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In love with a rebel (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) Young and pregnant, Rylie Hartford is still head over heels in love with her verbally abusive ex boyfriend, but soon learns to hate him after she finds herself in love with a guy who is dangerous. View table of contents...


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Author's Note: Okay guys, here's the chapter some of you been wanting for a while now. I know I normally put sex scenes up within the first three chapters lol. But I was challenging myself to see if the story can still be good without one so close to the beginning. Plus I wanted it to be more realistic. Some people didn't like that. lol. But, here it is. ENJOY!!!!

Chapter 10: You, me, and us

I paced the outside of the police station which Melanie brought me to. I made her although she tried to convince me to stay home.

I just needed to see Damon.

To tell him that I love him…to show him that I love him.

Melanie was leaning against her green car and sighed. "Pacing won't help." She said.

I glared at her and she held her hands up in surrender.

I crossed my arms as a chill came through and I ran my fingers through my red hair.

"So how bad did Evan look?" Melanie asked, a smirk on her face.

I couldn't help but stop to look at her, a small smile appearing on my face. "Terrible." I answered.

Melanie clapped. "I don't give a damn about what happens, I officially love Damon. He kicked Evan's ass!" She started dancing. I couldn't even keep a frown on my face.

I heard the door open and Ryan walked out the building and Damon was right behind him. My heart was just…..thumping out of my chest.

Not caring that my brother and my best friend was right there, I went up to Damon grabbed him by the back of his head and pulled him to my lips. He wrapped his arms around my waist without hesitation.

It was one of those moments where it felt like only me and him were there.

Ryan sighed. "Young love." He said. And I turned to look at him. "Thanks, Ryan."

He walked up to me and hugged me. "Anything for you, Rylie." Then he kissed my forehead.

Ryan then looked to Damon. "We should get you back to your car, its at our house." He said and Damon nodded.

Damon let go of me and got into Ryan's car with him.

Ryan's POV

I got into the car and shut it after Damon got in with me. I looked over at the kid. I knew that something is off about him. "What's your story?" I asked him.

He looked over at me, his black hair covering his eyes. "My story's still being written. And," He looked forward and shrugged. "It involves Rylie." He said.

I smirked. That's the answer I wanted to hear. "You'll take care of her…right?"

He nodded. "Always."

"Because I don't want to have to do to you what you did to that dick."

"You won't have to. I'd never lay a finger on her like that. Never."

I stared at him and saw the sincerity. "Okay. Don't let this just be a hit-and-run. You know what I mean." He said.

Damon nodded. "It won't be. I was gonna ask her to spend the night with me….if that's okay with you." He said. But it didn't sound like he cared about my permission.

"Do you even care about rather I say yes or no?"

Damon silently shook his head no.

I sighed. "It's up to her then."

Rylie's POV

"I'll see you at school on Monday." I said.

Melanie nodded and hugged me. "Okay," Then leaned into my ear and whispered. "Go and fuck him."

I pulled back, my eyes wide. "What?" I blushed.

"Look, he just beat the shit out of your ex for almost beating the shit out of you. Think he deserves it."

"He's never asked for it."

"So? The way you two were just hugged up, I can tell you both wanted it."

My face grew hot from embarrassment.

"You should go to his house with him so you two can talk."

I nodded. "I want to."

"So tell him that."
I looked at the car. Ryan and Damon were talking and looking at me every few seconds.

Great, they were talking about me.

"I'll see you."

Melanie nodded and got into her car.

I got into Ryan's car, in the backseat and we drove off and got to our house. When we got out, I got out on the side that Damon got out and he looked at me as he shut his door. "You wanna come home with me?" He asked.

I smiled, excitement filling my body, having it react in an inappropriate way that made me blush. I nodded. "I have to ask Ryan though."

"Already asked him. He said yeah."

"Really?" I asked.

Damon nodded. "Come on." He grabbed my hand and I followed him to his car.

I waved at Ryan he nodded at me and nodded at Damon. Then he turned and went into the house as I got in Damon's car with him.

The car ride was quiet and we just let Marilyn Manson turn all the way up fill our thoughts.

He parked the car in the driveway to his house and we both got out. I waited for him to come over to my side. He came over to me and put his fingers through my hair and pressed his forehead against mine. "I love you." He whispered.

