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Novel By: hotstory4you

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"No I am OK" Casey replied,

"Can you please open the door?" Mark asked, even though he could order Casey but he instead of ordering he requested.

Casey opened the door, Mark was there standing naked.

"Thanks" Mark said and came in and started pissing, "ahh that feels good" Mark said and Casey laughed a little.

Casey went back to the bed. She looked at the pictures framed on the wall,

"I am hungry, do you want anything?" Mark said, wrapping a towel around his waist. Casey was hungry but she was hesitating.

"Let me check what I have in kitchen" Mark said and left.

He came back after 5 minutes with big tray, containing some sandwiches, two mugs of coffee and some other items, enough to spend the night.

Mark handed the coffee mug to Casey and asked her to have some sandwiches.

Casey was thinking that she always thought that prostitutes are like slaves, they have to do dirty stuff, they don't deserve respect etc. but here Mark was treating her like no one ever did.

"So why are you in this business?" Mark said having a bite of the sandwich.

Casey put down the coffee mug and stared at Mark, "what should I tell?" Casey thought.

"I … I love , ….I love sex" Casey replied.

Mark smiled and then asked her to tell the truth because if Casey loved sex then how come she was a virgin. Casey had given a dumb answer.

"I am studying and I need money to pay my fee and other stuff" Casey told the truth,

Mark was still sipping on coffee, while Casey was just concentrating on Mark and what he was going to ask next.

"Lots of girls have told me this but this is the first time I felt that you… are telling the truth" Mark said and asked Casey to finish her sandwich and coffee.

Casey felt a bit relaxed and she finished her coffee.

Mark put down the tray on the table after asking if Casey wants more sandwiches but she denied. Mark jumped on the bed and Casey looked at him, her heart beat got faster thinking what's going to happen next.

Mark leaned forward and kissed Casey on her lips, after getting fucked first time by Mark and loosing her virginity to him and talking about her problems she had started feeling for Mark.

Casey also wrapped her hands around Mark's neck and started kissing back, her eyes were closed and she felt Mark's hands cupping her breast and enjoying every squeeze.

Casey leaned on her back and let Mark to kiss her breast, chew her nipples lightly. Mark's fingers brushed against Casey's slim belly and then stopped right above her clit.

Mark looked at Casey's face and then touched her pussy,

"Ammm" Casey moaned in pleasure, "ahhhh" she moaned louder when Mark shoved his two fingers in her pussy. Mark moved down between Casey's legs and made Casey spread her legs wide.

"You are so wet" Mark said as he pulled out his fingers from Casey's pussy and pressed her lips on her love hole. Mark tried to tongue fuck Casey's pussy for a couple of minutes.

"I want to fuck you in doggy style" Mark said and Casey was smart enough to understand what that means. She got on her knees and hands,

"Hmmm your ass is beautiful" Mark said as he felt Casey's round ass.

Mark picked out a condom and rolled in on his hard shaft while Casey was looking at Mark from over her shoulder but when she felt Mark grabbing her ass and pushing his cock in her pussy.

She looked forward and dropped her head on the pillows, "ahhhh" Casey moaned and felt Mark's cock going all the way inside her pussy. She looked back at Mark and then again dropped her head on the pillows.

"Ahh ahhh ahhh" Casey started moaning when Mark started fucking her wet pussy.

Mark pulled out his cock and ran his finger in Casey's crack. "Your ass is so tight, do u play with your ass" Mark asked.

Casey had fingered her ass once but now she replied "Never",

"Then lets try" Mark said.

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