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Its not love (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED)Jenna Robinson is a young waitress finishing school. But one day she meets a guy named Tristan and her whole life changes. View table of contents...


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Sorry this chapter is so short

Chapter 10:Best friend lecture

Me and Tristan laid on the floor out of breath and tired from fucking on every inch of the house like he said we'd do. I have never came so many times before. It was amazing.

I wasn't supposed to let Tristan back in my life but I don't know what came over me. I just let him back in.

I looked over at him and he was staring back at me. Satisfaction was on his face. "What did my dad say to you yesterday at the diner?" I asked.

"He told me that if I ever hurt you, he'd beat the shit out of me." He said.

"You have to meet my parents this Monday at the lake house I have to go to."

"I have to work."

"Well take time off. This is important."

"Fine. I'll do it."

"Thank you." I kissed him and then got up. Tristan got up with me and followed me upstairs.

"Hey, what did Lindsey say to you?" I asked.

"She told me she's going to fuck me up if I hit you again." He said.

"Well I think you deserved those lectures from my dad and Lindsey."

"I know. I told you….never again." He said staring in my eyes. I nodded because like a dumbass, I believe him although I know now that he'll snap at any time and I just have to be ready.

It was about seven in the morning by the time me and Tristan went to sleep.

When I woke up, Tristan was out of bed before me. I looked out the window and his car was still here parked in my driveway. I walked downstairs and went to the kitchen.

Tristan had sat a plate of food

down on the table and looked at me.

A small smile appeared on his face. "So, I don't normally do shit like this." He said.

A smile appeared on my face. "No one ever cooked for me except my mother. And my dad….sometimes."

Tristan looked down at the food and then back at me. "I just want you to be happy."

"I am happy." I said staring at him. He smirked.

I walked over to the table and sat down. A cheese omelet, bacon, sausage and toast with jelly on it. "Wow. You really made this?"

"Yes. I just wanted to prove to you how sorry I am."

"I know you're sorry, Tristan. You can stop proving it now. Just know that if you ever hit me again, I'll kick your ass."

"Yeah, yeah. I know." He said sitting down beside me.

Tristan looked at me as I started to eat. "I want you to meet my friends. And…Ronnie and his wife…eventually."


"Yeah. And…I want to ask you something."


"Not now. Maybe once we get to the lake house."

Oh shit. That reminds me. Lindsey isn't going to be so happy about the fact that I was back together with Tristan and he was coming to the Lake house with us.

"Okay." I said. After I was done eating, I took a shower with Tristan and got dressed and went over Lindsey's house.

She opened the door and smiled at me. "Hey come on in."

I walked in and saw Dean sitting on a chair in the kitchen. "Damn. I have to see you on my days off too?" I asked joking.

Dean rolled his eyes. "What happened to your eye?" He asked. I forgot that it may still be kind of purple by now.

"I was playing around with Tristan and he made a mistake and punched me in my eye. It doesn't hurt though." I said.

Dean narrowed his eyes at me.

Lindsey followed me into the living room and I sat down on the couch.

"So what's up?" She asked.

I took a deep breath. "I'm back together with Tristan." I said.

Lindsey looked at me like I just told her I have cancer. I guess to her, Tristan was like Cancer.

"Are you out of your fucking mind?" She asked.

"He apologized to me, Lindsey."

"So the fuck what? You think he's just going to hit you that once and then never again? That's bullshit. That's what Johnnie told me. I should have gotten out of that marriage sooner but I didn't. I went back to him and he beat my ass some more. And that's exactly what's going to happen to you. Don't be stupid."

"It's not up to you who I'm with. I love him, Lindsey."

"You are making a mistake. My ex did horrible shit to me. Any guy who hits you doesn't give a fuck about you."

"It's okay. I can defend myself."

"You shouldn't have to! You shouldn't have to defend yourself from the motherfucker who claims he loves you." She said.

"I didn't come here for a fucking lecture. I just came here to say he's going to the lake house to meet mom and dad."

"Well then…I'm not going." She said. I shook my head and sighed.

"I am letting him back into my life, Lindsey. Rather you like it or not. And he's going to stay with me."

"Okay. Just know that I won't be there to protect you when he gives you another black eye. I will be sitting on my couch with Dean and my children while you're at home crying in the bathroom because he hit you. And I won't be there."

"It's not your fight. So stay the fuck out of it."

"You need to stay away from him, Jenna. I'm saying this because I love you."

"You think every guy is going to be just like your ex."

"Johnnie raped me….repeatedly. And that's how I got Jonathan and Alicia. Against my will. That can happen to you."

"It won't."

"You don't know that."

"Yes I do. Tristan apologized."

"Johnnie apologized. That's all he did when he wasn't abusing me."

"Tristan is not Johnnie. If you're not coming to the Lake house, then fine."

"Fine." She said.

I got up and left out of her house. Regardless of what Lindsey thinks…..I'm going to stay with Tristan.


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