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Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED)After being thrown on the side of a road by her ex, Kristen is picked up by a guy named Keifer, and he allows her to stay over his house until she finds somewhere else to stay. Meanwhile, she's accepted by his mom, Lilly, wanted by his cousin, Trent, and hated by his sister, Rae and her girlfriend, Marcy.
Will Kristen be able to handle it all? View table of contents...


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Author's Note: Okay, I know I said three more chapters after chapter 12 but….I guess I lied. After this chapter will be the last chapter and then the epilogue. Glad you all like the story J

Chapter 13: Can't we just elope?

My legs were wrapped around Keifer's waist, my arms wrapped around his neck.

My back was against the motel wall that Keifer was holding me against.

It'd be the fourth time we've done it since the 'incident'.

And he's showed me he's missed it, alright.

I moaned out loudly , digging my nails into his shoulders and throwing my head back, squeezing my eyes shut and curling my toes as I erupted around him.

He groaned loudly into the crook of my neck, his nails digging into the bottom of my thighs as he released inside of me, breathing hard.

I kept my legs wrapped tight around him, running my fingers through his hair that was damp with sweat.

My hair was also damp. We've been at it for hours.

Our bodies were sticky and sweaty, yet I could still smell his cologne.

I buried my nose into his neck as I felt him take me away from the wall and put me onto the bed.

He got onto the bed with me, without letting me go, and he put his weight on me slightly.

He smelled sweaty, and good. His hair smelled like fresh shampoo. I can smell him all day.

I sighed softly.


"Number four." I finished.

He smiled. "Good. I've never fucked four times in a row. New record for me."

"I'm shocked."

He smirked. "Why?" He asked, breathless.

"The list of girls…."

"No one's ever kept me so…excited for so long if you know what I mean."


"I've only gone twice or three times in a row. But never four. You're going to end up killing me."

I giggle and roll over so that I'm straddling him. "That was fun." I said.

"I agree. You actually knew what you were doing."

"Well I've had a good teacher." I said and then dropped my head down to kiss him.

His fingers went up through my hair as his tongue traces my bottom lip. "You're so beautiful, you know that?" He asked.

I shook my head.

"Well you should," He smiles and bites down on his lip.

That's so sexy.

"Lilly wants to know if we're coming home today."

I nod. "We can but I was really liking it here."

He smiled. "Me too. This is the most privacy we've ever gotten."

"That's why you want to go with me, for privacy?"

"I just want to be with you, Kristen. All the shit we went through, think I'm seriously just going to let you go?"

"What about your mom and your sister?"

"My mom will be fine and Rae is almost grown. They can both take care of themselves. You haven't lived with my mom for as long as I did. So you don't know much about her. But she's the type that would do anything to make you stay, either because she thinks only she can protect you, or only you can protect her. And that's why she's forced me to stay with her.

She's the reason I wasn't able to go to college. She made me feel guilty for it."


He nodded. "I had enough of Missouri. I'm ready to go wherever you're going. If your friend has enough room for us."

I nodded. "She should. She owns like a mansion because her dad died and she inherited all of his and his best friend's money. Her name's Kat."

"How did she inherit his best friend's money?"

I shrugged. "She never told me. But she's a cool girl. She's married to this guy named Will and she has two kids. Wyatt and Elle."

"Sounds alright."

"We'll just be staying there until we have our money together and can buy our own place."

He smiled. "I never thought I'd actually be running off with someone."


He shook his head. "She loved this place too much."

"You know what they say though, people who run off to elope, it never ends good." I said as I got off of him.

He sat up as I grabbed his shirt off the floor and placed it on my body.

"Is that what you want…..to elope?"

I turned to look at him. I brought that up?

I don't want to pressure him into marriage. I mean I wouldn't mind marrying him. I loved him almost to death. I know I was too young for marriage but the heart wants what it wants.

"I mean…" I pulled my panties on, trying to distract myself from his gaze. "I don't know." I looked down at the floor.

"Come here." He said gently.

I walked over to him, still staring at the floor.

I hope he's not mad.

He's sitting sideways on the bed so that his feet are touching the floor.

I walk to him and he grabs onto his shirt I'm wearing, making me come closer so that I'm between his legs.

"Look at me." He says.

I do and he's smiling.

