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In love with a rebel (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) Young and pregnant, Rylie Hartford is still head over heels in love with her verbally abusive ex boyfriend, but soon learns to hate him after she finds herself in love with a guy who is dangerous. View table of contents...


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Chapter 7: Three days post-Damon Lawson

I didn't want to think about him. Because when I did, this odd, heart breaking feeling wash over my body and I hate it.

I wasn't in love with him so why does it feel like my heart was broken?

I had to stay away from him because he was bad. Very bad.

He basically killed his mom.


I had to think about this. About him.

I was at least kind of glad that he's been out of school so I wouldn't have to face him.

Yet, I did keep calling him.

I want him but I knew it was smart to stay away.

What the hell do I do? I never been in this situation before.

I was in Chemistry class finishing up my work.

Melanie was sitting next to me. She understood my down mood and hardly said any words towards me today.

I felt dull. Fucked up and upset.

He wouldn't answer my calls. I didn't even know where he lived.

Yet…even if I did, would I have even have went over there to see him? Would he even want to see me?

He told me about the things he's done. But it was his past. Does that really make anything better?

Evan walked in, arm draped around Stacey. He glanced at me and whispered something into Stacey's ear and she chuckled.

I scowled at them and then looked down at my unfinished work.

Melanie glared at them and then looked to me. "Just ignore them. They're just tryin to rile you up."

I nodded. "I know." I got up to my feet. I had to go give my paper to Mr. Raymond. And I had to walk pass the retarded couple.

Just as I walked pass, I didn't have time to notice Evan had his foot stuck out. I hit the floor hard. My eyes squeezed shut as pain shot through my nose.

Melanie's voice rose in anger. "FUCKING PRICK!! You tripped her." she accused.

"No I didn't." Evan said.

I felt someone pulling me up to my feet and I looked to see Melanie. She sighed. "Come on…your nose is bleeding." She pulled me out of the classroom.

We hurried down to the bathroom where she wet some tissue and gave it to me. I placed it up against my nose and sighed in frustration. "That fucking b-"

"Do you still love him?"

I shook my head.

"You know you've been completely out of it since Damon disappeared."

"I need to talk to him. He won't answer his phone. He thinks he isn't good enough for me."

"But he likes you. I like the way you are around him. Happy." Melanie said.

I felt weird though. Not being near him depressed me although me and him weren't even together.

What kind of sense does that make?

"I wish I knew where he lived."

Melanie leaned against the wall.

"All he told me was that he lives a few streets down from my street." I said.

Melanie nodded. "Maybe we can get the address from the principal."

"Principal Cooper is not going to give us an address."

Melanie smirked. "I got three things. I've got Dylan who is very good at hacking into the system…and…" she pushed her breast up with her hands and smiled. "I got these two." She walked out of the bathroom and I followed her.

Oh no.

We walked down the hall until we stopped at the door to the Algebra room. Melanie opened the door and I followed her in. Dylan was in the corner listening to music while the rest of the class and even the teacher were going about their business.

"Dylan." Melanie said. He looked up from his music and to her.

She motioned for him to come over.

He grabbed his music player and walked through the class room and made it to us. The three of us walked out of the room and Dylan kept his attention focused on Melanie and acted as if I didn't exist.


"I need you to find someone's address for me while I distract the principal." Melanie said.

Dylan nodded. "Okay, who?"

"Damon Lawson." I said. He turned to me. "Was I talking to you?"

Melanie smacked the back of Dylan's head.

He sighed in irritation. "Fine. Come on." He said as he walked down the hall. Me and Melanie followed him and walked down the stairs until we made it to the principal's office.

Dylan opened the glass door to the office and crept inside without being detected. Principal Cooper was walking towards the office just when Melanie stepped in his way and gave him a beautiful grin. "Hi, sir." She twirled pieces of her hair with her fingers and bit her lip.

Principal Cooper smiled down at Melanie. "I was just hoping that we can talk…in private." She said.

He nodded. "Come into my office."

"No! Let's go somewhere else." She pulled him away from the office and I crept in and walked beside Dylan who was sitting at the principal's desk. He was clicking on various things and I was confused.

"Do you have a number?" He asked.

I nodded and told him Damon's number.

He typed in the number and clicked on various things that had my brain spinning around in a 360.

Then he smiled as numbers and the name of a street popped up in all CAPS.

"There's your address." He said and sat back in the chair.

"Thanks." I grabbed a pen from off the desk and wrote it down on my hand and then sat the pen down and looked down and Dylan. "Why do you hate me?" I asked.

Dylan looked up at me, caught by surprise. "I don't hate you. I just think you're weak." he shrugged.

I looked down at my shoes.

"Look, whatever I think, doesn't matter. Just go do what you need to do." He said.

I nodded and walked out of the principle's office. I found Melanie and motioned for her to come over.

She smiled at principal Cooper and came over to me. I showed her the address on my hand and smiled. "Got it."


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