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Enter the Dragon

Novel By: Iason Tonyaka

Lost in world of greed and politics a young teenager struggles to overcome what he feels is only trained into him. Discovering his own inner secrets and desires he must choose between letting go of himself and embracing his darker urges or forever fighting to gain a freedom he never lost.

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Iason entered the club on his fourth week, excited for the many regulars he'd already built up. He had been of course forced to keep some hands off when they tried to get into his bottoms, but he had thus far been successful in it. He was stopped by one of the bouncers as he finished dressing and pointed out towards the office. He had never been in trouble before but that didn't stop him from feeling that eerie hair standing on the back of his neck sensation.

He entered the office and was motioned to close the door. "Iason, we have a client here who has seen you dance on stage... he's a very good help to this place and it's funding so that we don't need to invite trouble in. He wants a private dance from you."

Iason arched a raven brow. "Why didn't he just approach me himself for it then?" Suspiscion filled that beautiful voice.

"He doesn't want to have to get approached by the other dancers... and he doesn't want the kind of dance your used to giving. He's paying the club good to get you... and he's offering you over five grand to show him everything."

His eyes narrowed. "I don't take my bottoms off, even for that much."

"You don't have a choice. I know you ran from Morningstar, and I'm the only club owner�that would take the risk of hiring you knowing that. If you don't dance for him he will withdraw his support, and I can't have that over just one dancer." The man leaned back. "Mr. Madrix won't hurt you.. I'm sure he just wants a little favor."

Iason growled and stood up. "And If I quit?"

"I doubt your that stupid." He shrugged. "So?"

He looked to the envlope and took it with a smirk. "I'll dance for him." He tapped it on the desktop. "If this isn't the normal rooms where is it?"

"The back, where we normally throw the private parties. Don't do anything stupid. I don't need you to piss him off." The tone was one of warning.

"If he gets pissed it will only be because He couldn't accept that I have limits." And with that he slipped out of the office closing the door behind him before his boss could reply and headed to the back room.

Opening the door he found the area much better lit than he was used to, not to mention better furnished. The chairs were plushly filled and leather, a glass table was pressed out of the way which likely held food and beverages during a party.. a center glossed black stage sat like a circular table in the midst of the seats. In one of those chairs sat a man with short cut whitish blond hair, glasses and a suit. To either side of the man�stood what looked to be body guards. This had to be the one who wanted him to dance. He leaned onto one hip crossing his arms and tossed the emvelope onto a chair.

"I want it all, Little Dragon.. show me how beautiful you dance in private." He motioned and the guards moved to step outside both of the exits from the room closing the doors behind them.

Iason shrugged and moved to the small opening in the wall and turned the music on. He moved his hand to the light dimmer but Mr. Madrix cleared his throat signaling he didn't want them lowered. Iason gritted his teeth but turned with a sexy smile and began dancing and swaying his way over, slipping up to use the pole. He could feel those luminescent blue-green eyes following him, drinking in his body and movements as if it were a delicious meal to be savored. It sent chills through his spine making him even more sure he didn't want to go any farther than usual. He slid off the long beautiful sheer robe and slid down till his bottom rubbed over the others lap.. giving him the illusion that Iason was not just enjoying himsef but would give more. as he slid back up he pulled the one side of his bottoms open but then the song came to a close as hands wrapped around his waist causing him to struggle to get away.

"I don't take them off and I DON'T allow any groping! Get off me!" He hissed.

"What did you think I meant by all, Little Dragon?" Came that darkly seductive voice in a near whisper against his ear.

Iasons eyes widened. The man didn't let go, instead he pressed the struggling Asian to the wall taking his time then gently but quickly undid the other side of Iasons bottoms letting them drop to the floor. He let out�a cry but the music would be to loud both in the room and out for anyone to really hear but his attacker. He felt the hand slide from his hip to his front grabbing hold of his traitorous part which jumped in anticipation. Iason moaned and whimpered shaking his head 'no'.

"Don't try to lie about it, Little Dragon... you want this... you always want it." The voice purred. "I've seen you dance on stage. You beg to be roughly handled, to be chained and controlled. I will grant that to you."

He felt something else then through the building haze that always took him during sex. He didn't understand it, as one hand held his own and the other stroked him into a frenzy but the man somehow had gotten his pants open and the bulge Iason had teased into life was at work inside of him. Hard and unrelenting making him voice his pleasure, wanted or not into the room. He felt something else slide into his mouth and throat after a few moments and only gagged once before curiously and blissfully rubbing his tongue over it... He knew this had to be a dream now. Pressed against the wall he felt himself used fully and wonderfully, but nothing human could do this. He felt ultimate bliss for hours in that room, and by the time he was let go of all he could do was slump to the floor, filled inside so much that he still thought he was being touched.

"I want you to take the money I gave you and buy yourself some new cloths. You don't work here anymore, you work for me. You will go home shower and change then sleep. At seven a car will come for you." He was told in that now cool but still alluring voice. "Don't make me come for you myself.. I won't be gentle."

Iason watched him through heavy eyes as he sat there gasping. It was well over an hour even before he felt he could get up. Was it all a dream? As he moved to where his clothing had been set down and saw the envelope beside them he knew it had not all been a dream. Some bits of it couldn't be real, but he knew enough at least to grab everything dress quick and get out. The man claimed to know where he lived, that he would send a car for him. He would have to lock his door tonight and windows, go looking for someplace new tomorrow. It was just his luck, escape one madman and find another with open arms.


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