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Enter the Dragon

Novel By: Iason Tonyaka

Lost in world of greed and politics a young teenager struggles to overcome what he feels is only trained into him. Discovering his own inner secrets and desires he must choose between letting go of himself and embracing his darker urges or forever fighting to gain a freedom he never lost.

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His eyes still felt heavy, but he forced them open regardless. He wished he hadn't the moment that reality flooded in. He felt cool metal against his wrists and ankles. There were soft silken sheets and well placed pillows cushioning him, but it didn't soften what he saw. Deion stood at the foot of the exotically colored emerald and crimson bed with a whip. That didn't frighten him. The man was naked, but that wasn't what kept the terror gripped on his heart. He had to be dreaming still, for around the man, coming out of him really, were long black tentacles.

He screamed. What other reaction was there? The monsters in his head seemed to be joining him in the waking world! He pulled and fought the chains with every ounce of strength he had in him. His eyes closed and the breaths of air he sucked in were short between the screams. Pain ripped through him on every level imaginable causing his vision to slide into a splendid array of colors. He didn't even feel the blood he'd drawn from his chained limbs despite the soft protection between the metal and his skin.

Deion had dropped the whip and run to Iasons side climbing onto the bed to try and reach his new pet and hopefully someday his lover. He didn't get very far before the boys body seemed to become surrounded by what looked to be lightning, causing the darker side of himself that had vanished with his worry to reappear in efforts to protect him. The blast of energy blinded him but not before he\'d seen the glittering emerald and onyx scales Iasons skin became in random places before they vanished.

When Deion woke again he was lying on the floor unscathed but the same could not be said for the roof over the upstairs bedroom. It had been vaporized and the walls left scorched black. Iason lay on the bed, chains melted in place around wrists and ankles but the links holding him to the bed had not remained in tact and the boy was curled into a ball, draconic wings fading slowly back into his back. The boy didn't know what he was! Deion blinked and went to him lifting him up into his arms and cradled him against his chest. How could he explain this to Iason? If the sight of Deions own demonic heritage had set the boy off in such a way he knew he couldn't convince Iason he was a dragon, let alone that it was ok.

He slowly pulled Iason up with him and left the room. There were dead servants outside who had been guarding the door, little more than ash and bone. Deion stood there for a moment his expression blank as he tried to cope with what having his beautiful prize meant. When he spotted the two staring in abject terror at the remnants of what was once their comrades here he spoke firmly and quickly so as not to give them time to do anything but respond.

"Close off this wing and see that the mess is cleared, the remains buried properly and a crew sent in to repair the house damages." He sighed heavily as he passed the now quickly obeying servants and moved to another section of the house.

How does one punish a run away dragon slave? Especially one that doesn\'t know he\'s a dragon and only reacts instinctively to his surroundings? He didn't have answers to his own questions yet, but as he lay Iason down on his own bed this time he knew he could not and would not give up on the boy. Even if Iason had already given up on himself. He wouldn't let Iason run away from what he was. He would find a way to get the boy to face everything- inside and out.

He stayed by the little dragon for two more hours before Iason woke. As those beautiful emerald eyes began to flutter Deion was compelled to jut touch and caress lightly. He would show the little dragon there was nothing to fear. Not all sex had to be violent. He wouldn't give Iason anything the boy didn't ask for himself. He ran his fingers along that soft, pale asian skin feeling the soft movements of fear before he took the firmness to keep the boy there while calming him with that same gentleness he'd started with. He felt the pliant body warming against his own as he ran his touch along strong thighs and over the well taken care of and smooth place between Iasons legs.

Iason let out a startled and soft cry that died out into a whimper between fear and longing. He felt those fingers caressing places he'd tried to make forbidden, waking desires he'd hated all his life. The heat of need curled in his belly and stiffened parts of him into visible physical signs of what he wanted deep down.

"N-no..." He cried softly against the pillow even as he clung to the arm holding him hostage.

"No what, little dragon?" Deion whispered back heatedly into Iasons ear.

The hot breath tickled his senses and he sobbed. "Please... I... don't..."

"Don't what?" He continued to draw his hand up to grasp around that hard and throbbing part between Iasons legs.


Deion had to chuckle softly at that desperate and quick outcry. "You haven't answered me... so I'll just keep.. going."

"I..." Iason shivered and arched as that hand began to move around him in a slow and steady coaxing up and down motion. "Oh. Oh god...."

Deion chuckled even more at that. "Not that I knew of.. but if you wish.." He moved his own warmed body against Iasons backside to show the boy he wasn't the only one enjoying this moment.

"Ahhh.." Iason didn't know whether to press up into that hand or push back to invite the intrusion behind him so could only shiver. "What are.. you doing.. to me?"

Deion pressed a hot kiss to Iasons neck. "Touching you." He answered simply.

"P-please..." He begged again, this time there was much more to the plea than desperation.

"Please what?"

"Don't... don't tease!" Iason whimpered gaining that sigh of relief from Deion

"Alright, but remember, Little Dragon, I didn't take this, you gave it to me."

With that Deion pushed into Iason causing the asian to scream into the pillow from the initial pain of being invaded. He began slow and steady as he had with that fondling which had not stopped either. He slowly removed his hand however pulling Iason into his lap on the edge of the bed replacing it with something else much softer and more enjoyable. Iasons eyes were closed so he hadn't seen nor realized what was now stroking him. Passion raged through them both, a fire that would not be put out by fear nor shock. He slid another of those long black tentacles up over Iasons chest and when that lovely mouth opened to moan at the growing movement and sensations it slid in. Iason choked at first but quickly regained his composure as training from his youth kicked in. He began to suck and lick at what had pushed into his mouth. It was soft and felt good against his tongue, smooth, even tasted good somehow.

Two more slid up to toy with the rings hanging from those pretty pierced nipples, Deions hands steadying and working Iasons body on his lap to rise up and down over his own need. Iason heard him moan and his eyes opened to tiny glimmering emerald slits. He saw it, he felt it, but instead of fear it only brought him closer and closer to the end. He\'d never felt so surrounded, so wonderful! Never had he thought sex could be so enjoyable! He felt that burst of heat escape between his legs and almost felt like weeping, never wanting it to end. Deion let go inside his sweet new toy with a sad little moan of his own.

He let the asian down slowly, laying with him in bed and withdrawing his demonic arms into himself once more. He smiled as he drifted to sleep with the curious whisper of 'What are you?' from his beloved little dragon. Yes, they could defeat Iasons inner demons first, and then they would work on accepting his outer ones. For now they would lay here asleep in each others arms, warm and feeling safe.


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