Enter the Dragon

By: Iason Tonyaka

Chapter 1, Lost in world of greed and politics a young teenager struggles to overcome what he feels is only trained into him. Discovering his own inner secrets and desires he must choose between letting go of himself and embracing his darker urges or forever fighting to gain a freedom he never lost. (Chapter 1 finished- meant as an introduction)

Iason looked over the new apartment his emerald eyes dimly glowing as he did. How far had he come over the years only to end up here, to this dismal low end apartment?

He dropped his backpack, the only source of belongings he had, and eyed the barren living area with a slight bit of dismay. He had grown up on the rich side of life. He'd had silk blankets and a four post bed, lush carpets and ebony dressers. Nothing had been in his house that hadn't cost less then two hundred dollars, even his cloths. There had been a price to it though, a price he should have never had to pay. He had been tortured, or at least that’s what he had considered it at first, raped by whoever had enough money to afford him. Lucious Morningstar had been there to make sure he was ‘trained’ to provide the ultimate pleasure for his associates. His father had not been any protection, taking half of whatever he was sold for over the weekends, even sent him to a boarding school for boys owned by the man.

The wood floor suddenly seemed brighter as he thought about the past. Nothing could be as bad as that. His body had come to crave the drug known as Deadly Bliss as much as the pain and use that came after it. For anyone else his age and size the dosage he had been on should have killed them. He had tasted his first drop unwillingly at the age of five. It had been the worst week of his life. He had spent it chained to his bed and ravaged by one of the most grotesque men in the rich parts of life. He shook his head. The more he thought about it the better this place looked.

            He smiled faintly. He would have this place beautiful within a week. He had a fake ID that would let him work in the lower clubs. He could dance and gain all the money he needed to decorate this place and make it more livable. He moved to the bedroom. Two hundred and sixty five dollars a month to stay out of that hold he had finally escaped. He was still in shock that he had managed to escape that house and even got a place to live. The hard part would be keeping free of the men who knew him and staying out of that hole.

            He dug through his bag once in the only closet, which thankfully was a walk in, h needed to find a good outfit to head to the club in that night. He finally found his tell tale glittering green outfit that matched his eyes. It wasn’t going to be easy, but he knew the clubs he could get into and the ones he couldn’t. The clubs that would take him he would have t watch his back in. The buyers for the private dances usually expected more, and that was where the hardship was. He wasn’t a virgin by any stretch and didn’t have anyone to come home to, so if something happened it would be hard to get help. He didn’t doubt he might pick up stalkers.

           A smile crossed those pretty lips as he stood up. He had enough money for dinner tonight then he would have to dance somewhere to get more. He dragged out his little bag with the tiny lock on it. He opened the bag and tossed in his cloths and locked it before slinging it over his shoulder. Grabbing up his keys and stuffing the dragon faced wallet into his pocket he headed back out the door.

          Out on the street he looked around for a place he thought he could stomach. He knew his pickiness was really bad, but when he knew he could outcook five star resteraunts it made fast food taste like garbage. His eyes landed on a fresh food salad place and headed inside. The place smelled ok, probably the only place in the entire area that didn't look like a slum hag out. He knew it wasn't going to last though, it was lunch time and only two other people besides him were in here. He was careful in choosing what he wanted, making sure it looked fresh and not sitting there more than a few minutes. It cost him nearly ten dollars but he had to admit it was edible for him and that was a miracle when it came to eating out.

          After lunch he slipped back out and found a small convenience store in which he could purchas neccessities. The only cashier on duty watched him like a hawk the entire time which irritated him to no end. He may have been a runaway, but he was no theif. He brought up the basket and set the toilet paper, paper towels and shower curtain out first gaining an odd look from the man. He sighed and finished unloading- a plate, a cup, a cooking pan, mixing bowl, silverware and cooking utensils as well as soap for cleaning dishes and bath soap. Once he'd paid, which left him with a dollar seventy three out of thirty dollars, he took the bags out and stood outside and started to put it in his bag. Once he was done he started looking for a job.

          He moved down the street looking at each sign he passed advertising a club till he found the one he had been recommended to by the ID forger. He slid inside and looked around quietly for a minute noticing how young the dancers were and that it was a mixed club with boy and girl dancers. He smiled to himself. This place was gonna take a wild spin with him, he would make sure no one knew which he was, easier done with his more effeminate shape he could make them question if he was just flat chested so long as he left his underwear on most way. He moved to the man who looked to be in charge and struck up a soft conversation, he had the job a few minutes later under his fake ID. This was the begining to his new life, If only he knew this was only to last a few weeks....


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