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By: hotstory4you

Chapter 1, ADULTS ONLY - Highly erotic, collection of short stories in which camera is involved

It was a regular day in this big company office and everyone was busy in finishing the work, but if the men who work are extremely handsome and the women are extremely sexy then there would be lust too with work.

Natalia a 25 year old girl, who had been working in the company from past 6 months and John a 30 year old men who was in the company from past 7 years were looking at each other. Natalia was one of the sexiest ladies in the office and she had perfect 36c boobs but she never wore clothes which shows too much of her cleavage but still what ever she shows was enough for the men in the office to masturbate thinking about her.

On the other hand John was a good looking man too, he had dated all the hottest ladies in the office and other men were jealous about that. John was dating Natalia too, they were secretly dating from past 1 month but never let people realize it in the office. Natalia had always showed her shy and innocent side but John knew how slutty she was in the bed.

So back in the office, Natalia was sitting in his chair while John was in his cabin and they could see each other through a big glass window and as Natalia’s desk was covered with 5 feet high wooden walls so she was taking advantage of that.

John and Natalia were looking at each other and Natalia was teasing him by opening the top buttons of her white shirt and running her finger in her cleavage. John was talking over the phone but he didn’t look away from Natalia for even a second.

John saw Natalia taking her hand under the desk and the way she closed her eyes and arched back a little it seems she had slipped her fingers in her pussy and John was right, Natalia brought her hand back in the view and sucked her fingers which were covered in her pussy juices.

John’s dick was so hard and he just wanted to fuck Natalia again in the basement of the office. John took out his cell phone and called Natalia. Natalia picked up the phone on her desk and looked at John.

“I’m going to fuck you in the basement ‘again’” John said.

“Yes please” Natalia replied and put down the phone saying “Fuck me hard”

John stood up and walked out of his cabin, he looked at Natalia as he was passing by her desk. After 2 minutes Natalia stood up adjusting her black skirt and went down in the basement.

She opened the door of the basement and John was there. She locked the door with a smile on her face and wasting no time in anymore teasing they started kissing. John grabbed her tits and started squeezing them hard. They both were really horny and Natalia started feeling John’s hard dick through his pants.

John undid few buttons of Natalia’s shirt and started sucking on her tits after pulling them out of her bra. Natalia stopped feeling John’s cock and she took off her shirt completely and let it fell on the floor. John stuck Natalia to the wall and started kissing on her neck and then moved again to her tits.

Natalia was enjoying it so much and she was moaning slowly but the bra seemed very uncomfortable so she took it off too. Now she was topless and John was feeling, kissing and licking all of her upper body but soon John went down on his knees.

Natalia unhooked her skirt looking at John in his eyes and John pulled it down quickly.

“FUCK hey Tim! Check this out” Arnold who was the security chief of the company asked his friend and assistant. “Fuck man! But how?” Tim asked as he saw Natalia and John making out in the basement on one of the monitors in the room.

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