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Enter the Dragon

Novel By: Iason Tonyaka

Lost in world of greed and politics a young teenager struggles to overcome what he feels is only trained into him. Discovering his own inner secrets and desires he must choose between letting go of himself and embracing his darker urges or forever fighting to gain a freedom he never lost.

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Deon let out a long sigh of frustration. Ever since he's reddened Iasons backside the other male had refused to look his way. He'd tried starting several pleasant conversations and asked some important questions only to get a mere shoulder shrug in response. He looked to his hands which were interlocked over his lap from one arm of the chair to the other. He couldn't think of anything to interest the boy and gt him to come out of his stubborn shell. What bothered him most wasn't really this stubborn silence, but the fact h knew enough about Iason that he should know something to get him out of himself in a good way.

After several moments of deep thought those blue eyes widened and� smile spread over his lips. He had thought of the one thing he fet was guarenteed to drag Iason out whether he liked it or not. Slipping from his chair he tugged his jacket back on and let out a soft short hum of inner satisfaction.

"Well, I guess since you didn't want to shower nor be in my company that a ride out into the feild on my horses is out of the question." a slight smirk and a raised eyebrow as he turned would have given him away if Iason had been facing him.

"what?" That had Iasons attention. "I thought..."

"You thought I would deny myself your company on a ride just becuse I said you couldn't do those things alone." He turned tha smile to Iason brightly. "You wouldn't be alone, and I would enjoy having you beside m as much as you would enjoy being on the horses back."

Iason shifted towards the edge of the bed closest to the shower.

"I'll even let you ride bare back since thats what you like to ride like, but you would have to shower fast." Deon nearoy chuckled as Iason scrambled off the bed and into his bathroom.

He'd removed the arm locks earlier in effort to get Iason to loosen up with him. He wasn't heartless, and a far cry from cruel at least towards Iason. He was strict in most cases and perhaps a bit more stern than Iason might have liked, but with someone like the raven haired beauty he had to be. Iason had no concept of self preservation nor control. He would need to learn those things to survive in the world. Deon held no fantasies of either of them being immortal and living forever. He had his secrets, and lord knew that if any of them were discovered he'd probably be dragged off to a lab somewhere and disected for scientific discovery. Iason too had things Deon knew about within himself but he didn't even have a clue about himself the way Deon did. No normal human could possibly make a complete recover from a broken bone in less that five days.

He smiled as the shower came on and he heard Iason washing down. He'd found something to draw the other in closer. Maybe this early rude would get Iason to open up a little and let him in. He moved to a locked box near the doorway and took out the key unlocking it to retrieve the clothing for Iason to ride in. He closed and locked the case just in time to turn and see Iason coming back out and smiled.

"Get dressed, Iason." He said softly.

Iasons eyes widened at that and when his lips moved nothing came out.

"This is a test, My beautiful dragon. We shall see if you can keep those cloths beyond this ride..." Deon paused seeing those eyes narrow a little.�"Or if you even deserve the ride let alone the cloths. Understand my guard won't drop and everything you do on this little joy ride will tell me whether you can be trusted with certain freedoms right away or not."

Iason made a soft sound. Deon got the feeling he intended to ruin this ride but for Iasons sake he would let it all happen just so Iason understood who he was really fighting against.

They got outside and he lead the way to the stables glancing back to see Iason giving the land a look around. He knew the boy would take advantage of the situation to look for a way out, but he wanted to give Iason the chance to prove himself.

"I warn you, I am a fair man. Enjoy your ride, but dont get carried away with yourself." Deon pulled a large black stallion out of it's stable for Iason then a white one for himself. "Shall we?" He used the stirrup to leap onto it's back.

Iason used the stable pole to all but vault himself onto his own horse. They rode out into the feild and it seemed at first Iason might behave for a while. They were out for an hour before he made his move. He kicked the horse into a running motion and headed for the lower section of the fence. Deon sighed but didn't follow at any high speed, and the reason would become evident a few moments later.

�As Iason reached the edge of the wall he let out a scream and fell from his horse clinging to his collar. Deon rode up and slid from his horse holding his crop he lifted Iason by the arm and dragged him back away from the invisable fence. As the world went black he saw Deon lean over him.

"I warned you.. and this isn't the punishment. I\'ll be here when you wake..."


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