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In love with a rebel (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) Young and pregnant, Rylie Hartford is still head over heels in love with her verbally abusive ex boyfriend, but soon learns to hate him after she finds herself in love with a guy who is dangerous. View table of contents...


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Chapter 9: Keeping his word

I pulled up into the parking lot of my school. Melanie wasn't here yet and neither was Damon. Damon and I never distinguished that we were together but still…we knew that we both had feelings for one another.

I shut the door of my car and watched as Evan started coming near me.

He had a look on his face as he came near me. Anger.

He sighed as he leaned against my car. "I need to talk to you."

"Okay…so talk."

He breathed out of his nose. "I just got a scholarship…okay? A football scholarship. I've been waiting for it for three years now. Once I leave, if you have this baby, it's all over for me. So I need you to get rid of it…or put it up for adoption or anything but you can't keep it."

"I don't give a damn about you or your fucking scholarship." I bumped pass him and he grabbed a handful of my hair and I cried out as he pulled me back as he slammed me back into my car.

"I'm not giving you options anymore. Get rid of it." He growled against my hair and I whimpered in fear as the grip on my hair got stronger.

"No." I growled back.

Evan nodded. "Okay, baby." Then he let go of me. A threatening look in his eyes as he turned and walked away.

I glared at him. I was sick of him telling me what to do. He'll see that he doesn't intimidate me anymore. Fucking bastard.

I shook my head and continued walking to the school.

I really didn't feel up for any of it today. Not school, nothing of that nature.

I wanted to stay home curled up in my bed with a big bowl of cereal in my hand and the cable remote in my hand with the thermostat on seventy degrees directly.

But I also wanted to get as much school stuff I could get before I became unable to make it here anymore.

I entered the school and got stares from everyone and I mean absolutely everyone.

I was use to being stared at like I was weird but this was beyond just….odd.

I walked down the hall towards my locker but stopped when in big black letters, spray painted on my locker were the words, 'Pregnant Slut.'

I shut my eyes. That's why.

Now the whole damn school knows I'm pregnant. I was about to turn to see who was watching me as I saw my locker, I was pushed hard against it. I turned and it was Evan, glaring at me while his friends and girlfriend laughed.

Dylan stood there just smirking and I got up from the floor. "Stupid slut." Evan said loud for everyone to hear and they started laughing at me.

My face grew red and hot from embarrassment.

Random students walked by laughing at me.

Evan snatched my bag from my arms, opened it and emptied all of my things out, books, papers, tampons which won't come in handy this month or for the next eight months.

My lotion. Which Stacey picked up.

I got up to my feet, glaring at both him and her.

"Put my shit down." I said.

Stacy rolled her eyes and threw the lotion at me. I tried to catch it but it fell at my feet.

They all laughed as I picked it up.

"Go fuck all them other guys. I'm not the damn dad, bitch." Evan said as he walked away. Stacey followed right after him and so did his friends.

I knew the tears wanted to come but I prevented them from doing so.

I wouldn't give them the damn satisfaction.

I sighed and started picking my stuff up. I didn't know where my bag went.

This was nothing though. They could have done worst.

Much worst. As I gathered all my stuff, I noticed that my lock wasn't on my locker anymore. Someone got it off.

I opened it and found mashed up food at the bottom of my locker.

Oh my god. I slammed my locker shut, harsh reality settling in. This will not be over unless I get rid of my kid. My baby. That little ball of warmth growing inside of me.

Nothing can ever make me just get rid of it.

Dylan came up behind me and held a tampon in his hand and handed it to me.

I looked at him and nodded as I grabbed it. "Thanks."

He didn't say anything as he quietly disappeared down the hall.


Melanie walked into Trigonometry and when she saw my face, she hurried to me. "What's wrong?"

"He ruined my locker and threw everything out of my bag."


I nodded.

Melanie sighed. Her fist balled. "Okay." She got up.

I grabbed onto her shirt and forced her back down. "Stop it."

"Why do you let him walk all over you? I'm gonna go to his class and kick his ass. I'm not kidding." She got back up but I forced her back down. "Relax."

"I can't. It's not fair to you, Rylie."

"He wants me to get rid of the baby. That's why he's doing this to me."

"Please tell me you're not thinking of getting rid of it. I mean I know its you choice and everything but it should be your choice rather or not you want to get rid of the baby, not his just because he threatens you."

"I'm not."

Melanie sighed and closed her eyes. "What I would do to that asshole. Way more than one can even imagine. I would slice every fucking scale of skin off his fucking dick." She said slamming her fist onto the table.

She acts like it was her that this just happened to.

Ryan will be mad….my anger was still there but I mean…what can I do about it? I couldn't fight Evan.

No matter if I wanted to or not.

Of course he was gonna win.

Melanie was acting jumpy in her seat because of her anger.

I just sat there and kind of just tried to stay relaxed and keep her in the same state.



Once school was out, I told Melanie to go home and that I would tell Ryan about what happened.

And I knew it wasn't going to be pretty at all. I was scared. And on top of all that, I haven't even heard from Damon all day. He didn't come to school.

I got home and Ryan wasn't there. I just wanted to spend this time alone.

All alone.

I'll just tell Ryan when he gets home.

And he'll handle it.

I fell asleep on the couch in the living room and when I woke up, It was dark outside.

I was just laying down staring up at the ceiling when I heard a loud noise coming from outside.

I got up and peeked out the window. My car…oh shit…! Evan was doing something to my car!

I grabbed my phone and dialed Damon's number. I should have called Ryan but Damon was the only person on my mind. "Hello?"

