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Enter the Dragon

Novel By: Iason Tonyaka

Lost in world of greed and politics a young teenager struggles to overcome what he feels is only trained into him. Discovering his own inner secrets and desires he must choose between letting go of himself and embracing his darker urges or forever fighting to gain a freedom he never lost.

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Submitted:Oct 12, 2007    Reads: 287    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

He was running, but it seemed no matter how fast he ran they were behind him their breath on his neck. These horrible creatures. Horrible, disgusting, vile, putrid things... he could smell their foul breath, feel their calloused hands on his body and see their warped demonic forms. He could not remember where his clothing had gone, only that without it his best option was to run, kick and struggle to keep out of reach as best he could. Why was he being fed to these things and their monsterous appitite? He was only a boy! He could not remember what he'd done to deserve this! Finally he fell to hands and knees panting hard, unable to run any farther. He felt a tug around his neck and realized why he couldn't get away! He could only run as far as the chain around his neck allowed him to go! They liked to see him run this way, enjoyed the fight he gave them!

Sweat covered his brow as he opened his eyes back to the horror.. A single monster seemed more solid suddenly than the rest as it leaned in close. It sopke! They rarely spoke but to laugh at him! He screamed loud and hard fighting and shoving at the monster with the long glowing white hair and deep red horns.

"Iason!" The creature shook him. "Iason stop this! Iason wake up! Stop screaming! It was a nightmare!!"

He slashed at the creature again and it raised one of those giant hands against him, smacking him across the cheek causing his eyes to widen and the rest of his surroundings to turn foggy.. The creature that hit him was the last to fade from his view.

Cold, ice cold water fell over his face and he sputtered eyes blinking and his surroundinf coming into view. White porcelin surface, like a tub, no, it was a tub! He sat up but the world spun around too fast sending him crashing back to the bottom of the tub. Warm water then sprayed down over him and when he looked up he saw Deon kneeling their over him, several scratches to his face neck and what little he could see of his chest. Deons expression was worried for a brief second before he realized Iason was actually seeing him this time then it went to it's usual blank state.

"Get up." His voice was firm, almost but not quite angry in tone. "You are going to tell me EVERYTHING. Do you understand?"

Iason stared up at him blinking and trying to understand what was going on. "W-what..?"

"Get up." Deons voice left no room for discussion so Iason rose and was helped out of the tub. "That was not normal, Iason. No one I know of dreams so thickly that even as they wake they are attacking people they know because they are percieving them as something so horrible. I have done nothing so far to provoke such an attack so I am going to assume that punishing you for this is not only useless but would only aggrivate the problem. Are you or were you on medication for these attacks?"

Iason looked away.

"Answer me. If you weren't I will take you to a doctor to get you medication." Deon left no room for fighting this situation, he was going to pen Iason into the truth.

"I was on medication. I don't like doctors, I don't like pills and you should know why seeing as you know everything else that was done to me." He replied as he turned a sparkling�emerald fire�glare onto Deon. "And if you try to make me, I will flush them down the toilet."

"Then we will have to find another way to break you of these dreams. Your rebellion is one thing, and even attractive in it's own way, but this? I do not believe I care to be attacked every morning by my beautiful pet." He paused, "I cannot punish you for it, however, you have refused to use my title thus far over you. That you will be punished for." He stood and moved towards the bedroom leaving Iason to follow.

"I don't call you Master because you aren't. No one is. I got away from this and I won't go back." Iason started to follow.

"This is not open for discussion. As for your sleeping problem, I have a solution to it." He caught the chain up in his slender fingers and gave a strong pull to it bringing a shocked Iason onto the floor on his belly before the other male. "I'll bind you down on the bed each night and sleep beside you till the day that you wake without screaming�or fighting. On that day you and I shall celebrate. Whether or not you know it yet, my beautiful defiant dragon, I do care for you and I want that returned in your own feelings to me. To prove this I will even forgive your tresspass if you can call me by my title right now."

Iason glared up at him but could not stand as Deons foot was on his shoulder holding him in place. The man didn't look strong enough to be holding him like that, but evidently he was. He growled softly and held his glare. Never, not in a million years.

"Fine, have it your way." Deon drew out a long thin riding crop and the first burning strike did not compare even in the slightest to those that soon followed. This was going to be a long day.


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