By: hotstory4you

Chapter 1, A 27 year old reporter Melissa went to take an interview of a a criminal in jail and by the end of the day she did a great job. but was this just interview or..?

Before reading this novel let me tell you that i have a short story named, "the reporter" which is also erotica but carries a love story too. so if you are interested then please read and I am sure apart from my grammatical errors I will not disappoint you if you read the story.


Melissa, a 27 year old woman, who joined a local news paper just few months back, was getting attention of every celebrity and criminals along with all the readers of her articles, news and the beauty she had.

Melissa was always seen dressed in a black jacket and matching pencil skirt along with different colored shirts. But most of the time she wear pink or white shirts. Some times she let her top buttons undone to expose her cleavage and get attention and interview of peoples. Because of her beauty criminals also melts down and softly answer all her questions.

“Melissa, come in my office” Melissa heard her boss Robin over the phone and she went to his office. Robin stared at Melissa’s breast as she entered and Melissa smiled on that. She took a seat before Robin could ask her to sit.

“Melissa, I want you to take an interview of Stone” Robin said and handed some papers to Melissa, “in these documents you will get more information about him and the previous interviews” Robin said.

“Stone! That criminal who is in jail for so many rape, robbery and drug cases” Melissa asked looking at the papers and then straight in Robin’s eyes.

“Yah him” Robin said and Melissa kept quite for a minute, then asked when would she had to go?

“tomorrow” Robin said and also told Melissa that this interview is very important for him. There was a photo was Stone too, Stone was tall, bald muscular man in his early 30’s.

 Next morning Melissa woke up in her comfy bed wearing only a panty, and that panty was too around her ankles not on her waist. As she uncovered herself throwing the blanket aside, a dildo was there too right next to Melissa.

Melissa had fun last night, she looked at the clock and she was late comparing to she used to wake up daily, but as she didn’t has to go to the office so she was not worried. She had to go directly to the jail to interview that guy named Stone.

Melissa took a shower, and slipped her sexy legs in a black panty and cupped her boobs in matching lacy black bra. A white shirt and like always black skirt along with black jacket was making her a office sex queen.

She grabbed the papers to read them on the way and her hand bag which was full of her personal things that she needs.

Melissa reached to the jail and told the purpose of her being there to an officer, The officer couldn’t control himself to stare at Melissa and examine her beauty. Melissa again asked if she could take the interview or not.

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