"I wouldn't mind going to Vegas or just signing papers, you know."

My eyes grow wide. Whoa…..he actually wants to?

"You actually want to?"

He shrugged. "I pretty much decided since that night, that I wasn't leaving you. That I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So yeah, I want to marry you."

I was speechless.

He wants to marry me.

"But I'm eighteen and you're twenty one. Aren't we too young?"

"Do you think so?" He asked.

I shrugged. "I don't know. People always say most eloping marriages never last."

"Well we're not like everyone else. Look at all the shit that has happened and we're still together. So…all I'm asking is for you to say yes."

He looks up into my eyes and I'm looking back down into his light blue eyes.

I lean down and kiss him, my fingers run through his hair.

He moaned in my mouth as I suck on his bottom lip.

He squeezes my butt and I smile. "Yes." I whisper.

He nods. "Good. But we'll have to wait a few days. We need a marriage license. And since you didn't come here with anything, you'll need a birth certificate and I.D."

"So, we're going to do this without anyone knowing?"

He nods. "Rae will have some shit to say about it and my mom, despite how much my mom likes you, she'll try to talk me out of it."

I nod. "Okay, but I'll want to tell her someday."

"We will." He kisses me again and then I love out of the way as he gets up and gets dressed. "I'm going to need my shirt back." He says.

I smile and take his shirt off, revealing my breasts.

He look at them and then into my eyes. "Fuck, I want you again. You're definitely going to kill me."

I laughed as I picked up my dress and put it back on and zipped it up.

"We'll take a shower once we get there."


I slip into my black flats and start to pack the clothes Keifer and Ginny brought me and threw away all of the empty fast-food bags we used up.

I fixed the bed comforters.

"Might as well leave it."

"Why?" I asked.

He smirks. "Housekeeper has no choice but to come and clean these sheets, considering the fact we've been fucking on them for the last four hours."

I blushed bright red and left the covers alone.

He finished getting dressed and then grabbed the bags of clothing.

I turned off the lights before we left out of the motel and got into the car.


"Feels so good for you to be home, Kristen." Lilly hugged me tightly.

I hugged her back. "It's good to be back." I said.

She smiled.

"No ones told me anything about Trent. I don't even know where he is."

"It's taken cared of, mom." Keifer said dropping the bags down by the door before closing it.

Lilly sighed in relief. "Well, good then." She nods.

"Me and Kristen are going to go upstairs and take a shower."

Lilly nodded.

Me and Keifer went upstairs and to the bathroom where we stripped and got in the shower.

"We have to be somewhere where they can't hear us."

I nodded as the water fell down on me.

"So, the birth certificate and the I.D. will take a while to get, but you don't have to work for the money for the ticket. I'll just borrow the money from Lilly."

"Do you think that's a good idea?" I asked.

"You don't?"

"I…just think that she'll already be upset about us leaving and on top of that, we're borrowing money from her."

He nodded. "I know its fucked up. I won't be able to afford the tickets if I'm going to be getting you a ring."

I stared at him.

"It'll just take a couple weeks and we can just leave and we don't ever have to come back here."

He pulled me against his body, his eyes looking into mine.

"What about your family?"

"Like I said, they can get by without me. Especially Rae."

I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing by making him choose between him and his family.

He's known me for what? Nearly a month and a half. Was this the right decision? Was marriage the right decision?

"Keifer?" I asked.

He looked at me.

"Maybe we should wait." I said.

His eyebrows raised.

"I'm still your fiancée but, lets just wait for a little bit, okay?" I asked.

"So we can leave sooner than later if all we need is the money for the plane tickets."

"Right, then we'll go down to Florida, wait a little bit and sign the marriage papers there." I said.

He nodded. "Yeah, I like that idea." He crushed his lips against mine and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

After the shower, Keifer went into his room to get dressed and I went into my room and got dressed up in a pair of capris and a tank top.

Someone knocked on my door and I went to answer it.

It was Rae and she looked pissed as usual.

"What?" I asked.

"I need to talk to you." She bumped her way in and I shut the door.

"If you're looking to fight again-"

"I'm not, unfortunately." She sat down on the bed and looked up at me.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"I heard you and Keifer talking…in the shower."

I blushed and my skin grew hot. She knew of our plan.

"What you two were talking about was the very reason I never liked you, Kristen."

