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Novel By: hotstory4you

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meet Kyla Bell, A woman who got raped 3 times

Casey swallowed the cum with water that was left in her mouth even after spitting,

"Amm you take some rest, I'll see you later" Mark said and turned to leave the room,

"No." Casey said a little loud to stop him, "I am okay now" Casey added and put down the glass of water.

Mark smiled and get back in bed, his hands were on the knees of Casey as she was sitting bending her knees. Mark moved forward to kiss Casey and Casey accepted him and their lips locked, Mark pushed Casey on the bed and he came over her.

Casey's soft breast was brushing and pressing against Mark's chest and Mark's dick which again got hard was brushing between the legs of Casey. Mark kept kissing until Casey got hot and she started caressing Mark's head. Her fingers were moving in his hair.

Mark shifted himself a little, he parted Casey's legs and held his cock. Mark stuck her cock head between Casey's wet folds, Casey wanted to enjoy a lot of foreplay and getting her pussy sucked but she was not with her husband or boyfriend.

It was her client and she was a slave for him although mark was turning out to be a good master but still Casey was just a prostitute and she had to serve Mark in the way he wanted.

"Ok, now is the moment" Casey thought as Mark stuck his cock head in Casey's pussy and he held Casey's hands above her head. Mark was just about to push and Casey held her breathe, closed her eyes and just waited for Mark to get inside her.

"Aaaaahhhhh" Casey cried out loud as mark pushed his cock in there, Mark felt that Casey was a virgin, she was so tight and when he got up a little and looked at his cock which was covered in blood and was half inside Casey's pussy, he got sure that Casey was telling him the truth that she was a virgin.

Mark again leaned on Casey and tried to get himself more inside Casey, Casey was in deep pain and she was crying, tears rolled down from her eyes and her legs wrapped around Mark's waist tightly.

Mark again pushed in but this time Casey didn't cried she clenched and controlled her cries.

Mark did a few strokes and then he pulled out his cock, He grabbed a couple of tissue papers and cleaned himself and cleaned Casey's pussy too, Casey was lying there not moving a single inch.

"Hey! You Ok" Mark asked, "Hmmm" Casey replied.

"Do you want me to wait" Mark asked throwing the used tissue papers in the bin,

"No I am ok" Casey replied although her pussy was still paining.

Mark didn't say a work after that and he sat between her legs, he placed a pillow under Casey's ass and again inserted his cock in Casey's pussy.

Casey's didn't felt anything different this time. She was still in pain but all she could do was to grab on the pillows and bed sheet.

Mark penetrated his cock all the way in Casey's pussy and he started fucking her, mark was getting so excited to be in a virgin pussy and he was about to cum soon. He wanted to cum in Casey's pussy but as they had not talked about this, and Mark didn't knew if Casey was on pill or something so he didn't take a chance and pulled out his cock.

He stroked it a couple of times again before shooting his cum all over Casey's belly. Mark sat back and then lied on his back on the bed, Casey was still in the same position and she was breathing heavy. She looked at the clock and it was 11.45 pm, the night had just started and Casey had no idea what she had to do to please Mark and earn that big amount of money.

She got up when she felt relaxed, she went to the washroom and cleaned herself. She looked in the mirror and thought "do I look like a prostitute" and the answer was "no"

"I am a ugly girl poor girl, who just have a big breast and was a virgin but not anymore, I want to study but, ,.. do I really look like a prostitute" Casey said to herself looking in the mirror.

"Hey! You need anything?" Casey's heard Mark's voice coming from other side of the door.


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