"Damon, Evan's doing something to my car!" I said.

"I'm on my way." He hung up, leaving the line dead. He lived right down the street. He should be here soon. But should I just stay inside and wait?

My thoughts drifted off.

I forced the door open and ran outside. "What the hell are you doing?!" I screamed at Evan.

He glared at me and then took the keys that was in his hand and continued keying my car and then kicked my door in.

"Abort it." He said.

"All this just for me to abort the baby?"

He nodded. "Damn right." He then used his elbow to bust the window of the car in.

I ran up to him. "Stop it!"

He grabbed me and forced me against the car hard. I grunted in response. "Get rid of it." He said forcefully.

"No." I said back.

Evan suddenly held his fist back and was about to punch me but I ducked and tried to run the other way. He grabbed me back my hair to pull me back against the car.

He grabbed me by my neck and banged my head back against the car.

I gasped as it left a ringing feeling in my head.

Suddenly, there was a gunshot.

It made me and Evan freeze.

We turned to see the culprit but all that was there was the darkness.

Evan squinted his eyes in the darkness and as he concentrated on finding the person with a gun, I slipped away from him and he was about to run after me.

I screamed as he grabbed my hair again.

But just as he grabbed it, he was ripped away.

I didn't wanna turn back but I did anyway.

My jaw dropped.

Evan was on the ground while Damon was punching him with a black gun that was in his hand.

I just stayed frozen.

Watching as Evan's face became an undetermined shape.

I could see so much hate and anger in Damon's eyes.

"Damon." I tried to say but he paid me no attention.

There were sirens in the distance. Police cars.

Damon kept hitting Evan although he was already knocked unconscious. I can literally hear the bones cracking in his face and I couldn't look anymore.

The sirens got closer and I saw the flickering of blue and red lights in the distance.

The cars stopped and I had to get Damon off of Evan.

I went over and tried to pull him off but he still hasn't stopped.

"Damon, stop. Stop!" I yelled.

The police officers ran over and managed to pull him off of Evan who didn't even look like he was breathing.

They got Damon down on his stomach and handcuffed him. And he let them….willingly.

Oh god…they were gonna take him away. "Please don't. He's not the one who should be going to jail. It's Evan." I said pointing down to his unconscious body.

The officers got Damon to his feet. I went up to him and grabbed his face in my hands. "Don't go."

"It's gonna be okay. I called them." He said.


"So they could keep me from killing him." He said as they made him turn and started walking towards the car.

The ambulance car stopped my thinking. I swallowed.

They got out of the car and put Evan on a stretcher.

"We need to ask you some questions, ma'am." A big curly haired officer said as he came over to me.

"Sure." I said hesitantly. Trying to wrap my head around everything.

"Who was that guy to you….the unconscious guy."

"My ex boyfriend." I answered.

"And what was he doing on your property?"

"I wasn't aware that he was on my property at first until I heard a noise."

"Where were you when you heard the noise?"

"I was sitting on my couch in the living room and-"

"Rylie!" Ryan ran over to me and I hugged him. I cried into his shoulder and he held me tightly.

"You okay?" He asked.

I nodded my head, yes.

"What happened?" He asked as he held me out at arms length.

I turned to look back at the officer. "I was in the living room and then I heard the noise." I said.

The officer nodded and scribbled some stuff on the tiny pad of paper he had in his hand. "What'd you do?"

"I looked out the window and saw that my ex was keying my car."

Ryan's eyes grew wide. "WHAT?"

The officer nodded. "Then what?"

"I ran outside and tried to get him to stop but then he bust out the window to it. And I told him to stop and then he pushed me against the car and grabbed my hair."

"Assaulted you." He said as he wrote more down onto the paper.

I nodded and Ryan looked red as his anger took over him.

Then the officer looked at me. "Any particular reason why he would do all this?"

I nodded. "He wanted me to get rid of my baby." I said.

The officer looked shocked. "Jesus." He shook his head.

Then he cleared his throat. "What happened after the assault?"

"Then we heard a gunshot and while Evan was distracted, I slipped away from him and then he grabbed me but then Damon grabbed him and started hitting him with a gun." I said.

"Damon, the guy in the car, who is he to you?" The officer asked.

"He's….well….he's…my boyfriend." I said.

The officer nodded. "Okay. Well…that's all of your time I need. Thank you."

"Is he gonna have to stay there for long?" I asked.

"He did assault the guy." The officer said.

"But with good reason." Ryan shot back.

The officer sighed. "He'll get his phone call in a few hours and then you can talk to him." The officer walked away and the ambulance truck, along with the police cars drove off and me and Ryan were left there on the lawn.

We both slowly walked back into the house. I shut the door and sat down on the couch.

Ryan paced the room not knowing what to say. "I should have been here. I should have been here as soon as you got home, Rylie. I'm stupid."

I shook my head. "It's okay."

"It isn't."

"It is. Evan won't come back."

Ryan shook his head in disgust. "Right. I need to go bail Damon out."



He turned to look at me. "He protected you. It's obvious he gives a damn about you and any guy who is willing to beat up another to protect my sister is a brother to me. I need to go talk to the police. You should probably call Melanie or something to come over." He said.

I nodded and grabbed my phone off of the table.

Evan was actually going to bail out Damon? That was….unexpected.

Ryan disappeared out of the living room as I told her all about what happened. And in so little time.

This all happened way too fast and it didn't feel real. But the faint throbbing in my head from when I was pushed against the car said that it was very much real.


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