By: hotstory4you

Chapter 10,

“Hello! …yes I know that and don’t call me again Ok I will handle that meeting” The man said on the phone while Casey had again opened her eyes when she also heard the phone ringing.

Casey was again looking around when the man jumped on the bed and pressed his lips between Casey’s Legs. Casey felt so good and excited with that, she gripped on the sheet and almost torn them. There was no doubt in that the man was so good in eating pussy.

He was chewing softly on Casey’s pussy and his tongue was trying to fuck her love hole. “Come baby suck my cock” the man said as he unwrapped his towel and lie down on his back on the bed.

Casey got up and looked at man’s cock, Casey was a little shocked to see such a huge cock first time right in front of her eyes. The man was more than 7 inches and quite muscular and hard like wood.

“Oh baby make me happy tonight” man said and Casey grabbed his cock slowly, her hands were shaking, this was the first time she was doing anything like this.

Casey wasn’t sure of how to react, should she had to get nervous about how she will get this big hard thing in her pussy or should she had to smile because she had a cock which every girl in her class wanted to suck and fuck.

Casey was thinking about all this and constantly rubbing and stroking that man’s cock, “Come on baby suck me” Man said and Casey sat comfortably and bent over that man’s cock, she stopped right above his cock thinking how to pleasure him.

“What happen?” the man asked when he saw Casey doing nothing but just holding his dick “Nothing,… sir” Casey said calling him sir because tonight she was acting like his slave.

“Mark, my name is Mark. Call me by my name I am not those kind of men who treat girls like a pet” the man said finally introducing himself and hearing his words Casey felt a little relaxed and took his hard dick in her mouth.

“Oh yes. Oh fuck yes that’s good” Man started moaning. Casey kept bobbing on his cock and also looking at Mark’s face, his eyes were closed and jaw was clenching. Casey was taking more than half cock in her mouth and sucking it as good as she could.

Casey thought that she can take this cock a bit more deeper in her throat so she held her breathe and pushed his head on the cock taking it all the way down in her throat.

“Oh ahhh” Mark moaned and with that he filled Casey’s throat with his cum. Casey pulled out the cock immediately and “cough cough,..” Casey sat up and the spitted the cum on the floor.

Mark got up and grabbed a glass of water and gave it to Casey, and caressed her back.

“Are you okay?” Mark asked and Casey replied in yes after having some water, “I am sorry. Its just the first time I am doing this so.” Casey started giving explanations and Mark asked him to get relax and have more water.

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