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Its not love (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED)Jenna Robinson is a young waitress finishing school. But one day she meets a guy named Tristan and her whole life changes. View table of contents...


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Chapter 15: The guys around me

"So what do you think about that Nirvana cd?" Sean asked me. We were sitting in the same restaurant at a different table. Around me were Sean, Carl, Nate and Tristan who kept his hand on my thigh.

"Well…I listened to it." I said nodding.

"Annnnd? What's the verdict?" He asked.

"It's….cute." I said nodding.

Sean shook his head and snorted. "It's cute." Clearly you have bad taste in music, Robinson."

"Just not my thing."

"Yet, you like Weezer. What a fucking shame." Sean said shaking his head.

"What about Blink 182? Did you take a chance on that?"

"Still bullshit to my ears, Nate." I said.

Nate shook his head. You just have to feel the lyrics." He said.

Sean snorted. "Listen to this fucking fag here. "Feel the lyrics." He said.

I looked to Tristan who was being quiet but I could feel him looking at me the whole time.

"Who's your favorite band?" I asked.

"He doesn't have one. Niles is plain like that." Sean said sitting his beer on the table.

"I don't listen to a lot of rock. All sounds like shit to me."

"You're shit." Sean said chuckling.

Tristan flipped him off and looked to me. "Just not my thing, sweetheart."

"No Aerosmith?" I asked.

Sean busted out laughing. "No Nirvana but Aerosmith? That's like having a fucking cup with nothing in it."

"What," I asked giggling "That doesn't even make sense."

"Exactly. Come on, you have to listen to the CD at least once more."

"Once more but that's it." I said. Sean clapped his hand once.

Carl adjusted his glasses and sighed. "Where the fuck is my drink? You got to put a fucking stick up the waiter's ass just to get some damn attention." He turned and shouted for the waiter.

"So did working at that diner get you the dress this time or did Tristan's whipped ass give it to you?" Sean asked.

"Tristan." I answered.

He smiled. "Are you mad because you have no one to buy shit for?" Tristan asked.

Sean scoffed. "Shit, that's a blessing."

"And you say I'm cheap."

Nate shook his head. "Everyone at this table has serious issues."

"What about you Nate?" I asked.

"What? Girl-wise?" He asked. I nodded.

He inhaled.

"Nate likes the kind of chicks that cheat on him." Sean said nodding.

Nate grimaced.

"What about Suzanne?" Sean asked.

Nate shrugged. "She was drunk."


"It was a misunderstanding. The guy spilled his drink on his pants so she was just helping him clean it up."

I shook my head. "Sorry, Nate but even I have to say that she was doing more than that."

Sean nodded. "Thank you, Robinson. This fucking prick doesn't believe it."

Carl leaned forward. "I like the kind of girl who just can be herself with me. You know? Not try to act different when I'm around her. Not try to act snotty or slutty for me."

I nodded. "That's pretty good, Carl."

"Yeah he wants that but…. his luck hasn't been the same."

"Jenna, every girl I ever had sex with has either been a stripper, hooker or lesbian."


He nodded. "Yeah I couldn't fucking believe it either. She tells me this in the middle of us fucking."

I broke out in laughter and so did Sean, Tristan and Nate.

"Why in the middle though?" I asked trying to contain my laughter.

He nodded and held out his hand. "E-fucking-xactly. I asked her the same thing. I didn't get to cum which made me sexually frustrated and I just had to masturbate on my couch which fucking sucks."

"I can imagine." I said nodding. I hate feeling sexually frustrated but very rarely do I feel it anymore.

"Now, Jenna-And Tristan I know you will get pissed off by this question but I'm going to ask it anyway- So Jenna, if everybody died on this earth, right, and…"

"Oh here we go." Carl said sighing.

"Shut up. Let me ask her. Anyway, everyone died including Tristan and it was just me, Carl and Nate left, who would you pick to repopulate the earth with first?" Sean asked.

I thought for a second. Tristan squeezed my hand harder than usual. I looked at him and clearly he wasn't happy with this question. But it was harmless. "Nate." I answered.

Nate smiled smugly.

Sean chuckled. "Why him?"

"Because he's the sweetest out of three of you."

Carl looked at me. "Oh what? I'm not sweet?" He asked.

I smiled. "Nope."

"Well," Carl nodded. "At least she's honest."

Tristan stayed quiet the car ride home. He grabbed my arm and pulled me into the house and stared at me as he closed the door.

"What is your problem?" I asked.

"You'd sleep with Nate?" He asked.

I sighed. "Tristan, it was just a question. Calm down. You're mad and for what? A question about something that will never happen and you know that."

I said.

He walked upstairs without talking to me and I followed him.

"You're acting like a fucking baby. What? You want me to say I'm sorry for answering Sean's question? He asked it to be an asshole which he admitted that he was."

"Why did you answer it?"

"It was fucking harmless that's why." I said.

Tristan took off his jacket and put it in the closet.

He put his shoes in the closet and then started taking off his clothes as he went to the bathroom and slammed the door.

I rolled my eyes. He was seriously mad over a damn question?

I opened the door to the bathroom and shut it.

Tristan had the water turned on and was under it letting the water fall on him. I pulled down the strapless gold dress and let it fall to the floor. And then I took my black panties off and pulled the glass shower door back. Tristan stared at me as I joined him.

"You're not going to shut me out." I said shaking my head.
You know I love you and I don't want anyone else." I said.

Tristan nodded slowly and walks a few steps to me and placed his lips on mine and picked me up against the wall. I wrapped my legs around him and let his cock entered my pussy. Every time, it feels so good when he enters. We kept our lips together the whole time. The sex was angry because he was still angry as he roughly thrusted in and out of me but I liked the roughness of it. I threw my head back against the wall and he licked and kissed my neck.

He pushed me up against the other wall and I gripped his hair hard while he continued fucking me.

He kissed me hard and groaned as he released inside of me. But he didn't stop thrusting. "Cum for daddy, Jenna." He whispered and as soon as he said that, my wall tightened and I cried out as I came hard.


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