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Enter the Dragon

Novel By: Iason Tonyaka

Lost in world of greed and politics a young teenager struggles to overcome what he feels is only trained into him. Discovering his own inner secrets and desires he must choose between letting go of himself and embracing his darker urges or forever fighting to gain a freedom he never lost.

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Iason made it home that night with little incident but his instincts told him he was far from freedom. His fingers fumbled with the keys to his apartment nearly dropping them before getting the door unlocked. He sighed and pushed in closing and locking the door on the handle both deadbolts and the chain. He was still shuddering as the keys dropped to the floor. The worst part was he had no really been able to clean up meaning he could still feel the stickiness sliding out of him. With a sound of mixed pain and upset he moved to the shower and tore the cloths he wore off throwing them to the floor as if they were now diseased.

The warm water felt so good as it came to life� spraying down over him and cleaning away the filth. Tears came slowly again sliding down only so far before the water kindly washed them away. He curled up under the spray hugging his knees to his chest and tried to tell himself he had not welcomed the whole thing. He could hear himself moaning and remembered finally working to get more, but he denied it inside. Training, conditioning, thats all, he reminded himself. Why had it felt so good?! He hated himself for that alone.

It was over two hours later that he finally laid down on the floor using his back pack, which was again packed with all he owned, as a pillow. His dreams were cruel, violent, mocking his inability to say 'no'. Lucious coated them with his presense ordering the creatures to drug him and use them as they willed. Chains covered him from no where as they slid the needle in and his body came alive with lust. He felt their claws digging into his heated and needy flesh. He was screaming but they came out as moans and pleas for more. Tears spilled unnoticed down red cheeks as they took turns abusing him enjoying the way he reacted writhing and lifting into it all as if he were the one who wanted them.

He woke with a startled cry to the smell of coffee and an open apartment door. Wide eyes saw the fading images of the monsters in his dreams. He curled up covering his head and trying to clear his thoughts. "Not real..."

"You were late." The cool familiar voice drifted to him.

He felt the others presense moving to him then�squatting down to offer him coffee as if his clothing might be dirtied by the clean hardwood floors. Iason looked up and slowly recognition seeped into those emerald hues. Rather than civiliy though that instinct to fight and run kicked in. He hit the offered glass of coffee and it spilled onto the only slightly startled male. Iason was already at the door being caught up in the strong arms of one of those bodyguards.

"NO!!" He screamed struggling even as his backpack was taken so easily from him.

"I see we can't do this civilly. I was just going to come in and remind you myself, but I saw you shaking in your sleep. I wanted to see if you could take the comfort I offered." He dusted at the white suit and the coffee seemed to fling off as if it were made of plastic. "Obviously you can't. Your too lost in this world of yours and this belief that it is only because of others you are a pet."

Iason growled as he was less than gently deposited on the floor in front of the other man. He glared up at him the guard returning to the door and closing it leaving them alone together. Panic set in behind those gorgeous eyes he knew that he couldn't run, he'd already tried that twice now.

The man reached down dragging the pretty asian up by his hair struggling and pressed him to the wall. "Undress or I will do it for you." He demanded in that cool voice drawing a whimper from Iason. "Now. You have not earned your clothing yet."

�He shuddered and his fingers slid up and slowly, shakily he began undoing his clothing and sliding it off. He could feel the others fingers around the back of his neck holding him there, the other hand only becoming obvious as he undressed and it trailed over his revealed flesh. He shuddered when it slid down over his bottom and his backside was teased open for the other. He tried to pull away but that only made the man chuckle.

"No.. not yet, my little dragon. Your going to be fitted with my collar then enjoy the looks of all around you as you walk before me to the car in nothing but your skin." With that he felt the other slide on the leather cuffs to bind his hands behind his back and then the leather collar was fitted onto his neck and locked on. "Walk." He turned Iason to the door.

His eyes widened and he tried to stop the forward movement but the hand at the base of his spine kept him moving till they were at the door. The man knocked and it opened. His guards stepped to the boys sides not hiding him while grabbing his arms and forcing him into the hall before them. Mr. Madrix stayed a few feet behind just so all of Iason was open to view. They got many stares and too many were interested ones for Iasons liking.

Iason didn't call for help, he couldn't. The police would only take him back home, and that was just as bad if not worse in the end. By the time they made it to the care there was a reason to have interested looks in his direction. His body betrayed him completely, warming from the humiliation as if it were the greatest of lovers. He was pulled into the�limo and pressed to the floor before the man controlling it all slid in and closed the door.

"So it would seem I was right about you, my little dragon." a sense of satisfaction in those tones. "You do enjoy such things." He leaned forward to brush his fingers over that sensitive area. "You will obey me, and you will one day be forced to admit you love every bit of what I do to you. For now I'll accept this behavior. I am your Master, and you will refer to me as such. Master Deon if you want to add a name, but I suggest you get used to the idea quickly. You won't be going anywhere for the rest of your beautiful life without me."

Iason sobbed as his body pressed eagerly into the touches and shook his head against the others words. He could never want this! How could the other ever believe he would come to love it? He was trying to escape this very thing before Mr. Madrix had found him. He stared out the window in longing for the passing freedom even as he felt that blanket of need drag him under those crushing waves of desire.


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