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Enter the Dragon

Novel By: Iason Tonyaka

Lost in world of greed and politics a young teenager struggles to overcome what he feels is only trained into him. Discovering his own inner secrets and desires he must choose between letting go of himself and embracing his darker urges or forever fighting to gain a freedom he never lost.

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Iason moved on the bed his fingers dug into the bed the only place he could reach with them bound to his own elbows behind his back. The collar held him by a decently thick chain to the bed. Deon had seen fit to leave him here in this room whick was empty but for the sheets pillows and bed knowing anything beyond that Iason would use to try and get out. The chain was long enough to let him reach the attatched bathroom but not the door out.

He had been in the bathroom once already, it's design had slightly disturbed him. The tub had three pedals and a drain. one could press the far right pedal to turn on the warm water, there were no other teperatures. If one ran it through the tub spicket for a bath it only filled up enough to cover the bottom half of your legs, enough to drown only if one really tried, the far right plugged the drain, and only stayed plugged if the spicket was running. The one in the far back turned it from spicket to shower, this was the more likely one he would use and to dry off there was a handle one could pull with their mouth that turned on a warm air blower over head. This body dryer of sorts only came on when the water was off and it turned ff automatically once you pulled it.

The second thing to still add humiliation to the uselessness of bound hands was the toilets. There was a urinal for peeing so he didn't have to worry about missing his goal, this to had a step flush mechanism, and the base toilet was for the other unmentionable had a step flush as well that sprayed after flushing up onto ones bottom so that toilet paper wasn't needed and a small towel was press connected to the wall to lean against to dry off. Nothing else was inside the room and so he had stayed in the empty bedroom.

Saying the bedroom was comforting was less than true however for both rooms reminded him of his rooms at home. rubber coated mirrors reflected his naked image endlessly into each other on ceiling, floor and walls. A constant reminder of his situation and any reactions he had from it. Deon had not used him here yet, but when he had been left here he had not been left unaroused. His eyes closed against it all but the cold air conditioner which had driven him into the bed also kept him awake. The sheets over him kept him just warm enough to not get sick if he stayed under them, but not really enough to be comfortable. He had been told�he would not get used until he could control himself enough to just react and not try and force more out of it.

After hours of lonliness in that state he had managed to get maybe ten minutes of sleep then woke to find Deon standing over him. His body immediately reacted forcing a sound somewhere between a sob and a moan.

"Incredible." Came the murmured approval. "You don't even require me to touch you. I thought it would take longer for you to warm up to me."

Iason turned his face away, deep red color covering him as Deon chuckled. He felt the bed dip as the other male sat down next to him and jerked when a hand reached out topet his long raven hair.

"If I recall correctly, your family decends from a group that believes your hair should not be cut unless you dishoner your family, or you disown them. Is this true, Iason?" Deons lips brushed over his�ear as he asked this in a low near whisper. "I think we should cut it. You no longer belong to them, you belong to me. I will be much kinder to you, and teach you how to use what control you can and do have inside you."

"H-how do y-you... int-tend to d-do that?" He asked with great effort, his voice trembling so beautifully.

"By you only getting what you want if you can remain calm when you want it. Not by not reacting, that would be impossible of course, but instead by you being able to remain on your back on the bed and allowing me to do what *I* came to do." He ran his fingers over Iasons chest. "Such as, instead of you lifting your chest to try and get more as you are now, have you show your need by sound and offering to remain as I place you on the bed. Until that time your hands will remain as they are."

"And what... a-about... th-the co-collar?" The curiosity obvious in his voice.

"That stays until I trust you completely not to fight or run. That, my beautiful pup, will not be for a very long time." Deon stood and moved towards the door. "Learn quickly and I may take you to work with me.. even dress you to do so. Keep as you are, and well I may begin to believe you prefer the buse you once knew."

He shivered emerald hues staying on his new Master. "Y-you can't.. l-leave me l-like th-this again! I-I was...I-I didn't f-fight!"

"No.. but your demanding your way once more, this time with your voice." Deon arched a brow. "What made you think I was leaving? I was going to see what you were capable of, but until you learn control..."

Iason watched with desperation as Deon headed again for the door. "P-please! C-come back!" He cried out, but Deon only opened the door, stepped out and closed it behind him without a glance back.

Iason was alone again, left to ponder what he had done and how he was expected to change.


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