I looked up a him, tears about to come down. "I love you too." I said.

He said it…..he actually told me.

He pulled me along with him, up the stairs to the porch.

He opened the door and walked in, bringing me with him.

I shut the door and as soon as I did, Damon pushed me against it parting my lips with his and my fingers drove through his soft black hair.

Everything in my lower region contracted deliciously.

He pulled back and brought me over to the couch and kissed me before making me sit down. Then he positioned me so I'm laying on my back. I looked up at him as he got on the couch with me. He took off my shoes and then my socks, then his fingers went up my leg, to my knee, to my thigh and then to my inner thigh. He pulled my tank top up so he can see the top of my jeans. He unbuttoned them and unzipped them and then I lifted my body up so he can slide them down my legs.

I blushed as his eyes laid on my red panties. Which were soaked with my arousal.

I felt sensitive right now. I knew it was because of the pregnancy.

I bit my lip and looked up at him shyly. Aside from Evan, he'd be the only guy I ever slept with.

I sat up, face-to-face with him and took off my open button down shirt and threw it onto the floor.

And then I took my tank top off and stared him in his eyes.

Damon's fingers went up my waist, to my ribs, and over the cup of my bra and he reached back and unhooked it while kissing my neck, caressing me with his lips.

I shut my eyes and ran my fingers through his hair.

When he pulled my bra, off, I laid back down and looked up at him.

He pulled his shirt off of his body and unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down after he took his shoes and socks off.

Then he took off his boxers and I blushed as I saw him. Really saw him.

I wanted it….I wanted him.

He got back onto the couch with me and I lifted up as he pulled my panties down my legs.

Damon let them drop onto the floor.

He took my right leg and hitched it up on the back of the couch and took my left leg and put it over his shoulder as his tongue dove into me without any kind of warning.

This was something new. Evan never did this to me but…..jesus, it felt so good.

I tilted my head back and arched my back as his tongue moved back and forth and swirled around my clit. I gasped and pushed him down more and closed my eyes from the contact.

My fingers twisted and pulled at his hair as he kept stimulating my clit.

Tears sprung to my eyes as I cried out.

I wanted a release so bad and he was driving me closer and closer.

I groaned out his name and opened my legs wider for him. Something I didn't think I'd have the guts to do.

I was close. Slowly spiraling towards my orgasm.

And he just had to pull away.

"No." I cried out and he smirked and leaned down to kiss me, letting the tip of him run over my sensitive clit. I arched my back, so I can feel more.

We both moaned together. He placed his lips on mine again. And then took my hand and had me slide it back and forth on his member.

He moaned and continued kissing me. His breaths hard and fast as I jacked him off faster to get him close.

He thrusted into my hand and I could feel him throbbing.

He took my hand away positioned himself at my entrance.

I placed my hands on his forearms and squeezed his muscles as he slipped inside my wetness very slow.

Filling me slowly. I closed my eyes and moaned when he was deep inside. He felt hot. And he felt good.

From how turned on he has me, it won't take long for me to release.

I pulled him down so his lips can meet mine.

He made me wrap my legs around his waist and we both started to moan as he moved.

My hips went up to meet his.

I placed my hands onto his shoulders and dug my nails into his skin.

My body began to quiver as I got closer. ALREADY

Damon was breathing hard in my ear and my breaths matched his. His lips found mine and I moaned in his mouth.

Fuck, I'm about to cum.

I gasped as the feeling started and my body was looking forward to it.

Damon suddenly grabbed me so we were both sitting up against the back of the couch. I placed my hands on both sides of him, on the back of the couch and stared into his dark brown eyes.

He flexed his hips and thrusted up in me while holding my hips in place.

We moaned in unison, my moans uncontrollable as I squeezed the back of the couch and tipped my head back.

Oh, god, I'm so close. So close.

I cried out again as everything inside of me contracted and tightened up.

I squeezed around him and buried my head in the crook of his neck and dug my nails into his back as I erupted around him.

And it left me almost dizzy and definitely tired.

Damon grabbed my hips painfully tight and thrusted up in me until he found his release. He stilled and then groaned and then laid his head back against the couch.

His breathing still as fast as mine.

I shut my eyes and continued laying down on him, not wanting to move a muscle.

Damon's fingers trailed down my naked back and he buried his head into my hair, holding me to him the whole night.


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