By: hotstory4you

Chapter 8,

“100 dollars, is that ok” the man said and waited for Casey’s answer but she kept quite, “Ok 150” the man said touching the breast of Casey.

“I am virgin” Casey said and the man looked at her face, “are you telling the truth?” The man asked and Casey replied in a yes.

“Come in” The man asked Casey to get in the car he ordered the driver to drive the car.

“Ok so you are virgin?” The man asked as it was a bit hard for him to believe that, Casey nodded in yes and her heart was beating so fast.

“Ok I will pay you 5,000 dollars” The man said and Casey got shocked to hear such a big amount, “5,000 dollars?” Casey confirmed.

“Yah, 5,000 but I want you to be with me all night and fulfill my every need” The man asked and Casey kept quite and she was thinking that this man will surely ask her to swallow his cum.

“Ok” The man asked Casey if she wants to get fucked or not,

“amm yah OK” Casey said and sat a little comfortably.

“Take off your jacket” The man asked and Casey looked at him with nervousness on her face, “Come on take it off” the man asked again and Casey started taking off her jacket. The man pushed a button and a partition rolled up between the driver’s seat and the back seat.

Casey took off her jacket and adjusted her bra trying to hide her boobs,

“come here and sit in my lap” The man asked and it was just Casey’s mind and intelligence that she exactly sat in his lap like that man wanted. Casey sat facing him in his lap with her legs on both side.

“Wowww” the man said as he pressed his face between Casey’s huge breast. Casey felt so awkward and shy but she couldn’t do something now. One moment Casey thought to ask the man to stop the car and drop her but then she again thought about the money she was going to earn and she closed her eyes to avoid all shyness.

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