"What do you mean?"

Rae looked away from me and to the floor. She took a deep breath.

"My mom has non-stop guys trying to be a father figure for me and Keifer," She looks into my eyes. "Truth is, I don't need that. Keifer is my father figure. He's taught me everything I know and I love him."

"You don't act like it."

"I'm his little sister, I'm not supposed to act like it. But I knew, since he met you, that he would see that little innocent thing about you, fall in love and he'll move away with you. I seen it coming before he did. And you."

"So you knew he would leave with me?"

She nodded. "Me, mom and Keifer has been through rough times together. And I never wanted anything to break us up. And now here you are. Here to break up the family. You took away Trent, and now you're taking away my brother."

"He told me he wanted to go with me. I'm not forcing him, Rae."

"And then what? You seriously think Lilly is going to let him go? She's not. What did you two think you can just run off and elope at any time and it will be okay? It's not!"

"Rae, I love him."

"So? You can go find someone else to love but my brother is staying here with the family."

"Tell him that, then." I said.

She stood up and glared at me.

"You don't deserve him. At least Lessa gave enough fuck about him to let him stay here with his family when they got together."

"Lessa didn't give any shit about him. She hurted him."

The door opened and Keifer walked in. "What do you want, Rae?"

"You can't runaway with her."

"I'm twenty one, I can do whatever I want."

"Mom is not going to let you."

"Who gives a shit what she wants? She's kept me away from leaving, college, working. Everything. I'm not staying here, so you'll just have to get over it like her."

He walked out of the room and she stared after him.

"We'll see what Lilly has to say about it." She stomped out of the room and I ran after her. "No." I hopped on her back making her crash down to the floor.

She screamed.

"What the hell?" Keifer stared down at us. "What are you doing, Kristen?"

"She's going to tell Lilly."

Keifer sighed. "Let her. I don't give a fuck."

He helped me off of her and Rae shot downstairs within a second.

I looked at him and he shook his head. "It would be much more simpler if we just drove there."

"I know."

He sighed. "Want to?"

"From Missouri to Florida?"

"Maybe. If we had the gas, we say 'fuck the plane tickets' and just drive."

"That'll take way too long, Keifer."

"Rather stay here with Rae and Lilly?"

"We can't keep changing the plans."

He chuckled. "I know, but I just want to get the hell out of here. Fuck the plane tickets. Let's just go. Let's just leave." He said.

He was so sure about it.

He wants to leave with me.


"Right now." He says nodding.

"Then we need to tell Lilly now." I said. She deserved to know.

He sighed. "Alright, come on." He grabbed my hand and led me downstairs to the living room where Lilly and Rae were. Lilly was sitting on the couch and Rae had her eyes on us as we entered the room.

Lilly turned to look at us. Tears already in her eyes. Keifer sighed. "Oh, mom. Jesus. It's not that serious."

"Yes it is!" She stood up and glared at him. "You're going to leave me, just like your father did!"

"Why the fuck do you always bring him into shit, mom!"

"Because its true, Keifer!" She sniffed and her eyes closed.

"You knew this was going to happen."

She opened her eyes. "If anything, I thought she'd stay here, not you two run off together and get married!"

Keifer's eyes went to Rae, and then back to Lilly. "It's what we want."

"You're too young, Keifer."

"Weren't you sixteen when you got married to dad and had me?" He asked, accusing her.

Lilly opened her mouth to say something but closed it.

"Is that true?" Rae asked.

Lilly sighed. "I thought that I was very in love with your dad. I begged my mother to let us get married at that age the second I found out I was pregnant with you, Keifer. And it turned out to be a big mistake to get married to him. At your age, you're going to want to go out and explore. You're not ready. If you cheat on her, you're going to hurt her."

"I won't do that. I'm not dad."

"You don't know that, Keifer, any little slut can come your way-"

"Like I said, I'm not dad, I'm not going to hurt her."

Lilly looked to me. "You're making a mistake, sweetheart."


"No, listen to me. You don't have to do this, just because you may be pregnant."

"I'm not pregnant."

"I doubt that."

What did she mean?

"What are you trying to say?"

"I'm not trying to be rude, or anything, sweetheart, I'm just saying-"

"That's exactly why we're leaving, mom. You, Rae Marcy, fucking Trent, we're leaving because of all of you."

