." I said nodding.

My mom put her hand on my shoulder. "I approve." She said weakly. Shane glared at her and she looked back to him. "He's a good kid, Shane."

"No he is not. They are all kinds of people that seem good in the m-" He stopped.

"In the what?" My mom asked.

"Yeah dad. What were you going to say?" I asked. He shook his head. "Nothing. You're not marrying him. I'm not saying another thing. Cancel the wedding. The engagement and cancel the relationship you have with him because it's over."

"It is not over. Stop saying that."

"Jenna, this fucker has brainwashed you into falling in love with him."

"He did not brainwash me, Shane."

"I'm your goddamn dad. That's what you call me."

"I'm not doing what you want me to do. I'm the one who's going to be with him for the rest of my life not you. You're not going to be around him at all, dad. I am. I love him and I need him."

"See? Brainwashed you. He makes it seems like you need him."

"I do! Okay? Just like you need mom and mom needs you." I said.

"You're too damn young."

"And mom wasn't too young when you kidnapped her?" I asked.

Shane slowly took his eyes off me and looked at my mom who kept her eyes on the floor.

"You will never bring that up in this house again. Do you fucking hear me?"

"You can't hide the truth dad. Just because you two may never bring it up or talk about it does not mean it never happened."

"Jenna," He walked closer to me. "I hurt your mom and I will always hate myself for that. I don't want you to date someone or marry someone who's going to hurt you like I hurt Haley."

"He promised me. I believe him. I trust him. I'm not stupid."

"I am if I let you marry that bitch."

"You are if you don't let me marry him."

"If I let you do this, are you going to be able to live with whatever consequences you come across?"

"Yes." I answered.

Shane slowly nodded. "Okay. Go off to him then."

"I want you there, dad. I want you there. I want you at my wedding."

Shane chuckled and shook his head. "Now if I go there, I just might kill him. And obviously, you don't want that." He said. I looked to my mom.

"Will you come to the wedding?" I asked.

She smiled weakly and nodded. "When is it?"

"Saturday. On August 3rd."

My mom nodded. "I'll be there." She whispered and then glanced at Shane.

I walked out of the house and slammed the door shut. I closed my eyes. That went worse than I hoped. But my dad has to accept the fact that no matter what he says, I'm going to marry Tristan.


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