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Enter the Dragon

Novel By: Iason Tonyaka

Lost in world of greed and politics a young teenager struggles to overcome what he feels is only trained into him. Discovering his own inner secrets and desires he must choose between letting go of himself and embracing his darker urges or forever fighting to gain a freedom he never lost.

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Submitted:Jan 15, 2008    Reads: 219    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

Iason stirred once more, this time he woke fully as if the nightmares had never existed. His emerald hues flickered around the room and he heard the water running in the adjoining bathroom. He drew his arms to his chest before realizing that he could move them again and blinked. He wasn't chained! He slid his legs over the side of the bed and immediately felt dizzy.

He could recall in bits and peices what had happened the night before, but he couldn't make sense of any of it. He remembered deions touch, but he remembered more than that. He shook his head as if that would change the image he still saw and felt in his head. Deion had dar black limbes that resembled the things one saw in anime, mostly in the adult section of Anime. Had he been still asleep when he'd had sex with the other?

The shower turned off and Deion came into the bedroom to find Iason leaning over on the side of the bed with his hands covering his eyes. He smiled a bit, glad that he was awake.

"I see you discovered what happens when you behave and work with me." He murmured and kissed Iasons lips after lifting his chin.

Iason shivered, "I-I had to be dreaming.." He mumbled.

"No, my little dragon, you were far from asleep. You and I enjoyed a wonderful two hours of sex," Deion purred.

"B-but I saw..." Iason started shaking his head.

"You saw, you felt, you teased and were teased by every part of me, even those parts no one else wil ever see.." Deion told him softly. "nothing you saw was a dream, Iason. I am not human, but neither are you."

Iason shook his head 'no' in defiance of what he was being told.

"You want me to prove it again to you? I will, over and over and over again if I need to to get you to accept it." Deion ran his fingers through Iasons hair. "You are mine, you will never belong to anyone else again."

"I..." Iason started but Deions kiss drew away the rest of his words.

He arched and lifted against the other who chuckled into the kiss before letting go, "Get a shower, I need to go into work. I will have a set of cloths ready for you when you come out."

Iason went into the bathroom as soon as he was released and turned on the hot water. He didn't understand what was happening and Deions responce to his belief he had been dreaming only left more questions in his mind, not less. What had he meant by him not being human either? He wrapped his arms around his chest and closed his eyes. Where was he really? He didn't feel quite as safe in believing he was alive anymore. Maybe that ride had killed him... if so then he wasn't sure he liked this version of heaven or hell, and he didn't know which to believe it was.


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