"What because of your family?" She asked.

"Let him go, mom. He wants to make the mistake of leaving with that bitch, let him." Rae said glaring at me.

I looked away from her to ignore her.

Lilly sighed and wiped her eyes. "Keifer-"

"I'm going, mom, and that's all there is to it." He says staring her into her eyes.

They stare at each other for a long time.

"Fine. Fine." She stomped upstairs without another word.

Keifer sighed. "You should go start packing our stuff." He said to me.

I nodded. "Okay." I whispered.


Keifer's POV

Kristen disappeared upstairs and my eyes caught on to Rae's.

I breathed out of my nose and shut my eyes so I don't talk to her in a harsh way.



"I know why you hate her now. I heard." I said.

Rae glared at me, hate on her facial features. But then the hate on her face turned to something else as tears brimmed her eyes.

"Keifer," Her voice cracked as she shook her head.

I sighed and brought her against my chest and she cried.

I shut my eyes.

Me and Rae, I don't remember the last time I hugged her or said anything nice to or about her.

"Rae, look at me."

She looked up at me.

"I know that we fight, we argue, you're just a pain in the ass,"

She smiled slightly as more tears fell down her cheeks, to her chin.

"But I still love you. And I want you to understand why I'm doing this."

She nodded.

"You're growing up. You and Marcy. You don't need me. You don't. Hell, you're stronger than I am. Okay?"

She shut her eyes and nodded. "Yes." She whispered.

"So just be good, and stop acting like a bitch to mom. You have her and you have Marcy. You're going to be fine." I whispered to her.

"How do you know?"

"You're fucking strong. That's the only good thing you got from dad." I said.

She nodded and looked up at me. "Okay."

I kissed the top of her head and let go of her to go back upstairs to Kristen.


Kristen's POV

I was rushing, throwing clothes in a suit case I found in Keifer's room.

It was green, of course.

I heard him coming up the stairs and by the time he entered the room, fully, I was done packing.

"We can go as soon as I make a call to Morgan."

"You don't want to say goodbye?" I asked.

"Lilly wants nothing to do with me right now and I just said goodbye to Rae."

"Okay, well, I'll go say goodbye to Lilly then."

"Just…tell her that I love her, okay?"

I nodded.

He took out his phone as I left the room.

I walked out of the room and down the hall towards Lilly's room.

I knocked on the door and didn't get an answer.

I turned the knob and opened the door. Lilly was sprawled across the bed, staring blankly at the wall.


"It's okay." She whispered.

"Neither of us are leaving to hurt you, Lilly."

She shut her eyes. "I know."

She sighed and sat up. "I just never thought Keifer would leave so soon. I didn't think he'd elope or anything."

"We were going to get married before we left for Florida. But we changed our minds. We're going to just leave and get married later."

"Kristen, I don't want you to get hurt by my son. He's into a lot of girls."

"He's told me. But I love and I'm trusting him and he's coming with me."

Lilly nodded. "Good luck." She whispered.

I walked over to her bed. "I just wanted to tell you thank you for letting me stay and that I see you as a mother and I love you."

She smiled. "I love you too, Kristen."

She stood up and I hugged her tightly.

She was practically my mother.


I turned and Keifer stood in the doorway. "Lets go."

I nodded and broke away from Lilly.

She looked to Keifer. "Call me so I know you made it there safe."

He nodded once. "Yeah." He turned and walked out of the room.

I watch as he exit's the room. That's all they're going to say to each other?

"He wanted me to tell you that he loves you." I said.

"I love him. Tell him that."

I nod. "Goodbye, Lilly. I'll call you."

She nodded as I slowly backed away from her and walked out of the room.

I grabbed the suit case from off the bed.

"Kristen!" Lilly called.

I carried the suit case into the hall and looked at her. She came down the hall, her hand holding something.

She opened it and it was a roll of money.


"Don't 'Lilly' me. You're basically my daughter-in-law now. Take it or I'll make a scene."

"I've already taken too much."

She rolled her eyes and quickly stuffed it in the bra part of my dress.

My eyes grew wide.

"I don't want it back." She hurried back down the hall and closed the door.

I stood there, dumbfounded.

Keifer came back up the stairs to look at me. "Ready?"

I looked down to him and nodded. "I'm ready."


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